1999 Acura TL Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 1999 Acura TL

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1999 Acura TL Problems

Automatic Transmission Issues

The automatic transmission tends to malfunction more often than in similar models. The Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate.

Engine Mounts

I found out that at only 83000 miles my TL had to have the engine mounts replaced already at a cost of almost $800.00

P04021 Code re: EGR Insufficient Flow

No need to replace the EGR Valve when this code appears; the valve itself is still good. The code appears because the flow is insufficient. Clean out intake manifold as shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOnoJFiwDKw

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1999 Acura TL Questions

under the hood on the passage side (2 answers)

it wants to turn over but it want

what is the answers to non working tail light unit (1 answer)

right rear tail light unit isn't working- the left is ( have changed bulbs)

Why does the CD player work only sometimes and why does the local radio stations seem to get static interference? (1 answer)

I listen to books on CD. Sometimes when I switch from radio to CD it acts like it will start to read it, takes forever and then starts playing. Other times it just never reads the CD.
On the radio, I can scan to find the local stations and 9 times out of 10 there will only be 2 or 3 stations t...

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1999 Acura TL Recalls

Honda Recalls 1997-2002 Due to Ignition Switch Interlock Failure

Honda has recalled 1997-2001 Prelude, 1999-2002 Accord, and 1999-2000 Acura TL models because the ignition switch interlock may fail. If this happens, the key will be removable before the engine is in the "Park" position, which could cause the vehicle to roll and crash. Dealers will confirm interlock function and vehicles will receive an updated interlock lever free of charge.

Honda Recalls 1998-1999 Vehicles Due to Ignition Cylinder Wear and Shift Interlock Issue

Honda has recalled 1998-1999 Accord and Acura CL, and 1999 Odyssey and Acura TL vehicles because the ignition cylinder body may be worn, which can cause the shift interlock not to function properly. If the vehicle does not securely lock in "Park" due to a worn ignition cylinder, the vehicle may roll, which can cause a safety issue. Dealers will inspect the cylinder body for wear and replace the cylinder body, collar, and latch plate if necessary. If there are no signs of wear and all is operating as designed, dealers will replace the latch plate.

The Ignition Switch May Fail

The electrical contacts in the ignition switch may be worn. This may cause the engine to stall while driving, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the ignition switch to correct this concern. This recall is expected to begin by June 14, 2002.

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1999 Acura TL Reviews

based on 4 customer reviews
Body has some paint discoloring. Needs tranny rebuild/replace again, check engine is repeatedly coming back on after corrections made, car gives good heat in winter and excellent a/c in summer, exhaust and emissions are ok so far, it has a serious right pull in the suspension. Getting ready to pull tranny for a trip to Georgia so my brother can do a complete rebuild.
I drive my Acura 1999 tl still running great!the nly problem is,increase the less miles per gallon from 25 t0 20 miles now
230K miles and I just had the Trans overhauled for the first time. Aside from normal wear and tear items (Brakes, Timing Belt, and Tune Ups, this car has performed great and has been super reliable its entire time with my family. I would definitely consider another Acura,,,maybe @ 300k : )

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