2005 Acura RSX Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2005 Acura RSX

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2005 Acura RSX
$1,068 to $1,617
2005 Acura RSX
$443 to $1,034
2005 Acura RSX
$699 to $2,220
2005 Acura RSX
$359 to $608
2005 Acura RSX
$203 to $313

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The Check Engine Light may illuminate because the hydraulic valve that controls the engine valve timing stops functioning correctly. A failed engine timing valve will require replacement.

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I have added fog lights to my car and they are not connected to the problem but I changed the switch for the lights and it was not that either. But the mechanic said it could be the radio or A/C switches that I would need to change. So I am unable to drive my car at night due to not have my back ...

get too Ignition Starter you have to remove the Manifold thats when I notice M.I.L on the O.B.D. read P1077 , P1078 was this caused by Mechanic Error

Is this a sensor or does the cat. converter need to be replaced altogether? Check engine light came on, code P0420, failed emissions inspection.

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I purchased my 2005 RSX type S brand new with 3 miles on the Odometer. I have parked it in my garage, and I have pampered it, and I must say that overall I am happy with the car, sure it has road noise and it is a bumpy ride, but it is a sports car with stiff springs and the shocks and bushings are stiff. I will say that overall the car has been wonderful performance wise, with the exception of...

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