2004 Acura RSX Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Acura RSX

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because the hydraulic valve that controls the engine valve timing stops functioning correctly. A failed engine timing valve will require replacement.

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because a valve in the emission control system stops functioning correctly. requiring replacement.

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I overheated once but I still smell steam. I can see steam coming from the radiator cap and area. It is a new cap. A pressure test was done and there is a leak but where?. No coolant on ground.nothing coming from head or anywhere and the gauge is normal.the amount of coolant I put in is very smal...

My car is 10 years old, and after rotating my tires (routine maint.) I saw my ball joint boots were torn, as well as the outer tie rod, and stabilizer bar linkage boots. These rubber boots I need to have replaced, but I'm not sure how much a shop will charge me. Unfortunately, I don't hav...

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Excellent track car after all the modifications I made to it. Plus it's a gas sipper, but gas guzzler when I step on it. :-)

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