2003 Acura RSX Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Acura RSX

2003 Acura RSX Problems

Check Engine Light Due to Failed Engine Timing Valve

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because the hydraulic valve that controls the engine valve timing stops functioning correctly. A failed engine timing valve will require replacement.

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2003 Acura RSX Questions

What is the price range to fix a Faulty Wire Harness For Seat Belt? (2 answers)

My acura RSX's SRS light has been about a year after I bought it used in 2009. Repair places have turned the light off but after a few months it will come back on. I'm think it has to due with a Faulty Wire Harness For the passenger's side seat belt.

would like to replace headlights because lens are so dull (2 answers)

Is this something I can do myself without too much difficulty?

Re: Serpentine Belt (2 answers)

Looking for directions to replace serpentine belt?

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2003 Acura RSX Reviews

I currently own a 2003 Acura RSX. The mechanics at Acura found galling on one or more cam shaft lobes in my engine. The symptoms of this problem are loss of engine power and a noticeable, louder than normal, clicking/tapping noise from the valve cover area. This is a significant issue that has caused me great concern.After doing a little research I see a trend w/ the early K-series and a lot of...
i have a 03 acura rsx type s . car is nice shifes smooth has 70k on it had it for 3 year the most time i hit vtec is like 5 time a mouth doont really race it. every fast.

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