2003 Acura RL Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2003 Acura RL

2003 Acura RL Problems

Electrical smoke coming from under dash drivers side by steering column

I smelled and saw smoke coming from underneath the stearing column and the gauge needle lights don't work anymore. All the inside fuses are good and going to check under the hood now.

Car runs fine the only thing that I can see wrong is the normaly lighted neddle for rpm, mph, fuel are not lit.

Acura extended automatic transmission warranty

Acura extended the warranty due to numerous issues with the automatic transmission. Problems with the automatic transmission may make the car undrivable and can result in costly repairs.

Sensor Problems May Cause SRS Light To Turn On

The Airbag (SRS) warning light may illuminate due to one or more failed sensors. Our technicians recommend complete diagnoses of any stored fault codes because these sensors can be very expensive to replace.

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2003 Acura RL Questions

Acura quits running when fueling or wont start after fueling. (1 answer)

Engine starts after cranking multiple times and have to keep the engine running at 2000 rpm for a minute; otherwise it will stall. Somethings wrong with the evaporator system but which component is the most likely the culprit! Components:
Fuel tank - emits the fuel vapors to the
Charcoal canist...

My SRS light came on yesterday. Does this happen when nothing is wrong (1 answer)

It started when I started the car. I have 56000 miles and everything seems fine

where is the starter located, and whats the easiest way to replace? (2 answers)

do I have to access the starter from under the car?

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2003 Acura RL Reviews

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Bought a 9.5+ condition '03 RL w 47,000 miles on it last fall. Looks just like the one in the picture above. These cars are made in Japan and bulletproof. Plenty of room in the cabin and the trunk, very comfortable and easy to drive. Great ergonomics! The CD stereo in my '03 totally rocks, AC is freezing. Not hot rods, per se, but totally reliable luxo-cruisers. If you can find a clean one wi...

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