2008 Acura MDX Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Acura MDX

2008 Acura MDX Problems

The automatic transmission tends to fail more often than in similar models.

The clutch in the torque converter can fail allowing debris to circulate throughout automatic transmission.

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2008 Acura MDX Questions

I drive a 2008 mdx Acura and I have replaced the top and down gasket plus cylinders. There is a funny knock like sound from the engine

Has anyone had problems with the leather seats? I've had mine replaced twice because the leather is turning hard and it turns blue becasue of blue jeans...you can't clean it...

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2008 Acura MDX Reviews

Passenger AC vent blows cold air, but driver side vent blows warm air. It does have a dual system.

Reliable. Spunky. Hugs. Attractive. Quiet. Safe. Resale. The ? Body integrity & suspension

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