1995 Acura Legend Repair and Maintenance

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1995 Acura Legend
$710 to $1,075
1995 Acura Legend
$1,009 to $1,371
1995 Acura Legend
$492 to $874
1995 Acura Legend
$348 to $802
1995 Acura Legend
$564 to $1,309

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If the engine oil is not changed frequently, the car can develop a rattling noise from the hydraulic lifters in the engine.

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If any near 77004 can do this along with the tail seal let me near from you.

I need a price.

there are like two or three vents holding the heater core in place, how do i get it out?

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1995 GS, 205k miles, Great car. Small things over years have stopped working; auto door locks, stereo (Bose) sounding fuzzy, some wind noise at window seals. Overall - engine runs great, quiet, trans shifts smooth, suspension is sound corners and tracks well. A/C that will freeze you out. 2 aftermarket garages with Honda cert. mechanics that are way cheaper than dealer and will install parts...

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