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1994 Acura Legend

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1994 Acura Legend Problems

Engine -- Verified

If the engine oil is not changed frequently, the car can develop a rattling noise from the hydraulic lifters in the engine.

1994 Acura Legend Questions and Answers

paulong, 1994 Acura Legend, Valparaiso, IN

I have a 94 legend coupe. It sometime show that the temperture is or event overhot. but when I shut off cer and start it again it'll be back to normal temp. sometime I have to give couple trie...

paulong, 1994 Acura Legend, Valparaiso, IN

I have changed the radiator cap yesterday and filled up the radiator for about 18oZ of antifreeze, this morning, I've added another about 15oZ to the radiator and it's seem OK. The fans d...

paulong, 1994 Acura Legend, Valparaiso, IN

thanks a lot for get back to me. I'll keep you post

hanko, 1994 Acura Legend, Seattle, WA

how do I remove the bose radio unit from the dash, I need the serial # from the back of the unit. Hanko

sokopee, 1994 Acura Legend, Park Forest, IL

when i start my car to warm up after one or two minute it start to rev up like some one is pressing and releasing the gas peadle ? my second question, when i am driving at 60mph i notice my rpm is ...

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1994 Acura Legend Reviews

my brake lights will not go off I try a new brake light switch

this car is very good i will give it 10 stars

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