1994 Acura Legend Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 1994 Acura Legend

1994 Acura Legend Problems

Replace engine oil frequently to prevent rattling noise
If the engine oil is not changed frequently, the car can develop a rattling noise from the hydraulic lifters in the engine.
Engine Clicks but Will Not Start

The starter motor used on the 1990-1995 Acura Legend frequently fails on vehicles around 125,000 miles.

It may help prolong the life of the starter to service the starter to ensure the connections are clean and tight at the 100,000 mile mark.

Engine Stalls While Driving and Will not Start

The 1990-1995 Acura Legend is known for issues concerning the fuel pump and fuel injection relays.

These relays send power to the fuel pump and fuel injectors when the key is turned to the “ON” position. So, when they fail, there is no electrical current to the necessary fuel system components to send fuel into the engine, causing engine stalling or failure to start.

In this situation, there are many other possibilities, so testing components is vital for time and money savings.

If the relays test bad, they must be replaced with relays specific for that circuit.

To help prolong the life of your under-hood electrical components, ensure the lid for the fuse block is closed, and any factory sealing material is correctly installed.

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1994 Acura Legend Questions

What is causing my car to drain the battery I replaced the alternator and batt. (1 answer)

Replaced it about 3 months ago
Started having the same problem so took the alt. Out took it and had it tested
It was good
Put it back In-N bought a new battery and still same problem
Took it to another guy and he took it out found a short by that didn't fix it either

My speedometer is 10 to 20 Miles per hour slower than I am actually going. Jump (1 answer)

20 is 30 40 is 60

I turn the key and nothing happens. Battery and starter fine what could it be? (1 answer)

When I turn the key I hear a lil click from under the dash and that's about it. its a stick 5 speed. Also how do I unlock the anti lock brakes. Thank you for your time

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1994 Acura Legend Reviews

based on 2 customer reviews
my brake lights will not go off I try a new brake light switch
this car is very good i will give it 10 stars

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