1997 Acura Integra Repair and Maintenance

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1997 Acura Integra
1 answer
1997 Acura Integra
1 answer
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1997 Acura Integra
$838 to $1,519
1997 Acura Integra
$340 to $669
1997 Acura Integra
$618 to $816
1997 Acura Integra
$760 to $1,205
1997 Acura Integra
$288 to $553

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The main relay, which supplies power to the fuel pump, can fail. The engine will crank but fail to start (or start intermittently).

A loud squealing noise on high mileage cars can be confused with a loose fan belt. The distributor should be inspected because it can seize, which can cause the timing belt to slip resulting in serious engine damage.

The car may not start or drive well because of problems with the ignition coil. This can be resolved by replacing the ignition coil.

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i have 2 fans in the front of my integra engine. how much would both cost to buy new or used?

I have an 97 Integra with a B18b engine and its auto trans. Its having hard time reversing? What is causing the problem?

changed distributor plugs and wires

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