1994 Ford Taurus Q&A

1994 Ford Taurus Question: Cars runs fine, on long trips say 2 hours it will just quit running.

After it cools for about an hour, it will run fine again. Replaced ignition module, coil and fuel filter. Could it be the CCRM? -
Answer 1
I'm going through this same sort of issue with my 2002.The most likely culprit is the fuel pump. -
Answer 2
Have you checked for any fault codes? All you mentionedis possible. Could become a costly repair job. I recommend taking it to your local auto repair facility. With the new handsets they can tell exactly which system is at fault. Goodluck -
Comment 1
Well they can't always tell "exactly"-that's the rub,there is always a bit of interpretation and codes that simply say "misfire"etc,that can be misleading..A bad fuel pump may present with a "bad crank sensor code",for example.The sensor was replaced-the problem remained.A fuel pump is about a 700 dollar job.My car has been checked-different ideas from two experienced guys,and I hesitate to keep throwing money at this car. -