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Carl Black GMC Buick
February 08, 2010

What can I say except one problem after another for over a week. Took them 8 hours to diagnose after being given the OBD2 codes when I dropped it off, then it took them *8 DAYS* to replace a head gasket, because the service writer ordered the wrong parts twice and then spent a day leaving the car sit idle when the extended warranty company wanted them to tear down and inspect the engine prior to authorizing the head gasket replacement. "The engine will be inspected when we tear it apart to do the gasket, so it's a waste to do now, we'll just call the warranty company in 3 hours and say it looked fine." was what I was told. Each time I was promised the car would be ready I called and was given another excuse and another delayed date. Finally on the 8th day after being "guaranteed" by the service writer that it would ABSOLUTELY be done by lunch, NO FAIL, no excuses, 100% sure I called and left a message for the service manager, because as of 2pm I still hadn't heard from them and it seemed the service writer was avoiding my calls. Finally at 5pm it was ready, but then to add insult to injury they broke the oil filler tube while working and charged me for it, as well as charging me for a part that the service writer said was never installed. On top of that the car came out running worse than when it went in, and the check engine light came back on in under a week. All in all I'm thoroughly disappointed with both the work and their customer service, and am inclined to take the car somewhere else to find what they missed .

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