cargo lights and interior lights not working on 2001 GMC Sierra C3

What may be the cause of my interior lights and cargo light not working even thought the information center light stays on saying my cargo light is on when its not?

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You may have a burned out light bulb on your cargo light. If the bulbs are OK check for power and ground while the light bulb is out - you may have an open wire on the power or ground side of the cargo light. The interior lights have their own fuse - check the fuses and make sure they are all OK. Both the interior and cargo lights are controlled by the Body Control Module. If your basic checks do not find the fault you may need the help of a qualified technician to help you find the problem.
Which fuse are the interior lights connected to? The rear hatch won't close and the interior lights are on now. Need to save the battery until I can get it repaired. 2006 Durango.