carbon deposits on throttle plates how do i get rid of this on 2000 Honda Accord

throttle sticks a little bit only wen first taking off, hard to push at first then fine

Asked by for the 2000 Honda Accord
You need to clean the throttle body. You can clean it without taking out of the car.
Remove the air intake hose going from the air filter to the throttle body. Once you have taken it out at point where it attaches to the throttle body , you can clean the throttle body.
Use a throttle body cleaner body that you can get from the auto shop. Spray it in the throttle body. Use a tooth brush to clean the throttle body. Use cable from the accelerator to open the plate that covers the body. MAKE SURE you do not drop anything inside the throttle body. Once cleaned connect the air intake back. It might be difficult to start your car first. Once it starts it may give smoke because it burns the cleaner that has entered the engine.

I did clean in on my car after the accelerator would stick. Now it is fine.