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Honda Accord The Throttle Can Stick or Pop After Vehcile Sits for a While

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The throttle body can accumulate carbon deposits causing the throttle to stick or pop when first accelerating after the vehicle sits for a while. Performing a throttle body service will generally correct this problem.

everytime my car sits for more than a couple of hours and i go to start and accelerate it sticks at first.. -
I first noticed the sticking around 25kmi. When I went in for my 3kmi tune-up, the dealership asked me about the sticking before I could say anything. They recommended a throttle body clean and it worked well for another 30kmi. I can't remember how much they charged me but I do get it done somewhere else now that I'm out of warranty. -
Was driving along normally today, when all of a sudden the accelerator got stuck and actually revved up. I also had no brakes at the same time, could not slow down. I put the car in neutral, the engine was still revved up, racing. i turned off the main road and shut off the engine. Sat awhile to until my nerves calmed down, and started the engine. all seemed normal, so I drove all back roads home at 30 mph or slower. 10 minutes late I turned the engine back on in the driveway and the engine/accelerator was stuck again, engine was revving. Afraid to drive the car now. -
If the car sits overnight, the throttle cable gets sticky. I've mentioned this on 2 visits to the dealership for repairs. Their only response was to lube it. (How can the "lube" a metal cable that is covered? I can lube the visible parts myself.) Seems like the cable should be replaced. -
We purchased the vehicle from Honda Cars of Bellevue and a week after purchasing the accelerator would stick and hesitate when beign pushed down. The dealership stated the throttle body cable needed cleaning for a cost of $75. Why they didn't volunteer to do the repair free of charge, I don't know. However, I do know I had the throttle cable cleaned at a different shop for about $30. -
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