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this alarm is a constant.Does this have to do with my engine?

Seems to happen more if it idled for a while with the AC on. After it sits for a couple hours it will start again. Seems like vapor lock but no pressure at fuel cap , plenty of electric strength but doesn't even make a click when trying to start.

Everytime we make a turn in the truck it makes a noise and it is hard to turn. So could be my powersteering pump or something else?

Would a bad EGR valve cause my 96 ram with a 5.2 V8 to act like it is starving for fuel at 3000rpms it starts and idles perfectly

Replaced both map light bulbs and now neither works, manually or auto/door.

I recently had my check engine light flash, looked into the problem realize I had a misfire and replace my spark plugs. Now on occasion when stopped at a stop sign or light it feels like my car is going to die, shut off completely, but then catches its self and "reeves" like normal. My question is any idea what it could be and/or should I not be worried ?

ive replaced the IAC, TPS, and crank PS already and nothing has worked. Ive got gas and a spark so I really dont know what it could be. 1/2 the time when it cuts out, the check engine light comes on and sometimes even the brake and ABS lights will come on. Usually once its cooled down for 20, 30 min, it starts right up, just not for long till it cuts out again

Outta the blue lost reverse and 3rd.
Automatic tranny, RE340B rpm's will drop when shifting into reverse but wont move.
Also in drive it will do fine in 1st and 2nd. When attempting to shift itself from 2nd to 3rd (about 35/40 mph) 3rd gear slipps and wont enguage. Any info would be greatly appricated!!

after replacing everything in power steering system pump,hoses rack and pinion and pulley air is still gettting in the system and bleeding the system doesnt work.

I am having trouble with the carburetor of my car. I sent the carburetor to a factory to fix it. I got the carburetor back from the factory. I do not know what to connect the fuel cut off solenoid to because I can not find the guy who took off the carburetor. The solenoid has 2 wires and I think it connects to a thing that has 1 wire. I do not know what the thing connects to. The wire of the solenoid goes to the left of the engine if I am facing the engine from the front. I think the thing connects to a wire and this wire connects to the computer and oxygen sensor. I tried start the car when the solenoid was not connected to any thing. The car started but the idle was about 6000. I thought the car would not start if the solenoid was not connected to the car. Thank you for any answers. Kurt Stocklmeir

Pedal goes to floor

Bought car June 2016 with 17,000! No problems until April 21,2017...every time I go to the left on a ramp or highway my back end fishtails. I have taken to Cadillac dealer and they can't find any problem. Alignment, suspension, shocks and struts are good. Has anyone had an issue like this? It's very frustrating, I'm at the dealer every week. I was stopped by the Police last night, thinking I was drunk. This problem needs to get fixed, any suggestion's?

I left the keys on the "on" position overnight and this morning I noticed the battery was dead so I went to charge it and that when I realized the keys were in the "on" postition because as I connected the terminals the lights were flickering. So I took the keys out and I let the battery charge for a couple of hours and now when I go to turn on the engine the starter doesn't engage the relays work and the fuse is not blown. I really don't know what is wrong. The lights and everything works except when I try to turn it over the starter doesn't engage

Best oil to use and the number of quarts for 2010 750i

I want to paint my brake calipers red