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headers are semi-new
concept z cats
hks cat back

It was making a rattling noise. I added tranny fluid. Noise disappeared, now car wont shift out of 1st gear or into reverse.

Someone worked on this car, I found the problem in the headlight switch, but I'm not sure on how to remove the switch any help would be appreciated, thank you

i after parking for an hour my van wont start thought it was the battery bought a new one drove for 1/2 mile parked for a little over an hour and it did it again all lights are bright but when i turn the key it acts like the battery is dead if i jump it awhile i can get it started again and it will start a couple more times then do it agian please any help woul be great

all electrical and busted fuse and relays are ok

My key is worn and is making it difficult to start car

Can the filter be changed without any problems

Its a light on the dash board that comes on with a wheel frame an a wrench on it wat does it mean.

I put gas in the car turned the car on now it's reading low ram

will start with remote start , if you keep trying it starts

It will run for a few seconds but then dies but as long as you are turning the key on and off it stays cranked and running

i have a 03 impala with a 4t65e tranny that is skipping real bad....found a 2000 bonnivile with a 4t65e tranny will it fit the 03

slowing down to turn, or stop, engine seems like car has died---hitting gas peddle hard make car go forward again

Looks like anti freeze or is it defrosting

Codes 7e6. 7ed 7e8