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4x4 HD v8. AC failed at under 100K. Current mileage 204,000. original engine/trans. No major drive train problems. Radio failed at about 100K. Mechanically very reliable. Steering very loose since about 125K.
Great van
My vehicle has an outrageous 220,000 mile. Despite this fact, the engine runs extremely quite and smooth when I first purchased this car in the summer of '07. Since then, I have had to repair the CV Joint, front and rear O2 sensor, retro-fit and repair the AC. Common problem that you will run into as I have and other owners of the same vehicle have had to repair is the dash light which will start fading and cost about $1000 to replace st a Lexus dealer (or don't drive at night or go with the flow of traffic). The head light mounts which always dry up and crack, thus your head lights always seem to go out, but just go to an auto parts store to get the replacement for about $5 a head light ($20 total for high and low beam).
(More to come, but I ran out of time)
The BEST auto ever owned of over ten I haved owned.
OEM Brake pads create a ton of black dust. Aftermarket pads are far better in all respects.

Body has held up very well for 120k, still very solid - no rattles.

Exhaust system went at 110k. Price to replace pipes and muffler was nothing short of outrageous $1000-1500 no matter where I shopped. Purchased APR stainless performance exhaust for $950 and had it installed at local muffler shop for $100. Sounds slightly (5-10%) louder, but my wife thinks its just fine.

A/C is not the most powerful, especially when idling.
Being a first year a few problems however 133k miles and still running strong
One of the best handling cars on the planet sub super car.
The Montero Sport is a decent SUV (truck). The drive train is great and robust, the car holds up well when towing. The engine is powerful for the 2001 model year and has kept its pep throughout the years.
It's a solidly built car and is very reliable. However it has sub-par steering, ie very loose with some delayed responsiveness. This vehicle has tight head clearance upon entering the car from all doors (especially the rear doors). The interior is on the smaller side for Mid-sized SUVs, but the cargo area is substantially roomy.
Mitsubishi built a touch little SUV, that still thinks and drives like a truck. There are exposed screw heads throughout.
I purchased the car with high mileage. Just passed 147,000 - Feels like new.
This is an OK car for commuting. The road noise is terrible and very poor on the acceleration.
Worst brakes in any car I have owned. AC is nothing to brag about but this may be age.
The area for the driver's feet is very small/cramped and the gas and brake pedals are too close. Seat adjustment is a hassle and a pain when we change drivers.
I've had the car for nearly 3 years and haven't had any issues with it. I've just done normal maintenance and it's been very reliable. It's fun to drive and I get 35mpg on the highway.
I debated for a long time about what to buy when I got my next car, and I have never once regretted my Xb. This car has so much cabin room- it's amazing what you can get into this little thing! I get 32 mpg city and 36 highway even in the mountains, so it's even better than what I expected. No problems so far!
The Honda is excellent!
The only problem is the exhaust, I have had it repaired FULLY three years ago and its falling apart again.
other than that, the car always runs and never has any problems. Its been 5 solid years! !
I love this car (I have the sportback LS). It's got great power, is fully featured, and gets excellent gas mileage. Tons of interior room (I'm really tall), cargo space (60 ci!), and is over all a good looking, VERY FUN to drive car. Only complaint I have now is with the obnoxious squeaking rear end.
This Car marked the breakthrough of BMW. Its a car that refuses to age and that even nowadays you see people wanting this model for its looks and incredible speed! I travel 8000 miles twice a year on two road trips and also use it for every day use and i have never had any problems with it apart from maintenance stuff like oil tyres etc and this is my 8th year in a row that i do these trips!
We have owned this vehicle since 2005 with only two problems: 1. transmission needed to be rebuilt and 2. front upper and lower ball joints and control arms. Otherwise this has been an extraordinary vehicle.
Great gas mileage. 40 mpg highway. 190,000 miles. Standard tune-ups and oil changes. A/C compressor went out; front brake lines replaced; oil leak around valve cover and other seals but otherwise no major issues.
solid cars exhaust aways a problem on nissan's they tend to rust out brakes wear quick too
Excellent car. Have owned 25 Honda's in the past. Wouldn't drive anything else. 41K miles and never seen the shop for a problem. Can't get any better/
After 65,000 miles (2nd owner), had to replace front brake pads & rotors, throttle body, fuel filter; have injectors cleaned; and cooling system flushed. Only slight problem remaining is airbag cover on passenger side is starting to separate from dash. Also, I've had seal around windshield come off, but nothing some epoxy can't fix. Overall though, the car has held up extremely well.
I have had this van for about (30) day's and I really like it. So far so good!!!
This car now has about 75,000 miles. Tires and brakes have been replaced. The airbag light comes on during hard right turns at 35/40 miles an hour. The oil is changed every 3,000 miles. The trim around the windows has always looked bad. The car is kept in a garage. Still has the original battery. No other mechanical problems.
Great car, very reliable, did have some computer problems with the headlights going out. SF Toyota took good care of the problem, though, with no additional cost and no hassle. It's not a super fun car to drive, but it more than makes up for that by being very economical. GPS system and bluetooth are great features.
Very reliable, comfortable car for city driving. Not great on freeways, under-powered, and somewhat disappointing gas mileage. Not a single maintenance problem in three years since I bought it.
Love this little car. The only thing bad is the paint. A very cheap paintjob. After 3 years showed the first "haze" now I have to get it buffed every 3 month to get some shine on it. Mitsubishi Dealer said I DIDN"T wax the car, that's why it looks like that. Yeah right. I had the Eclipse before this one and that had the same problem.
Excellent driver's sedan. Go for the SVT version if you can find it. Solid power, exceptional steering and cornering, and a subtly good-looking, unpretentious exterior.
the reason i gae this car those ratings, was becuase of the milage I did before i had to replace such items. my suv rides and handles the road just like i want, and becuase i love to drive log distances and i very satisfied with the ride and confortibilty of the suv.
It's been a great car, but the exhaust system is very expensive to fix! The A/C blower went bad after 167,000 miles, and it took a day and a half to change it! Great mileage, a "Tiny Legend" my son calls it...