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Seats can be uncomfortable for drives longer than 30-40 minutes. I have the 4x4 and suspension is loose, nauseating for passengers - though I have no problems with it. The display under the rear view mirror went out, but all in all, a very good and reliable truck. A good beater that doesn't quit!
I love this car! I've had a recent year Lincoln Town Car and Lexus E series, and this car is superior to both in performance, fit and finish. Avalon performs, rides and looks "luxury." Its ride is smooth, quiet at any speed, and handling is deft. While Avalon is not a sports model by any mean, its acceleration and handling can make it entertaining.

Avalon's exterior has a pleasing, distinguished, and conservative appearance, though we've lately noted increasing numbers of other brand copy-cat look alike's. The interior is very roomy and airy, well-fitted and appointed. Controls are easy to comprehend and manipulate, Both heating and air conditioning work well throughout the interior..

Acceleration is quick, and there is ample power (V-6) left to easily pass while cruising at high speed. After one full year, my suburban gas mileage is averaging 21 mpg and long distance highway 30 mpg. Expense has been nominal; no repairs or re-adjustments have been necessary, aside from regular oil changes and mileage-based maintenance visits. (I chose synthetic oil and change it about every 3,500 miles to help ensure higher miles / longer car life.)

There was a recent recall of some 3.8 million Lexus and Toyotas, including this model year, for a design flaw of the driver's carpet mat for reported jamming over the accelerator pedal, though this driver has not experienced the problem.

We initially checked for used cars and had a great deal of difficulty with locating them. There were few ads and we heard the same from local dealers we checked; drivers keep them. (We eventually bought new.)
had not problems with this ca except the sun roof and the window regulator, but you cant expect too much from a 15 year old car.
18 mo and 25000 mi, eng is running rough and low power poor acceleration.
im 19 first car i bought for myself for living in new york its great for its size. love how quik it is, but not enough room to see its true patential=( only have 41k on serious issues just the pricey air pump that varies from $275 to $400. other than parts being to much i have no complants absolutly love the after market choices!!
Naomi & I have definitely seen some miles together..
Her quirks definitely shape her personality: passenger door light occasionally staying on (usually on dates) or passenger tow mirror controls refusing to work if we've been pulling too many all-nighters towing, and many more.
I'm definately impressed with my truck's ability to take everything I dish at and seemingly ask for more. As long as I take care of 'Ole
Naomi, she'll take care of me.
Now I don't truly believe that my truck is possessed, I know she is nothing more than metal & computer chips. I'll call it being in tuned with your machine.. with enough time you'll be able to tell when something is off; be it a glow plug, 4wd controller, or just a being quart low.
This is a decent car. Good value for money. My main complaint is the fuel economy. I average 22MPG with about 75% hwy driving.
I "upgraded" from an '06 Toyota Matrix to the 7 seat V6 Rondo. Got to be honest, Toyota service ROCKS, Kia service is mediocre at best. Toyota will wash and vacuum your car when you bring it in with a question, Kia puts a sheet of paper on the floor to protect the mat when you bring it in for major servicing. They also don't seem to be interested in pursuing unspecific problems (like that loud clunking sound from the engine that I brought it in for 3 times). Wouldn't buy a Kia again just because of the service department, but overall the Rondo is a good versatile car (go with the EX V6)
OK-If you have not ran into the problem with your car dash lights all working and everything seems fine,but it will not start or even sound like it will start,then you will,it's winter and that is when GM'S ignition screwup starts acting up. Google saturn white wire and saturn stabiliser bars/sway bars. Fix this stuff now and you won't regret it. I on the other hand,did not fix the white wire problem last winter and guess what IT'S BACKKKKKKK! I fixed it 2 days ago after my wife called and told me it was doing it again just like last winter. Change out the stabiliser bars/sway bars because they have cheap junk bushings on the ends that wear out in no time and makes your front end sound like it's falling apart.
had problems with fuel pump , brake rotors warp easily,some fuse box troubles under warrenty , latest problem is doesn,t start once in a while , but garage can't find the problem , it will crank,
good things about car love the power in the v-6 engine & the way it handles
Great over all car. Ours has 240,000+ miles on it and still running fine. Has a wierd sound in the rear end while driving, but has always been there. Windshield wipers are screwed up, but then it is an older car. We are only second owner, great reliable vehicle. We did get rid of the air conditioning when belt went.
Needed a gasket replaced and in the same year fuel pump. Hoping this will be it. Other than those problems, good reliable vehicle.
i have had this car for 3 years. only trouble i have had, which seems to be common in these, is the convertible top motor went out and i haven't been able to find a good one to replace it. The electrical is starting to have issues, but friends, it is nearly 17 years old, has 170k miles on it, and i have NEVER EVER HAD A BREAKDOWN! i love this car! so fun to drive, easy to maintain, excellent vehicle!! I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a great sporty driver!
this has been a very good van. replaced oxg sensors. mass sensor belt altinator. tuned it up at 210,000 miles. had original plugs in it. the only problem ive had is the front steering, replaced the steering arms, caused it to vibrate at top blew a spark plug out, had to re tap and install a new coil and plug. got this van with 150,000 it now has 296,650
Low maintenace 4 wheel drive... gotta love Japanese made vehicles as they really perform the best long term. I've had mine for 100k miles and have had no problems other than regular maintenace. Honestly, I would buy another at 200k miles if they still made them.
Great car. Bought it new and have had no regrets. The vehicle has a manual and I still gets an average of 33 mpg. Pity GM and Toyota ended their joint venture. This is my second prizm
I love my car but more for it's looks than it's dependability. Since I've bought my car 2 yrs ago, I have had the transmission rebuilt, , the electrical wiring is all shorting out, the blower stopped working for heat and air, electrical short. The power windows only work sometimes- electrical short. The tail lights were shorting out also. Now, it's running hot, the cable wire to open the hood has stretched out and no longer opens properly. This car is a money pit!
I love my 2006 Solara V-6 and have had no real problems other than routine things like brakes and tires, but when I took my car to the dealer for its 90,000 mile service they told me I needed a long list of other services like belt and spark plug replacements and fluid flushes that will cost around $2400 with the 90,000 mile service. That was quite a shock. Maybe I should trade it in for a new one.
My wheels are fine runs well until the problem occured on the timing belt. The car was running smoothly then parked for three hours at a function. About to leave and tried to start the engine and it was just cranking and not turning over. Where I am at here in Guam it is hard to get parts for a Santa Fe I had to order my parts from off island. I read an article online that stated if there is a problem with your timing belt while you are driving is could be major..Yes indeed it did...just from the timing belt I had to change, timing belt, timing guide, crankshaft sensor, valves intake and exhaust and all the seals, now having to change all the valves we discoved another issue crack head now I need to order the valve guides and have a machinest on island shave. It is hell for when your timing belt gets busted.....REMEMBER THIS: DO NOT CRANK YOUR CAR IF IT IS HAVING A HARD TIME TO START...DO NOT ASSUME IT IS YOUR STARTER CHECK YOUR TIMING BELT/GUIDE AND SENSOR IF THEY ARE OK. HAVING TO KEEP CRANKING CAUSES YOU TO BEND THE VALVES THAT COULD CRACK YOUR HEAD....WARNING DON'T!

Fun Car at 40K miles the oil pan & valve gasket were leaking like mad $12000 to be repaired at dealer. All dealer services are way too high. wanted $650 to replace front brake pads
Stock 1995 AT nissan 300zx NA. With the miles up to 194K the car is still in great running condition. A/C still very cold, transmission shift smooth. Alternator died around 190K.(From 190K) I replaced NGK spark plug, fuel filter, K&N air filter and Brake pads.Next on the list is to Replace and refill: Radiator coolant, Differential and AT transmission (fluids).
03 325i with 87k. lots of problems that i am finding are very common with these bmws
I got my contour for free with 119000 miles on it. felt it was worth just about any amount to keep her in good shape.I am very happy with my lady.
I've been in love with this car since I fist saw them. the only down side to them is the brakes and the drive train, transmission in particular. It's prone to overheat. And the car is heavy, very heavy, so the brakes also overheat, causing warping in the rotors. other than that it's smooth riding!
The only problem is with the clutch for 1993 5 speed manual transmission. Replaced twice, never achieved smooth shifting. Otherwise a great (and fast) car.
my dad owns this type of camry which is a 1999
camry 4 door sedan type LE It was rarley used untill we got by our grandparents and has 3225.4 miles on it fot the odmeter overall i love the styles of 99 camry especaily the gold color which is our color my dad is going to pass it on to me when i can drive god bless the camry

P.s.I don`t like the years 01-10 camry models the style is discusting to me i prefer 1990-2000. thank you
I have owned this car since 2004. I purchased it as a certified used car from a Lincoln dealer. It is by far, the best car that I have ever owned. I was always a GM person all of my life, but this car changed everything. I have only had to replace (1) belt since I have had it. Nothing else has ever gone wrong. I get 23 to 25 mpg. It is so quiet, that I have tried to start it while running before. It handles like a dream and would probably beat my mid '60s big block chevy street machine in the 1/4 mile. I am pushing 90,000 miles and it still runs like new. It is the only car that I will ever own from now on! All I do is make sure that it has it's maintenance as per owners manual.
cool car handles great!
I am no longer in love with my 2002 RAV4. Today I found out that I need a new engine after taking my car in for what I thought was a radiator problem. So far I'm learning in my research that the 2002 model year is the WORST! BUYER BEWARE