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I purchased this caddie used with 12,000 miles on it. It now has 26,000 miles and I have not had one problem with this car. Lots of power and handles great. With gas mileage of 23 MPG at 75 MPH on level highway... better than I expected.
I have over 137,000 miles on my Camry. I have replaced the rack and pinion, and brakes. It just keeps going. In the past, I have put over 250 miles per day, with no problems. Great car!
Best car i've ever own. I owned it for 9 years and a half and had 270 000 km on it. I have the 5 speed manual version, i was and i am yet pretty hard on the car and is still do the job. NO PROBLEM with this car. Just check the cross member under the radiator, it tend to break in the middle with the rust.
This truck has 114,869 miles on it and like every other Dodge this year or older the dash has cracked every where even when the windows are cracked and a vent shade in the winsheild in the hot South Texas sun. The dash was only 2 years old with 56,000 miles on the truck. the other interior is kind of cheap byt is okay its just the plastic parts.I have had Ford Super Duty work trucks up to 10 years old with no cracked dashes shame on you Dodge they know of and admited that there is a dash problem. A/C comp. is in the worse place its on the bottom of the motor on the exaust/turbo side and that produces the most heat over there and the engine is desighned to suck the heat out the bottom and it goes right over the A/C Comp. I have had to put 3 A/C systems on my truck my self im a retired Field Mechanic form Cat. Besides that the truck runs good has plenty of power and has never left stranded any where. Chnaged oil in it every 5,000 miles with Rotella 15w40 and keeps on going. Cummins replaced the injection pump and lift pump for free when it started acting up at 96,000 miles and updated with new injection pump and lift pump this was before low sulpher diesel. I put Lucas diesel fuel additive in the fuel tank when I fill up to suppliment for the low sulpher diesel. Besides that it a great truck I use it to two 15,000 punds all the time and has never let me down.
2004 maxima has BIG Problems with the transmission. It shifts extremely hard from 1st to 2nd gear and it has a rattling noise coming from underneath as you accelerate. The issue happens sporadically.
I just bought it after hitting a deer and totaling my 300E. The A/C doesn't work. It's quite a car but climate control has not been their best effort. It has aftermarket shocks. I want my Bilsteins back.
I have owned 2 of these cars and the head gasket went in both of them and in my first one there was a wiring problem it would always blow a fuse which would shut off the car while i was driving NEVER AGIAN will I buy one
The van looks good and the interior is good. It does have a lot of minor maintance issues on a regular basis. Right now our transmission gear selector cable is broke so it's stuck in drive. The wiper blade transmission needs replaced, and the ABS trouble light it on.
When my wife and I were dating, I had a Civic hatchback and she had a 2001 Montero Sport and I loved driving her car so much that when my car got stolen, the Montero is the first car I looked for. I found the perfect one for me, white/black with a grille guard on front and I love my car! It drives great, I've had not one problem with the car. When I bought it, the car had 59K miles on it and not it's got nearly twice the miles and still runs perfectly. My only gripe is that the engine design creates costly repairs as the techs have to remove the top of the engine just to perform a basic tune-up. I'm considering buying a new engine and rebuilding the transmission whenever it dies.
good overhall
The car is ok - we've had to pay a lot on repairs and it gets old...but overall it gets the job done
My 325i 2002 is nice had to put a little money in it to keep it up & riding good, overall Fun to drive beemmer!
Still going strong and reaching 300k miles
We have problems with navigation system and heater control on passenger side. Dealer can't duplicate the problem and doesn't want to swap a bunch of unnecessary parts.
Bought mine used with 10k on it. I like the gas mileage 38-41mpg hwy 34-35mpg city (with 5-speed manual) depending on how agressively I drive. I also like the ride & handling. What I don't lik e is the noise level on the highway especially on coarse road surfaces. It gets so loud you can't hear the radio or passengers talk unless you shout. The standard radio sound system is lousy & the CD player sometimes skips when I hit a bump \
5.3 Engine tap when first starting since new. Dealer "claimed" cam and lifters replaced. 7 years later, same tap from 1 lifter.Also when new, fuel sender faulty and CD did not operate correctly and "Low Fuel" signal never came on. Cluster, fuel module and radio replaced. Replaced intermediate steering shaft 3 times for clunking left turns over bumps and sqeaking. Fog lamps fill with water and 1 lens fell off. Front rotors pitted on inside surface causing a grind while braking at 20k. Just replaced left front hub (65K) Squeak when releasing brake pedal (in booster). Not the best truck but can't complain. It was a gift.
For its age, my 92 Jetta is holding up fairly well. I did have a very annoying and internmittent problem with starting for awhile, and after much time and energy discovered that someone along the line had removed the heat shield for the starter and it had burned out. It burns a little oil, but really none the worse for wear.
I have 220,000 miles on this Taurus and I had almost 400,000 miles on my 95 Taurus when I sold it. Total repairs on this one to date (not including oil changes, a battery and tires) are the front tie rod ends and ball joints, and a starter motor. I'm taking it in for some minor overheating, but that's about it. Only irritating item is the "Passenger Door Ajar" signal which sends out false reading for a week at a time once every year or so. Otherwise it's great. And our temps where I live vary from -25 in the winter to 95 in the summer. Heater and A/C are always perfect..
A door pin was replaced and then the third door was readjusted and wind noise is gone. Have problems with seat belt on occasion not retracking properly. Still get antifreeze smell on certain dial settings. The truck has developed wind noise on the drivers side door upper right. Had trouble keeping the antenna screwed on but I think the dealer took care of that. Tried E-85 fuel but truck ran terrible and it sucked up the e-85 like it was nothing. Get much better power from gasoline. Don't particularly like the double door as the doors tends to move when traveling over the cities's bumpy roads. I get an anifreeze smell when heater is on max setting in about 7 minutes but if I turn the setting down there is no smell.
Owned since April 2006. Bought new from dealer for traveling job as telecommunication field engineer. Vehicle is LX with 4 cylinder and automatic. Odometer reading at this time is 168,177. Have replaced timing belt twice (~60,000 miles/replacement) and expect to replace it again around 180,000 miles. Repairs - Driver's side headlight unit and AC condenser (both under warranty), Battery at 120,000 miles. Oil pressure sensor at 140,000 miles. Current problems: 1 - Heating/AC blower motor stopped working yesterday. Will get it repaired this week. 2 - Engine requires High Mileage oil (20W-50) due to mileage and many hours of idling. Using regular oil (10W-40) allows the oil pressure light to come on at idle. Have done oil changes every 3000 miles and all other preventative maintenance as required. I would have rated the engine higher due to its demonstrated reliability but set it lower due to the timing belt maintenance issue. While I would buy another KIA, I would make sure it didn't have such a high cost low mileage preventative maintenance requirement. It is my understating that KIA has gone with a longer lasting timing belt in it's new vehicles. Overall I've found the car to be comfortable, competent and reliable. Repairs have always been done at a KIA service shop and I use Express Lube for all other preventative maintenance.
I like my 2wd ranger and feel like it will go anywhere, except MUD and SNOW. there is no positrac, or limited slip type of engineering so you will spin and spin. BUT summer time, Hauling, towing, and camping at the lake... PERFECT. Mine even used to pull a small gooseneck goat/pig/sheep trailer.
I have been pretty rough on this car but it has served me well. The only issues I've had are with the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converter. Both have had to be replaced multiple times. Other than that I have 132k miles on this baby and she still has some get up and go.
So I have a 2000 grand am and its junk. The brake lights are shorted out, the front pass. window worked when it wanted to and both pass. side windows are now off track. The braking system sucks! My engine light wont shut off and noone knows why. The water pump has went out. I've had numerous ignition problems...2 of them involving Security light crap and a non-start of my p.o.s. The intake manifold has had leaking gaskets. The power steering has failed. The engine revs uncontrolled and by itself occasionally. My side mirror fell off by itself! The heat/ac resistor has stopped working 4 times. The fan motor has also failed. The battery shorts out occasionally. My warning lights illuminate telling me there's a problem, but really there's nothing wrong at all, they will flash or go out w/in a day. The radio/cd/clock display no longer functions. The tachometer shoots up somtime when the car is turned off. My turn signals click long after the switch has been tured off. And currently the car stalled out on me while driving down the interstate at 70mph and left me w/ no steering or brakes, it will not restart. I've had problems w/ the way it starts since I bought the thing in 2001...slow and hesitant, sometimes hard starts. GM dealers say they don't know what the problem is. I've had problems w/ this car since purchased in 2001 and really went down hill a couple of months after the warranty expired, the car had less than 36,000 mi...don't ever buy one of these cars, stay away from pontiac!!! I take care of my car and it still fell apart! Buy a honda, I wish I had! I've seriously put $5000 into this car and bought it for about $13000 in ''s not worth the trouble...stay away! Everyone I know that has owned a grand am has had similar problems!
Does not have anti-lock brakes. Doesn't have enough horsepower to get you up a steep hill.
i own 2 taurus SE's 2004 (40k) + 2006 (55k). my last car was a honda civic and i had more problems with it than i have with any (6) ford ive ever owned. not that i would never buy a honda again. im just stating my facts. PROS: nice more than adequate engine, spacious, reliable, cheap to repair, insure, maintain. very inexpensive ride. cons: i HATE the brakes on the car. the gas mileage isn't what has ever been advertised. kind of a boring car inside and out.
Auto trans clicks when shifting from reverse to forward. Horrible electrical system... broke down once with about 18000 on it, then again around 28k, 33k, 35k, and 36k. engine is very sluggish
Very solid van. Cool exterior (mock suv), great ride. Pros: huge power (its crazy how powerful the engine is, you can actually smoke your tires in this); great handling and ride; great interior comfort (air/heat in front, mid, & back); comfy seats; highly reliable van. Cons: poor placement for DVD controls (you cannot adjust movies for little ones without leaning way back or being in back); rear seats suck to fold up or to take out/put back in (they are heavy too rigid, and are not labeled for ease of reentry).
Cheap, economical car with no bells or whistles. In fact, the car really is just that a car. Nothing more. Its features are limited, and it shows. Pros: it is cheap and easy to park, does not attract attention. Cons: way underpowered (you need to shut off the A/C to accelerate uphill), and forget passing in tight spots; Hard to get in (it is a car designed for the ave. height of Asians); rides like a pet rock (I can feel the road through the floor and seat as if I am reading braille with my feet and bum).
Cup holder door opens too easily - can't be adjusted. Takes too long for air conditioning to become cool after the car has been sitting for a long time. Those are the only bad things. Everything else is excellent. Love to drive this car.
we have owned every generation of Taurus built to date. We currently own a 2006 and a 1997. The first one we owned a 1986 GL 3.0l was an Awesome car it had over 360000km on it when we sold it. Continued to run with new owner to nearly 550,000kms and was great on fuel ! did replace trans once but hell it had nerarly 250kms on it when I overhauled it. my 1994 3.8l GL was a let down. the 3.8l engines were terible on fuel and blew head gaskets like crazy. we then bought our 1997 3.0L What a great Car ! currently Running over 275kms on it still the same motor still the same trans and it runs like a top! repairs to date are one idler pully $58 one power window switch thats it thats all ! just regular maintenance. Our 2006 that my wife drives is currently at 80kms and we never had to make one warrenty claim yet! These cars made my 2 over priced honduhs look like piles of garbage. Both of my hondas rusted out both had several warrenty claims and both were cold as witchs tit in winter(the passanger actually had to scrape the windows on the inside as we drove and yes we had numorus thermostates put in). My parrents also drove Taurus and owned 4 of them all had over 300kms or better when sold with little to no issues. My advise to anyone looking at buying a Taurus is get one with a 3.0l engine they run forever and are cheap on fuel. Stay far away from 3.8L equiped fords of any varaity. And for those that bitch about trans failure answer me this did you ever have your fluid changed like you are suposed to ever 48000kms? willing to bet 90% did not. It is the most neglected part for maintenance on a new car. Take it from a auto tech of 14 years. even after 300km plus none of our ford taurus we owned had any cracks in the dash rips in the seats just min ave wear.. wish I could say the same thing about my 2 accords I would not by another honda to save my life !

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