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My wife bought a Toyota Camry at the same time and it stacks up fairly similar to hers. The only problems I've had with it is that the heating in the winter time takes FOREVER to get going. It's a challenge to not fog up the inside of the windows when it's extremely muggy outside. Also, the plastic on the radio buttons started bubbling up and essentially tore off after only a year and a half of having the car. No major problems, at least not through 65K.
Best drive of my life. So glad we went with the 330xi over the competition! The car drives beautifully on the sidestreets and interstate; it is truely as if it were molded from one piece of steel. Brakes are the best feature, and the xDrive system is a blessing in the cold Nebraska winters. Seats are comfy for long trips and automatic memory seats/mirrors/radio stations help keep me sane when my wife drives the car. I also love the integrated BT phone (also my mother's favorite when she's riding with me..."The car is talking!!"). The car is 4 1/2 stars overall. I would say that the only complaint I have is the gas milage (18/27 observed), but it is better than other mid-size AWD sedans. This also depends on how it is driven. Backseat has good knee room, but limited foot space for an adult; I told my wife that I'll have to upgrade to a 5-Series if she wants kids. Thank you, Lord, I don't have iDrive
This is my wifes car and she loves it, best most user friendly car she has ever driven. Traded in an ML 500. I think I will look for a R63 for myself
2003 Envoy XL SLE-Overall a great vehicle, Issues: seals on tailights leak & must replace taillights frequently, boot on front CV joint of front drive axle came loose, rear passenger window motor had to be replaced, front driver speaker works occasionally, rear passenger speaker failed, & annoying ticking noise from engine seems to originate from one of the drive pulleys on the serpentine belt baffles most repair shops it clicks for a few min. stops then starts again it is not the a/c compressor & doesn't matter if its on or off. pros-decent gas mileage for its size 7 weight routinely get 16 mpg city and 22-24 highway, smooth ride, good handling, quiet (tires are key), plenty of power, 1 set of brakes front & back so far. 90k miles hiping for 110k-160k more...
This car is great vehicle. My Accord has been very inexpensive to repair and drives well. The only issues I've had are some bulbs that have gone out in the dash and a check engine light because of a bad oxygen sensor. The faulty 02 sensor is covered by an extended warranty so I don't have to pay for it. If you need an inexpensive, reliable ride, this is it!
If you are going to purchase a Chrysler Minivan, go for the Chrysler Town and Country. While it looks like a Dodge Caravan, it is far and away a much nicer vehicle. Sort of like comparing a Chevy to a Cadillac. I've owned all of them T&C, Caravan, Voyager of all trim levels and all motors. The T&C with the 3.8 V6 is hands down the best. Oh, and expect transmission problems with all of them. This is a well known fact. If you drive your van even a little low on fluid expect catastrophic results. When your van gets to 150k miles if you still have your original transmission, always keep your cellphone with you. You are on borrowed time.
I have a love/hate relationship with my 1999 Trans Am WS6. I love the body styling (especially the Ram Air hood), although the materials used in the interior are cheap, flimsy and poorly put together. The sheer power of the stock WS6 is awesome, and I was previously driving a 1996 Mustang GT. This car makes my old Mustang seem like a mule. The added horsepower from my SLP exhaust and larger airbox lid made a noticeable difference, and the stock exhaust, while fairly loud, was nothing compared to my upgraded SLP exhaust rumble. Literally everything else about this car irritates me, though. I'm the second owner of this ride (with currently 105k miles on it in August 2009), and have owned it since July 2004, yet I have had to replace both window motors, the fuel pump, the alternator (FOUR TIMES), the starter coil, the entire rear end TWICE, the oil pan gasket, the transmission repaired...this list is too long to continue here. The mileage sucks, the steering wheel is too large, the air conditioning is weak, the optional 500W Monsoon stereo system is loud, but all the stock speakers are horrible (I've had to replace the same speaker twice before replacing those twin speakers with Infinity speakers after the 2nd speaker broke). The headlight gears broke on me once, and this car also has unlimited electrical and wiring problems. I just discovered today that my entire air conditioning system needs to be replaced due to multiple leaks and a bad compressor, and both idler pulleys, belt tensioners, and both belts need to be replaced. This car has ended up not being worth the head-turns and positive comments I get at red lights and gas stations. I'd consider covering it with a tarp and getting into a cheap Corolla until I can afford to work on this Trans Am as a project car. :(
We have owned Volvo since new. Ongoing problems with tail light bulbs (since new). We just learn to live with it. Fixed a/c once ($2100 to remove dash). Love the passing power of GLT (turbo). Tons of war stories about great mileage. Once average +27 MPG over 3100 mile trip to AZ and back to TX. Most at TX freeway speeds +80. Just returned from WI pulling medium sized UHaul trailer. Plenty of power to tow. We are in process of buying different car (hate to see Volvo go) but it's getting long in the tooth. We're looking at Infiniti M35, Cadillac CTS and Genesis. JCP
own a 07 BMW with 45K miles on it, excellent car for performance, look, safety and reliability. used to buy Toyotas, got tired of lack of performnce and average handling.
Not particularly impressed
Good little car - we're at 96K miles, and still going; however, lots of electrical problems over the years (both windows, various front and rear lights, radio, etc); also an almost constant oil leak for the first six years until a non-VW mechanic replaced a simple seal
Great car. Going at over 150,000 miles. Original transmission working pretty well. Pretty easy service-wise, with the exception of the front end which has had a number of problems, especially relating to snow belt rust issues. Super engine, but would be much happier with room to breathe in a manual transmission. Highly recommended for the Accord/ Camry buyer who wants to get a better deal. This car is based a on a time tested reliable Euro car platform and is not some short lived luxury trial model. I bought mine for under $4000 at 120, 000.
My handsome 2007 Diesel E320 Bluetec, which reliably gets 26/35 MPG, is a pleasure to drive. No problem finding fuel. Parking is easy, fitting into tight spots and the car is very reponsive when I need to quickly manuever to avoid poor drivers. I love the dashboard screen, especially the map feature and there's nothing like Sirius radio for trips up and down I-95.
Great driving car with nimble handling and an incredibly smooth engine and transmission. Not as luxurious or roomy on the inside as higher end lexus vehicles, but overall a great car for those who appreciate good handling and fun driving.
I love everything about this car. It is a sports car but with a little more room. The ride could be a little smoother, but I think if you have the right tires the ride becomes better. I really like the turning radius and for being a convertible it is pretty quiet with the top up. The Bose stereo is great, I just wish it had an ipod adapter. I have had only minor problems with this car and highly recommend it to any one that is thinking of buying one.
this is another great miata, my second since its debut . i drove my '90 for 13 years, 318k miles. my '02 has 150k on it, no problems. we're going for another 300k. i am doing brakes alot (maybe i'm hard on brakes)
We purchased this vehicle new in 1996 and have had absolutely no problems with it. The interior and exterior have held up. It gets about 32 mpg and is a blast to drive. We have replaced the battery twice, new tires once, brakes once in 87000 miles, but no major repairs to any component (engine,transmission,etc.) Great vehicle; other manufacturers should model themselves after Saturn.
Loved the Pilot ever since I touched it 4 years ago, got myself one last year & I love it. not sure if Honda's have transmission problems or just my car feels like it drags the transmission into a lower gear when I slow down to 25-20mph. otherwise I'm very happy.
Good performer on and off road and in poor driving conditions, reliable fuel consumption, great versatility for hauling people/stuff/towing, wish it had a manual transmission but they are not available with this option as far as I know.
I've had my Spirit for 18 years now and it has been great.I commute in a very rust inducing enviroment due to road chemicals and just now is the car starting to show a bit of rust along bottom of drivers door.The paint still looks like new.I have the 4 cyl. which gets 32 mpg. on the highway.Transmission works fine with 142,000 miles on it.Still handles great for what it is.I got almost 90,000 before I replaced the brakes(mostly highway).All this from a car Consumer Reports panned.I don't know what there prejudices are at that rag but if you want a good deal look at cars they don't like. I paid 9,400 when new including the tax!
no problems
Love my car! 5 speed manual LX is fun to drive, looks good, and great mileage. Consistently 29-32 mpg around town and on the highway.
Very pleased with the Tahoe Hybrid. Have had it about 17 months and have had no problems. I have had one recall that did take longer than expected because the dealership was not real familiar with hybrids. I get about 20.6 mpg on mine. That is with a fair amount of high speed highway driving which pulls down the average a good deal. In town, I estimate close to the 22 mpg they report. This is much better than the first generation hybrid GMC I had and this has a much smoother transmission. My wife has a lexus RX and we generally ride in the Tahoe for comfort and nearly the same MPG's! Only manufacturing problem that I have had was a driver's side door lock that occasionally has a rattle from a slightly poor fit, this only occurs in cold weather and on rough roads. The times that I have brought it in for routine service it has not been cold so of course no rattle.
To: sgtjeff I have the same issue when shifting into drive. It seems that when I shift into reverse or drive, it flutters for a second or two and then I'm able to go. I also have had issues with the throttle body. Sometimes when the car is sitting idled, it feels and sounds like the car wants to shut off. it happened one time and come to find out the throttle body needed cleaning and after it was cleaned I went across the street to run an errand when I returned to the car and started it up, the acceleration was not performing. I barely made back across the street to the dealership. They had to rent me a vehicle for a week because the throttle body had to be replaced. I also didn't know that there is no cable connection between the accelerator and the throttle body. Everything is electronic. Nice car too many issues
Got from Mom, 35,000 Mi.,Now has80,000.Had to leave outside All bad weather.body needs a paint job.But run great.
Very good truck!!!
I have had this car for 6 years, bought it new with 88,000 miles on it. I can't say that all I ever changed was the oil, but for the most part, I guess the car has been reliable. Last year's dusting of snow made for a bad winter. I felt the car swerving alot on just a dusting of snow. I have replaced the brakes almost every 2 years, rotors just this past year. The rear struts and coil springs needed replaced about 6 months ago and I am getting the front struts replaced this month. Hopefully this will fix all the rattling in the front end. A/C went out completely and I had to change the A/C compressor this spring. The interior of the car is perfect (except for the driver's side carpeting is worn out and the radio lights have not worked over a year). I can't say that for the exterior. A lot of rust has formed around the gas cap area and the bottom of each door. There is also rust coming through on the wheel wells. My next purchase will be a Hyundai, only because I need a car that is safe driving in the snow.
I love this car, it runs strong and handles great. i was shocked on how smooth and powerful it is. this is my first bmw and i can tell you that once this car dies on me i will end up buying another bmw. it is a very reliable car and worth every penny. if you have never driven a bmw before i strongly suggest you should at least go out and test drive one. you will want one.
Have had this car since 98.....with 8000 miles on it, when I bought it. Had to have transmission worked on, about two years ago, and it is slipping in Drive again now. Overall not a bad car for the money
nice auto though noises can drive you nuts at times

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