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Transmission problems are common problems with these cars. "Tranmission Program" translates to about $1750 in repairs at some dealerships. There are several hoses that have to be replaced in order to resolve the colling system issues. $400 a pop is common for many repairs. This car is grossly over engineered compared to other cars that deliver the same performance that are cheaper to maintain. Gas mileage is horrible, but perfomance when the car is functioning is much better. Eletrical issues remain a problem with this model along with the transmission whining sound. I have noticed this with many BMWs of this same model. An improvement since the 1993 version of the automobile, but not by much.
This is a great car that is reliable, the main issue to this model are the standard high-mileage leaks from the valve cover gaskets. Some dealer parts are actually cheaper than aftermarket. In comparison to the 1994 BMW 740iL, it is cheaper to maintain and eventhough it has a 5.6 litre engine, burns less fuel.
owned the 95 villager for a year now and i find it good on gas and easy to handle. for it's age and over 255thou km it is holding up very well. just having a problem with air flow sensers but otherwize normal maintainance.
awsome car drives like it will take off the ground beautiful sunroof we have the orange color 2007ford edge
My third 2500 very reliable very dependable
Power steering almost completely non effective. Steers extremely hard.
Best car I've ever had.
I bought this truck in 2007, and love it! With the amazing tow package, it toted my 4 place snowmobile trailer with no problem. I pulled many people out of snow using the front recovery hooks and some with the rear hitch. Only problems so far were both front wheel bearings, but I knew those were a common problem with Trailblazers before I bought the vehicle. I didnt mind though because the warranty covered the replacement of both. I even got rear ended a few months ago and since I had the ball mount on the hitch, the only damage to my rear end was a bumper cover (bumper was still fine too) and new muffler that got pushed forward. The hitch was solid, frame still perfect. Nothing else wrong with the TB. The car that hit me was so demolished, it looked like it hit a huge concrete wall going 100mph. (I was stopped and he was going about 40mph) I will keep this truck until it dies in a few decades or so.
I purchased my truck through priviate party. So far I've had to replace the fuel pump and distributor cap. Overall, I love this truck and the power.
lower shaft bearing is no good how do i fix it
I bought my '06 Limited new after coming to the startling realization (after test drives) that my 60-year-old self now values comfort, room and quiet over sport-sedan athletics. As long as one keeps in mind the obvious -- this is NOT a G35 or a 330 or even a TL -- it's a fine car and an outstanding long-legged cruiser with a strong engine and MPGs that border on the amazing. At 55k miles I have the following observations: strengths are its commodious, beautifully-appointed interior with a back seat worthy of a sheik and small harem; its velvet-smooth power train; its long legs (over 500 miles between interstate fillups) and excellent MPGs (up to 30 at interstate speeds, 22 - 25 around the 'burbs); and oustanding fit and finish. Lesser items: flaccid handling with numb, uninspired steering feel (and the Touring just added a hardher ride, in my view); a very user-hostile GPS, corrected in subsequent years, and truncated sat-radio/music readouts; and occasional abrupt downshifts at low speeds under load. I know at least a few of these cars have had quality niggles; mine has not and it was zero-defects from delivery until now, as one expects from Toyota. If you're looking for a comfortable, luxurious "poor man's Lexus," this is da bomb. If you want a sports sedan, go elsewhere.
I bought my '04 Venture in May 2008 @ 80k miles to use for wedding transportation and wound up keeping it. Despite the mediocre ratings this series gets from CReports and in crash tests, in the 15k miles I've stacked on it in one year I've been quite pleased with it. It's comfortable, very flexible with 8-pax seating options, quiet, and gets commendable gas mileage; I also tow a 3500lb boat with mine, albeit not for long distances. The powertrain seems solid. Lesser points: it wallows a bit (needs shocks, I'm sure); the OBDII port is dead; the 12v power point is also dead (I wired in a new one); I get a wind whistle/shreik at hiway speeds in certain x-wind conditions (I see there's a TSB on this); and the pax-side power window is dead. But for what I paid (about $5500) it's a great value and its utility is hard to beat. (I run ours with all the center seats out and use that section as a "covered pickup bed.")
The most reliable car. I have had very few repairs. At 125,000 miles so far. Practically like new. No rust. I hope to have this car for another 17 years. Both kids grew up with this car. We are all very attached to it. My daughter went from car seat to drivers seat in this van. Its a winner!
3rd Civic I've owned. Great car. Wish they still made the hatchback. Just wish the seat material was a little tougher.
The catalytic converter died after 30,000 miles. After 3 years the driver side power window died. One month later the passenger side power window died. 2 years later the rear driver side power window died. 1 week after that the rear passenger power window died. About 2004 the switch for the light dimmer broke. 2007 the motor that diverts the heat into the car died. The accelerator has been sticking Over all not to impressed.
Body pieces have gaps. Brakes are excellent. 6 speed drive train is excellent, but have had problems with leaking differentials on two of these cars. Electrical problems are frequent, particularly with the power windows in my experience. LS1 engine is one of the best made. Exhaust sounds great, but emissions system creates problems. A/C is average. Suspension and handling are good, though car tends to be difficult to control in rain or snow. Suspension creaks and groans over speed bumps.
This is my second Cougar (my daughter totalled my first), and I will never drive anything else. With all the talk of ergonomic design in the new cars (upwards of $30,000), they could all take a design lesson from the cabin of the amazing Cougar!!! Looking forward to someday owning the 30th Anniversary Edition.
Absolutely love my 13 year old car!
Bough it new, no regrets! If you pamper it just a little bit, this car will last a long while. I live in Quebec, so I plug it in when snow stays on ground, rustproof myself, mecanic ( most of it ) myself, wash every week and wax/compound regularly. Still looks like brand new. Love it almost as much as my Honda Accord EX 96!!! Very good car indeed.
had to have one fuel injector replaced because one cylinder was not getting gas according to my shop. Is that normal.? Car has 160,000 miles on it.
I've had my Explorer for 10 years now,it had 7 miles when I brought it and now I have 222,652 miles. Beside the 3 recalls, the hood, the seatbelt and the tires I must say I've had no major problems until now (Engine oil pump)and I'm not going to complain. Thumbs up to Ford!
THe car is very nice ride, and smooth on the highway - Power is okay, but when the electrical issues started, they are ridiculous - I am not too sure why Chrysler obtained very cheap components to run this car, as it had put a very bad taste in my mouth for Chrysler and their ability to maintain a product they manufactured - Not too good for them, and I would not recommend this car to anyone - It is not realiable nor worth the trouble!
I love this car just replaced some things but overall a great car and gets close to 500 miles on full tank when driving out of town. I am at 121k miles
Had high mileage when I bought it. No real problems aside from regular preventative maintenance. Works great.
It have this little guy and even thou the ride is rough its great on gas & super in parking esspecially that I live in NYC. I rate my ride a "7".
I bought my Mazda5 in December 2008 and I love it. I purchased the 5 speed manual transmission. I added a Thule roof rack and about the only things I would change would be to add a little more sound deadening and and an all-wheel drive option (I also have a 1999 Subaru Outback - that I kept because I like having all wheel drive in the winter). I consistently get 28 MPG. I love the sliding doors in the back and the three rows of seating(works well for elementary school aged children). Zoom Zoom!!!! I am so glad I found this vehicle after 2 years of looking!
I've owned my Odyssey for over a year now (bought it used.) It's a great van! I wouldn't want any other minivan over the Odyssey. It's great for anyone with several children. There's lots of room and it's great for traveling. My only critisms are that there can be a little road noise in the interior (but nothing horrible) and although it gets respectible gas milage for a large vehicle, it would always be nice to get more MPG. Overall, it's very stylish and reliable, well built, and lots of convenient features.
Great car! The only issue is the brakes. Pads get worn out too soon because it's a heavy car. I would buy another one!
This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. Over 160,000 miles and only pads, oil have been changed. The a/c just went out, but oh well.
So far, we have had a great experience with our Ion. The interior was made with cheaper materials and quality. Our radio display has "spazed out" with the lights acting like strobe lights. Fuel mileage has been 28-29 at best, but we live in a warmer climate so that has a factor. Its a fun and safe car that we overall enjoy having.