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wife's car for work. O2 sensor problems and computer problems at 80K miles. Other than that it holds up well.
This truck has been a huge dissapointment. The transmission went out at 39,000 miles. The transfer case when bad at 60,000 miles. I had hoped this truck would last me for 10 years - It has struggled to last 4 yrs.
Don't buy a 2009 Honda Accord. They have serious brake noise and premature wear issues. Honda has no fixes for consumers either. If you don't believe me, Google it. Seriously. For a car that is supposed to be one of the best in quality, Honda sure dropped the ball. Save your self the money and the headaches. Buy from a differnt manufacturer all together. I have had my car in three times for these issues and i only have 2,317 miles on it. I am not alone you will find hundreds of others online posting the same issues. Don't buy a 2009 Honda Accord! You will regret it!
Very expensive car to own. All repairs cost double what you would expect to pay. Brakes go quickly (every 10k-15k miles). My AC compressor required replacement at 75k. Ridiculous engineering jacks up repair cost. For example, my REAR seatbelt sensor went out, which meant that the FRONT passenger airbag would not function. Tell me why those are tied together? Another example: a broken wire in the heated seats (causing a hot spot) required the complete replacement of the drivers side seat. It was apparently impossible to get to the broken wire.
My first pickup ever, and after 188,000 miles I can say it's decent. You'll want stronger shocks than the OEM ones--try Bilsteins. Ride has always been stiff. Strong engine, nice interior, still mid-20's mpg. Had new clutch at 165,000--also broke 1 sway bar link in suspension. New lower ball joints at 185,000. Not all that bad for 11 year old truck with such high miles.
had to replace the swithch on the master cylinder due to a recall for possible fire hazard. had to repace the fuel pump-mechanic said it was because i ran the gas level in the tank get to low to often-evidently the gas cools the pump. had to replace the back window wiper twice, the cd player doesn't work and it has five cd's stuci in it.the left front wheel cylinder quit working causing the left disc brake to wear out prematurely. vacuum line hose on the engine broke causing the engine to run roughly. replaced the windshield wiper switch on the column.
bad electrical system power door problem dash lights out heated seat and others switchs dont come on. Brakes vribrate warped rotors front. tie rod ends bad.
Excellent workhorse 5-spd manual going strong at 286,000 miles. Replaced clutch at 125,000 and 225,000 miles. Distributor replaced at 225,000 and 250,000 (rebuilt part didn't last too long) but the new one works fine now. A/C compressor replaced with junkyard model at about 210,00 miles and still blows cold, cold air. Spark plug wires replaced at 120,000 and 240,000 miles. Plugs I replace every 20,000-30,000 just to keep it clean. Little things like the drivers doorlock tempermental since 1995, but hit it to snap it closed. Guess that's why someone traded it in when it was 2 years old, and I picked it up as the second owner.
long term inexpensive transportation
Overall a highly exceptional Ultimate Driving Machine. I have 70K miles (95% of this is long distance intense Highway driving) since brand new in 2001 and i do not drive it like 'there is no tomorrow'. Most people with any major complaint on this fine machine likely abused it by thinking it better built than Titanic. If I have choice between a 3010 BMW 528i and 2001 525i version I'll sure will pick my 2001 all over again! Since 2001 I have replaced 3 things in the care: end stage resistor blower; left low headlight beam; and front brakes (at 40K miles on extra Warranty) . Car is garaged and I still have my ORIGINAL Continental tires (I'll change it this year 2009 after 8 years of use for safety reasons since rubber eventually can break down more quickly after many years). Long live my 2001 525i. I do my oil change/service regularly, never had tires aligned (they wear perfectly evenly well) and had rotated/balanced tires only twice.
Bought the new 2002 design when it first came out. Had a 1996 Explorer before that and loved it except that I replaced the fuel float twice. On my 2002 - I only drive about 10000 miles per year, combination back roads and light highway. So far - I have a problem with differential - when it "goes" it will be expensive. My rear windshield wiper crapped out within the first 2-3 years. My driver's side window quit in 2008. I couldn't get the door apart easily to repair it so kept putting it off until one day I got in the car, turned on the engine and smelled something odd. Traced it to an electrical fire type smell near the window switch - then saw smoke - and that was with the ignitiion OFF! Got that door panel apart really fast after that as I wasn't worrying about any damage. Glad I was in the driveway. Replaced the switch myself and all is well, but hard to get the door panel back together. Also having a problem with "dim" dash lighting. Figuring all this is pointing to some horribly expensive electrical problem. Oh yeah, something started going wrong with engagine in and out of 4WD pretty early in the game. Ford builds trucks so you would think they's be good at the 4wd. I really liked my former Explorer and this one is just right size-wise, but come on, can we get rid of these design and engineering problems please? Why do cars have to be so draining to own? I like my Explorer, except for the probs, but would prefer to love it!
97,000 miles AT 40,000 under warranty. trans pulled 2 times, ok since. nothing major since. pulled 3 window motor regulators and repaired myself. best auto i have driven and most at long distances. My travel car.. will drive it another 30,000+ miles or 4 or 5 years or longer if it keeps going the way it is. very very comfy on long trips 700 to 800 miles a day with out being tired
I love this car, of course I own one so I may be a little prejudiced when it comes to this car! :-)
Good car for its value
i love my Camaro
Everything is great except when taking off at a dead stop, it tends to feel like it's not gonna make it then, wham, she takes off barks 2nd gear and goes. And that is with a striaght 6 cyl
I haven't had any problems with my 2008 Mazda 6 i Sport except the prices on recommended maintenance and the brakes are wearing out a little fast. I love driving it and it gets great gas milage being a 4 cylinder. I think it's a really cute, safe car and a great buy.
I bought this Jeep brand new and will never buy another one. When I first took ownership I received a recall notice in the mail for some problem, I don't remember, which they promptly fixed. I have had to have three windows repaired, I roll them down and they don't go back up. I'm waiting for the fourth window to give out. Since day one the car drives perfectly fine with the parking brake ON!!!
had lots of trouble out of this truck , have to drive two hours to get it serviced
I have a 2000 Camaro and I adore her. Bought her in CA but now live in NJ...Yeah, go figure! But the CA emissions junk has not taken away from the power, git-up or hold this car has on the road. She will still walk up on any Mustang out there! It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned! The brakes, electric and exhaust systems have all been good to me, routine minimual maintenance all the way around. The tranny is as smooth as the day I drove it off the lot and this is now 9+ years later. I only have one thing to say and that is she is a pig when it comes to heating or A/C. Even recharging the system won't help folks so save your $$ and let the windows down till the A/C catches up! And the heat, well, she is a lizard waiting for the sun. The suspension is still solid and the steering is a joy...and I need that cause when I am walking up on that nice new Mustang...I want him to know he's been passed by royalty driven by a GIRL!
I can't complain about the Kia's. This is my second one and I think they are great as far as maintenance and and repairs are concerned. I didn't do any major repairs on my first one, the Kia - sephia and so far none on this one, only the regular maintenance of upkeep. I'm contemplating buying another this year - 2009. It has good pickup and holds the road well. The warrentee is great because it's paid for before it runs out. I must say though that the body could be made of a better material.
This is a great car and a very good value. That said my main complaint is: cheap plastic connections between bumpers and the car have broken with just a little bump by another vehicle; also bumpers are too low and catch on curbs - a bad design. This is a problem everyday in the City when parking. Makes the car look lousy. My mileage runs around 28-30 mpg with heavy City and demanding Highway driving. I go 80-90 mph back and forth to Palm Springs and it runs like a champ. Having brakes replaced now after 46.5k miles of tough stop and go on the hills of SF, which does not seem unreasonable.
This is a LUXURY car. Lexus thought about the driver from the feel of the car to the accessories that are provided. However, I've had 2 oxygen sensors that have had to be replaced. Other than that, a very nice car.
I bought my 97 VW Jetta GLS used a little over a week ago from a mechanic. He had replaced the transmission (as I understand is a relatively common problem with these cars). I downgraded to this car from a 98 Acura Integra GSR. The first day, the check engine light came on. The second day, the distributor failed. The 3rd day, the sunroof stopped working (bad fuse...easy fix). The 4th day, the tail pipe fell off. When I have had the opportunity to drive the car, it runs good. The seats aren't all that comfortable and the car is a little "boxy" looking, inside and out. It's an "ok" car overall, but considering the relatively lower mileage (129k) for it's age, it should hold up a little better. It's clear now that previous owners did not care as much about maintenance as I do. My only advice to potential buyers is to get a reputable mechanic to check it out first...engine, exhaust, electrical parts. Push every button, more than once. This will likely be the last German car I buy, even though I am from German roots. I'll stick with Honda's and Acura's. The Japanese seem better at building quality cars, with exception to typical rust that seems to easily develop.
just a great all around truck!
It's a beautiful car that when it works, works verry well. Unfortunatley when it doesn't, it's not the easiest to get fixed... A great car for someone with money to fix it.
Front Sway Bar/Stabilizer Links replaced (not included in extended warrenty), althought rear ones are - had to appeal this one and did get some reimbursement. Also, had left window/power problem and substantial brake problems. RRD