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not a great car i got rid of mine for a mercury topaz
works prety good
Love it
over all i like this car
The tranmission and transfer case seem's to go often in these cars. I also had to replace the water pump and the reservoir tank twice in less than two month.
Mine is a 2002 SS 3.8L. Bought it brand new. Other then the cheap and crappy interior paneling the car had been doing good. Recently however its had cascading electrical failures. First the computer went, then the MAF sensor went, then both o2 sensors and the Cat. After getting all that repaired, within days of getting it back the Coolant Level sensor has gone and the Traction Control and ABS systems have failed. After reading through several forums and tech data, these generation Monte Carlos are highly prone for these failures. After having to put up with this much trouble in such a short time, I look forward to the day when mine gets crushed in the scrap yard. I would recommend staying away from these cars.
I bought this April of 2009, I have bought it from a person in Ohio, I was worried about it passing Pennsylvania emmisions, because it has never been tested before. Well, once I replaced the muffler and tail pipe it passed just fine. The car rides great, gas mileage is great better than the Ford Tempo that we have. I would like to purchase a newer LeSabre. I would reccommend this car to anyone looking for a good car.
sunroof is of the traack on the drivers side
Very few repairs and maintenance. Gas mileage 25/40 (city/hwy). Problems include: lack of spedometer lube, failed driver door latch, plastic/aluminum radiator - small leak. The engine is simply too weak (85hp). Excellent flat-land car.
Well, they don't make these any more...
I own a 1998 Lexus GS300 and I absolutely love my car. I bought it from the original owner and this will be my second GS300. The car has 89K miles on it and I just recently replaced the timimg belt, water pump, front and rear engine seals, both front lower ball joints, valve cover gasket and spark plugs at Lexus of Palm Beach just to name a few and this car can go for another 80K miles without a major problem. I just simply love the inline six cylinder engine with the real wheel drive. My car was originally bought in the State of New York so it came with the heated fron seats. It also has the Xenon lights which is kind of cool to see the lights rise up when you first turn the car on. I am not sure if the original owners replaced them since I am not sure if they were an option back in 98. The car looks flawless and I love the silver color with the nice almost new black leather interior. I also love the craftmanship of the vehicle, everything seems to be in place. I recently took it for service at the dealer and they told me that I need front struts but then again it is an 11 year old vehicle. other than that, I have not had any issues with my car and I will keep it until it dies. The transmission makes a very small noise at lower speeds especially on first gear. The dealer told me that I need to replace my transmission mount so I don't know at this point. This car is not as fast in the take off as his brother from the other mother the GS 400 but on the highway this car flies. I have taken it on the Florida's turnpike at around 120MPH and you can't even feel it. The car is very stable and it seems to accelerate quick when passing other cars at high speeds. I don't recommend you to speed but sometimes the car just wants you to hit the gas pedal to test its performance. I have owned a BMW, Acura, Audi, Honda, Infiniti Mazda and Mercedes but there is nothing like a LEXUS. I know it's a TOYOTA on STEROIDS but because of that is that I will NEVER go back to any of the other cars previoulsy mentioned. Anyways, I love my GS. I wish they would have made a special edition six speed just like the SUPRA, then we really be talking.
This car gets fantastic milage!
Love my Jeep Liberty! It's a sturdy little vehicle and I've only had the lower ball joint problem to contend with as far as repairs. The only thing I don't like is the interior lighting is too sparce. When I looking for something in the back, the overhead lights are too far away to illuminate the area. That's my only beef.
1990 Honda Civic Hatchback with 165,000 miles still gets great gas mileage and needed nothing til 19-years-old a new clutch and transmission (with a 5th gear, I'll never be without again!). Great reliable roomy car, I'd buy one again (but not the new Civics--too small, all airbag dashboard, small windows/blind spots and less cargo space). I'd love another Civic Hatchback 10 years old or less. Minor Drawbacks: LOW RIDER scrapes bottom; wipers poor; small tires to inflate often; mechanics always overfill the oil (takes only 3.5 quarts); A/C strains uphill so I hit the condenser button off and on; brakes shudder; stinks on startup (per the Manual); cabin noisy and rides a bit rough though from 1990 has Accord suspension, but hey, every car's got some flaws, and these are minor for a car that never lets this gal down! :)
I brought this truck with 70,000 miles, I now have over 190,000 and it still works great even with it getting old.
I bought this truck off the showroom floor in 1998. It now has 325,000 miles. Mostly highway miles. Oil/filter change every 3,000 miles and all regular maintenance done since purchased and have all the paperwork to prove it. Other than 5 sets of new tires, this truck is still on all of its original equipment other than water pump, serpentine/timing chain, 2 new batteries, alternator, one new brake job in 2004. This was my 2nd Dodge Ram truck. Had new 1994 that I traded for this one in 1998. I have never been so pleased with a vehicle as this one. It has given me 16-17 mpg since day one. I know all Ram trucks haven't done as well as this one. Guess I just got lucky but I do know that being picky and regular about its maintenance has made a difference.
Best car on the market for the money. Roomy, plenty of power. Has Camry engine, could use Camry transmission for better mileage.
Great truck.No problems in 53K miles. Very satisfied.
So far so good. We bought our 2005 V50 2.4i used with 50,000 miles on it and have put on another 17,000 with no issues so far other than some tire cupping, probably caused by the wheels being out of alignment thanks to the bumpy, potholed roads around here. It's a really nice car.
Best vehicle I've ever owned. I get behind the wheel and a smile comes to my face. Great power, acceleration, braking, handling, and fun.
Great Car - have had it since new in 2000 - no major problems except alternator went out rather early (02) have since passed 176k with no other problems. Used to keep regular maintc at Infiniti shop, now just take it to local shop for oil changes.
I have had this truck since new in 2005. It definitely is the most comfortable truck I have driven in 33 years driving. Prenty of power, but you pay in MPG with 15 city and 19 road driving just speed limit...if you speed...then drop that 20% and if you tow heavy trailer or boat it drops 40%...shame. I have had trouble with suspension and steering components. The power steering hose both leaked and the power steering box needed replaced at 80,000 miles. The Left front wheel bearing went out at 75,000 miles. This is a sealed unit and wish they went back to greased bearings. These problems are well known with GM, but they have not corrected them. Good truck overall and will drive it till the wheels fall off. This is my second diesel Chevy.
I bought this '98 Intrepid brand new off the showroom floor. Absolutely loved the look and feel of the car. In the first 40k miles replaced the drivers side window motor 4 times and the passenger side once. After warranty expired(as it normally happens) the dashboard computer had to be replaced. at 75k miles the timing belt had to be replaced. In addition both fans have been replaced as well as numerous other odds and ends. This car currently has 190k miles and the air conditioner coil is out, the car leaks and burns oil like a freaking jennie oil lamp. Of course it has the famous oil sludge like most other intrepids, but the fun part... the clear coat has now flaked off so I have a two tone car. The clear coat is gone and the paint faded on the the hood, trunk and top of the car. I still love the way it drives and have always loved the look of the car, but damn you have to put some $$$ in these babies. One problem after another. Did I mention all the dash and radio lights blink uncontrollably and noone can tell me why? This has been going on for years... I own the pyscho oil sucking two tone Dodge special!!!
Excellent luxury performance ride. Really happy with interior/exterior appearance and styling. Dash gauges perform as idiot lights which is diappointing. Engine from the factory has had a weak lifter which begins to make noise and gets worse as the oil gets down to the bottom dot on the oil dip stick. This is how I know I am getting low on oil. At no time has an the oil light on the dash ever come on to indicate low pressure even when the oil is below the dip sticks range for adequate engine oil level and the lifter is making lots of noise. I change synthetic oil & filter every 3500 to 5000 miles. The motor has always used 1+ quarts between oil changes. This summer with freeway travel at 80mph in 100-105 degrees I have used 3 quarts of oil in 3,600 miles. So far this does not present an issue for the service writers. Also the tire pressure monitoring system did not work properly from the factory and another dealer finally replaced the module and now it works fine. The right front passenger seat is not the same level of comfornt and it has minimum electric seat features compared to the driver's seat. I expected more from inifinti but I remain happy with my M45.
A fantastic machine
Love the way the car handles and performs-- but repairs are really expensive and I have a trars problem at 77k miles. Shouldn't happen to a car that listed at over $50k. Many repairs have been done.
Great car - perfect for long distance travel
2001 BMW 740i Sports This car drives and handles very well, no problems at all, like it was still new, All electrical components works and the interior is still in immaculate condition, the body is in excellent condition and the engine and transmission are still going strong. still the best car I have ever owned and I have owned over 25 cars to date.
A bad year and a problematic car. Toyota scrimped that year (Defroster lines only go halfway down on back light , for instance) and they must have cut costs in the engine and brakes especially. Maybe I'm getting taken by unscrupulous repair shops, but I've put three sets of rotors on this car, I'm headed to my THIRD water pump, the radiator cracked and front and rear anti-sway bars had to be replaced --- all very expensive. Mileage has been disappointing, 23 mpg at best with the auto. trans. vs 31+ mpg on my old 1987 Camry with a manual trans., a much better vehicle. I'm at the 154K mark and it drives well, but that's when it's not in the repair shop. The Japan-built radio in the '87 was also better than the Delco crap in this '97. What was Toyota thinking? Right now it's cheaper to repair, 'til I can save enough for something better. Send me a bailout, Obama!

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