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I like my Tuscon, plenty of room, comfortable ride, just wish it wasn't 4 wheel drive so i'd get better mpg.
ok truck
i have 155675 miles and have replaced transmission 2 times. 2nd time was due to the fact the 1st time was not done correctly. oil is changed every 5000 miles using synthetic oil and fram 7000 mile oil filter. obviously things have had to be replaced with so much mileage but as far as i am concerned this van is great and i will buy another windstar.
well i'm sorry i bought a lemon, my honda has broken down every where, from small items to power windows, locks wiper motors radio, ac and more...
I love my car.
Bought the 2000 Explorer with 75,000 miles in '05 (was formerly a Company vehicle). I have 250,000 miles on it now. I have replaced the following ONE TIME - spark plugs and wires, fuel filter, upper and lower intake gaskets, belt, thermostat, mass air flow sensor, a few miscellaneous valves and hoses, rear end racers and bearings, front wheel bearings, internal timing cassette, lower ball joints, front driverside window motor, and actuators. I stripped the radio and speakers and put my own in because I wanted to. Keeping in mind of course this is in addition to regular maintenance (air filters, oil changes, brakes, and tires). Not bad for 40,000 miles a year - 90% highway. In my opinion at least.
Electrical problems with the windows and doors have plagued this SUV. Transmission went out earlier than expected 70K miles.
love the T.D.I. but it's too low in the front. It catches on curbs.
Great car, a little small for a big guy, and like all Ford vehicles very sensitive to fuel types(intake ping).
good car for trips with the famly
Good looking, feel good car - not cheap, but nice
I love the new ford pickup... however it idles a little rough, the A/C doesnt blow cold all the time at idle, the brakes are noisy, the engine is sensitive to types of fuel(intake ping), and grey cloth interior very easy to stain.
we put 150,000 miles on it and it is stell going strong !!!!! An asome and safe car to be in . Good job chevy.
A fast very sporty car if you like going fast pick this car .
i have an 04 pacifica. I have had to do a number of things to it. I have had to change the EGR valve. The cost to replace parts are out of this world. One tail light was 170 dollars. Now i am having problem with starting and stalling of this car. It is taking me 40 mins. to get the car started and when it does try to start is stalls. I have replaced the battery for a larger on. I have replaced the starter still no solution. I have changed the battery cables still no solution. Now i am about to try to change the idle air control valve. How much money am I suppose to spend. I have read a great number of post with all the same problems.
this car is a piece of crap... bought it new in 03 and have already spent 4x as much in repairs than my 98 altima. im at 85000 miles and have already replaced the brakes, the alternator, and the battery, i have gone through 3 sets of tires, and have had problems with the intake manifold hoses and oil system. I will never buy anything associated with ford/mazda again... nothing but trouble! p.s. my altima is now at 110000 miles and other than the alternator the only money i have put into it has been regular maintenance.
By far the best car I have ever owned. I bought it new and I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off. I have always done regular maintenance and have had minimal problems with it. The check engine light came on a while back, but my mechanic told me it is because of an exhaust leak that makes the computer think that there is something wrong with the o2 sensor. The only real issue I have ever had with it is the fog lamps. If the bulb burns out they are impossible the change. I have actually had my mechanic do it for me. My plans for the future of my vehicle are to put some aftermarket fog lamps on it and probably a flow master exhaust (which should fix the problem with the check engine light.) I do have one problem that no one can put their finger on. When I am driving at freeway speeds and take my foot off the gas the rear end wobbles. I have replaced tires and shocks/ bushings and nothing seems to fix it. If anyone can tell me what the problem is, I would love to know.
This Focus is an ST performance model. The battery died after three years but that is to be expected. Otherwise, no reliability issues, and excellent gas mileage, 25mpg city and up to 33mpg highway. Only routine visits to the dealer.
I just love this car, it is just as fast as my buddys Mustang GT but just floats down the road one of the best cars I have owned.
An excellent convertable. The hard top convertible works well and provides and excellent hard-top driving during off season driving. The car has been a very good value for me. Gas milage has been about 18-20 MPG around town. Despite being small, the trunk holds two sets of golf clubs (carry bag size) but you cannot also put the top down. My only complaints are that it is a roadster, so it is noisy on the highway but perfect around town. I think the navigation is better in some other cars, it does not have a comprehensive POI dataset. The iPOD connector was expensive and it does not seem to charge my iPOD Nano version 4-5. I also miss that it is a two seat car and I cannot carry friends and family. In summary, if you are looking for a roadster that has a hard-top convertible and head-turning appeal then this car is worth considering.
Very reliable, minor problems in 1 year.It's an old car but still looking young...
At under 35,000 miles the 2005 PT Cruiser I bought new, had to have it's front end arm bushings replaced twice. Also at under 35,000 miles all four spark plugs had to be replaced. Now at under 50,000 miles I find that there is a problem with the ABS I am looking into getting repaired. Needless to say, I am not a big fan of Chrysler.
Purchased my S10 with 118000 miles. It has a 4.2 liter vortech engine. It is one of the best vehicles I've ever owned. Quiet, Very Dependable, lots of power. Most all of the creature comforts, quick starts, great features (tells you if you forget to turn off the turn signals), you can remove the key after parking the car and all the power options continue to work until you open a door. If you open the door with your key still in the ignition it warns you. The lights are completely automatic (daytime running lights are on in the daytime and switch to regular lights at dusk, turn off when you leave the car).
I just love my Accord!
I love my Rondo. I drove a 2004 Toyota Sienna for five years and got rear-ended. Kids were older, didn't really need a big van again. I drove a Kia Rondo for eight days as it was the car the insurance company provided me. At first I thought, wow, what a tin can. But, I was so wrong. The little car is great; it actually reminds me of a smaller version of the Sienna. It's a plain car, so if you like a lot of "bells and whistles", you won't be happy. Me, I'm a simple person. I like off-on switches, BASIC dashboards, etc. It has an auxilliary plug for ipods and cell phone charger hidden in the middle console, which is cool. Air conditioning system is great, kids are happy in the back. Back cargo space is large enough for two stacked dog crates. My only problem with it is that I wish it was better on gas mileage. It gets about 19/28, which is about what the Sienna got, and it was a lot bigger. But, I did get the V6. It comes in a 4 cylinder, too, but gas mileage was only 1 mpg. better. All in all, it was a GREAT value for the money. Can't beat Kia's 10 year/100,000 mile warranty, either. And, I was treated like a queen at my local Kia dealer. It's true - Kia has the "power to surprise"! I'm surprised! Hope I'm still this happy ten years from now! Oh, yeah, safety rating is great, too!
This car has served me well. Other people have told me they've had electrical problems with the Passat, but I've not had any.
Its an ok car. Not as fast as my old 2005 Acura TL but the technology in this car is very nice.
This vehicle is stored outside at 10,000 feet in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Other than some minor battery issues, this car has been bullet-proof with the proper maintenance. However, the maintenance is PRICEY - $1500 - $2500 per year. The AWD is solid in snow under 6 inches, but the clearance is marginal. Mileage is hwy/22 mpg. Turbo engine requires Premium fuel - BOO!!!
The positives far outweigh the negatives.
This is a great little car that I just love to drive. Gas mileage is about 30 city and 35 highway. I bought it in March of 2006 and not one bit of trouble yet. Drives smooth on the highway too. A/C is nice and cool in the hot weather. I have the 4-door GLS, automatic with power windows, radio, CD player and nice fold down back seat for more storage. It is the best car I have had and the first foreign call that I've had. Hyundai makes a great little car. I bet the Elantra is good too.

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