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This is the worst car I have ever owned. It is in the shop more than I drive it, for large and small repairs. I had 2 infinites prior to this one and thought I would try this car, BIG MISTAKE. Never again,.,
We outgrew our minivan when child number 5 arrived, so we bought the 12 passenger version of this behemoth. It was a used Avis rental van, and we have had no problems with it in the 30,000 miles we have driven it. It is a basically a big truck that drives like one and carries passengers. 12-14 MPG (sigh). Not the most refined vehicle around, but it is big and tough and reliable.
Love this car. We bought ours used but in good condition & it has done very well. Infiniti lifetime warranties their seat belts so when one of the rear seat belts wouldn't retract we took it to the local dealership service department & they replaced it free of charge.
Purchased used in 1998. I have never owned a better car
Had since new, have over 85,000 miles and with few problems. Even the body is in good condition considering how many doors have hit it from other cars. Rides a little rough now, but still in good condition.
Best vrhicle I have ever owned! Drives like a Lexus, never breaks.
power window units front and rear had to be replaced, not under warranty. 2001 LeSabre Custom only 68,000 miles transmission problems, no reverse happened thhis date 7/10 09
I have been the owner for 4 years
Excellent Condition
This is a 08 Mega Laramie 4x4 package with sun roof, and and engine-off diesel cabin heater (not to be confused with the plug-in engine block heater) plus snow plow package. I tow a 20' x8'x106" Cargo Trailer. Regarding handling and power, this truck has exceed my expectations. I also run a AMSOIL 2 micron oil bi-pass filter and AMSOIL Oil, Gear Lube and Trans Fluid with Mag Hi-Tech covers. All for longevity and heat management. My primary complaints is no airconditioning ducts for the back passengers. I had to buy Sungaurd's Ceramic Film to keep 80% of the heat from coming through my windows. Sungaurd has a clear ceramic film for the front windsheild and a ever so slight tent that is 50 sate legal for the driver and front passenger windows and put limo dark on the sunroof and all the back windows. The Ceramic window film is expensive $850 for all the windows. But its worth it because no air ducts in the back and I have a 2 year old that has to sit their. This is why it was strongly recommended to me to get the sun roof for the tuck, with the rear bed power window, it makes for a good draft that could not be achived without the sunroof. My other compliant is the CD/DVD/GPS dash screen can not be navigated by a touch screen. This is very antiquated. I recommend not buying the high-end from Dodge and go after market. I also recommend the Banks Ram Air Intake and exhaust manifold and believe it or not Lucas Oil's Fuel additive over AMSOIL. Together I get 4MPG more. My next upgrade will be a FASS Fuel Filter and a Titan 55 gallon primary fuel tank and a TransFlow 116 gallon ancillary fuel tank in the bed of my truck. Together I will be able to go 3,500 miles between fill ups and miss the spike in gas prices. Net-net - do the upgrades that provide longevity first not last. To date I have yet to see any DPF issues, but I also have not seen it go on either and I constantly look at the over head console. Once the quirks are worked out in the after market, I plan to purchase a programmer. The DPF complicates these devises as of July 09. But the design will be cool, because you can choose when to run a burn cycle on the DPF so that you do not run into a situation where you stop the truck and inadvertenly or accidently stop the DPF burn cycle in mid cycle which could result in a $2K repair bill. By the way, this problem is in all the big three diesels with DPFs. The after market will fix this.
This Car has it's Pros and it's Cons. It was driven for 11 Years on a regular basis then sat for another 3 Years without being worked on at all, Before it was in my Hands. Despite going through some of the roughest Winters and most of the problems coming from the Engine...The old dog never croaked over. The Interior holds up nice, Almost no problems with the Brakes, Suspension & Steering, Transmission, Electrical, and it mows right through Snow. Rusted around the gas tank pretty badly and the AC stop working. But Overall a good sturdy Car gets you from Point A to Point B and is very good on gas too. I'm currently getting these problems checked out and fixed also.
This car is fun car to drive, but no fun paying for overpriced parts and repairs. There is an obvious design flaw with the power windows that constantly need to be repaired at $500 per occurrence. Brakes, tires, even oil changes are very expensive compared to Japanese or American made cars. The car eats batteries, too. And the radio is the chintziest piece of garbage I have ever seen in a car. For the price of this car, these things should be much better.
A great little car.
Good car. Mileage is below what I like.
Originally purchased this truck for myself. My wife drove it & liked it so much, it is now hers! Excellent vehicle. 33k on the clock and it runs like brand new. No major issues. Check regularly for brake/rotor wear. Just add gas & go!
Over 100k on the clock and still running strong. Brake wear & rotor replacements are the only issues over the years. The truck is a keeper!
Have had to replace 4 hub caps and notice other Matrix without hub caps too. Awesome for loading! This car can carry anything. havent had to do any major maintenance until 100,000 miles and its minimal too like driving belt and hoses and brakes. I completely recommend this car.
102,000+ and still going strong. With the Honda V-6 Engine & the vehicles size, power leather seats, 17" tires, perfect cup holders (any size cups or glasses fit), etc. makes for a good reliable ride. It has about all the options available in 2004 except all-wheel drive. Don't need it. Plenty of cargo space options; better then the 2009. I thought I wanted a new car since there are great deals now, but I still like this one better, when I compare both side by side. I can now put some money into 100,000 mile maintenance and save a lot of money. Maybe the new 2010 Chev Equinox will be larger to compare. I like the 2009 Equinox except for size. The Hyundai Santa Fe V-6 would be my car of choice for the money and size if I had to buy today. If the new Saturn Vue had the Honda Engine I would probably buy one of those. This 2004 still is a great vehicle and sets my standard for buying. It will last me a long time. Indiana driver
it still runs because i take extreme care of it
I have a 2000 Bonneville, and it is my favorite car. but it as its problems as well. i have put a transmission in it, brakes(more than once), intake, it caught on fire!!!!. my control arm is bad, roters, axle,window motor. i've put alot of money into it, but im willing because its my dream car.
Its been a good car, but recently replaced 3 power steering pumps before i found out its the rack and pinion, and there she sits. Everything is so hard to get to, changing plugs are rediculous some stuff aint too bad but i do all my own work. Trying to prepare my body and mind to replace the pinion... Uuugh!
Very nice car. Great looks, fit & finish, and sporty ride quality plus the 4-cyl gets great gas milage while still making 200+ hp.
Great ride, power, comfort and with decent fuel efficiency if driven gently.
Nice car. Watch out for rust issues around wheel wells, trunk, gas door as well as brake and exhaust repairs. A bit noisy on the road but nice fit and finish and Honda reliability!
Nice car. Expensive when things break but, for a twenty year old car, it has great looks, efficiency, and ride quality!
Excellent overall handling and durable for street and autocross use in stock form, though not as powerful as other coupes with turbo V6 or V8s. With a few upgrades to suspension and brakes is also good for track usage. Weak points: secondary air pump for cold start emissions fails (can be removed), ball joints, rear shock mounts, electronics quirks, non-LSD rear diff. Expensive for parts and commercial service; although most routine service is actually fairly simple for DIYs, it may require some special tools and electronics for more in depth projects.
Great car. I agree w/ other reviews. Cheap interior poor turning radius. However, the car drives great and is powerful. Sporty and great-looking. I get tons of compliments.
1995 XLT 4x4 SWB. 14 years and 146,000 miles and runs great. There have been minor repairs and maintenance items and 1 transmission rebuilt for $1200 (or 3 car payments) but has been great overall. I have used it to pull my travel trailer around the country with no problems. Check my website and you'll see. ( plan on keeping it for at least another 10 years. It has stood up well to winters in the Northeast. AC blows cold, everything works still. It is nothing fancy but solid and reliable. I have trusted it to carry me and my travel trailer around the country, traveling daily and not spending every day in an RV park. The paint is still good and I get still get a lot of compliments on it. This gray one is not mine. Not sure how to change it yet.
I bought this car used in 2009. It had less than 24,000. It's better than brand new. I'm trying to take really good care of it because I hope it outlasts me. I'm 70.
This 2006 of mine is my 6th Ram since the body change in 1994. My 1994 was a total lemon with the transmission failing 9 times in the first 12 months, Chrysler ended up buying it back under the Florida lemon law.... I waiting a few years before returning to Dodge but I did return..... I've had a 1994, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006 and I'm currently working with my local dealer on buying a 2009. I can't fairly rate the 2006 as I only have 11,000 miles on mine at three years old... I have several vehicles so I drive something different all the time... None of my vehicles get many miles put on them. I will say I am pleased with the truck... No problems at all and it did do remarkably well pulling a 4000 lb trailer with a new 2008 Ford Expedition on it from Pennsylvania to Florida . If I calculated correctly I pulled around 9000 lbs and the truck never once whimpered lol Overall I'm pleased with this 2006 although I really don't drive it much.....

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