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The Audi 200 is a great car with plenty of power coming from a turbo charged 5 cylinder. The suspension is stellar and there is very little road noise. Overall a great luxury sports sedan.
For the price the Elantra is good not great. The engine is reliable but the brakes warped within 4 years, stereo died in 3. Fog lights always seem to burn out. After 6 years and 66,000 kms in Canadian winters years its been good and always started in sometimes brutal Canadian winter mornings. Engine still feels as strong as new. I am hoping to get 10 years out of ours, since it will only cost about $1000 a year to keep going - much cheaper than new car payments. Body is holding up well with no visible rust anywhere. I would by a Hyundai again since they are more of a utiitarian car, very affordable to own and maintain.
This car is great for travel it does good on gas and is very comfortable on the inside the engine runs great and gets up when it needs to the tranny could be better but it's good for long distance driving at about 26MPG
This has been the worst purchase I've made..After 30k miles the A/C, Water pump, and transmission went out one after the other. After having all of these replaced out of pocked, 6 months later I am now having more problems. Left me stranded on the side of the road. I think the fuel pump is gone. Will never, ever buy a GMC again.
Over priced for what you get!
Very Good Vehicle. Do not like the wind noise at freeway speeds- It is a brick in the wind.
This car drives amazingly. As far as repairs are concerned, outside standard repairs and replacements, I've had a few problems with the window regulator motors. Otherwise, this car has been great!
Great car! I've had some reoccuring AC issues, but I think we finally got it all fixed.
I just got this car and didn't pay much for it... took the bumper covers and trim off and painted them. It's a cute little die hard! Lots of them in the junk yard for parts too. Mine is the super basic model with no a/c or power anything, 5 speed manual. It gets 40 mpg!!! And it loves to go! I have to replace the timing belt soon but that's the only thing. I put in a new guage cluster with a tach - love it! Had a spare radio and put that in no problem - I like this little cutie. Nice, cheap, nimble, and sips the gas! :)
My car is 7 years old now and still drives and handles like a champ!! Very reliable and fun to drive. Acceleration is weak...but who cares. Love it.
Solid car for the money. Terrific brakes, great premium sound system. If you try to change the head lights yourself - do a google search, not that easy - follow the directions to the letter.
Bought this 4 cylinder Camry in 2005 brand new. Steering wheel is loose and not firm. Took it to dealer several times but he says it is ok to have a loose steering...Car runs good, no complaint.
I purchased this car in 2003, It gets very good gas mileage. And has been reliable. I have had the transmission seal and oil pan seals replaced by the dealership, while the car was under warranty. Tire wear is good. I seem to be having a problem with the water pump, but its about time to replace it, as well as the timing belt. I have changed the oil regularly. and I recently had the transmission fluids replaced. Still runs as good when I got it at 27,000 miles.
Great car overall, maintenance cost has not been overwhelming. There was a lot of cabin noise, but had some adjustments made to the suspension and now the noise level is low and the ride smooth. The electric windows can be a problem and repair is costly, but have had only one malfunction in four years, but I still love the car; a supercharged family car, you can't beat that.
I know you are out there, Milenium owners with 2.3l supercharged equipped engines, downstream O2 codes, new O2's, still setting codes, new converters, still setting codes. I fought this battle for a year and a half trying to get the car inspected. There are two causes for this condition I believe. First obvious is bad converter(s). I had mine "flowed" or tested at the dealer ($85) after I installed a new aftermarket O2 sensor. They said the converters were OK, or about 75%. I didn't feel the justification of the expensive converter pipe(s). I bought and installed a second rear downstream O2, this time from the dealer. Apparently, the factory rear downstream O2 sensor is "overly sensitive", or defective from the get-go. New superseded Mazda unit replaces defective original Mazda O2 part #. Replacing the NEW Aftermarket sensor($84, based on the 1st overly-sensitive Mazda design) with Mazda's new and improved sensor($168)worked for 2 weeks, long enough to get a valid NYS inspection sticker. Hello ck engine light Again. . . The second cause is due to mileage. The supercharger's oil seals/engine's piston rings on a higher mileage engine allow a bit too much oil/power stroke blow-by to squeak by into the exhaust stream's sensitive O2 sensors, "fouling" them out, tripping a Ck Eng light code. This can also thin your oil out prematurely between oil change intervals. Go to NAPA. Ask for Sea Foam. Follow the directions,(add to fuel tank/or inject into intake stream while running) Drive the car. Feel the difference, ck eng light turns off for about 2-3 weeks. Buy another can of Sea Foam ($8). repeat as necessary. Car has been fine without replacing the converters, needing a can of Sea Foam treatment about every 3rd tank of gas for the last 5 months now. Sea Foam cleans the dirty O2 sensors(witch are brand new, but oil fouled) so that they can properly read and feedback the exhaust content to the car's computer (ECM) to make air/fuel ratio changes required on the fly for todays' strict emission monitoring and requirements. I found the $8 can of Sea Foam to be an attractive solution compared to a complete engine tear down and new over-sized piston ring fitment, or worse yet, new over-sized pistons & rings, machine work to make them fit, engine gasket kit, reassembley . . .$$$ , and little or no factory support of information for the Dealerships (or willingness to repair the problem). Alternatively, the dealership can "re-flash" the ECM, eliminating the downstream O2 trigger code (not really fixing the problem just eliminating the trigger to turn on the ck engine light for this specific code). this cost more than I was willing to spend. :) - Just thought I would add that the light has been off now for close to a month. Outside of this 1 problem (not really the cars' fault), I have been very impressed with the build quality,fit & finish, and overall feeling of luxury while owning this car. Tough to service though, shops will charge more $ to work on due to unfamilarity and many parts are only available from Mazda.
bought this car brand new within the first two years noticed excessive front tire wear with less than 5000 miles and a continued knocking in the steering column when wheel is turned and no one knows whats wrong but the forums have the same complaints.This car is not good on gas.So far everything else is operating well.interior compartment noisy so if you want quietness in your car cabin,forget about it!!Vehicle mileage now is 17000 miles so imagine down the road...
good engine and powertrain...rough ride..real bad with a 6in lift and 20s....fuel mileage sux! 9mpg
This car now has 104k miles and it runs beautifully. All I had to do is replace the rotors, brakes, tires, which are all due to the high mileage. The mechanic tells me it will run for some time.
This is a fantastic car !!!!! I owned three Dodge minivans prior to switching (at my mechanics advice) to Honda. Each Dodge was its own circle of purgatory the Honda is heaven!! I lived at the Dodge service getting repaired Honda needs only routine maintenance. I have put 130,000 plus miles on this car in all kinds of conditions and it has proven reliable, comfortable, and reasonably inexpensive to operate. It has great pickup (zippy 0-60) and rides pleasantly. Road noise level is low to average for a mini van but may seem a little noisy if you are used to a car. You will keep this minivan for a looong time so protecting it is good.( If you plan to camp or haul garden supplies or other messy things, spring for the large rubber supplemental mat for the back storage area. I also sprayed my seats with stain proofing when it was new.) Like all minivans it takes a while for ac to cool it in the Louisiana summer, but it has better than average heating and cooling. I bought the lower level model and had a rack put on. I did not get auto doors and have not missed them. My only regret is that I let the salesman talk me out of the back up viewer for the dash board. (One bump into something will pay for the viewer). The line of site when backing up is like a SUV and somewhat worse than some other minivans so be careful. The maintenance department at dealerships vary greatly. The one in Shreveport is fantastic so I expected the same elsewhere but hit one that was terrible. If you hit a bad one try another. You can get most maintenance done at service stations try to use Honda parts.
I bought this car used, and the problems that I mention were already a part of the car. However, it does drives good and for the age of the car it is in good shape physically. However, the cost to repair it is extremely high.
i like it, just dont know where i could it fixed if anything were to go wrong
We will NEVER buy another Honda! Car has transmission problems which result in failure. Honda has service bulletins out on this and there was a class action lawsuit. Honda NEVER notified us of that they had service bulletins and this year of car fell within the problem years. (2001-2003 for the trans failure. Transmission had been worked on by Honda before, and problems started again. They extended warranty to 109,000 miles but mine failed at 110,000. Honda's response? Too bad, it'll be $3000 to repair. The runaround and denial by American Honda Motor Co and their customer service dept has bee deplorable ; since they KNOW there's a problem and don't let people know.
I bought this car 4 years ago in 2005 with only 44,000 miles on it. I have had one problem after another. First the brake pads went out at 50,000 miles, then the Seat rack needed complete replacement at 55,000 miles. Now, I was told I need to replace the throttle body and airflow sensor which will cost $1,000 and then the steering shift is loose so I will have to pay $500 to replace bushings. Car is great looking and runs good but very unreliable
Nice ride purchased at 85K miles. Now at 93K. Have had to replace rear wheel/hub assembly at $500 cost. Have had to replace right front brake caliper. Engine light/codes report lean in both banks so replacing fuel filter (difficult for do-it-your-selfer on this model due to location) and DPFE sensor (last 65K or so). Also have replaced main drive belt due to deterioration and several of the rubber hoses (PCV and fuel regulator vacuum lines) at intake deteriorated so bad they required replacement (vacuum leak). Lower ball joint on front must be replaced prior to next state inspection. Tire pressure sensors alerted me to tire losing air and was glad to have that info when I located screw in a tire.
The car is great. Acceleration's great! no lag. But the brakes are squeaking when braking between 30 -40 mph. then the squeaking dis appears.turning ratio is good. no leaks or rattling. good for commuting as long as can ignore the squeaking brakes, just shut the window and turn the radio loud. I brought it to the dealer and they said I needed new pad. I just go the car, and I check the pad and it stil 3/4 inch thick no thanks. Not ready to drop 250 bucks for new pads, maybe next year!
Do not buy this car if you like going back to the dealer all the time. I am very dissappointed in buying this vehicle, since I got it, I had to return to the dealer about the leaking tranny and got a remanufactured tranny. The dealer fix it but I got a rebuild tranny. Brand new car with a rebuild part. Then last week the water pump made funny noises and I had to get it fix. You know how much is a water pump about 400 bucks not including labor (100/hr). Thank God! I got the extended warranty after the remanufactured tranny was installed. I had to argued with the Honda customer service manager for a week before she finally gave me the 7 yrs warranty. I was ready to go to BBB, till she offer me the warranty. Very dissappointed. Come on This a Honda. What kind of car are they building here? So what is the next part going to B R E A K ? I am not going to buy another HONDA CRV. My next car is going to be a TOYOTA RAV4.
It IS an amazing truck. Although gas mileage is only 9-14 mpg, it is a travel truck and/or off road truck. Mine personally is off roading and for being wrecked 3 times, it is still running great. I could not be more proud of how long it has lasted me. The turning radius is really bad but what do you expect in the biggest SUV made in American history? Brakes on a 11,000 lb truck are the best they can be. The interior is amazing and has SO much room. Never had a problem before I wrecked mine and even then, it wasstuff that would of never happened if I had not of wrecked it.
Great car. Bought it for the Mrs. She loves it. Never breaks down. Minor issues, but not enough to change my ratings.
I purchased mine used with 117K on it. I have never owned a Ford SUV. This one handles better than my 1996 Blazer. It was well maintained by the previous owner. The brakes are excellent, the suspension and steering impressed me a lot. It is roomy. At 117K, it is smooth when driving and very quiet.
Bought the car a year aggo with 97k on it, its now about to turn over 112k after commuting in it for a year. I put a GM CD player from a '98 S-10 in it and it was an easy plug-in-perfect fit, now it's a joy to drive! Service Highlights: 97,000mi -replaced both Oxygen sensors 97,000mi -replaced alternator 100,000mi -transmission filter/fluid changed 100,000mi -water pump chaged 110,000mi -fuel gauge sender started acting crazy, at 1/3 tank or less, gauge needle starts moving up/down at random. Mechanic says heavy Sulphur Deposits from a bad batch of cheap gas killed the sender inside the tank. Sender and fuel pump are in 1 piece, and must be replaced together (ouch). 111,000mi -ABS sensor ring on front axle shaft cracked and is now loose, causing the ABS pump to tap like crazy every time I use the brakes -time to replace Axle shaft, (Even though the rest of shaft works fine) 111,900mi -Recharged Air conditioner I admittedly put my cars through what the manufacturers call "Heavy Duty Use" because I have such a long commute 6 days a week, but the Lumina takes it better than any V6 car I have owned, It is the strongest performing V6 vehicle I have owned (Quick for a 3.1 Liter, and corners very well with good tires), It's the Highest MPG V6 I have owned (I've been through several) and the Lumina is the most comfortable 4-door I have owned. It consistently gets 22-27 mpg no matter what, Engine still purrs like new, car still looks like new, and even though I dont like the price tags on the fuel sender and the axle shaft, I still love this car. So much so, I bought (used) Luminas for my wife and daughter, because they fell in love with the Lumina too, and my wife kept borrowing mine!

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