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Only had my car a short time, but it runs great even with a bad strut!! after research the car seems like all say, very dependable and responsive!! i enjoy driving it!!
At 5 years old and 30k miles no problems yet. Gets door dings easily, and some bits in the interior have been easily damaged, but overall been extremely reliable.
Owned for over 9 years - minor problems with starter and door locks - good car overall
Loved this as my first car! I bought it in 2006 already 12 years old and nothing really major needed to be done. She's been a great car, and at 225,000kms I am confident she'll run for a further 100,000! Great on gas, comfort and personality. Not the greatest on power but that's what you get when you buy a 1.8L from 1994. Nowadays the 1.8 carries 130-150 horsepower!
One of the best SUV around any year!
I purchased my suv new and have enjoyed it every since. (2001). I have not had any major problems with my suv, just the minor wear and tear.
Bought the 1999 Volvo S70 with 22k miles in 2006. Running great but needed new timing belt because of age. No problem. Love this car however it seems AC may be failing.
I bought this car 3 years ago. It ran pretty good up until the past year. I always do tune ups and my oil changes. It has only 70,000 miles on it and its had a major oil leak from head gasket, steering arm, tiers, ball joints have all had to be replaced. The brakes suck I've had them done 4 times. The car is as loud as a truck, the heater makes a whistling sound when on, loses power, and when it rains I get big puddles of water on the passenger floors front and back and my windshield sealing is perfect, and the list goes on. What the hell I swear everyday its something else. I would not recommend this vehicle to nobody.
Got the care with 16,000 miles and now has 202,000. Overall, I'm happy with the car. The water pump went at 90,000 and cost $1500 to fix because of the location and poor design. Transmission seems to get a little jerky once in a while. That's been happening since day one. Overall, I'm happy and hope to get many more miles out of it.
this is my bm nice car.
Very good automobile for both touring and around town. No complaints. I love my Honda.
bought new put 10,000 miles on it 5 months ordered with 5 speed has great power and mileage up to 33 on highway no a/c averages 28 local handles great embarassed much sporty cars thru curves love this car
Still going strong after 15 years, but various electrical systems are starting to fail. It's been a really fun and inexpensive ride. Very easy to maintain and the handling is amazing for the price.
A very fun car to drive, a very light-weight SUV that gets really decent gas mileage. Very spacious, and reliable!
a freind gave me this car when he had it,it ran great it cut off on him and had it sitin for 4weeks so i said let me have it 1995,3.8,v6supercharged i havent drove it yet the car shut off on him so i check the oil no oil so i put oil& chared battery the car started with no problem,oil was all over the floor i looked under the car the oil filter had ahole i think that caused the car to turn on him i hope,am a replace oil filter with a k&n and work my way up!!!
i just love my previa there is only a few things i don't like. There is a lot of blind spot looking out the back window
its a good comfertable riding car, But total four fuel injectors went bad in several times.Also in 120k mils my transmission went bad and i had to spend 1500k.
have owned since new. have 64000 miles, and only problem i've had is the transmission(6 speed)sometimes jumps out of 1st gear when i'm starting out. other than that, the car has been outstanding
Incredible car. Only problem that has cropped up is that one of the two HID headlights goes out intermittently, requiring them to be switched off, then back on to restore the failed light. This problem was easily fixed by the dealer with a simple bulb replacement.
This is a pre-owned vehicle I purchased 3 years ago. I test-drove a few Montero's and found they were just too small for me. The size of an Endeavor is comparable/slightly larger than a Grand Cherokee. Mine has run very well for me, but I am up over 100,000 miles now and replacements/repairs are becoming more frequent. I take adequate steps to maintain it myself and I plan to keep it for awhile.
This car has 185K miles and has changed little since I inherited it with 24K miles. The engine will sometimes completely stop while driving, but just shift into neutral, coast to the side and it will restart immediately. In all these miles, only replaced one CV drive line, the ingition switch and the alternator. Fresh air vent adds a little heat even when knob is in fill cold position so this cuts down on AC effectiveness. Only problem with car is seat is very close to ground, entry and exit is awkward especially for 60+ YO large guy but that is not the car's fault.
This is without a doubt one of the worst cars I've ever owned. The engine blew on me at about 79000 miles. The problem was the head gaskets.. I found out that Ford had actually recalled the motor because ALL the head gaskets were bad.. but they failed to notify customers of the recall. There are a couple dozen other recalls on the same model as well... Oh.. After I had the motor replaced the van lasted almost 10000 miles more before the transmission failed. I made the mistake of having that fixed too, and got about another 5000 miles before the ignition switch failed.. I literally had to open the hood and pull a fuse to shut off the car. Then the lever used to pop the hood failed.. Every other owner of a Windstar from 92 - 99 that I've ever talked to has told me the same thing... This is a TERRIBLE car. There is only one thing this car is good for - being used as an example of why the American auto industry is failing.
The control buttons on the dash are easy to punch out by pushing the buttons. The air conditioning is unpredictable. Seems to pick its own time to cool or heat. Brakes wear out with relatively low mileage, calipers rust and stick.
This is one of the best cars every built. The Northstar engine can withstand a tank blast. The comfortability is unmatched and the elegance is timeless. The only issue I have is with the air conditioning system. Little complicated but I think it could be crafted a bit better. Blower motor or relays and leaking. Otherwise a great car.
Love this car the nav systems is excellent
We bought this used in 2003 and really like the truck, even though we've had a few problems. The transmission was replaced prior to us buying it according to our Carfax report. It has had a few problems with the oil pressure sending unit, egr, dpf sensor (the check engine light came on each time)around 110,000 miles. Blower motor for heat/AC went bad at 115,000 miles: Last year the steering wheel shaft completely snapped-couldn't steer (thank goodness it happened when we were leaving our driveway!)-also, clock spring broke at the same time. But, for over a year and a half now-now problems-just maintanence. Don't think we would buy this particular truck again-maybe an F-150 next time .
We have owned this car for 5 years -63000 miles and it has been pretty good car. Just a few problems with the electric motor on the mirrors; A/C fan motor and switch; and the horn went bad. One thing I hate about this car is the windshield wipers-they don't go fast enough-terrible in these Florida storms! Plus, the seats are not really all that comfortable. But, all in all I'd buy another one-especially since they have such a good warranty!
Have only had car since Jan 09,and so far so good. A bit disappointed in the dashboard glare in the windshield. it can be rather distracting on sunny days. it does have the I4 engine.
wife's car for work. O2 sensor problems and computer problems at 80K miles. Other than that it holds up well.
This truck has been a huge dissapointment. The transmission went out at 39,000 miles. The transfer case when bad at 60,000 miles. I had hoped this truck would last me for 10 years - It has struggled to last 4 yrs.