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Bessie 2003, Love my sequoia, however I've had nothing but Skid Control & Brake Booster problems, in for service three (3) times, still have the problem. My warranty company will not pay anymore. maybe it the dealership not doing their repairs correctly. Other than that no problem. only have 72,000 miles on Bessie.
I love my 545i, had to replace the alternator but nothing out of the ordinary in the first 67k miles.
I have over 95,000 miles on my 2004 Deville. During the period of time I have owned this car, I have had to have the head gaskets replaced due to oil leakage. I have had the transmission rebuilt twice, the torque converter repaired, the ABS wheel sensors replaced, the front brake rotors replaced, two driver side window regulators replaced, one passenger side window regulator replaced, the seal to the gas tank replaced to resolve a check engine light that kept coming on, the heater/air conditioning fan motor replaced, a speed shift sensor in the transmission replaced, wiper motor replaced and switch replaced and several other repairs. In total this car has had well over $10,000 in repairs done to it under warranty. My warrantly just expired 3 days ago and now the passenger side window regulator gave out today. The Michelin tires that came on the car, had to be replaced with only 24,000 miles on them. Yhe only thing that is still going strong is the rear brake pads, which are original to the car. Would I buy an other Cadillac? I suppose, as you cannot beat the ride nor how the car rides on the open road for long distances. The only suggestion for anyone considering one of the cars, is to take out the maximum warranty you can to take care of all the repairs you will experience.
I am happy with mine. Drives with no noises, no problems. She is a good little baby Sometimes i would have liked better were: 1) Better sound insulation from road noise 2) More powerful AC I have about 120k miles on mine and hope to put another 50k without anything major
Bought the SE 4 cyl. automatic as a B'day present to myself, after driving several Stratus rental cars used for road trips. The only problem I had while it was still under warranty was the speedometer needle started bobbing back and forth. That was a little scarey, but no problems after that. This car gets terrific gas mileage and I just love the great power (for a 4-banger), as well as the solid steering!
I bought this car with very low miles, back in Sept. 2008. This car is a blast to drive! It handles amazing, aside for around sharp turns. I gave the "body, interior & Misc." category only 4 stars, purely because I've had an issue with the high pressure fuel pump, which apparently has been changed 3 times due to some flaws. At this point, the car drives great with no problems.
I have owned an '02 IS300 for about 4 years now and I love it.
It is now a year since I bought my used 2007 Honda Pilot. It is without question the best automobile I have ever owned of the US domestic made 21 cars I have owned for at least a year. It had 32K miles and now is 48K and all I have put into it is the cost of oil changes every 5k miles. It is one well thought out auto made to last with quality parts. I am so impressed with Honda I will be trading my wife's car for a Honda later this year.
This has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. I've had very few problems with it and would definitely buy another one.
I love this car! my 96 TC has 192K miles and rides like new. Last tune up done @ 100K but no problems of any kind so far, smooth and comfortable ride, delivers performance with a relative good mileage for a V8 ( 19 x 26 ) . Too bad the designers at the time forgot important detais like cupholders for the back seat passangers who instead got ashtrays. Other than this minor detail, great great car!
good car
Sharp looking car; can't beat the AWD in FL afternoon rain showers. Miss the extra HP from the WRX but not the speeding tkts. Have only had normal wear on brakes/tires etc. AC has acted up recently. I'm over 6'2" and comfortable driving it for hours. Just wished rear seat would fold down for larger items needing to be transported.
This is a driver's car. Move over BMW. Infini has released a car as performant at the famed 3 Series at $10,000 less or more if you compare to the M3. This car has great power & handling and is flat out fun to drive. My only criticism of the car is the voice control & bluetooth connectivity. It's ok but could use some improvement. The all wheel drive is nothing short of amazing and truly enhances the driving experience by shifting almost all the powewr to the rear wheels when traction isn't a problem. I live in the Northeast & shifting into "Snow mode" made it perform like a tractor. I was really impressed. I have owned two of these, both G35x's (2006 & 2008 all wheel drive) If you're thinking of buying a G35, do it. I've test driven just about all the G's competition and have been unable to find a car in this price range that could compete.
We bought our Aspire in 1998 with 26 miles on it (4 of which I put in on the test drive). We are at 167,000+ miles and I just had the front R/L Axle (CV) replaced. We haven't kept up with the Maintenance but this car has been a CHAMP!!!! This car has been used for a family of four, a dj equipment hauler, & long trips (2 w/kids & 4 w/o kids). This car has been from the Canadian Border to the Arizona Border & back a couple of times. Just think how much better this car would run for us had we been better at the upkeep. For gas mileage, people under 6', & for basic travel this car has my vote.
Great car, but has required A LOT of expensive maintenance. Was driven mostly in Ohio and has rust which may have caused some of the maintenance.
Wonderful car sold on Volvo for life now. Looking forward to getting 200,000 + miles on it.
Problems with the instrument cluster, door sensors, rear wind screen(roadster) but all-in-all I love this car.
A 100,000 miles and little trouble. A true work horse.
I too love my Avalanche. Love the compartments and the factory back cover to keep things dry and how you have the option of just removing one panel if thats all you need. The only draw back/complaint I do have is the problems with the brake system including the emergency brake. I really feel this is a Chevy problem since I am not the only one having this type of issue.
It is actually a 1988 model. Have owned this for 11+ years. 191 K miles. Still running good. But the accessories are starting to fall apart (21 years later :)) Not worth much in the market. Priceless to me :)
2008 Sport with automatic transmission. It's small, but roomy and gets great mileage. I bought it when gas was $4.00 per gallon, and have been pleased with the vehicle. The only con with this vehicle is the small radio antenna. Had to buy a longer antenna to get local stations.
Great car! This one has saved me a ton of money over the years. Still gets around 34 mpg and very few problems. 123,000 miles and still going strong. I do have to clean the mass air flow sensor every 30K now, but that is very easy to do. I am just now replacing my struts (recomended every 60K) as they have seen their day. Overall great vehicle.
They don't make them like they used to! My 2003 Convertible Mustang looks VERY nice, and runs somewhat ok! I give it a 5 out of 10 rating...I am a Auto Repair Shop Manager with about 12 years in the business...I have not seen many major repairs to any Mustang engines, and thats why I bought my stang! I must say I have the NER ZERO PERILLI tires and HATE THEM! Designed for Mustangs, it backs up Fords poor quality! I have had to replace exhaust manifolds right away (55,000 miles) I work at a Econo Lube N' Tune & Brakes in Broomfield Colorado 80020, and only use Top of the line products in my car...Just broke 90,000 so I better keep up the maintenance or I will be paying car payments and paying for repairs (THANK GOD I only pay for parts aand do the work myself!) Either way you look at it the FORD TOUGH moto does NOT apply to newer Mustangs...Its fun to drive (only in summertime), but handles poor! I also had electrical issues with brake switch...whats next?
This car is fast, fun, and hot!
Love it, Love it, Love it. Looks great and plenty of power.
Great car !
Overall, I think this vehicle deserves 3 stars. I could probably rate it higher, but it doesn't hold up real well under the vigor of a soccer mom on a mission.
2006 Dodge Charger R/T with 5.7 liter hemi - I bought the car used with 7880 miles on it. By 13,000 miles the front brake rotors were warped. I was told by the dealership service adviser that this was a common problem caused by not torquing the lug nuts on the aluminum wheels in a certain pattern and to the proper specs. There is nothing in the owner's manual about the proper method of tightening lug nuts, and I had to find out the (correct) lug nut torque spec from a web site, which I verified through several other sources. The service adviser gave me an incorrect torque spec. The factory warranty on the brakes was only for 12,000 miles, not 36,000 as it is for the rest of the car, so the warped rotors were not covered by warranty. I replaced the rotors but I had to beat the warped ones off with a sledge hammer. I had to have both the inner and outer tie rod ends replaced before 44,000 miles. The sunroof developed a rattle and the frame retainer bolts had to be replaced before 42, 000 miles. Another common problem, but I found a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for it which resulted in a quick resolution. There is an intermittent "clunking" noise somewhere in the right front when the brakes are lightly applied that the dealership has not been able to isolate. From reading postings on a web site that Charger owners belong to, many of them have had the same problem, as well as other noises elsewhere in their cars that they have not been able to resolve. But the fixes that have gotten rid of the clunking noise for some owners has not got rid of my noise. There is a constant high pitched whine that comes from the dash anytime the headlight switch is on. The volume varies from barely audible to extremely noticeable, even with the stereo on. This is another problem the dealership could not find, mainly because it was barely audible every time I had them check for it. They would not have been able to hear it if they had it in the shop with all the air-powered tools and other noises. The service adviser wasn't able to tell me afterwards if the technician listened for the sound in the parking lot away from the shop, with the engine off, no accessories on, and windows up, liked I asked them to do. I replaced the headlight switch, because that's where it originally sounded like the noise was coming from, but it did not get rid of the noise, and now it sounds more like it is coming from behind the instrument cluster. The hands free Bluetooth cell phone function, which Chrysler calls U-Connect and has previously malfunctioned, is malfunctioning more and more frequently lately. The first time it malfunctioned, the technician showed me how to repair it, by pulling up on a module in the fuse block, waiting about 10 seconds and then pushing it down. I had to do this twice within the following year, and each time it resets the preset radio stations to factory default. Now, in the past 2.5 years, the U-Connect has failed more than a dozen times, and the time interval between failures is decreasing, with the most recent time interval of three weeks between failures. Also, each time it fails, I have to reset the module more each time before I can get it to work (4 times just last week). Eventually, resetting this module will fail to get it working again altogether. This feature is important to me because I sometimes go into an adjacent jurisdiction where you have to use a hands free device to talk on the cell phone while driving, and the police will ticket you if they catch you, and the fine is a hefty one. Unfortunately, the only way I know the U-Connect has stopped working is when either I attempt to make a cell phone call or someone calls me and the U-Connect does not activate to make or accept the call. The dash and door panels are hard, cheap plastic. The paint on the car scratches very easily. The built-in GPS system malfunctioned (error reading DVD-ROM) after I had the car only 2 months and had to get that repaired, as well as get the ashtray door, which I never use, replaced because it would not stay closed. You cannot check the transmission fluid. There is a plug in the top of the dipstick tube that requires a special tool to remove. So, if a transmission fluid leak develops, there is no way to add fluid until you can get it repaired, other than take it to a dealer, or independent shop that has the tool, if they even have it. The car comes from the factory with a hood prop (rod), which is hazardous, because the prop sets just to the left of center when the hood is up, in the front part of the engine compartment, and can easily be knocked out of place when working underneath the hood. The odd thing is that the fittings and holes for hood struts are already in place. It's like it was designed to have hood struts, but for whatever reason, they installed a hood prop instead. Road noise is more than what I expected, but tolerable on a trip if you have the stereo on. Now for the positives on the car. The hemi has plenty of power and the gas mileage isn't that bad for the weight of the car and an engine with the hp and torque that it has. Ride comfort, steering, and handling are pretty good, even though some automotive and consumer magazines have criticized them. Routine maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, other filter changes, brake pad replacement, and replacing the spark plugs and PVC valve, for example, is fairly easy compared to some other late model car engines I've worked on. The front factory brake pads left very little dust on the wheels, compared to the aftermarket replacement ones, and they had hardly any wear on them after 42,000 miles. The only reason I replaced them was because I replaced the rotors and didn't want to put used brake pads that had been used with warped rotors back on. The stereo system, with the higher power Bose amp and 6 speakers, sound really good for an American car factory stereo system. Also, the speakers in the driver and passenger door panels don't vibrate as much as I expected at high volume, like a lot of speakers mounted in a hard plastic door panel usually do. In summary, I like the power of the engine, the stereo system, and the ride comfort, steering, and handling. I have had no problems with the exhaust system or emissions. But, with the problems I've had and unresolved problems I continue to have, I would not buy another Charger nor recommend it to anyone else.
I have had a few problems but more with dealership crapy repair of a problem. The driver seat stop moving forward with wiring that moved around, passenger side seat belt holder broke in 3rd year, water leak around windows and alarm system to name just a few. My other major complaint is the oil they require you to use. After about 5,000 miles I'm having to add more oil on a regular bases because the engine uses up the castrol oil. It has been that way since I bought the car new. Only have a problem with this brand of oil. But I must say overall I love the car.