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I've just been given this car from my uncle and am really greatful for it. It's a wonderful and bad ass car, only thing is that when he signed it over, the lights on the stereo already went out so at night I can't see the radio plus he got the gold package, yet, didn't opt. for the CD changer so I can't listen to any CD unless I replace the stereo.
Also, some how the driver side mirror's automatice tint got damaged and 1/4 of the area won't tint anymore and it'll cost $380 to just replace the mirror. Not the whole housing, just he mirror.
Great dependable little car..
I bought this car from a private dealer in June of 08. It has had a lot of problems, but I believe it is from the previous owner. Wires were corroded, battery was leaking, and the car had been salvaged. (Wasn't told that!) I've put a lot of money into it; brand new brakes, complete tune-up, new battery, etc. Considering all the problems, the car is still running. With 172,000 miles on it, I'm surprised I can still drive it! This car is a testament to Toyota's and their long life. But I wouldn't suggest getting a 1992 salvaged vehicle.
Worst car I've ever owned. Transmission went out at 55,000 miles. Town Car decals fell off, back window trim fell off, light dimming knob is not lit at night (no light assembly there), driver's window switches went out, driver's electrical seat quit, A/C doesn't cool when ambient above 78 degrees, radio quit, rear axle bearing went out, Engine leaks oil, rear end leaks oil, back-up assist quit, lug nut covers rattle, front grill corroding, Lincoln Hood ornament corroding, automatic door lock quit, car alarm goes off without provocation,. If all that weren't bad enough, the dealership trys to charge me for things that don't need repair (which isn't much) like brakes that are only 40% worn or saying they replaced things they didn't.
I love my Yaris. It gets fantastic mileage, and it is simply fun to drive. I'm 6' 4" and I still have plenty of room in this car. There are many larger cars that I can't say that about.
I have this truck (actually the 2008) with the 6.8 V10. I was talked out of buying the diesel by several people because of the perceived problems and poor fuel economy of the new 6.4. The 6.8 has gobs of power, but horrible gas mileage. If I'm easy on the accelerator I get 9-10 mpg in mixed driving, I can get up to 12 on the highway if I keep the speed reasonable, and it drops down to a wallet-emptying 7-8 when I'm pulling my 6,700lb fifth wheel. Ouch. The ride is typical of a truck, and is particularly rough over sharp bumps; my previous truck was the 1/2 ton and the ride on that was much nicer. I have about 8,000 miles on my truck and overall like it very much. I love the styling and it's reasonably comfortable for a truck. The one thing I would want to improve is the fuel economy - I sometimes wish I had switched to Dodge with the Cummins Turbo Diesel.
Have 30,000 miles on my ML and no problems. Only factory recommended service. Relatively low service cost if you shop around. I use a quality independent and cost is half of dealer service cost. Brake pads are ok at 30k, but need replacement in next 6 months. Rotors ok till 50-60k. I love that the ML gives me the handling of a lux sport sedan, but the utility of an suv. Great all around vehicle.
I traded in a 2000 Chev Tahoe LT for my 2009 Mercury Mariner I has more pick up when geting on the freeway smaller easy to drive the in cabin lighting is great the hybrid engine works fine. My only complaint is the engine noise is a little louder then I would like. The navigation & sync system are great all and all I really like the Hybrid mercury Mariner. I'm getting 34-36 MPG
This Honda Insight has been great. Of course it needs oil changed every 5, 000 miles and new tires on the front end before winter. Averaged 52 miles to the gallon for 249,000 miles. Did not give any problem.
i like it
Nice car but many problems. Costs at least $3000 a year to keep up. Right in shop for three weeks they can't fix computer
Vibration in steering seems to be a norm per the service technicians!
Love it.
I bought my car used in 12/08 because of the body style, gas mileage and cargo space. I put 22" rims on it for style and it looks great. I love my car and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I currently have a squeak in the steering wheel and the mouldings on the car are not fitting quite right (I believe it was in an accident before I bought it) but overall it's a wonderful car. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
I bought this 90 Seville in August 09 with 49,000 miles for $900.00 1 owner always garaged. The problem was it just sat for the most part. It needed a lot of work that I was not aware of when buying her. Transmission slips do to sitting and lack of maintenance , rear shocks leak and rattle, Turn Signals spring had to be replaced, Cruise Control don't work, A/C leaks only cause when converted to R12 they put the wrong valve on. She runs strong, rides smooth, and handles like a new 1990 Seville. Just wish I didn't have to sink $2000 more into her. I expected to put some money but not that much. :(
Bought this car in 2009 with 103,000 miles for $850.00 She now has 114,000 on her and I had the A/C charged and that's it. She runs like a top. And I was lucky the original owner kept it garaged and did all the scheduled maintenance at a volvo dealer near Boston. Came with all the paper work. The car has very low miles for the year and was always garaged.
Bought this car in 2002 from a dealer. She had 50K on her. She now has 80k and I must say has been trouble free driving. Had to have the A/C charged and the thermostat changed and the factory radio was replaced under warranty. Other then that oil changes. Period!
i love my car. its so relaiable. i rather drive it than drive one of the new models. never had no serious problems with my baby.
I own 2002 Sport new when I bought it. Just been minor issues until now. 59000 miles the check engine light came on and needed a (DPF ? ) valve replacement. But my biggest issue is the hatch window. The right bolt hidden under the black clip holding my window in stripped and broke stripped. Ford said my year wasn't included in the recall the previous year with the same issues and wanted 300 to fix it. took it to a non dealer and it was fixed for 100. Now the left clip is broken and has bent the hatch hook that keeps the window in place. Very dissapointed with Ford. This is an obvious malfunction on their part.
Bought our car new Oct ’03. My wife picked this car over any other car, mainly for its roomy back seat and comfortable ride. At the time I didn’t even know that Toyota made a model called the Avalon. I have come to like this car for its overall economy in MPG, maintenance and great ride. In 53,000 miles we have replaced 4 tires and the rear brakes. It’s not a head turner, nor a tire burner, but it has been (and I hope it continues to be) a very good value. I have had 20 plus cars so far, some new, some not so new and the only one I liked more was our Cadillac ETC, it was a head turner and tire burner. It was also tens of thousands of dollars more than the Avalon.

In summary: the items I like are good quality/cost-to-own, comfortable ride, and classy looking interior. The items I don’t like are the plain looking exterior styling and lack of power. It seems that both of issues have improved in newer models.
Let's compare my bosses 2002 Chevy Astro Van with my 2001 Odyssey with similar mileage...he could barely get it to the dealer in order to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program. He couldn't get $1000 for his as a trade-in, I can get about $5000 to $6000 for mine. The Odyssey is still going strong and I have no intention of trading it in. The only real repair that I have had is a bad rear wheel bearing. My extended warranty wasn't needed at all(7yr/100K). Because of the transmission concerns raised about the Odyssey, I do change the trans. fluid (4 quarts) every year - it's easier than an oil change. Other than that, I use the normal maintenance schedule. It has fulfilled my expectations of a minivan to the letter throughout the years with legendary Honda quality. Maybe in another 8 years, I will think about selling it.
My gas 2500 has less than 45,000 miles on it and the vehilce is simply a pile of rust - even my mechanic has never seen anything like it. Just repalced a rusted exhaust manifold, rusted malfuncting coil, crank sensor, front shocks, rear brakes (complete). Vehicle steers all over the road due to old style system (non rack & pinion). Four wheel drive dash indicator replaced twice and still does not work. Defroster/heater selector gets confused. The rust is very bad for a relatively low mileage vehicle. Gas mileage between 9 to 12 MPG. Sorry to say, would never purchase a Dodge again unless they really improve this vehicle.
best car I ever had
Best vehicle I ever owned. Road noise is an issue, later models adjusted for that. Only issues were idle control valve (needed replacement, used to be listed as a common problem on this site); and the DPFE EGR Sensor mentioned under Common problems here. Outstanding little truck.
This 2001 BMW 330Ci convertible is phenomenal with exterior color, Titanium Silver and interior, Italian “Tuscany” Red leather with full sport (M3 style) package and all other options excluding NAV. It is my wife’s car, but I specified it. She lets me drive it sometimes. We would have purchased the M3 that year but it was not available then in any kind of an automatic and my wife will only drive automatic as sad as that is. This 330Ci excels in all areas. The brakes stop on a dime. It holds the curvy roads perfectly and very hard to force it to swing its butt out or break loose. On the freeway, it lane tracks perfectly albeit some road noise even with the top up (It’s a soft-top convertible – go figure.) The Italian leather sport seats are to die for and comfortable for anyone 5ft (my wife) to 6ft 3” (me) – no fatigue even on drives of 12 hrs+ at my age. The AC and heater will freeze or toast you before you get out of your garage in all outside temperatures. The only minor issue is the quality of the premium “Harmon Cardin” sound system at very high volumes with the top-down; it could be a bit louder without distortion. I did blow a pair of front door tweeters a year or so ago that cost $600 bucks to replace, but I had the volume way up. Other than the stereo at high volumes, top-down, it is a real crowd pleaser and even after being 9 yrs old now with 74,000 miles, it still gets great positive comments from complete strangers and performs virtually the same as when new. I do recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport tires for front and rear. I tried a pair of Good Year Eagle F1 GS-D3s, which are a world-class, superior quality / performance tire on the rear that provided slightly better rain / wet-road performance than the Michelins but for the dry track road, the Michelins are the BEST! If you like to drive for driving sake, this is one of a few cars that give it up nicely!
I bought this little cutie used from a dealer and I love my 99 VW Beetle! It had 90,000 miles on it and now has 125,000 and still going. Gas mileage is GREAT and constant. My only problem is a nagging brake light that I just found out is under a recall. (Thanks Repair Pal!) and I've had one dashboard fire behind the AC and FAN switches. Look out for this problem. I'm on my third Temperature Control Module and they like to ARC and smoke out... or FLAME out as mine did. Makes the AC turn itself on and off without you touching the switch!

They cannot find the cause of this "ghost in the machine" type problem... but other than that... she's a beauty to drive and use. I'm hoping they can remedy this because I've never enjoyed a car so much as this one! She's called "Blue Eyes" and she's Ocean Blue!
Purchased in Apr/May 2005 - 60,000+ miles - Wife drives daily + drive 1200 mile round trip two or three times per year. Car gets 35+ mpg on hwy. Other than routine scheduled maint., had first problem - door lock has fell into inside of drivers door. Dealer has provided parts diagrams so I can replace door lock myself, or have dealer do it. Hatchback LS has been great car for over four years. Strongly recommend for reliability and low cost.
Bought this new in WV & used it all through those mountains & coal mines. Brought it here to TX & now looking for a Toyota. Had too many trans problems, brake problems, dash cracking, rear end replacements, & the list goes on. Constant brake problems. Am a true American, but for my hard earned American George Washingtons, I will have to say the foreigners have a heads up on durability. Like any worker of today, my truck has been used, but not abused. Parts are expensive even if you do your own repairs.
This is the best vehicle, I have ever owned. There's alot of room in all 3 seating areas and is great for long trips. I have the 6.0 turbo diesel and it gets around 15-16 mpg in the city. I owned a 2002 Excursion V10 and that was also a good car, but could never compare to the "Limited" model with the diesel engine. It's too bad they don't make them anymore
I bought my c230 after driving a sporty Acura RSX type-S for a couple of years. The comfort was the first thing that I noticed. The seats are accommodating and the electronic seat adjustment for both driver and passenger is a great addition. The ride is smooth for such a sporty car, and the transmission shifts with little hesitation. Smooth is what I have to say about the driving experience. If you can drive a manual properly, you will love this gearbox. Sadly, the air is a bit touchy. not enough in back and the hot and cold dials are rarely accurate. If you want it warm you get it hot, if you want it cool you get it cold. A/C is amazing though, and the air flow is overall very nice. The exterior has been kept clean, and is very sleek. The engine is quick, but with an average of 30 MPG, mostly city driving, I spend a lot less on fuel.
Overall my experience has been great.