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2001 1.8L Turbo. I commute 110 mls a day RT. Bought used w/ 80k mls, almost 140k mls now & although I had to do the major 100k ml repairs, I love my car! No it is not perfect but what car is? Has a few glitches here & there but it hasn't really failed me. Its such a cutie & quick as a bullet!
Today's date is 8-25-09. We bought ours in May 2001 and we still have it. As David said below, it is the work horse of our family, too. The gas mileage is surprisingly good on the highway for a truck this size (20mpg). I would highly recommend this car to my friends and family. The third row comes in handy all the time and is the most comfortable third row we've come across. The seats fold up easily and pop out altogether, too. When not in 4WD this is a rear wheel drive vehicle... but that's okay because the skid control is excellent. It is so good we often don't need 4WD. Having said that the 4WD engages well and hasn't let us down (snow, sand, off roading, etc.). Putting it into 4WD low with the center differential locked (unlocked?) is a pain so we seldom use it like that. The turning radius is that of a boat and the interior cabin is not well lit at night. I feel it is slighly underpowered (or not geared aggressively enough). I am not sure but I think the I-force engine gives it better torque when there are either more people in the car or when you're towing something. Yes, I think it senses weight load and adjusts accordingly, i.e., yields better torque. The truck presently has 90k miles on it and we're about to go through our fourth set of tires. This strikes me as high turnover but this is the only out-of-pocket problem we've had . As mentioned we put our family in the car so we take care of it aggressively and we're happy to do so. Be well.
i have a 03 dhs this is the best cadillac i have ever own this car is something else . i own a lot of cadillacs this is the best i ever own. that nortstar system is something
excellet car i've had it for 12 years and it still drives like a charm, it still a beautiful car. no real problem other than the up keep. great car
This is the worst purchase decision I have ever made. I have owned the car for less than nine months and have spent over $1200 on electrical and mechanical problems with the car. I purchased the car from a used car dealership and had the car checked by an independent mechanic before my purchase. I have had to have my car towed twice, have had the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, brake light sensor, mass airflow intake sensor, and several other things replaced. I was going to try to sell it, but now the MIL came on and I can't afford to get it fixed.
My son's 540 is a very heavy car so, use front brake pads like water. Recently the alternator need to be replace. Just $ 500 for a rebuild one!New alternator are about $ 800.00, and we found out it is a water cool alternator......!!!!!!! With this model you need to be very carefull with no overheating the engine. Cronic problems with the cooler system. Very nice cars when they are new, but after 5 or 6 years......
Very noise Van. The road noise is quite high. Transmission at 122000 miles is already given problems, as well as the lock in the front driver door.
First the bad news: The Airmatic Suspension has failed once at 36,000 miles and when it does the fender sits on the tire, and you need a flat bed to get to the dealer. I don't trust the Airmatic Suspension. Also, while the lights are very good, they do not have the adaptive xenon lights as on my wife's Lexus RX330 for 1/2 the price, which also light around corners. Mercedes is not the leader here. Now the GOOD NEWS 1. The AMG seats are clearly the best in the world. Deep bolsters that can be activated for turn by turn bolstering, or heated, cooled, or set to massage. Incredible for long distance travel, and the best in any car I've ever driven. 2. The AMG engine, handbuilt in Altenbach, allows the car (if you can keep the rear wheels in line with traction control off) to get to 60 mph as fast as my former Vipers or Vettes, basically 4.5 seconds or so depending on how good you are at keeping the car lined up. Or if you're lazy like me, put it in sport suspension, sport gearing, traction on, and just mash the throttle whenever you want to leave someone behind or get around traffic. The power is unbelievable, particularly for a car that seats 5, 4 in great comfort. 3. When the suspension is working right, you can actually feel the difference between comfort, Sport 1 and Sport 2. My daily commute is over Highway 17 in Calfornia with some off camber, decreasing radius turns, and the car handles them flat and smooth. 4. Brakes. For a 4000 pound sedan, once you get used to the feel of electronic brakes they work very, very, well. Not as easy to modulate as I would like, but absolute stopping is excellent. This is a $90,000 car when new, and you can buy them now with 40K miles on them for $39,000 with excellent stereo, adequate Nav system, and all the bells and whistles you could ever want. This car was worth $90,000 when it was new. Now, comparing it to anything you can buy for under $100K, this is a steal, and a fabulous car.
Over all good vehicle. Lots of power. With good fuel mileage. What more can you ask for? Has a very basic, but comfy and roomy interior. The 3 speed automatic tranny with lock up torque converter is awsome. Very nice power bands throughout all gears and drives effortlessly on the highway.
I leased my 1999 CRV and then bought it at the end of the lease, it is now free and clear. I have not had one single problem in the 10 years i have driven it. It now has 73000 miles. It has never has seen a mechanic for repairs, only maintenance. I will drive until it dies.
had this car for 3 1/2 weeks runs good need to change fuel pump
I have purchased a 1990 300TE. Bodywork fab, general condition is awesome throughout. Some slight problems with the transmission, but nothing that a transmission oil change and check on vacuum pipes won't cure. All in all fantastic! My car has completed 217,000 miles so far. good for another 200,000 with good care.
This car is equal to driving as the Lincoln Towncars that I use to drive.
My 2002 Tribute LX has been nothing but trouble after 36k miles. I bought the car new, and now some 7 yrs later i still only have 84k miles on it. around 50k miles my alternator goes out.. $750 because you have to take the axle out to get to it. My brake rotors warp and i have to contantly change me breaks and rotors. IAC had to be replaced or cleaned to prevent poor idle. At 80k miles my transmission goes out $4000, Now I have some type of acceleration problem and exhaust prob. I blew apart 2 EGR valve (on my 3rd replacement), I replace my PCV and hose, but the car still accel poorly.. this car is junk. But worked fine the first 4 yrs, 50k miles... :( 6cyl/FWD
Car is great other than suspension problems!
Front Wheel berrings replaced @ 95000 miles heater control giving me problems now, no heat. not very comfortable feels like a cheap car . would not recomend
had my car for 4 years no problems yet. a nice car for young and old
like driving a cup of water! and AC has been a pain in da A$* since i bought it. oh and the gas mileage oh my GOD!
My second Intrepid. Sorry they discontinued the model.
I have the 5.3 v8 ,and completely satisfied with it. As far as I am concerned it's better then the inline six, and better on gas then the SS. I plan to keep it at least 7 years. I hate the auto ac controls, and would prefer the manual settings. It never seems to get air flow direction right.
not a great car i got rid of mine for a mercury topaz
works prety good
Love it
over all i like this car
The tranmission and transfer case seem's to go often in these cars. I also had to replace the water pump and the reservoir tank twice in less than two month.
Mine is a 2002 SS 3.8L. Bought it brand new. Other then the cheap and crappy interior paneling the car had been doing good. Recently however its had cascading electrical failures. First the computer went, then the MAF sensor went, then both o2 sensors and the Cat. After getting all that repaired, within days of getting it back the Coolant Level sensor has gone and the Traction Control and ABS systems have failed. After reading through several forums and tech data, these generation Monte Carlos are highly prone for these failures. After having to put up with this much trouble in such a short time, I look forward to the day when mine gets crushed in the scrap yard. I would recommend staying away from these cars.
I bought this April of 2009, I have bought it from a person in Ohio, I was worried about it passing Pennsylvania emmisions, because it has never been tested before. Well, once I replaced the muffler and tail pipe it passed just fine. The car rides great, gas mileage is great better than the Ford Tempo that we have. I would like to purchase a newer LeSabre. I would reccommend this car to anyone looking for a good car.
sunroof is of the traack on the drivers side
Very few repairs and maintenance. Gas mileage 25/40 (city/hwy). Problems include: lack of spedometer lube, failed driver door latch, plastic/aluminum radiator - small leak. The engine is simply too weak (85hp). Excellent flat-land car.
Well, they don't make these any more...

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