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i own 2 taurus SE's 2004 (40k) + 2006 (55k). my last car was a honda civic and i had more problems with it than i have with any (6) ford ive ever owned. not that i would never buy a honda again. im just stating my facts. PROS: nice more than adequate engine, spacious, reliable, cheap to repair, insure, maintain. very inexpensive ride. cons: i HATE the brakes on the car. the gas mileage isn't what has ever been advertised. kind of a boring car inside and out.
Auto trans clicks when shifting from reverse to forward. Horrible electrical system... broke down once with about 18000 on it, then again around 28k, 33k, 35k, and 36k. engine is very sluggish
Very solid van. Cool exterior (mock suv), great ride. Pros: huge power (its crazy how powerful the engine is, you can actually smoke your tires in this); great handling and ride; great interior comfort (air/heat in front, mid, & back); comfy seats; highly reliable van. Cons: poor placement for DVD controls (you cannot adjust movies for little ones without leaning way back or being in back); rear seats suck to fold up or to take out/put back in (they are heavy too rigid, and are not labeled for ease of reentry).
Cheap, economical car with no bells or whistles. In fact, the car really is just that a car. Nothing more. Its features are limited, and it shows. Pros: it is cheap and easy to park, does not attract attention. Cons: way underpowered (you need to shut off the A/C to accelerate uphill), and forget passing in tight spots; Hard to get in (it is a car designed for the ave. height of Asians); rides like a pet rock (I can feel the road through the floor and seat as if I am reading braille with my feet and bum).
Cup holder door opens too easily - can't be adjusted. Takes too long for air conditioning to become cool after the car has been sitting for a long time. Those are the only bad things. Everything else is excellent. Love to drive this car.
we have owned every generation of Taurus built to date. We currently own a 2006 and a 1997. The first one we owned a 1986 GL 3.0l was an Awesome car it had over 360000km on it when we sold it. Continued to run with new owner to nearly 550,000kms and was great on fuel ! did replace trans once but hell it had nerarly 250kms on it when I overhauled it. my 1994 3.8l GL was a let down. the 3.8l engines were terible on fuel and blew head gaskets like crazy. we then bought our 1997 3.0L What a great Car ! currently Running over 275kms on it still the same motor still the same trans and it runs like a top! repairs to date are one idler pully $58 one power window switch thats it thats all ! just regular maintenance. Our 2006 that my wife drives is currently at 80kms and we never had to make one warrenty claim yet! These cars made my 2 over priced honduhs look like piles of garbage. Both of my hondas rusted out both had several warrenty claims and both were cold as witchs tit in winter(the passanger actually had to scrape the windows on the inside as we drove and yes we had numorus thermostates put in). My parrents also drove Taurus and owned 4 of them all had over 300kms or better when sold with little to no issues. My advise to anyone looking at buying a Taurus is get one with a 3.0l engine they run forever and are cheap on fuel. Stay far away from 3.8L equiped fords of any varaity. And for those that bitch about trans failure answer me this did you ever have your fluid changed like you are suposed to ever 48000kms? willing to bet 90% did not. It is the most neglected part for maintenance on a new car. Take it from a auto tech of 14 years. even after 300km plus none of our ford taurus we owned had any cracks in the dash rips in the seats just min ave wear.. wish I could say the same thing about my 2 accords I would not by another honda to save my life !
I love my car so far.
Only had my Milan for a month but I LOVE it! Handles VERY well, looks great,and very good gas mileage so far. No problems whatsoever.
basicly for a 17 year old car with only 58000 miles it is fairly decent Though I would think the engine would have alot more spunk that it does, any simple inexpensive and quick ideas Larry e-mail
This Z-71 Silverado is by far the nicest truck I've ever owned and rides like a car but hauls around everything I've needed to for the construction business (within reason) other than normal maintenance I havent had to do a thing to it except replace fuel pump at 210,000 and the transfer case because I never put it in 4wd to lube it as i should have
brakes and suspension noisy. plus I get the dreaded engine light(EGR CODE) from time to time.I keep medium grade gas in it, it doesn't like low grade gas.
The interior is sheap (plastic all over)
This vehicle was purchased in August 2008 from a dealer that specializes in previously-owned government vehicles, which means it was well-maintained. I bought it for $2100 with only 84,000 ORIGINAL miles on was a supervisor's vehicle with the local Parks and Recreation Dept. It currently has 101000 miles on it. I have used it not only to haul my electrical tools and equipment, but also use it to deliver pizzas for a local Papa John's establishment. I have had to replace the turn signal flashers twice so far (I'm a stickler for using my turn signals), had the transmission pan bolts work themselves loose ($54 total cost to correct), and just now have an issue with the starter (which I will replace tomorrow). Since I start the vehicle numerous times while on delivery, I sort of expect this to occur. After IS almost 20 years old and bound to have issues. So far the issues have been minor, and the heat and A/C work exceptionally well. However, I do have to keep tabs on the oil and anti-freeze, which are "self-changing", hee-hee. But again, it's an old vehicle. What did you expect? Overall though, this is an excellent vehicle for the money, and even though I'm not a big Ford fan, have driven these vehicles in the past, and have had zero problems with them, even though they were loaded down with tools and equipment.. I can tell you this...they are a much better value than a comparable-year Chevy Astro or Dodge Caravan. I know this for a fact since I drove both of these other vehicles...and they don't come close to the Aerostar.
2001 ES300, just hit 100,000 miles, she runs like a champ! I love this car! Change the oil every 3000 miles, and it's great. Setting appointment to flush transmission fluid and other basic service items, overall, I LOVE this car. Solid, dependable good ride. Not to mention it's sexy..
A very good car. I have owned it since it was new in 1991. This model has a German transmission and it is not a great one. I had to replace it at 58,000 miles. If a gear goes out, dealers are not authorized to take it apart and fix it. It has to be an exchange that goes back to Germany.
I own a 1992 Accord LX (with 288000 miles on it)and a 2000 Accord EX V6. My 1992 is the most dependable and fun car in my driveway. I have owned this car over 5 years and have not had one mechanical issue to report out of routine maintainance. I only hope the 2000 has the longevity of this one.
This is an excellent and reliable vehicule. Very good millages confortable. good value for resale.But there is no raison to sale it i expect to draw an other 3 to 5 years from it easy by doing regular and normal maintance. Louis55
Never again will I own another product made by GM! this car has cost me well into $8000 for repairs and that is AFTER the extended warranty paid for $5000. GM's brilliant idea to "kit" parts really sticks it to the consumer when it comes to can't just by a simple $5 part to fix an's a $300 encased "part" with a half of dozen things attached to it that have to be replaced all at once...and they wonder why they are going bankrupt. try building a reliable vehicle! To name a few of the major problems: transfer case issues wiper motor issues transmission issues and now some weird clunking happening when I accelerate and stop that actually makes the car shudder...god only knows what is going to fall of this thing now.. don't buy it...even if someone is going to give it to you for free.
I own two roadmasters,a92 &a 93 sedans. I love these cars. Great gas millage and comfort.
Best car I've ever owned! 75,000 on the clock, have only done oil changes and brakes front and rear, one set of tires. I average 22.5 mpg in town, and 28 mpg highway.To get the best fuel mileage use the sport shift mode. RPM Shift Points: 2,000 from 1st to 2nd, and about 2,750 in all other gears in town. The computer shifts much too early, causing the engine to "bog down" in town. There is no such problem at freeway speeds. My only complaint is that the suspension is a little firm at times, but the handling and performance more than make up for it. Best tires for this car are the Michelin AS Sport Plus, excellent wet and dry traction and much quieter than the stock tires.
Bought for $13,900.00 in 2005 with 27,000 mi. now at 100,000 and I am surprised at the amount of depreciation (dealer said $2500.00) Blue book at around $3300 (could be the high mileage) . Car has been average to good in terms of mpg (38 - 49 mpg) but varies wildly. Sensitive to gas quality (I can tell when I get a bad tank). Am about to spend $2000 to replace the O2 , front struts,and cat converter! Car is ok but i miss my 87 civic 5-door which I bought used - drove for 15 years and logged 300,000 miles!
I have a '92 Z-28 5.0L Tuned Port Injection, 5 Speed manual, T-tops. I love this car, it is fun. I first bought the car in Germany and ran the auto-bahns for two years before bringing her home to the states. With the 245ZR-16 tires, handling was fantastic, the car squatted down at high speeds and stuck to the road. Under 110 MpH I generally get around 30 mpg highway. Braking could be improved as stopping from high speeds does take a bit of work. I replaced the original tops with glass as the plexi-glass flexed. I have also replaced the stock exhaust with 3" stainless pipe, high flow cat, Flow Master 80, single in/dual out, and recently added a MSD 6A and MSD coil. The A/C was converted to R-134 about 10 years ago, still blows cold with no leaks or compressor problems. The car now has around 56,000 original miles and the only problems have been related to prolonged periods of storage.
This car has a serious problem with their electronic systems. I am having a continuous problems with sensors. Serious problem with cars suspension and automatic balance system. I spent close to $30,000 for the repair cost and still have the problems.
This truck sucks!!! I have had to put 2 engines and I am looking for another tranny. The originals broke and I bought used. They both broke within a year. I am not hard on a vehicle. I have never replaced these before. These trucks just suck. No wonder Isuzu isnt selling in the USA anymore. THEY SUCK. All this is just my opinion.
Only had my car a short time, but it runs great even with a bad strut!! after research the car seems like all say, very dependable and responsive!! i enjoy driving it!!
At 5 years old and 30k miles no problems yet. Gets door dings easily, and some bits in the interior have been easily damaged, but overall been extremely reliable.
Owned for over 9 years - minor problems with starter and door locks - good car overall
Loved this as my first car! I bought it in 2006 already 12 years old and nothing really major needed to be done. She's been a great car, and at 225,000kms I am confident she'll run for a further 100,000! Great on gas, comfort and personality. Not the greatest on power but that's what you get when you buy a 1.8L from 1994. Nowadays the 1.8 carries 130-150 horsepower!
One of the best SUV around any year!