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Best truck I have ever owned
Very comfortable to drive, good appearance, I don't want to trade it in for a newer model.
I wanted to love this car - and did at first. But didn't take long for me to find out how expensive this car is to maintain.
A wonderfully handling car with excellent performance, however my experience proved the 98 deville a lemon. With over 10K invested to date including a re manufactured engine we still have been unable to keep it on the road. Other problems include over 2K in HVAC and cooling system repairs. Do not go the recommended service interval on Dexcool, I recommend changing earlier. This car has had the stalling problem that was well described in these cars. The engine was replaced after blowing a gasket and I figured getting a new engine would keep it on the road. I figured wrong. Possibly the best handling car I've ever driven, including Benzes, but it has spent as much time in the shop as on the road.
This car is hard to beat in terms of head/legroom. The engine is incredibly powerful, made even more so by a Flowmaster exhaust. Unfortunately, the car had had it's share of issues. A great car if you can keep it out of the shop, and it is really hit or miss. A transmission failure occurred, costing 3K. The engine oil gasket leakage happened at 50,000, and would have cost 2K but the dealership picked it up gratis. An EGR valve cost 350. The suspension now is shot, but that can be expected at this car's 130+K mileage. AC also had to be replaced and cost nearly a grand. Brake pads have only been replaced once and this car stops like a sports car. The body is relatively free of rattles, with the only problem being the cheap leather dye cracking and peeling on the armrest, steering wheel and seats. The car has seen a few electrical gremlins and also needed a water pump replaced. The radiator and belts have both cracked, resulting in overheating till fixed. After having this car for over 80K+ miles total repairs, not including regular service have ran over 8K. With the exhaust and a K&N filter I have actually gotten over 30+ mpg highway on Michelin touring tires. With all the complaints, I still would rather be in my car than most new cars on the road- they are too small for me, don't get much better gas mileage. 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. Big, fast, handles better than expected, great for long trips. Great when not in the garage. Like a C&D article said, GM cars bad longer than most cars run at all. I have gotten over 600 highway miles @ 70 on a 19 gallon tank- before the days of E10.
Touring at it's best! at 100mph blows away Corvettes
PRO: This car is a pleasure to drive and maintenance costs have been really low, even for a Honda. Gas mileage is 26 in town and around 35 on highway with great acceleration. CONS: Honda doesn't make the Accord Hybrid any more. Gas mileage is better in the Honda Civic if you are interested in maxing that out
I love this Lancer Evolution MR. It is my weekend track car. I have a few $$$ invested in all the right areas to make it a very competitive vehicle. It stupifies most Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo owners when it kills their very pricey road warriors with a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds. It is the best money every spent for the performance received. Not to mention, it is very, very, very reliable. As hard as I push it on the track and for autox functions, nothing has failed yet. Again, spend wisely when upgrading, and you will still be in warranty and have one mean streetable weapon.
I bought this wagon for my wife who very much liked the third seat facing aft. While waiting to sell her SUV to by me a BMW, I began driving it to work and to pick up my business guests. Not only do I received endless compliments on the vehicle, I enjoy the practicality of it. It is like having a luxery car, that has a great loading capacity, and receives fantastic gas mileage. My only complaint is the high cost of maintenance at the dealership.
Great Car! Maintenance not cheap, but not bad for such an expensive car. fun fun fun
Good solid vehicle though inferior fit and finish as compared to Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. So far has been very good on maintenance.
Pros: Overall a great investment oppertunity. Easy and considerably 'cheap' to maintain. Fun to drive, easy on the eyes. Cons: Poor interior quality, Issues with the head gasket regarding leakage, steering can be a little touchy, lots of road noise.
i love my lhs, but at 10 yrs old it has some things that need to be fixed.
i bought my 2008 CR-V EXL on November 15, 2007. this is a fantastic vehicle. as soon as i saw it, i knew i had to have it. traded in a two year old crv for the new one. honda a/c is one of the best in the market. i have no complaints at all with this vehicle. carries tons. would have been nice if it had come with the day/night auto mirror along with the controls to open/close garage door, etc. the aftermarket one works well. i've had hondas since i bought a 1976 accord hatchback.
Have really enjoyed this car. I did recently have a problem with the air conditioning - needed a part replacement. Of course this occurred when the temp was high. Had to wait almost a week to get the part in but they had somehow gotten it to work temporarily until the part came in. I was pleased with that. Also had the motor in the rear window replaced because of excessive noise. Was told this was a common complaint. Oh yeah, now that I think about it, the glass in the moonroof cracked but was covered by warranty.
Very comfortable cabin, small trunk, not as fuel efficient as you would like in today's world, but a great car. Repairs have been minimal over 16 years.
Bought this car at 60,000 miles problems with it. Interior leak weather seal leak, A/C stopped working, Heater Blower motor, Rear trailing arms, transmission housing leak, Radiator cooling fan stopped, A/C cooling fan stopped, struts, strut bushings, engine mounts bad. When I purchased this car I thought it would be good on country gravel roads because it comes in a 4wheel drive package. I was sadly mistaken. I have kept up service and maintained the engine runs grate but have had loads of trouble with A/C and Suspension. If I were not a mechanic I would have spent a fortune on this car in labour. Trailing arm bushings replace by a dealer are about $600 a side. If you can do it yourself, look at spending $120 in parts and $100 for the tool to replace them. A/C system was not designed right. Makes for frequent mechanical problems after about 75,000 miles. If your a pavement only driver then this car would be ok if you can deal with no A/C half the summer. I would not buy another CRV but, that doesn't turn me against Honda cars.
ABS Light came on @ 22K miles. This was a $450 fix (one wheel only D/S front) because Ford no longer stocks the sensor only as a repair part. The whole assembly had to be purchased. I recently found a TSB outlining Fords service requirements of this part. A small hole is needed to be drilled at base of hub assembly and wheel sensor need to be changed. However this was all discovered after warranty expired. Has anyone been re-imbursed by Ford for this? Also this was marketted and priced as a premium vehicle but lacks premium features such as memory seats associated with the key fobs allowing a two driver family to have their settings saved. A Jeep Grand Cherokee has this featur but not a Ford T-Bird? Why isn't there a Factory fitted GPS unit available to, didn't Lincoln LS owners have this available in 2004 or 2005? Seems at the time Ford was ignorant of the profits available with these expensive GPS toys.
suspension is not as smooth i would like for a mercedes.but so far i love this automovil is clasic, elegant and very safe.
1998 740i (sport) - 101,000 miles - Body/paint/ flawless but some interior features are cheaply built or overdesigned and fail, such as: cup holders - all are overly complex and fragile and have all broken, the panel that holds the seat controls on the lower left side of the driver's seat snapped off (thin plastics) and the parking brake release is too flimsy and it broke, too. Several of the pixels in the radio/computer display have pooped out. Brakes are silent, tight, and wonderful. New rotors and pads at 80,000 (seems right). Drive train has been trouble-free. Exhaust is still like new, heating and A/C good, A/C could be stronger. New struts (used OEM to not mess with handling). Thermostat replaced and it's in need of new valve cover gaskets.(estinmated $300) All in all it is a dream to drive. hard to describe how rock solid and agile it is. VERY powerful (280 hp.), very fast, handles like nothing else - a real pleasure. Leather is superior to any other manufacturer - I understand BMW buys only exclusive Italian leather - and it shows. One problem... every repair is EXPENSIVE. Thermostat was $600, radiator replacementr was $700... you get the idea. BUT I bought it used at a substantial discount from original $75,000 price... so it's worth the expense. It's not as large as it looks (198 inches long, 4,200 pounds - It's smaller than the new Challenger) yet it holds 5 adults in silent opulent luxury. (That wood trim is real walnut).My "Artik Silber" (Arctic Silver) BMW is a timeless beauty. Best part - gas mileage is 20-25 mpg in the city, 24-28 on the highway. Incredible! Change oil/filter, rotate tires, and realign every 3,000 miles. Replaced all hoses and belts as soon as I bought it. So... she's been pampered. (And she's been up to 144 mph... with pedal left). Some call this E38 model of the BMW 7-Series the best car ever built. They might be right.
1997 Mustang GT Convertible - 178,000 miles - Replaced the automatic transmission twice (that seems excessive)and the rear end went out, and the anti-sway bar broke. Replaced canvas top and replaced leather interior - makes sense given the sunny climate and amount of exposure. Never a problem with engine. Alternator finally failed at 176,000. Car idles so smooth you think it had stalled. Brakes last, no squeal. Very good. replaces struts at 150,000 (also seems right). Stainless steel dual exhausts still like new. Paint has held up well. No rattles. VERY happy with this car. I change oil/filter, rotate and rebalance tires, and realign every 3,000 miles. Handles great, looks great and is a delight to drive. Good job Ford designers/workers!
2004 Mazda6 4cyl, automatic - 80,000 - Best handling front-wheel drive I've ever experienced. Not super fast, but fast enough. Interior materials could be better. I'm not in love with the cloth material on the seats, hard to keep clean and a little scratchy compared to Accords and Camry I owned. Ergonomics are excellent. Radio contols in steering wheel are wonderful surprise at this price. Huge inside, huge trunk, really something for its size (about 85-90% the size of Accord/Camry/Altima...) but a LOT more fun to drive. Feels VERY light and agile, steering response and road feel is excellent - a real driver's car. Yet quiet enough and smooth enough for long trips. Engine has weak low end torque, but at 160 hp it's fine for what it is. Mileage is, however, not outstanding for a 4 cyl(24-26). Nothing has broken, nothing has gone wrong. This base model has ABS, and dynamic stability control and side air bags. A VERY safe car. Dual exhausts and overall design is very attractive, sexy, sporty. Mine is "Lapis Blue" which is one of the most beautiful dark blues on the road. Reading lamps, leather steering wheel and shifter, courtesy lights, overhead console, and clever cup holders are nice touches. I own a Mustang GT and a 7-Series BMW, and I gladly drive this car, not as a step down at all. It is a beautiful family car. The right size Now they're big like everybody else. :o( The 2003-2008 Mazda6/Atenza was a "world car" sold in USA, Asia and Europe. It won 200 awards. It feels just right, a real surprise. Not an "appliance" like Accord/Camry/Altima/Malibu/Taurus. I highly recommend this car.
The Audi 200 is a great car with plenty of power coming from a turbo charged 5 cylinder. The suspension is stellar and there is very little road noise. Overall a great luxury sports sedan.
For the price the Elantra is good not great. The engine is reliable but the brakes warped within 4 years, stereo died in 3. Fog lights always seem to burn out. After 6 years and 66,000 kms in Canadian winters years its been good and always started in sometimes brutal Canadian winter mornings. Engine still feels as strong as new. I am hoping to get 10 years out of ours, since it will only cost about $1000 a year to keep going - much cheaper than new car payments. Body is holding up well with no visible rust anywhere. I would by a Hyundai again since they are more of a utiitarian car, very affordable to own and maintain.
This car is great for travel it does good on gas and is very comfortable on the inside the engine runs great and gets up when it needs to the tranny could be better but it's good for long distance driving at about 26MPG
This has been the worst purchase I've made..After 30k miles the A/C, Water pump, and transmission went out one after the other. After having all of these replaced out of pocked, 6 months later I am now having more problems. Left me stranded on the side of the road. I think the fuel pump is gone. Will never, ever buy a GMC again.
Over priced for what you get!
Very Good Vehicle. Do not like the wind noise at freeway speeds- It is a brick in the wind.
This car drives amazingly. As far as repairs are concerned, outside standard repairs and replacements, I've had a few problems with the window regulator motors. Otherwise, this car has been great!

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