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The convertible is great, but the car does not have a lot of bells and whistles. The interior is pretty plain, and the dashboard is basic. The upgraded sound system is fantastic. Maaintenance has been fine with the exception of the transmission needing to be replace at 69K miles. THis si terrible for a 5 year old car. Volvo, or repair shops, don't repair Volvo transmissions. They only replace them. It cost me $5,500 from the dealership. The repair shops were about the same price for the replacement. After 5 years, the cloth top is about ready for replacement. I cannot recommend this vehicle.
love it
Bought brand new in Dec. 1991. Only problem have been with A/C. Still driving it with 130,000.
130K Mileas of German HGW are a good proving ground. Have yet to experience a single engine or transmission failure. To date had only to replace the right side window motor, spark plugs, and front sway bushings for slight vibrations. Guess I got lucky with my 2001 T&C but with the kind of 90+mph driving on german HGW at this confort level, this family car proved the best I had to date. Well done on this one Chrysler.
I bought the 2007 MDX in March 2007. Overall the car has been excellent and I am extremely pleased with its performance. It definitely outshines the competition. I have 2 concerns that most people might find silly, but being extremely detailed about taking care of my cars and turning them in practically new after 8-10 years, I believe that the leather in this model is way too soft. It scratches easily and therefore doesn't hold up well to general wear and tear. My drivers seat after just 2 years looks worse then the leather on my last car when I sold it after 8.5 years. I also had a couple of minor issues with the plastic pieces lining the rear inside window and on the side of the passenger dash. They did not fit right and not typical for Honda/Acura. But I complained and the dealer promptly replaced them. I have noticed that someother people don't complain and it appears to be an issue with this model. I also clean and detail my own car (noone else would do it with a toothbrush). Since the vehicle is so wide, and I don't want to have to get a ladder everytime I need to wash my car, I highly recommend you purchase a side step and roof rack to grab onto. Otherwise you can't reach the middle of the top of the roof. I have had no engine/mechanical problems.
The coolant system cap (a $5.00 plastic cap) seems to go bad annually causing overheating. The paint just peels off the rear sides of the car between the rear side window and rear window. I have had several problems with the A/C Blower
Great looks, great ride, good handling, lots of compliments
overall its an excellent car, goog on gas and reliable. although when that check engine light comes on its most likely the air fuel ratio sensor that sits on top of the motor block. the cheapest u can get that part for is 160.10 from any toyota website. i was a toyota sales rep for 10 years. just go online and u can pretty much by genuine toyota partsonline on there website. don't go to the private auto parts stores they will charge you more money for that same part. one parts store had it listed for
nice finishings on the laramie edition, beats chevy
I have owned since 04 and i love it. i do lots of camping and has space for 3 with regular maint. i havn't had any problems
Had the car for about a year now. Drives great no problems at all I look forward to driving it everyday.
I have driven my car from Dallas to Houston and back...and from new Orleans to Houston and back on several ocassions. When I bought the vehicle I had 27,000 miles on it, I now have over 90, 000 miles on it and the only thing i had to replace was a transmission fluid hose or something similar. This car is awesome. 2006 LT
Bought this car used from a private seller have had it for a little while now and has not caused me any sort of problem. I love it great on gas! the only problem now is that the a/c clutch just went out. But that is the only problem i have had since i bought it. I will defintely get another neon after this one.
Love this vehicel! Had a 500 before this taurus. The only thing is that here recently the steering wheel is "shuddering" at all speeds, not related to tires, and and has a noise in the front right side. When I took it to the dealer to get the problem corrected, they said there was nothing they could do about it! The car only has 25k miles on it. If they do not correct it I will update who it is so you can avoid the hassle with this dealer!
Sporty suspension - a road-hugger. Nice pickup for only a 2.5 liter engine. Comfortable seating, fun to drive overall.
I purchased this truck new and only have 16,000 miles on it. It handles and rides great. The LTZ options, especially the power folding mirrors really make this truck nice. The only problem has been the power seat on the drivers side works interminttently. The one thing I don't like about this truck is the slow steering responce when backing up a boat trailer.
I purchased this caddie used with 12,000 miles on it. It now has 26,000 miles and I have not had one problem with this car. Lots of power and handles great. With gas mileage of 23 MPG at 75 MPH on level highway... better than I expected.
I have over 137,000 miles on my Camry. I have replaced the rack and pinion, and brakes. It just keeps going. In the past, I have put over 250 miles per day, with no problems. Great car!
Best car i've ever own. I owned it for 9 years and a half and had 270 000 km on it. I have the 5 speed manual version, i was and i am yet pretty hard on the car and is still do the job. NO PROBLEM with this car. Just check the cross member under the radiator, it tend to break in the middle with the rust.
This truck has 114,869 miles on it and like every other Dodge this year or older the dash has cracked every where even when the windows are cracked and a vent shade in the winsheild in the hot South Texas sun. The dash was only 2 years old with 56,000 miles on the truck. the other interior is kind of cheap byt is okay its just the plastic parts.I have had Ford Super Duty work trucks up to 10 years old with no cracked dashes shame on you Dodge they know of and admited that there is a dash problem. A/C comp. is in the worse place its on the bottom of the motor on the exaust/turbo side and that produces the most heat over there and the engine is desighned to suck the heat out the bottom and it goes right over the A/C Comp. I have had to put 3 A/C systems on my truck my self im a retired Field Mechanic form Cat. Besides that the truck runs good has plenty of power and has never left stranded any where. Chnaged oil in it every 5,000 miles with Rotella 15w40 and keeps on going. Cummins replaced the injection pump and lift pump for free when it started acting up at 96,000 miles and updated with new injection pump and lift pump this was before low sulpher diesel. I put Lucas diesel fuel additive in the fuel tank when I fill up to suppliment for the low sulpher diesel. Besides that it a great truck I use it to two 15,000 punds all the time and has never let me down.
2004 maxima has BIG Problems with the transmission. It shifts extremely hard from 1st to 2nd gear and it has a rattling noise coming from underneath as you accelerate. The issue happens sporadically.
I just bought it after hitting a deer and totaling my 300E. The A/C doesn't work. It's quite a car but climate control has not been their best effort. It has aftermarket shocks. I want my Bilsteins back.
I have owned 2 of these cars and the head gasket went in both of them and in my first one there was a wiring problem it would always blow a fuse which would shut off the car while i was driving NEVER AGIAN will I buy one
The van looks good and the interior is good. It does have a lot of minor maintance issues on a regular basis. Right now our transmission gear selector cable is broke so it's stuck in drive. The wiper blade transmission needs replaced, and the ABS trouble light it on.
When my wife and I were dating, I had a Civic hatchback and she had a 2001 Montero Sport and I loved driving her car so much that when my car got stolen, the Montero is the first car I looked for. I found the perfect one for me, white/black with a grille guard on front and I love my car! It drives great, I've had not one problem with the car. When I bought it, the car had 59K miles on it and not it's got nearly twice the miles and still runs perfectly. My only gripe is that the engine design creates costly repairs as the techs have to remove the top of the engine just to perform a basic tune-up. I'm considering buying a new engine and rebuilding the transmission whenever it dies.
good overhall
The car is ok - we've had to pay a lot on repairs and it gets old...but overall it gets the job done
My 325i 2002 is nice had to put a little money in it to keep it up & riding good, overall Fun to drive beemmer!
Still going strong and reaching 300k miles
We have problems with navigation system and heater control on passenger side. Dealer can't duplicate the problem and doesn't want to swap a bunch of unnecessary parts.