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One of the best cars I have ever owned. it has 230,000 miles on it and I have never had a problem with the engine. A few problems with the brakes and air cond. but that is all. An excellent car!
personally i rather enjoy driving and owning this car.the interior is alright not to shabby the leather is pretty easy to clean and maintain.the brakes on this car seem to go rather quickly though i find i have to change mine more than my other car to keep the braking quality where i find fit.the car runs rather smoothly when you keep up on engine maintenance etc.heating works great,the ac only works well on the highest setting possible otherwise nothing happens when i turn it on.over all the car is a smooth ride,hardly feel bumps and what not.steering aint to bad neither,it doesnt follow the bumps in the road and its pretty easy to handle and drive
at 108000 miles it blew a head gasket and stripped the head bolts. The check engine lite did not come on until the damage was done. Repair shop says rebore (?not the word they used) head bolts and we won't guarantee any work or put a different motor in it. (New or used.) called this motor a "disposable" one that toyota put in lots of 2002 era camrys. This Camry has been a disaster. Other mild problems previously.
One of the nicest vehicles I have ever owned. Very nicely appointed with technology and features. Will keep it until it won't goany longer...
I bought this Kia Amanti 2005 new. After over four years I have not had -- literally -- a single problem with it. Even the milage I get is over the 17/24 that is advertised: perhaps because I drive the car by manual transmission instead of the automatic. Recently, I installed a Kenwood radio/DVD scxreen and took out the Infinity radio system. It makes the already stately car even more distinguished. I have seen photos of the 2010 Amanti; and the new model is disappointing in appearance at least. What many (American) consumers don't appreciate about the current Amanti is that it stands out in public from other cars: high, aristocratic and commanding in its appearance. The 2010 looks like just any other car. Given the fct that Amantis don't compare with the Lexus ES 450, I'd much rather have an Amanti which looks like an Amanti, and not like a Lexus because it is not as good!
I chose the GTI over a Mini of the same year when looking for a good used car. I wanted something small and sporty that wouldn't have kids trying to race me all the time since I just got rid of a Eclipse and Avenger. Mine has everything premium except the 6 disc changer for some reason. My interior is more luxurious than my nephews 05 Caddy. The car is 6 years old now and it still smells brand new when you get into it. My exterior looks almost just like the picture here. Same color with a hatch spoiler and some aftermarket rims that are just sportier and more dynamic than the stock- which aren't bad at all. The drive is great. Quiet and comfortable. When you want the power it's there and sounds cool when the turbo kicks in. Now- the bad: I've had this car since February of 07 and have had goofy little problems with lights burning out and such. Nothing I couldn't just fix myself in 5 minutes. But one day I got a temp light and have had problems since. I replaced thermostat and temp sensor. Bypassed the heatercore. Got the cooling system flushed. Got the system diagnosed. Noone could see a problem. Had my water distribution valve replaced after it blew up on me. All kinds of problems just in my cooling system. I've worked on all my cars from Nissans to Fords but this one I just need to hand over to the dealership and suffer the ridiculously high prices. The car is great but expect the problems typical for it's year and expect to pay ALOT to get them fixed. I have babied mine but you can't prevent everything.
I absolutely love my car!! I have 98,000 miles on it, bought it with 93,000. This car just gets up and goes with no hesitation. My sister has a 2005 Chevy Malibu and drove my car and said mine drives better than hers. My air condition did go out in the middle of the summer but it only ended up being a fuse ($20.00) But it blows ice cold in 110 degrees. Cup holders suck :( (They are not in a good place and are not tall or big enough therefore drinks don't fit or fall out and spill)I am having some window issues though, the driver window freezes up sometimes randomly. Dash board is cracked like another person said, it is the year as i've seen other cars like mine with cracks in the same spot, but other than that no problems!! Definitely overall great!!
great car... lots of balls
I am just so happy to own this truck. Despite it's shortcomings, which are few in my opinion, it works for me. I completely expect to get at least another 100,000 out of it on top of the 167,000 I have now. My complaint is the dealer I can't trust anybody to work on it because it always comes back with something really f-ed up, every time.... I've never said oh they did a good job.. it always used to be oh they broke that too and I don't have the time to go back and battle so after a few too many of these I gave up and do most of my own service although I had to have the windshield put in and they destroyed my truck,....... rain pouring out the blower motor housing,, loose and missing parts so that got replaced and is still being fixed.
I bought this car when it only had 20K miles. It has not left me stranded. I have replace what all cars need. It now has 126K miles and still going. I have changed the timing belt, water pump, hoses, belts, etc,just as required maintenace. I take car of this car and it takes care of me.
Absolutely love the car. As with any car with age, older parts need to be replaced. I replaced the radiator, ac evaporator, struts, strut mounts springs, tie rods (inner and outers), rotors, control arms, tension struts, water pump, and timing belt. I love doing the work on the car. One of the only full size sedans that still on the road that won't break your pockets.
Literally live in my truck. 6 months old and drives like a dream. Long fwy drives clocks at 1275 rpm doing 68 mph. Get average 21 - 22 miles a gallon on this MDI engine. GPS with Sirius works gr8. re-directs during any traffic probs. Awesome truck.
The Versa is an awesome car. It is the SL HB with the CVT. Very peppy and GR8 on gas. It's my teen's car and I love it for around town.
I am very disappointed with this car. I have replaced the intake manifold gasket twice and the intake manifold once( made very cheap out of japanese beercans)which totaled $ 1500.00 dollars.Brakes are horrible can't keep pads on it( Install the rotors with the holes drilled in them will solve the front brake pad issue)There is no GM service after the sale. It is a car that coul;d have been a good car but GM put to many cheap and poorly designed parts on it and took to many shortcuts. They should have to buy everyone of these things back or give a great trade in credit to trust GM with another car buying experiance
Excellent car. Very reliable the car now has about 150,000 miles and is still in perfect condition.
Lame vehicle. Doesn't do the job.
Best car on the road today, 3.3L V6 is very quick, good milage, rides smooth, lots of power. We purchased new in 2006 and have 47,000 miles on it so far. We had to replace recently fuel pump, A/C compressor, no expense to us, work coverd under warranty. Dealer advised to buy better grade of fuel. No explanation offered for A/C Compressor failure.
This is a great car, reliable and fun to drive. The only issue is the outrageous cost of service. Nobody knows how to service or repair them except a VW dealership, and they charge a jaw-droppiing amount. I'd be a VW customer forever if I could get reasonable servie costs, but as it is, I'll never buy another.
I currently have a 2006 Corolla Xe and have experience the following problems:Leaky water pump, gaskets, and brakes that needed to be replaced. I thought this was unusual in that I am the only person to drive this car and the percentage is rural driving.
not a bad car, but lately having alot of problems with it, the car when i start it seem sok, but when i give it gas, it wants to die, so i just let it die, and then when i restart it, it runs fine like nothing was ever wrong with it..
Transmission problems are common problems with these cars. "Tranmission Program" translates to about $1750 in repairs at some dealerships. There are several hoses that have to be replaced in order to resolve the colling system issues. $400 a pop is common for many repairs. This car is grossly over engineered compared to other cars that deliver the same performance that are cheaper to maintain. Gas mileage is horrible, but perfomance when the car is functioning is much better. Eletrical issues remain a problem with this model along with the transmission whining sound. I have noticed this with many BMWs of this same model. An improvement since the 1993 version of the automobile, but not by much.
This is a great car that is reliable, the main issue to this model are the standard high-mileage leaks from the valve cover gaskets. Some dealer parts are actually cheaper than aftermarket. In comparison to the 1994 BMW 740iL, it is cheaper to maintain and eventhough it has a 5.6 litre engine, burns less fuel.
owned the 95 villager for a year now and i find it good on gas and easy to handle. for it's age and over 255thou km it is holding up very well. just having a problem with air flow sensers but otherwize normal maintainance.
awsome car drives like it will take off the ground beautiful sunroof we have the orange color 2007ford edge
My third 2500 very reliable very dependable
Power steering almost completely non effective. Steers extremely hard.
Best car I've ever had.
I bought this truck in 2007, and love it! With the amazing tow package, it toted my 4 place snowmobile trailer with no problem. I pulled many people out of snow using the front recovery hooks and some with the rear hitch. Only problems so far were both front wheel bearings, but I knew those were a common problem with Trailblazers before I bought the vehicle. I didnt mind though because the warranty covered the replacement of both. I even got rear ended a few months ago and since I had the ball mount on the hitch, the only damage to my rear end was a bumper cover (bumper was still fine too) and new muffler that got pushed forward. The hitch was solid, frame still perfect. Nothing else wrong with the TB. The car that hit me was so demolished, it looked like it hit a huge concrete wall going 100mph. (I was stopped and he was going about 40mph) I will keep this truck until it dies in a few decades or so.
I purchased my truck through priviate party. So far I've had to replace the fuel pump and distributor cap. Overall, I love this truck and the power.
lower shaft bearing is no good how do i fix it

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