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I have always liked the Buick, has all the bells and whistles, this 2000 model was revamped in 2000 they did a good job with it. I have had not an ounce of problems with mine, and you cannot fault the 3.8 engine, they have been around for years....What an engine!!
best of the best, cheap spare parts compared to other similar SUVs or even sedans.
I've had my s13 for about 3yrs it's a solid car and a awsome porject car no mater what your in to.Me personally,I'm gonna take this one sideways.So good luck and happy motoring
I love my little Toyota:) so much so that this is the 2nd time I've owned the same one!!! And the gas mileage is a dream!
I like the size of the interior, however, CVT transmission always seemed strange sound and power wise. Was always told that that's just how the CVT sounds. Now transmission out at 65,000 miles, 4 years old, and FORD dealer offers little to no help since it has yet to be recalled, this at a cost of $5,,700.!! Also rear brake problems since day one, head light went out and had to pay $200 to replace entire unit instead of a bulb. Love the size but will not buy a first year line ever again, and also not a Ford/Mercury.
I've had this car for 6 years. The only thing replaced (aside from oil changes)was the fuel pump. The fuel pump went 2 years after purchasing the car. I haven't had not one problem since. The car still drives like new. I use STP gas treatment on a regular basis and LUCAS oil treatment every other oil change. I LOVE THIS CAR !!
I really enjoyed this car. Bought it new. No major glitches or long term problems. Dealer service outstsnding.
good car
Had this car for nearly a year now and I love it. Great comfortable ride and it is fairly quiet. I do have minor issues with several things; 1) the overhead switches for moonroof & interior lights are not lit like the other switches which would be nice rather than doing it by touch only 2) noise of the rain on the roof is louder than I expected for this car which I thought would be more muted. Again other than these minor issues, this is great car.
I love the way it drives, my doors stick, the A/C is a little weak. I loke how much stuff I can cram into it for a trip!
Bought this truck with less than 60,000 miles on it in 2008. In great condition, was garage kept. It runs like a charm, decent smooth ride, comfortable front seats, enough room for small kids in back seat, but could only fit a booster seat not a full car seat back there.
I love my 2003 Cl. But it have down falls. The headlight are alot when they go out. I have paid $800 for new headlight all ready.
I love my car. I will hate it if I had to give it up since I am always transporting something around. It is easy to get in and out. Since I have low mileage on it and have kept up the maintenance, I have had minimal problems with it. Of course being a SUV repairs are more expensive than a smaller car. A complaint that I do have is the lack of pickup with a 4 cyclinder, the lack of roominess of the backseat and vision blocking caused by the backseat headrest on the passenger side when I backup. Otherwise, I still enjoy my car.
I have a 1991 Cadillac Seville and overall it's been a great car...I've had a few issues with the tranny and the back doors no longer open but other than that I love it!!
Had some tranny issues and my back doors no longer open but overall a great running car and I love it!!
Handles, runs & drives great!!! 28MPG. Navi just quit. A/C compressor imploded the following week. 130k miles on my 04.
I love the TLC and handles well in all weather especialy with my bf goodrich tires. It's a beast!
Great car!! I have a 2001 Jetta TDI and the only problems I've encountered are the cheap plastic clips that hold the windows up...they WILL break! I read a review about this before I bought mine, and sure enough my driver-door window fell down into my door about six months after I bought my Jetta! Brake, tail, and headlights seem to "burn" out quite frequently, but are an easy repair. Also the air mass flow filter needed replaced at about 100,000 miles..made my car have no pick-up or power at all! Try to get that fixed while you still have a warranty!! Honestly though I have no complaints and would buy VW again. Oh yea, and my car smelled like crayons forever!!!
Drives and performs daily, nice ride, BUT I need to mention the noisy brakes, awful gas smell from AC (chemical smell) and the dealer can't replicate, it happens sporadically. Slow remote to open door. Overall, i feel discourage to have issues so soon. 3000K
hi,,,,,i have LS400 more than 11 years and I know the car ----it is perfect car for family---its fowerful and comfortable----it has few promblems----water pump,steering box,and suspernsion----there are the main problemes i got in this car---I leave in Oman---hottest place---the temp in summer over 45 and in wenter around 26---and my car runnig perfect ------also i got other few problems---in starter,dainmo charge,and other things---this days i have promlems with parts price---last week i change the brek parts --the front and the abs break only and it coast me 72 RO = 187$ without working charge!!!
This car has been a huge disappointment in MPG.. Advertised as 31 Hwy and 28 City (?) and the best we have done in almost 6 years is 28 on the Hwy (steady 70 mph) and about 22 around town. Wears out front tires way too fast (14K miles!), or maybe it was the Continentals that it came with. Other brands seem to do a better (about 20K miles which still isn't good). We also had a Mercedes E320 V6 up until last year that had almost twice the HP, torque, and weight and gave better mileage than the Matrix, 24 around town and 30-32 on the Hwy... Both numbers OVER the estimate for that car. And it was a LOT more comfortable.. Also more expensive and not as reliable, so it had to go. The Matirx AC system has needed an almost annual refill of refrigerant which has gotten really expensive. Mechanic can't find a leak, probably because it's too small. As someone else noted, the rear brake light is near impossible to replace and I've found that the rear wiper is a real hassle too; one mechanic who tried mangled the new blade getting it installed.
I got mine at 83,000 miles, currently I'm at 202,000 (over 5 years). I've replaced the rack and pinion twice and still have a problems with it. Other than that I've just replaced common items like the water pump, vacuum hoses, tires, and brakes. The problem with my rack and pinion is that it leaks power steering fluid. Both times I got it replaced by a 3rd party repair shop and both times it worked for a year and then started leaking and popping again. Since my water pump replacement I've been taking it to the Pontiac dealership and I haven't had the same issue twice. For the rack and pinion I just fill up the power steering fluid every 3 months, because it's 1200 to fix it by the dealership.
When I bought this, I thought I was getting a very nice car. The exterior and interior was what sold me. However, it has been a pain in my a@#. Not only does it have major electrical issues, it's also expensive to fix. It started with the ABS module failing on me while driving on the freeway. Imagine the horror I felt going 70 mph when all of a sudden, I hear a beeping noise and then blinking brakes lights. Ever since then, I've been haunted. When I got my car towed for an illegal parking, all kinds of noises have been going off - it sounds as if I'm driving with the car door open. Then, I have had to replace the clutch and flywheel because of the steep hills here in Seattle. Now, 3 days later, I replaced the alternator only to have a check engine and battery light come on. To be driving on the freeway and only being able to go 60-65 mph while gasing it all the way down is very troubling. I would only sell this car to someone I don't like. Anyone know how to get some money out of the cash guzzling junk?
I have a 2008 Toyota Corolla CE. This is my 5th Corolla. I have some problems with this one. When you apply the brakes they make a loud clunking noise. The dealer service dept said they were fine. I have to use fuel injector cleaner in this one, never did before. It gets real sluggish sometimes and gas mileage drops. I had a side impact with another vehicle and after repairs were made i found my rear window completely loose and rattling. Repair shop said it wasn't anything he did, it must be a factory defect. Dealer where i purchased the vehicle said it probably wasn't a defect and he would gladly have it repaired for me. (He's a great guy and like i said this is my 5th car purchased from him). I don't feel he should foot the bill for the window so i'm paying for it myself. Other than this I love my Toyota's.
Best truck I have ever owned
Very comfortable to drive, good appearance, I don't want to trade it in for a newer model.
I wanted to love this car - and did at first. But didn't take long for me to find out how expensive this car is to maintain.
A wonderfully handling car with excellent performance, however my experience proved the 98 deville a lemon. With over 10K invested to date including a re manufactured engine we still have been unable to keep it on the road. Other problems include over 2K in HVAC and cooling system repairs. Do not go the recommended service interval on Dexcool, I recommend changing earlier. This car has had the stalling problem that was well described in these cars. The engine was replaced after blowing a gasket and I figured getting a new engine would keep it on the road. I figured wrong. Possibly the best handling car I've ever driven, including Benzes, but it has spent as much time in the shop as on the road.
This car is hard to beat in terms of head/legroom. The engine is incredibly powerful, made even more so by a Flowmaster exhaust. Unfortunately, the car had had it's share of issues. A great car if you can keep it out of the shop, and it is really hit or miss. A transmission failure occurred, costing 3K. The engine oil gasket leakage happened at 50,000, and would have cost 2K but the dealership picked it up gratis. An EGR valve cost 350. The suspension now is shot, but that can be expected at this car's 130+K mileage. AC also had to be replaced and cost nearly a grand. Brake pads have only been replaced once and this car stops like a sports car. The body is relatively free of rattles, with the only problem being the cheap leather dye cracking and peeling on the armrest, steering wheel and seats. The car has seen a few electrical gremlins and also needed a water pump replaced. The radiator and belts have both cracked, resulting in overheating till fixed. After having this car for over 80K+ miles total repairs, not including regular service have ran over 8K. With the exhaust and a K&N filter I have actually gotten over 30+ mpg highway on Michelin touring tires. With all the complaints, I still would rather be in my car than most new cars on the road- they are too small for me, don't get much better gas mileage. 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. Big, fast, handles better than expected, great for long trips. Great when not in the garage. Like a C&D article said, GM cars bad longer than most cars run at all. I have gotten over 600 highway miles @ 70 on a 19 gallon tank- before the days of E10.
Touring at it's best! at 100mph blows away Corvettes

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