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Great truck.No problems in 53K miles. Very satisfied.
So far so good. We bought our 2005 V50 2.4i used with 50,000 miles on it and have put on another 17,000 with no issues so far other than some tire cupping, probably caused by the wheels being out of alignment thanks to the bumpy, potholed roads around here. It's a really nice car.
Best vehicle I've ever owned. I get behind the wheel and a smile comes to my face. Great power, acceleration, braking, handling, and fun.
Great Car - have had it since new in 2000 - no major problems except alternator went out rather early (02) have since passed 176k with no other problems. Used to keep regular maintc at Infiniti shop, now just take it to local shop for oil changes.
I have had this truck since new in 2005. It definitely is the most comfortable truck I have driven in 33 years driving. Prenty of power, but you pay in MPG with 15 city and 19 road driving just speed limit...if you speed...then drop that 20% and if you tow heavy trailer or boat it drops 40%...shame. I have had trouble with suspension and steering components. The power steering hose both leaked and the power steering box needed replaced at 80,000 miles. The Left front wheel bearing went out at 75,000 miles. This is a sealed unit and wish they went back to greased bearings. These problems are well known with GM, but they have not corrected them. Good truck overall and will drive it till the wheels fall off. This is my second diesel Chevy.
I bought this '98 Intrepid brand new off the showroom floor. Absolutely loved the look and feel of the car. In the first 40k miles replaced the drivers side window motor 4 times and the passenger side once. After warranty expired(as it normally happens) the dashboard computer had to be replaced. at 75k miles the timing belt had to be replaced. In addition both fans have been replaced as well as numerous other odds and ends. This car currently has 190k miles and the air conditioner coil is out, the car leaks and burns oil like a freaking jennie oil lamp. Of course it has the famous oil sludge like most other intrepids, but the fun part... the clear coat has now flaked off so I have a two tone car. The clear coat is gone and the paint faded on the the hood, trunk and top of the car. I still love the way it drives and have always loved the look of the car, but damn you have to put some $$$ in these babies. One problem after another. Did I mention all the dash and radio lights blink uncontrollably and noone can tell me why? This has been going on for years... I own the pyscho oil sucking two tone Dodge special!!!
Excellent luxury performance ride. Really happy with interior/exterior appearance and styling. Dash gauges perform as idiot lights which is diappointing. Engine from the factory has had a weak lifter which begins to make noise and gets worse as the oil gets down to the bottom dot on the oil dip stick. This is how I know I am getting low on oil. At no time has an the oil light on the dash ever come on to indicate low pressure even when the oil is below the dip sticks range for adequate engine oil level and the lifter is making lots of noise. I change synthetic oil & filter every 3500 to 5000 miles. The motor has always used 1+ quarts between oil changes. This summer with freeway travel at 80mph in 100-105 degrees I have used 3 quarts of oil in 3,600 miles. So far this does not present an issue for the service writers. Also the tire pressure monitoring system did not work properly from the factory and another dealer finally replaced the module and now it works fine. The right front passenger seat is not the same level of comfornt and it has minimum electric seat features compared to the driver's seat. I expected more from inifinti but I remain happy with my M45.
A fantastic machine
Love the way the car handles and performs-- but repairs are really expensive and I have a trars problem at 77k miles. Shouldn't happen to a car that listed at over $50k. Many repairs have been done.
Great car - perfect for long distance travel
2001 BMW 740i Sports This car drives and handles very well, no problems at all, like it was still new, All electrical components works and the interior is still in immaculate condition, the body is in excellent condition and the engine and transmission are still going strong. still the best car I have ever owned and I have owned over 25 cars to date.
A bad year and a problematic car. Toyota scrimped that year (Defroster lines only go halfway down on back light , for instance) and they must have cut costs in the engine and brakes especially. Maybe I'm getting taken by unscrupulous repair shops, but I've put three sets of rotors on this car, I'm headed to my THIRD water pump, the radiator cracked and front and rear anti-sway bars had to be replaced --- all very expensive. Mileage has been disappointing, 23 mpg at best with the auto. trans. vs 31+ mpg on my old 1987 Camry with a manual trans., a much better vehicle. I'm at the 154K mark and it drives well, but that's when it's not in the repair shop. The Japan-built radio in the '87 was also better than the Delco crap in this '97. What was Toyota thinking? Right now it's cheaper to repair, 'til I can save enough for something better. Send me a bailout, Obama!
Have had for 1.5 years and driven 27k miles. Good so far, no malfunctions to report. I like the styling changes made when the Venture platform was modified to become the Uplander. The ONLY shortcoming I see is that GM minivans (ALL since at least '97) are 2-4 inches NARROWER than their Chrysler/Dodge counterparts, giving them less cargo capacity, less room to move around, and a more 'tipsy'' ride.
Bought a 2006 Impala with 70,000 on it. Had all kinds of problems off the bat. Warning said it was low on oil when it wasn't. Warning said electrical system wasn't charging right, HOWEVER.... My mechanic saw a service bulletin and called me and said the computer needed to be reprogrammed. He reprogrammmed the computer and knock on wood I have had no major problems since! Just a tip for anyone having the same problem! ... Since getting that fixed my opinion has impproved some of the vehicle. However the ride is not as smooth as I expected in that recent of a car and I am not impressed with the gas mileage. Other owners seem really happy though.
This car is quickly becoming a lemon. The AC compressor failed a couple of years ago. It didn't make a big difference until we moved to FLA, USA. Constant problems with the window motor on the driver side. It costs $300.00 for the part. Otherwise, the mileage is averaging 20 mph with an even mix of highway and city. Thankfully it is a 2nd car, and I don't have to drive it that much. It is a good utility car though.
Love my car, just hate the ac in this volvo does anyone else have problems with the ac in their volvos
I love my truck but have the following complaints. The seats could offer more side support. I would have like to have better headlights. The 6.0L is great, but the mileage is not what I would have expected. I get about 12 in town empty and 18-20 @ 70 empty. The truck is quiet to drive, handling is good and for a truck, the fit and finish is very good. Heat works great and the AC is good also. Transmission is great. Shifts are firm. Overall, I would buy this truck again, but with a few different options. Too bad the SORT version is available here is the US.
I love the Car (A4 Avant 3.0). Just bought it so time will tell. So far it's exactly what I was hoping for in an Audi. Unfortunately I have to get the timing belt service done soon. Very pricey on the 6 cylinder.
this has been a very good truck I haven't had any problems at all with it
i love my montero..the only thing i don't like //the head-lights are not too good for night driving.....
I love the way it handles and I get really good gas millage for an SUV (28-30MPG) . My only complaint is that the battery is not very strong. I can barely run the radio and charge my phone before it dies and needs charging. Besides that, overall it is a great vehicle.
I bought my car new and has only had minor issues.
My wife bought a Toyota Camry at the same time and it stacks up fairly similar to hers. The only problems I've had with it is that the heating in the winter time takes FOREVER to get going. It's a challenge to not fog up the inside of the windows when it's extremely muggy outside. Also, the plastic on the radio buttons started bubbling up and essentially tore off after only a year and a half of having the car. No major problems, at least not through 65K.
Best drive of my life. So glad we went with the 330xi over the competition! The car drives beautifully on the sidestreets and interstate; it is truely as if it were molded from one piece of steel. Brakes are the best feature, and the xDrive system is a blessing in the cold Nebraska winters. Seats are comfy for long trips and automatic memory seats/mirrors/radio stations help keep me sane when my wife drives the car. I also love the integrated BT phone (also my mother's favorite when she's riding with me..."The car is talking!!"). The car is 4 1/2 stars overall. I would say that the only complaint I have is the gas milage (18/27 observed), but it is better than other mid-size AWD sedans. This also depends on how it is driven. Backseat has good knee room, but limited foot space for an adult; I told my wife that I'll have to upgrade to a 5-Series if she wants kids. Thank you, Lord, I don't have iDrive
This is my wifes car and she loves it, best most user friendly car she has ever driven. Traded in an ML 500. I think I will look for a R63 for myself
2003 Envoy XL SLE-Overall a great vehicle, Issues: seals on tailights leak & must replace taillights frequently, boot on front CV joint of front drive axle came loose, rear passenger window motor had to be replaced, front driver speaker works occasionally, rear passenger speaker failed, & annoying ticking noise from engine seems to originate from one of the drive pulleys on the serpentine belt baffles most repair shops it clicks for a few min. stops then starts again it is not the a/c compressor & doesn't matter if its on or off. pros-decent gas mileage for its size 7 weight routinely get 16 mpg city and 22-24 highway, smooth ride, good handling, quiet (tires are key), plenty of power, 1 set of brakes front & back so far. 90k miles hiping for 110k-160k more...
This car is great vehicle. My Accord has been very inexpensive to repair and drives well. The only issues I've had are some bulbs that have gone out in the dash and a check engine light because of a bad oxygen sensor. The faulty 02 sensor is covered by an extended warranty so I don't have to pay for it. If you need an inexpensive, reliable ride, this is it!
If you are going to purchase a Chrysler Minivan, go for the Chrysler Town and Country. While it looks like a Dodge Caravan, it is far and away a much nicer vehicle. Sort of like comparing a Chevy to a Cadillac. I've owned all of them T&C, Caravan, Voyager of all trim levels and all motors. The T&C with the 3.8 V6 is hands down the best. Oh, and expect transmission problems with all of them. This is a well known fact. If you drive your van even a little low on fluid expect catastrophic results. When your van gets to 150k miles if you still have your original transmission, always keep your cellphone with you. You are on borrowed time.
I have a love/hate relationship with my 1999 Trans Am WS6. I love the body styling (especially the Ram Air hood), although the materials used in the interior are cheap, flimsy and poorly put together. The sheer power of the stock WS6 is awesome, and I was previously driving a 1996 Mustang GT. This car makes my old Mustang seem like a mule. The added horsepower from my SLP exhaust and larger airbox lid made a noticeable difference, and the stock exhaust, while fairly loud, was nothing compared to my upgraded SLP exhaust rumble. Literally everything else about this car irritates me, though. I'm the second owner of this ride (with currently 105k miles on it in August 2009), and have owned it since July 2004, yet I have had to replace both window motors, the fuel pump, the alternator (FOUR TIMES), the starter coil, the entire rear end TWICE, the oil pan gasket, the transmission repaired...this list is too long to continue here. The mileage sucks, the steering wheel is too large, the air conditioning is weak, the optional 500W Monsoon stereo system is loud, but all the stock speakers are horrible (I've had to replace the same speaker twice before replacing those twin speakers with Infinity speakers after the 2nd speaker broke). The headlight gears broke on me once, and this car also has unlimited electrical and wiring problems. I just discovered today that my entire air conditioning system needs to be replaced due to multiple leaks and a bad compressor, and both idler pulleys, belt tensioners, and both belts need to be replaced. This car has ended up not being worth the head-turns and positive comments I get at red lights and gas stations. I'd consider covering it with a tarp and getting into a cheap Corolla until I can afford to work on this Trans Am as a project car. :(

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