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Great on Gas, Great For parking
My last 3 Cars have been Buick's. The LaCrosse is the Best.
66k miles and only oil changes. Besides the poor fuel efficiency, this car is great. Good acceleration, smooth ride. I do get the false 4X4 engagement described in one of the TSBs when I make sharp turns at low speeds, but not a big deal. Bought the leather seats, which was a mistake. Had two of them replaced under warranty after about 6 months. Car is 4 years old now and they are all cracking.
2001 series 2 3.8L v6 5 spd. easy on the eyes and the wallet. great M.P.G
This van is horrible. I bought it new and before it was 2 years old the motor went out for the automatic door... well didn't go out just developed a mind of it's own and decided when it wanted to work. After a few winters the hatch door motor went out completely. The passenger side window motor went out this past year, and the rear blower quit working around the same time as the door. At 120K the transmission went out.
The S10 I have is an Extreme Flareside. I have no complaints about this vehicle. It has a 2.2 4 cylinder so it has very good gas mileage. I don't like it being governed at 94 mph.
Good family car. Not too bad on gas, but not that good either. It seemed like I had to replace the brake pads every time I changed the oil. I've heard there have been plenty of problems with the cooling system but never personally experienced any.
This car is cheap and dependable, but VERY SLOW. It feels like a heavier car in hard cornering. Mine had a single overhead cam 2.0L I4, 3 speed automatic. I don't see how a V6 could improve this car at all.
This is my wife's car. She does a lot of driving and the car has been very reliable. I think the paint job could be better, but engine and transmission have been great. In 47000 miles, we've changed brakes, oil changes and tires. Not bad!
great car just a couple of bugs
Replaced engine due to a busted oil galley (pressurized passage in engine). Truly sucked. My 99 hardtop was a better vehicle.
I purchased my Milan three years ago, almost on a whim. I wasn't really looking for a new car as I was quite happy with the '97 Crown Vic I was driving since it was new. Being partial to full-sized, rear wheel drive cars I never envisioned myself owning a small, front wheel drive vehicle. While on a service visit at my local dealership, I spotted a beautiful tungsten Milan Premier, fully loaded, sitting on the showroom floor. It was love at first sight. At least with its looks. The next thing I knew, I was test driving a Premier and closing the deal on the tungsten Milan by the next afternoon. Fit and finish are the best I've seen in an American branded car. Response and handling makes this car still fun to drive three years later. I have had no issues requiring a return to the service department (I change my own oil and rotate the tires at the prescribed intervals). My only complaint is vibratory emanations from the rear door interior trim.
I love my Neon! It is a great daily drive car & is awesome on long haul trips. Very dependable.
130000 miles and still going strong with routine maintanence
Great Ride... Buy one to RACE!
This van has been a great second car for us
Bought it with 78,000 and we now have 125,000+
Also been through two student drivers
Burns no oil, gas mileage averages around 22 mpg highway and city
Suspension is the only draw back, put new rear shocks on it at 90,000 and it still sounds like it bottoms out over bumps and pot holes
The race-bred Northstar engine is awesome. It will spank a 5.0 Mustang and yet still gets 25 mpg hwy. Comfortable interior and ergonomic controls.
The PCM wiring cracks easy and develops shorts/ground problems.
Suspension is great...when it works properly. I recommend switching to the passive suspension components.
Overall a very good car.
Good fuel economy. Lots of road noise. Cheap plastics inside that creak and rattle. Premature brake wear. Engine is strong with lots of torque.
great van.bought it with 100,000 144,000miles i had to replace the POWER STEERING RACK AND PINION, but other than that it's been very dependable.
this was the last year for this generation f150.changed the body style this year but still produced the heritage.all the bugs had been worked out in pryor years so i went with it .test drove new body style and i didn't like the ride.had this truck for 5 yrs now,and no problems what so ever.
we bought it with 65000 and the front strut drivers side leaks, the rear drivers side brake drum was cracked! to me the 2.0 engine with the cvt tranny is kind of gutless!
The only issue I've ever had was a brake light fuse. Other than that, this car is stellar, and I believe the best in it's segment. Fit and finish is superb, the V6 is capable, ergonomics are great, and all this.....wait for it....."for a Hyundai!" :)

Let me make absolutely clear, this is not the Hyundai of the 'Excel' days. This is the new Hyundai, who have improved their product by leaps and bounds, faster than anyone could have thought possible.

What else is good? The stereo. The minimal levels of road noise. The fabric quality of the seats. The strength of the A/C (it has no problem with Texas heat.) The glasshouse like visibility. The engine note is even pleasant, and the chassis rigid. The weighted firmness to the power steering. The doors even shut securely like my gone but missed mid 90s E-Class MB.

One minor fault is that the seats, when pumped to full with the 'lumbar adjustment' feels like it has a balloon in the middle, and is pressed upon your back.

Anyway, this is my girlfriends car, and it makes my current Acura RSX a tinny, harsh, and high strung place to be.
I owen this car since it had 4 miles on it, and it the best all over car I have owen. Love to drive in the city or open roads. I do not think I have one thing more could be added to the car.
Beautiful road car. Well balanced. With me, a full tank of fuel and a suitcase in the trunk the car has 2500 lbs on the front axel and 2500 lbs on the real axel. Has long legs (28 gal tank and 30 MPG on the road) which gives me an 840 mile range to fuel exhaustion.
I had just about everything replaced under MB warranty (new factory crated engine, turbocharger, A/C evaporator, water pump, valve guides, front springs, shocks, control arm bushings, engine boost sensor, manifold pressure sensor, crankshaft position sensor, engine mounts, Glow plug harness, Engine Harness, and a few other things). The car is a dream to drive. I have spent 33 hours at one time and felt great. Just roll the seat back for a nap and wake up and start driving again.
If you are considering this car make sure you have a new, or remanufactured engine as the original engine had rod problems. Look for one where the owner has ALL the paperwork (preferably from an MB dealer) on all work and has a complete set of maintenance records. It’s not a car for the back yard mechanic and plan on spending a few bucks on routine maintenance, but if you want a car that you can ride in all day and arrive in comfort. This is the one to own. The car is equipped with thermo pane windows which keep the noise and cold out. Car is very quiet, most don’t even know it’s a diesel. Very responsive (for a diesel) and handles like a sports car.
This car is still in style even after 20 years. This was the Princess “Di” car and had she been wearing her seat belt she would still be alive.
I rated the engine and A/C down for the original equipment. Once replaced I would give it a 5 star.
Wonderful car. I recommended this Diesel to my lady friend since I have had Diesel Mercedes for 30 years. The only draw back I can see after 4 years is, try to keep break lights in this car. It seems to blow out brake lights regularly. Brakes squeal when cold.
Great little SUV or SAV as BMW calls it. Leased it new and bought it at the end of lease. So far one set of replacement tire at $300.-, super special deal on I found, and 4-wheel alignment at Savage BMW, Ontario, CA at $250.-. That's all for maintenance in the last 5 years of usage. Not bad so far.
A/C could be stronger. Not as cool as it could be in the rear if it had rear vents for backseat. My children prefer driving in my truck when it is hot.
Bought an 03 with 54000 on it in 2006. Drove til 74000 when the transmission gave out. Actually don't know if it may have been that sensor everyone mentioned, but transmission was replaced UNDER WARRANTY! Seems I was sitting in the car waiting for the tow truck and started to read the owners manual and in 03 the whole transmission was covered up through 75000. Otherwise it has been a little champ. Mileage isnt great, but I was impressed at the safety ratings before I got it, and it survived a teen driver with no problems since. At 115000 and four years later, I had to replace the front struts and mounting brackets, and the hatch has a couple rusty spots that it has had since we bought it. I just hate the fact that the hatch only works when the weather is 50 or above. Overall I would buy one again, except that Chrysler has since dropped that warranty. Too bad!!
Having problems with it starting in the morning when it is cold...
I've had my 2004 Dodge Ram SLT Quad Cab for about 5 1/2 years now, and it only has 37000 miles on it.
Since I purchased the truck there has been a knocking/banging noise under the hood somewhere that neither I nor the dealer could ever find. Everytime I hit a bump, it bangs loudly... sounds like hard plastic hitting something else.
Also, I had my power seat replaced before the truck was even a year old because everytime I stopped or took off, it moved (slack). Still did it with the new seat so I gave up.
Now, the real problem.... With ONLY 37000 miles on the truck, the front suspension sounds like a 1954 Chevrolet station wagon that never saw a grease gun. I bought grease and crawled up under the truck only to find two more problems........ NO grease fittings, hence no way to maintain your suspension without shelling out big dollars to the dealership, and also - all of the rubber sleeves/bushings are collapsed and torn open. It literally looks like they were never greased before it even left the factory (though I know they had to have been). So now, I cannot grease my front suspension at all due to torn bushings, and NO grease fittings. What a stupid thing it is, not to make it possible to do simple maintenance on your vehicle!

I love my Dodge truck, I really do... but I'll never buy another one. Too many (mostly) small irritating problems with the truck.

Oh, and another thing. The paint is so thin that any time you lean against the truck to get anything out of the bed, you leave scratches on the bed. On my bright red one anyway. And boy do they show up.