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Very good truck!!!
I have had this car for 6 years, bought it new with 88,000 miles on it. I can't say that all I ever changed was the oil, but for the most part, I guess the car has been reliable. Last year's dusting of snow made for a bad winter. I felt the car swerving alot on just a dusting of snow. I have replaced the brakes almost every 2 years, rotors just this past year. The rear struts and coil springs needed replaced about 6 months ago and I am getting the front struts replaced this month. Hopefully this will fix all the rattling in the front end. A/C went out completely and I had to change the A/C compressor this spring. The interior of the car is perfect (except for the driver's side carpeting is worn out and the radio lights have not worked over a year). I can't say that for the exterior. A lot of rust has formed around the gas cap area and the bottom of each door. There is also rust coming through on the wheel wells. My next purchase will be a Hyundai, only because I need a car that is safe driving in the snow.
I love this car, it runs strong and handles great. i was shocked on how smooth and powerful it is. this is my first bmw and i can tell you that once this car dies on me i will end up buying another bmw. it is a very reliable car and worth every penny. if you have never driven a bmw before i strongly suggest you should at least go out and test drive one. you will want one.
Have had this car since 98.....with 8000 miles on it, when I bought it. Had to have transmission worked on, about two years ago, and it is slipping in Drive again now. Overall not a bad car for the money
nice auto though noises can drive you nuts at times
I order my 1993 Eurovan MV 8 months before initial delivery to the states was scheduled. It has a manual 5speed transmission with 5 cylinder 2.5l engine. It has 230,000 miles and is going strong. Normal repairs on the running gear but the engine and transmission have never been opened. Superb vehicle for camping or work. It averages 25 to 27mpg after I replaced exhaust system with a Magnaflow muffler. Only downside is that it now sounds like a well running deisel when idling.
Purchased this car used. I've added about 10,000 miles so far and no problems. Everything very smooth and works fine. DVD player, XM, navigation, bluetooth, has tons of great technology.
Overall good reliability. At 5 yrs, some small parts of the interior start to deteriorate like small knob on sun visor, 12V lighter receptacle has no power, ashtray cover get loose. Purchased: July '07 History: 2nd owner Like: Manual transmission when power needed for highway passing. Dislike: Sluggish acceleration when on automatic transmission and turbo threshold not yet reached.
A very well-designed car that is perfect if you have messy kids or dogs, visit the beach or the great outdoors. The plastic surfaces make it easy to clean. The rear seats fold up easily and are perfect for hauling hear. There are plenty of OEM and aftermarket add-ons for the Element, which make it fun to own. I only have a few negatives. The ride is rather rough and noisy and gas mileage is horrible for such a wimpy 4-cylinder engine. The shoulder belts also can't be adjusted, and they really irritate my neck when I drive (I am 6'2").
My wife drives a '97 camry v6 with 180,000 and still running strong. Her dad bought the car with 90,000 miles on it and between he and I, all we've ever done is a regular oil change and air filter change. does anyone have any tips or advice on service or replacments I should do?
I have always liked the Buick, has all the bells and whistles, this 2000 model was revamped in 2000 they did a good job with it. I have had not an ounce of problems with mine, and you cannot fault the 3.8 engine, they have been around for years....What an engine!!
best of the best, cheap spare parts compared to other similar SUVs or even sedans.
I've had my s13 for about 3yrs it's a solid car and a awsome porject car no mater what your in to.Me personally,I'm gonna take this one sideways.So good luck and happy motoring
I love my little Toyota:) so much so that this is the 2nd time I've owned the same one!!! And the gas mileage is a dream!
I like the size of the interior, however, CVT transmission always seemed strange sound and power wise. Was always told that that's just how the CVT sounds. Now transmission out at 65,000 miles, 4 years old, and FORD dealer offers little to no help since it has yet to be recalled, this at a cost of $5,,700.!! Also rear brake problems since day one, head light went out and had to pay $200 to replace entire unit instead of a bulb. Love the size but will not buy a first year line ever again, and also not a Ford/Mercury.
I've had this car for 6 years. The only thing replaced (aside from oil changes)was the fuel pump. The fuel pump went 2 years after purchasing the car. I haven't had not one problem since. The car still drives like new. I use STP gas treatment on a regular basis and LUCAS oil treatment every other oil change. I LOVE THIS CAR !!
I really enjoyed this car. Bought it new. No major glitches or long term problems. Dealer service outstsnding.
good car
Had this car for nearly a year now and I love it. Great comfortable ride and it is fairly quiet. I do have minor issues with several things; 1) the overhead switches for moonroof & interior lights are not lit like the other switches which would be nice rather than doing it by touch only 2) noise of the rain on the roof is louder than I expected for this car which I thought would be more muted. Again other than these minor issues, this is great car.
I love the way it drives, my doors stick, the A/C is a little weak. I loke how much stuff I can cram into it for a trip!
Bought this truck with less than 60,000 miles on it in 2008. In great condition, was garage kept. It runs like a charm, decent smooth ride, comfortable front seats, enough room for small kids in back seat, but could only fit a booster seat not a full car seat back there.
I love my 2003 Cl. But it have down falls. The headlight are alot when they go out. I have paid $800 for new headlight all ready.
I love my car. I will hate it if I had to give it up since I am always transporting something around. It is easy to get in and out. Since I have low mileage on it and have kept up the maintenance, I have had minimal problems with it. Of course being a SUV repairs are more expensive than a smaller car. A complaint that I do have is the lack of pickup with a 4 cyclinder, the lack of roominess of the backseat and vision blocking caused by the backseat headrest on the passenger side when I backup. Otherwise, I still enjoy my car.
I have a 1991 Cadillac Seville and overall it's been a great car...I've had a few issues with the tranny and the back doors no longer open but other than that I love it!!
Had some tranny issues and my back doors no longer open but overall a great running car and I love it!!
Handles, runs & drives great!!! 28MPG. Navi just quit. A/C compressor imploded the following week. 130k miles on my 04.
I love the TLC and handles well in all weather especialy with my bf goodrich tires. It's a beast!
Great car!! I have a 2001 Jetta TDI and the only problems I've encountered are the cheap plastic clips that hold the windows up...they WILL break! I read a review about this before I bought mine, and sure enough my driver-door window fell down into my door about six months after I bought my Jetta! Brake, tail, and headlights seem to "burn" out quite frequently, but are an easy repair. Also the air mass flow filter needed replaced at about 100,000 miles..made my car have no pick-up or power at all! Try to get that fixed while you still have a warranty!! Honestly though I have no complaints and would buy VW again. Oh yea, and my car smelled like crayons forever!!!
Drives and performs daily, nice ride, BUT I need to mention the noisy brakes, awful gas smell from AC (chemical smell) and the dealer can't replicate, it happens sporadically. Slow remote to open door. Overall, i feel discourage to have issues so soon. 3000K
hi,,,,,i have LS400 more than 11 years and I know the car ----it is perfect car for family---its fowerful and comfortable----it has few promblems----water pump,steering box,and suspernsion----there are the main problemes i got in this car---I leave in Oman---hottest place---the temp in summer over 45 and in wenter around 26---and my car runnig perfect ------also i got other few problems---in starter,dainmo charge,and other things---this days i have promlems with parts price---last week i change the brek parts --the front and the abs break only and it coast me 72 RO = 187$ without working charge!!!

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