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I got truck from parents,they towed it all over,I put a new battery in and new tires,I do LIKE that it is 4 cylinders
I have a 2004 GMC Canyon with 80500 miles on it. I recently had to put in the shop for a total of close to 45 days. During this time Haselwood GM Supercenter was suppose to fix a factory bulletin regarding the head on my truck. After being without my truck for almost a month I got the truck back and it ran rougher than when I put the truck in the shop. They some how missed a bulletin regarding the throttle body even though I had asked if there where any other outstanding issues. The whole better part of a month I was without a rental. After the throttle body cleaning the truck still ran rough. I took the truck back and and was advised that the gas in my truck contain to much ethanol @ 11-12%. I was advised to use a higher grade gas. I have been running a higher grade for the past couple weeks. The truck still runs rough in the morning. But besides that I had an even greater problem today. The drive shaft for my truck literally fell off tonight. there has also been other issues with the truck in the past, a malfunctioning gas cap, broken U-Joint, torn front drive boot, brake light failure, history of mis fires, brakes that last 15,000 miles and not having a horn installed by the factory.
Few problems with this car and I love the versitility. It holds a 10 foot piece of lumber. I just learned that the front driver side bearing is going, muffler is starting to go, and suspension needs work. The bearing is of concern. The rest is expected. Will get a bid from the dealer, as well as others. Maybe they will cover it for a while. The Malibu seems to have bearing problems every 5-7 yrs, and they are sealed. Est is $800 from a mechanic.
very Good car
front supp is alittle loose
Kia refuses to admit there is a problem with headlights on their sorentos. Amazingly, when I called a kis mechanic and said I had replaced NUMEROUS headlights, his immediate respnse was - and I quote - " you have a sorento made between 2004 and 2006, don't you" Interesting how there "is no problem" but the mechanic knew not only the model, but the year of the car without being told. He also said they fixed the problem on the 2007's...what problem? I thought there wasn't a problem! I have had the car a little over 4 years and have replaced 14 headlights and 3 tail lights!
Overall I love my van. I actually prefer it to my other vehicles which are newer (Volvo S60 and Buick LeSabre). However, there are two problems that are wiper blades come on periodically for no apparent reason and I have had problems with the passenger side rear tail light, the socket melts slightly and the bulb burns out. I have replaced sockets a half dozen times but it drives well and I really enjoy driving it especially when there are no children in it! : )
good car
Bought this car for three thousand and has ben the best money spent so far.
Great vehicle. Terrible gas mileage around town, not as bad on the road. Ride is great in terms of comfort level. Car looks and drive classy.
Feels unstable at highway speeds. Too "twitchy" above 55.
My car is running well now. It has 122726 miles or so and going strong.
I love my car with some minor problems.
Ya know...I'm so disappointed with this car. I bought this car in 2005 with only 10,000 miles on it. I bought it because I was tired of repairing my old cheap cars. Buying a car that only had 10,000 miles on it which is nearly new right?, I thought with good care I should be good for awhile. I currently just hit 50,000 miles, still low miles right? Here are the troubles I have at this point. Today the plenum intake was replaced, steering clunking from the intermidate shaft I guess, turn signals work when they want too, headlights flicker, wipers park in a upright position...I think that might be it. I'm really bummed out because I was hoping for a long lasting, trouble free chevy but I guess they just don't make them to good any more. I have the Dale Earnhardt edition to which had a sticker price just shy of $30,000. After this I guess I'm back to $4-5,000 cars!!
Humm where to start with problems? thermostate off the dealers lot, both front bearing/hub assembles, (not at once either ford refused to do both at once since it was under warranty they were done a week apart) rear bearings (bolt on the spider broke while changing bearings so new axle) all doors are closed, slammed shut and door ajar light still one ended up pulling both dome lights out, Save people the hassle don't buy a exploder, i mean explorer
Bought thi truck six years ago with 45k miles. Now have 108000.
In 2006 it caught fire in the engine compartment while parked on a city street with the engine off, if not for a bypasser spotting smoke coming from under the hood, it would have burned to the ground.
It cost my insurance co. 4600.00 for repairs. Ford offered nothing although they later had a recall for the same problem.
The AC controls don't work properly and the heater core is leaking.
Great truck! Average mileage on a 5000 mile western camping trip with the truck loaded with gear and 4 passengers was 19.1 MPG.
We only have 42000 miles on this car and have had more than our share of problems with the front suspension. The dealer replaced the bearing assembly on the right side under warranty but now I think the left side is bad. I don't believe you should have these kinds of problems with such low mileage.
great car has plenty of get up an go at almost 200,000. can't complain
Bought the car used with 120,000 for $3,500. So far I've encountered no problems other than replacing a front wheel bearing(127,000). The transmission is tight and the engine has a lot of life left in it.
I purchased the truck in 2009 with 112,000 mi.
I had checked the Carfax before purchase and I was the 4th owner. The truck is very sound with just some minor rust in the usual spots.
Engine and drive train are strong and overall the truck rides, feels, and looks new.
The only problem I have had was the OEM Fog lights didn't work
Solid as Rock!!
Bought mine about two years ago. Had a few problems just because of previous owner. Its a great car. Fun to drive being a manual and all. I have had problems with the fuel pump and a fuel leak and just regular maintenance. Have to replace to clutch but other than that great car!
When I purchased my car it was 2 year old and had 24,000 miles. I did not know anything about cars and this is my first benz. I runs great but has had many other problems with the electrical, suspension and heating. But even though I have 93,000 miles on it now; Mercedes stepped up and repaired the suspension as a warranty issue. I had not gotten a carfax when I purchased the car. My suggestion is to get a carfax and puchase a dealer certified vehical. It will save a lot of time, money and problems. To a degree I am happy with my car, I love the way it drives and Mercedes Benz Company has been very good to me. The customer service at my dealership has been great. I have found that good communication with you service person is very, very important. Get to know the service manager and your service representative. After the repair of my suspension problems the heater started working better and the engine runs quite. Although my windsheild wipers have stopped working; I believe this is a wiper motor problem or a fuse. Amazing the joys of car ownership. I do hope that my next Benz has made improvements. Thanks to Mercedes Benz for helping me understand and care for the car I love.
I absolutely love this car ~ i have had it for about 5 years and can say that its a very reliable car. Very expensive to fix things but all in all its definitely worth it.
My 5th Corvette since '62. Sex on wheels. The best I've ever had. I test drove the 2008 and didn't like it as well. The interior was cheap by comparison. I don't drive this one hard but had to replace the transmission at 110,000... big surprise. Nevertheless, Corvette's are an incredible ride.
You don't know how good a vehicle is until it's old enough to know.
After 3 years our Rendezvous has not been back to the dealer except for the free inspections. Our 8 year old Rendezvous has 90K miles and has cost $101 for repairs. So far our Buicks have been as reliable and perform as good as anything on the road. We get a easy 26 to 28 mpg and a very smooth quiet ride with 110 cubic feet of cargo space. You can haul 7 people and still get 25mpg. The stainless steel exhausts aren't even thinking of failing and the galvanized bodies will look like new after 10 years. So far so good.
I bought my truck from Worthington Dodge (Now Closed) as a used truck in April 2009 with 54000 miles on it. I ended up taking the truck back 7 times to the dealership to have brake work done in it from a nasty vibration while braking. It still does it now even after they pretty much replaced all the brake components and did two alignments and balanced the tires twice. But now its at least bearable. The automatic transmission has made noise in 5th gear since I bought it. The dealer blew me off on that claim. The engine V8 engine is pathetic at only 230hp vs. a Nissan V6 with 265hp in the Frontier. The highest MPG I have gotten is about 18.5 so its not the greatest...Other than that I love the way the truck drives, the suspension is great and I haven't had any breakdowns yet! Its the perfect size for me.
I own a 2005 Chevy Malibu LS, I absoltuly love it! I have had nothing go wrong, everything works. Great MPG, it usually get 35-40 MPG. Love the electric steering. Favorite part of the car is the exterior, very stylish, and the interior very comfortable. I would highly recomend this car!
My wife purchased a cobalt in 04, after 200 miles the engine was blown, it was replaced under warranty. Since then the pick-up was never as strong. the battery died 3 to 4 months later. the headlights have been foggy since 05. both door handles randomly decide not to work. The A-C started leaking on the passenger side in 06, both windows have came off the track multiple times. The suspension links have both gone out. It has the worst traction of any car I've driven even after we had to reeplace the tires at 20,000 miles. it also randomly over heats to 220. the suspension is going out again. the shifter also caused the key to stick and was replaced. A sensor went out that the dealer we bought it from charged 800 dollars to replace. It is currently in the shop because it doesn't start, it only turns over. It does get great gas mileage so at least that helps to pay for a fraction of its constant repairs. By far the purchase we've ever made! And I almost forgot, it has the worst traction when stopping!
great truck i got 167k on mine still runnin stong... minor oil leak. the gas mileage sucks and hurts the wallet to fill up but after all the abuse my truck takes it never lets me down
Bought new in late 98 and now 175,000+ miles. Fuel pump failed at about 150,000 No other issues until last year. A/C finally had to be replaced. Water pump same year. Can't complain. This truck is a work horse. Towed enclosed 24 foot racecar trailer all over West coast and a 24 foot cabin cruiser from Sacramento River to Columbia River to Lake Mead to Lake Havasu... never a mishap.