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These cars drive beautifully. Their handling is matched by their stylish good looks. The car seems to be well built and not so subject to rust a easily as earlier cars. Their 4 speed computer transmissions are glitch ridden. But they seem to keep going. Head gaskets can be a problem as well. But over all this car is a keeper. I took my '96 T-bird with 128,000 miles on an 8,500 mile trek across the country. It's v-6 managed to average 30 mpg loaded down.
My next car is going to be another 1990's T'bird with less miles. They really are nice cars.
with 93k now i just did a major tune up and fluid flush and exchange. The problems ive had are as follows; the water pump leaks , replaced for 600$. the speedo doesnt work.some of the heater lever lights and radio button lights on the dashboard dont work. the finish has worn off some control panel buttons.the front end tie rod ends and pullman rod are loose. the transmission lines leak. there is a leak in the real axle seal. I think thats it. It would cost about another 2k to fix the things i havent yet. There is a clunk in the steering when i turn or go over bumps. Otherwise, it runs fine and hasnt really had any other problems. I like the comfort of the seats and the roominess of the crewcab and back end. Tows great. Hope to put another 100k on her.
Although the Honda Accord claims to be a gas saver and boosts a 26 city/37 highway accolade... we are only getting about 19-20 in the City. On major interstates with no hills we do claim a 34 mpg rating.
One major problem we had with the car with a vibrating noise. The Honda dealership in Dubuque here did not want to address the problem at first (still under warantee at the time) we did our own research and found out it was a harmonic speaker vibrator in the front dash. It is a noise cancelling system Honda uses to deaden any engine/road noise. Eventually after calling Honda directly, the local dealership did replace the parts. It was a 6 month headache getting to that point though.
If your car makes a vibrating noise this is problem the problem. It sounds like you are constantly driving over those bumps that make you wake up if you are sleeping. Usually the noise comes at around 40mph or higher.
Engine light also comes on every few thousand miles or so -- Honda dealship says this is just a bad sensor that is way in the engine and hard to get to. Unplugging the battery for 5 minutes usually corrects this problem.

Overall, we are extremely unhappy with this car. Although it does drive like a dream -- the milage isn't there... something we wanted when we bought the car. Also another bad feature is that there is no spare tire... only a blow up doll type tire. (can't go far).
Engine is way under-powered, poor gas mileage. Chassis and body excellent for its utilitarian purpose.
This is the second Camry of this style I own. I've been very pleased with it. The only gripe I have is that it is slow to get moving. Also when it gets cold it shakes a bit like a manual transmission does when the revs are too low...this is an automatic transmission however.
How To fix:
- Brake light switch failure can cause the ESP and BAS warnings to illuminate.
- The SRS (airbag) light may illuminate if liquid is spilled into the seat belt buckles or pools underneath the seat and gets into the electrical connector for the seat belt pretensioners.
Our van only has 37,700 miles on it and is garage kept. It is showing significant signs of rust on the rear hatch and along the body seam running along the underside length of the van. In fact water is trapped in there and and trickles out so I still have a puddle in my garage a week after having driven it in the rain! Motor started acting up several weeks ago, check engine light came on, haven't had a chance to hook it up yet. Automatic door opens/closes hard. Problems one shouldn't have with a pampered vehicle in my opinion - won't buy another and wouldn't recommend.
I love this car. Bought it with the Automatic and NAV. I grin every time I get a chance to drive it around a narrow windy country road. It is quick and comfortable and looks sharp. I get great gas mileage with the 4CYL. 25 city and up to 34 Highway. It is rock solid at 115 MPH on the open highway the few times I've been dumb enought to do that! No problems in 63,000 miles. Always dealer serviced. Brakes lasted about 30K on my 2nd set. Tires last about 50K. Both my wife and I drive it pretty hard. Premium gas is a must for good performance. 2009 models now are larger and come with an optional 6CYL. I can't imagine the trouble I'd be in.
30000 Miles and no major issues. I have the reported problem with the transmission shifting into Neutral when I select reverse, but I find out here this can be resolved with a software update. Yeah! Vechicle still gets stares because of its good looks. Sharp. Now an endagered species too. Ride is nice 95% of the time, but rear end gets jumping around a lot over rough roads and a lot of hop. The AC unit is a little too noisy at times starting up. The rear seat hooks when the flip and fold is used to access the 3rd row are dangerous and I cut my arm the first week I had it! There must be a better system. There isn't much room behind the 3rd row for cargo when the seat is up. And is sucks gas (Hemi and my lead foot) something terrible. I'd be happy to get 14 in the city but it is more like 9. 19 on the highway is almost true. I hate the Nav system and the input method. But the radio rocks and the DVD system is great for the kids. It tows just about anything which is why I bought it. So the tradeoffs are worth it. Leased it and may even buy it at lease end against my initial thoughts. Can't get a better SUV for the price as nice as this.
Bought this van new in 2003; one of the first off the line for the new body style. Have 114k on the van and we've loved it. The suspension is a little soft and it doesn't corner like teh Odyssey but after a while is very comfortable. At 114k, we've had two wheel/Axle bearings go bad following the Routine timing belt replacement. Otherwise, we've had few Mx issues since purchase.
Love the car but am not impressed with brake wear and tire wear. Traction not good on wet roads with stock tires, front stut broke, ground wire loosened and rearend was replaced. Even with these problems I still love the car.....mileage around town poor with the 3.6L engine.
Best car I ever owned. Bought brand new in 95 with 6 miles on it. Still running at 205,000 miles. Smooth ride on highways, some normal amount of rattle over tracks and neighborhood driving. 39 mpg hwy, 35 city. Driver side window is slightly difficult to roll down. Paint still shines. Interior has normal fading on dash. Faithfully changed oil every 3000 miles. Normal repairs, breaks, tires, exhaust system. Engine components still original.
Frequent ignition coil problems (replacement required @$150 ea.)
Engine knocks when low grade or low quality fuel is used.
Engine knocks when a low grade (thinner) oil is used.

Beautiful car and a smooth ride, but it is picky at times!
Truck has had nothing but tlc. WORST vehicle ive ever seen.
Great-looking car. "Transformer" hard-top convertible is a show-stopper. Fast, comfy. But handling is atrocious. Terrible torque steer, jittery on bumps.
Second one, this one has tranny problems w/sloenoids
This is my second Blazer. Last one just retired with about 225,000 miles on it. Had no major issues with it so I got another one.
2006 Dodge Ram 3500. Best truck I have ever own. 100,000 miles on it and still runs strong. The Cummins can handle the extra 300 horse power I added just fine. Banks Air Ram Intake, ATS exhaust manifold, ATS 3000 Turbo, ATS 5 Star Torque Converter (a must) for towing. Stock converter won't last long when under load. Stock Brakes are not up to par. Would recommend upgrade to bigger brakes/Rotors or use a exhaust or trans brake system with your truck if you tow. I have been running 80% Bio Diesel since 07.
Interior is poor quality. Cig light won't stay in dash if anything is plugged into it. Housing falls onto floor. Rear brakes have squealed like a stuck pig since the day I drove it off the log. Took into dealership many times and they say nothing is wrong, will go away with time. 68k miles later still squealing. Drivetrain warranty expired at 60k miles, oil started leaking at 64k miles. Drive well in normal weather conditions, but handles very poorly on wet roads.
I currently own a 96 Lumina with 75,000 miles and I used to own a 94 Lumina with 170,000 miles on it. The 94 ran like a champ...I honestly feel like I would still have her if my car accident didnt happen. But I have a newer one now and its great, no leaks, no serious problems just yet..just needs routine stuff. Its a fantasticly made vehicle, I would buy another one in a fricken heartbeat!
I love my car. I bought it used from a friend and plan to run it until it dies of really old age. It handles well, runs well. I am getting ready to have some needed maintenance done soon. It is a great car but, when I first got it I went to So Cal to see a friend, 15hours at 70+ mph and 1000 miles. The drivers seat is a little too stiff for me. I have a really bad back so I bought a seat cover that has a built in tension for the lumbar spine and a seat with fans. This made the drive very comfortable. I am thinking about getting an AMG package retrofitted. I took out the MB radio and placed a Kenwood with Blue Tooth, USB support, and HD radio. Next I will replace the factory speakers. They are Bose and I have never been a great fan of their speakers except for the 301 series III I have in my sound system at home. I had a decked out Ford Taurus, a 5 star rated car, which I loved but at about 100,000 miles it started having major problems. I got the MB at 103,000 and it is tight and takes the mountains in Oregon and back roads with such precision I have to be careful of over steer, something I had to do for the Taurus. The turning radius is so small I can get in tight spot easily. It is not as wide as the Taurus but is not really a compact car. I can fit in most parking spots with ease. I will never have an other brand of car.
This is January 2010. I have owned my 2007 SR5 Sequoia since March 2007. This vehicle is primarily driven by my wife around town and "off rode".

Noticed excessive tread wear on outside edge of tires around 30,000mi...especially on right side. The truck has low air pressure sensors for the tires, we have tires rotated every 5000mi with an oil change performed by Toyota dealer.
I mentioned this to the dealer before my 35,000mi visit (which was right before warranty expiration) and was informed that the front end needed alignment. The dealer gave me an annual inspection sticker (in spite of the severe outer tread wear) but the wear continued.
At 40,000mi, I inverted the tires to make them last as long as possible and to observe the wear. Now we are at 48,000 miles and both edges are worn out. The inner tread is still in great shape.
Now don't misunderstand...I have no problem with replacing a set of tires around 50,000mi...I just think they should wear evenly!

In addition, the water pump is leaking (have never needed to add antifreeze or water), the timing belt should be replaced and my front brakes are wore out. All this for a nominal fee of $2500.


I own a 2005 GMC 2500 Savannah work van with 79,000mi that takes much more abusive driving conditions and the only repairs that have been made is a set of tires at 52,000mi which were evenly worn!

In all things ... be thankful.
Purchased in 2004 with 46k miles. Tranny went first, then a head gasket at 67k miles!
Now has 138k miles after much maintenance! Premium fuel onnly, many repairs performed. Should have bought that Lincoln Towncar! Resale or trade-in value? What's that? !
I bought a used 04 Accord four months ago. I had a mechanic run through the car before purchasing the vehilce ( due to the fact that the previous 98 accord I had purchased from dealer needed frame work, etc). He said it was fine an clean no less then a week later did the seat heater for passenger seat stop working due to the fact the electric seat had run the cord over to send power to the switch. Second it started making strange noises while steering due to fact it needed a steering rack. Third my tranny started slipping and next thing u know i almost get into a car accident because transmission fails in the middle of two very busy merging freeways during peak traffic hours. I also found out that it needs a new power steering pump. Honda = Reliable?? I am starting to think not!
GM Olds got it right with this SUV. Drives well, good fuel economy, powerful engine, great traction. Would have liked higher ground clearance for winter driving. Compared to my LR, this one has equal comfort and costs less to maintain (60% less). Too bad they don't exist any more. Problem with exhaust manifold bolts shearing off - cheap bolts from factory. Did GM save a 1$ per vehicle on that one? DUH. Gas tank can spring a leak due to rusting...recalled.
Off-road - no problem. Snow storms - handles extremely well. Principle mode of transportation - NO WAY. Dealers are vampires and service reps are minions of the dealer. I cannot believe how badly serviced this vehicle is. Oil pump has a serious design flaw, ABS system sucks, legacy electrical problems that have haunted this vehicle for more than 10 years. LR has known about these faults for years but does nothing. Better to say nothing than recall all those lemons - right? Looks great but no substance. Take a lesson from GMC or Ford trucks and give us LR owners a break. TATA owns this now and I wonder if they'll do any better.
For the money and for what this car is, I am very pleased. Its certainly not a luxury vehicle, but I didn't pay for a luxury vehicle. I have 60K and thus far have had no major issues or unreasonable maintenance issues.
My biggest issue with my car is break vibration. I don't consider myself to be an aggressive driver, or hard on my breaks. Other than that, I am very pleased with this car.
I live Winnipeg.Manitoba, Canada and own an ML320 and love it. There are a couple of bugs like the overhead console lights don't come on anymore. Not sure if there is a master switch for them. Still getting to know the vehicle. I have made a couple of highway trips and at 68 mph I was still getting approximately 25 mpg with the Canadian gallon. For a vehicle as heavy as this and it being AWD that is actually great. The leather interior is great. It is a softer leather which is much nicer than my '93 Olds Cutlass Convertible. The seats are very comfortable too. I am 6'5" tall and have great legroom.