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I love my car. I bought it used from a friend and plan to run it until it dies of really old age. It handles well, runs well. I am getting ready to have some needed maintenance done soon. It is a great car but, when I first got it I went to So Cal to see a friend, 15hours at 70+ mph and 1000 miles. The drivers seat is a little too stiff for me. I have a really bad back so I bought a seat cover that has a built in tension for the lumbar spine and a seat with fans. This made the drive very comfortable. I am thinking about getting an AMG package retrofitted. I took out the MB radio and placed a Kenwood with Blue Tooth, USB support, and HD radio. Next I will replace the factory speakers. They are Bose and I have never been a great fan of their speakers except for the 301 series III I have in my sound system at home. I had a decked out Ford Taurus, a 5 star rated car, which I loved but at about 100,000 miles it started having major problems. I got the MB at 103,000 and it is tight and takes the mountains in Oregon and back roads with such precision I have to be careful of over steer, something I had to do for the Taurus. The turning radius is so small I can get in tight spot easily. It is not as wide as the Taurus but is not really a compact car. I can fit in most parking spots with ease. I will never have an other brand of car.
This is January 2010. I have owned my 2007 SR5 Sequoia since March 2007. This vehicle is primarily driven by my wife around town and "off rode".

Noticed excessive tread wear on outside edge of tires around 30,000mi...especially on right side. The truck has low air pressure sensors for the tires, we have tires rotated every 5000mi with an oil change performed by Toyota dealer.
I mentioned this to the dealer before my 35,000mi visit (which was right before warranty expiration) and was informed that the front end needed alignment. The dealer gave me an annual inspection sticker (in spite of the severe outer tread wear) but the wear continued.
At 40,000mi, I inverted the tires to make them last as long as possible and to observe the wear. Now we are at 48,000 miles and both edges are worn out. The inner tread is still in great shape.
Now don't misunderstand...I have no problem with replacing a set of tires around 50,000mi...I just think they should wear evenly!

In addition, the water pump is leaking (have never needed to add antifreeze or water), the timing belt should be replaced and my front brakes are wore out. All this for a nominal fee of $2500.


I own a 2005 GMC 2500 Savannah work van with 79,000mi that takes much more abusive driving conditions and the only repairs that have been made is a set of tires at 52,000mi which were evenly worn!

In all things ... be thankful.
Purchased in 2004 with 46k miles. Tranny went first, then a head gasket at 67k miles!
Now has 138k miles after much maintenance! Premium fuel onnly, many repairs performed. Should have bought that Lincoln Towncar! Resale or trade-in value? What's that? !
I bought a used 04 Accord four months ago. I had a mechanic run through the car before purchasing the vehilce ( due to the fact that the previous 98 accord I had purchased from dealer needed frame work, etc). He said it was fine an clean no less then a week later did the seat heater for passenger seat stop working due to the fact the electric seat had run the cord over to send power to the switch. Second it started making strange noises while steering due to fact it needed a steering rack. Third my tranny started slipping and next thing u know i almost get into a car accident because transmission fails in the middle of two very busy merging freeways during peak traffic hours. I also found out that it needs a new power steering pump. Honda = Reliable?? I am starting to think not!
GM Olds got it right with this SUV. Drives well, good fuel economy, powerful engine, great traction. Would have liked higher ground clearance for winter driving. Compared to my LR, this one has equal comfort and costs less to maintain (60% less). Too bad they don't exist any more. Problem with exhaust manifold bolts shearing off - cheap bolts from factory. Did GM save a 1$ per vehicle on that one? DUH. Gas tank can spring a leak due to rusting...recalled.
Off-road - no problem. Snow storms - handles extremely well. Principle mode of transportation - NO WAY. Dealers are vampires and service reps are minions of the dealer. I cannot believe how badly serviced this vehicle is. Oil pump has a serious design flaw, ABS system sucks, legacy electrical problems that have haunted this vehicle for more than 10 years. LR has known about these faults for years but does nothing. Better to say nothing than recall all those lemons - right? Looks great but no substance. Take a lesson from GMC or Ford trucks and give us LR owners a break. TATA owns this now and I wonder if they'll do any better.
For the money and for what this car is, I am very pleased. Its certainly not a luxury vehicle, but I didn't pay for a luxury vehicle. I have 60K and thus far have had no major issues or unreasonable maintenance issues.
My biggest issue with my car is break vibration. I don't consider myself to be an aggressive driver, or hard on my breaks. Other than that, I am very pleased with this car.
I live Winnipeg.Manitoba, Canada and own an ML320 and love it. There are a couple of bugs like the overhead console lights don't come on anymore. Not sure if there is a master switch for them. Still getting to know the vehicle. I have made a couple of highway trips and at 68 mph I was still getting approximately 25 mpg with the Canadian gallon. For a vehicle as heavy as this and it being AWD that is actually great. The leather interior is great. It is a softer leather which is much nicer than my '93 Olds Cutlass Convertible. The seats are very comfortable too. I am 6'5" tall and have great legroom.
I received this car as a gift from my father about 18months ago. At the time in had 237,000 miles on it. he had bought it for my mother new in December 1992. It currently has 277,000 miles on it. It is finally showing some signs of age. The repairs have been mostly minor for the entire life of this car and only things that are expected to wear out. The worst thing that has really happened to the car is that we had to rebuild the steering at 236,000 miles. I will most certainly buy many more of these cars.
Excellent driving, quiet,syle, but gas is horrible. They do not tell you the real story about gas miles. City arount 13 mpg hghwy 24.8.
But overall a great crossover to own.
Awesome - at first. I thought the mileage would be a bit better. If you haul ANYTHING, kiss the average mileage goodbye. I could have a V-8 and get better mileage because the power-train wouldn't have to work so hard. Just SAY the word hill and the thing drops two gears. 33k and the rear brakes are gone, but only because the caliper pins froze up. Outside pads gone, inside pads almost new. I only haul occasionally and keep it in an insulated garage every night. I take the best care of every vehicle I own and am very disappointed with this vehicle. I'm going back to Ford, no question. Honda blew it with this one...
I am 3rd owner has over 200,000 ,not bad performance wise, just afew bugs.
great all around car
My Jetta is great. I have had it forever and not many problems ever go on. It is easy to drive and maintain.
I have owned it for about 8 months now, bought it with 20,500 miles and it now has 35,000. No problems yet, just some steering noise that I will have checked out.

Ride, performance, and quality have been great so far!
Excellent drive, reliable in snow and fuel efficiency is impressive too.

Brakes go bad soon. Had to change axle, alternator. oil seeped into cylinder. After dealer service works well.
I bought this car on Monday before Christmas. I'm starting to believe that I have made a terrible mistake. I saved all year while riding the bus to classes at Cal State. I should have done my homework. Three days after getting it the check engine light came on and the transmission started to shift erratically, then it wouldn't go into 4th gear. The dealer made the repairs at no cost. The next day after getting it back the check engine light came on again, this time the engine has a sort of sputter when intially starting and today the coolant light started to beep. When I checked the bowl the level fluid started to bubble to the top, so I quickly closed the cap and went back into my apartment. Oh my God, what have I done?
I own a 2000 430, and other than replacing a hose for the airconditioning, It has been a joy to own and drive. It now has 98,000 miles and drives like a new car. I am the second owner, the first, according to my mechanic took very good care of the car, which is why it looks and drives beautifully.
This truck I use for towing. It is a great reliable truck.
This is a wonderful porsche. The 2003-2004's were the best boxster's. These are affordable and easy to drive. This is my 2nd porsche and I will not be selling it ever.
This car is my favorite porsche. It is a true time capsule! These cars are for sale at as low as $2,000 for a nice one! If you are looking for a reliable daily driver porsche, get a 944!
This car is great. I use it as a daily driver. It has had an occasional problem and i took it to a local import service and it hasn't had a problem since. One of Jaguar's best!
This car is so great. I would love to own one. My buddy has one and we took it to Road America and got 173 mph out of it!
Have not had any serious problems with this car. Most repairs are affordable and it drives great; and I drive the heck out of cars.
It may be old and slow by today's standards but it is absolutely fabulous to drive and built like a tank.
1st new engine 35,000 miles. Second new engine 70,000 miles. V6 model. An absolutely beautiful lemon.
Awesome car. takes a beating from the owner, (me) i hit everything. There always seems to be some electrical problem. Besides that, it runs great, looks good, and great gas mileage.
Great performance on the engine side however, suspension i.e. hyd system and flat ride on failure in addition to cost to repair leave room for improvement. Known wiring harness problems can be a nightmare if left unchecked. Mercedes should step up to the plate and issue recall for effected models but refuses that's a shame. The car is a gem when at a 100% and is a timeless work of art . Down side cost more to maintain than any car of it's class given it's aforementioned issues.