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Overall I am very happy with the 06 Xterra. I have the Off Road package and I have taken it trail riding on several occasions and it has always performed well. The second generation Xterra addressed many of the shortcomings seen in the first generation model.

PROS: Engine (great power & torque), Dana Locker, Skids, Undercarriage Layout, adequate ground clearance, cargo room.

CONS: Soft Suspension (even with Bilstien Shocks), Annoying VDC, and the fact that this vehicle absolutely hates cold weather. I live in North Dakota and during the winter the Xterra struggles. If the temperature is below 0 expect the following: The rear hatch will not stay up or even close properly. The clutch will stay depressed even after you remove your foot. The vehicle will not easily enter first gear or reverse until it reaches normal operating temperature. Finally, if you try to drive with gloves on, you will flip on the wipers and lights every time you turn because the controls are too close to the steering wheel.
I've had this car since college, 2 moves (NC and MD) and now with 2 kids, and am up to 107,000. It's a great, if basic, car. My Civic has had the muffler replaced (salty roads in MD) but no other major repairs, easy to care for, and runs wonderfully. Good for city commutes and long distance trips. The only change I would make is for more power to the engine. Getting it to speed up quickly, or up hill, requires turning off the a/c and really working the gas.
I bought my 2006 Freestyle SEL with front wheel drive used with about 33,000 miles on it. We have put about 12,000 miles on it and have been overall very happy. It has been a really good car for my family so far. I have two little kids and it has plenty of space for all of us plus the dog. I have only had to replace the front stabilizer bar endlinks as they were making a popping noise in turns (less than $60). I enjoy the CVT transmission, it is very well matched to the 3.0L motor plus it gets about 27-30 MPG on the highway. My only complaint is that it takes a long time for it to warm up in the winter time.
I bought this car as my first car for $1000 and let me tell you it was the best investment i have ever made. I bought it with roughly 200,000 miles on it and over 3 years i have only put about 1000 worth of work into it, mostly because of lack of care from the previous owner. I still have this car today at 252k miles and its still running strong!
just bought the truck 12/9/09 and it has 33,404 miles on it. 2wks into having the truck, my check engine light came on.. Full bumper to bumper warranty, so i took it to the dealer in Clarksville, MD.. tech comes out and says it was the 3rd cylinder spark plug and he says he replaced it.. Not 24hrs later, i get up the next morning and it's misfiring again.. so i go to another Hyundai dealer and he says the problem is the same thing i went to the original dealer in Clarksville where i bought the truck from.. So, they give me the run around about some codes on the diagnostic system and say that in order for them to repair what was suppose to be repaired their system has to show "misfire" as well because right now it's showing a historical code.. Long story short.. they end up keeping my truck for two days to say, oh it's the spark plug and the coil pk and that the original tech at the dealer,never changed the plug.. Nonetheless the problem was what i told them in the first place and they pretty much knew it but gave me a hard time anyway.. Just strange that a 08 truck with that low of miles would have problems already with the coil pk and plugs??
really a nice car and holds up pretty well. Great on gas and great exterior. this year car is great for new drivers.
I purchased a used 03 jeep liberty sport. 3.7 v6 automatic. Ever since I purchased in Begining of Sept. '08 I havent stopped spending money and I will continue spending. Recently the vechile is starting 2 give real problems. RPM decreasing while driving speradically n sounds of water running through the pipes or dashboard of the car while driving. the heat/ac does not work unless in 4 or 1-3 you can feel slightly while driving. Not 2 mention the squeaking noise coming from the rear after all brake pads n rotors have been replaced.
Excellent truck! Transmission has been the only negative with 180 K miles & counting.
the best bimmer i've had!!
Great car! I had to rebuild the transmission at 110,000 and had to replace the brake rotors at 150,000. Other than those two repairs I have not had any major problems. The small repairs have been starting to add up recently, but overall a great car.
Excellent car. I just did not know what I was missing!
This is an amazingly fast car, but the suspension is horrible. If you hit any pothole, a daily occurance if you drive in the Northeast, it's a jarring experience. My coffee container literally flies out of the cupholder. All four of my tire rims are bent. As a former 325i owner, I don't know if it's simply the four-wheel drive suspension or the run-flat tires. Regardless, it's dangerous.

i cant say enough good about my 97 Mazda Protege....Nick named the`s a great little car that I commute in 63 miles around trip 4 days a week.... gets 33 mpg.. thats 335 miles on a tank of car has 153000 but now needs a new clutch,which is what brought me to this forum.I plan to put 50,000 more miles on it after the clutch repair at a asian only mechanic.low miatainance car but use good oil(valvoline maxlife,synthic/petrolium mix) after 75000.... 200,000 mile are possiable after that the smog inspector guy starts getting its either new engine or scan AUTO TRADER far a new/used one....
I bought this car in 2006 with 50k miles.Since then I had to repair something every few months.So far I put an additional 8k miles on the car Now the rear brakes locked and the whole car got real low so I guess that is brakes ,struts and springs . Oh well . It is not a Toyota that's for sure. The person I bought it from took care of the car diligently so it's not like it was neglected. He bought a Toyota and I sold my 1990 Camry after I bought this lemon.
This truck i use for drywalling and painting in the construction industry. I put these types of truck to work and I have been happy to own a dodge ram 1500. A good work truck the secret to keepin it running with excellent power and strength it gettin an oil change every 3 months even if it does not have the 3,000 miles on it just change the oil every 3 months. I love my dodge ram 1500 2007 very satisfied. great work truck and luxury vehicle.
Fine machine. bought this car new. had an issue with the throttle position sensor after a few months. dealership fixed it and haven't had any trouble since.
does good
This is preliminary due to the fact I had a prior owner that didn't show it much love - I have a little making up to do and discovery of what she needs for love at this point! All in all solid, good car!
I have had this car for 2 years with NO problems! I would buy a newer denali in the future!
Amazing in the snow :D

Looks good

last forever

easy to maintain
pretty nice riding car .it is not good on gas at all .but then again no suv are good on gas .
I've had my car since 2004 and bought it was 34,000 miles. It now has 107,000. While I have had to replace an awful lot in the past three years, this has been a good reliable car. I have had the driver's window motor replaced three times, the a/c went out in 2008 and my dash is also cracked in three places. These are all characteristics of this make/model/year. The window motors are inexpensive if you can find someone to install it correctly for you (the dealership installed my 2nd one wrong). I have had to replace my tires twice and my front breaks every year. I've never replaced my back brakes but need to now...I have owned the car 6 years. I agree the cupholders are in a stupid place but all-in-all I love this car. It's my 3rd Chevy!!!
I tolly agree with Chitown,this is a wonderful machine.I look at new CTS and say baby is just your Hertiage!!!!!!!!!
I ran the car into the ground at about 300k. it was a great car the whole time i owned it. i think the first problem i had was at 200k, and the speedometer cable broke...i moved it to a wet snowy area after many years in socal. great car.
What a gutless wonder. It is loud, and handles like a bucket of water. the seats are not comfortable. This car has just reminded me to keep buying american.
I have a 2001 ZX3 with 300k on it. i have only had to replace the fule pump, and a motor mount. other than that only normal driving issues. i am a gm girl, but i have to say that ford finally got it right with the small car.
wonderful car!!! i can not say more than that, it is a great car
I personelly think is one of the best cars of its type for doing perfornance modes to.
I've had this car for 8 years. 7 years longer than any other car I've ever owned. I've put over 100K on it with minimal problems during that time.. I had an electronic motor go out of the 4 wheel drive components twice, both times it was covered under warranty. I also had a piece of plastic trim crack on the rear like another review had mentioned. All in all, it's a great car and I'd even think about owning another one.