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First time for the 1995 Buick Regal, and I love the car, it is a smooth ride and had now problems with it until now. A commom problem that was on recall last year. The intake manifold gasket went bad and is costly to replace, but I still love the car.
with 150,000 miles all Ive had to replace is my master cyl. and my power steering pump. It has been a very good car. Reached 26 mpg on roadtrip lastr summer.
Nice car, nice ride! Smooth operator. Tranny seems to want to shift a little bit rough after warming up since changing the fluid...I did add Lucas and that may be the problem, plan on changing fluid and see what happen...A/C was working super...and then the compressor just stopped! new compressor and still not working...don't know why. Rear defroster stopped too and temp gauge has the car and plan to work on the few things still has a lot of life left
the best car i have bought i love my acura tl
great ride & good mileage. Experience problem with cruise comtrol and air conditioner
Seems to have more problems than other cars I've owned. Especially after warranty ran out. Something needs fixing every six months. Don't recommend buying this model.
I lucked into this car. I am the third owner, bought it with 135000 miles....pretty darn good for a 15 year old car!. Everything works, seats, windows, stereo, etc. Wonderful Cadillac ride, quiet, no rattles, but a few interior squeaks now and then. The leather is wonderful, no cracks, looks two years old, not 15. The body is in exceptional dents dings, rust etc. Everything straight and smooth. It has the usual 90's GM paint issues, peeling off plastic bumpers, clear-coat coming off, but is purely a cosmetic issue. Got it for $1200. Have put $800 for little niggliy things...power window switch, seat switch, blower motor was stuck on high, EGR replaced. Still needs new struts, but that will have to wait. I have driven this to Atlanta and back, 1300 mile round trip, and got FANTASTIC mileage...28MPG going 80MPH!!!
I have a 2001 VW Beetle and am really like this sturdy little car. It has lots of style and does the job of driving me everywhere. I have no complaints. My car does not age...or ages gracefully depending on your point of view. I hope to keep this a while longer.
we've had this car a little over 4 yrs, its been nothing but trouble, the breaks are always going bad, we've had it into the shop over and over and it never seems to get fixed. now the pulley broke off the timing chain and im not sure what that is going to cost, I have heard it could be quite costly if the timing skipped. I do not recomend this car to anyone, A brand new car should last way longer then 4-1/2 yrs Im not even done paying for it!!
Defect in Transmission stops going in Reverse, requires a rebuild, check out for details. Crappy body integrity do think otherwise the engine will drive with a sport feel for 200k miles and its a great body style, classic look
Great truck!
We have 234,000 and it is still going strong (use Lucas Oil products in the entire vehicle). Just developed it's first minor oil leak and it will be easily repaired - in the cooler hose to the radiator. Very dependable. Have pulled a camper through 41 states, both flat & mountainous. Too bad Chevy doesn't still make them.
2001 Buick Park Avenue- Bought new for wife- she bought another car and now I drive it.. Quite a step up from an El Camino which I still own. Only concern is a coolant leak over by the right front tire. Please note tthat photo is NOT the same car..
Excellent machine for the money. Two minor problems: factory battery failed after 18 months; am radio reception is poor.
This has been a great vehicle for me, I have had it for about 2.5 years and haven't had any trouble out of it.
Good vehicle
This is a fast and fun car. I have the comp G package.
Air suspension is expensive to fix or replace, and fails well before other types of suspension.
I run a non-profit and we use this vehicle in conjunction with a summer institute we operate in the Ozark Mountains. We use the vehicle from May - September to pull a trailer with a payload of 10,000 + up and down the mountains of AR and MO all summer long. The vehicle has 174000 miles and the original brakes are still good. The only problem we have had is with the fuel injectors. When we purchased the vehicle we also purchased the extended warranty. To Chevy's credit, they have stood by their warranty on the injectors. The injectors have been replaced about 4 times. Our only cost being the $100 deductible each time. If we had to pay the full retail price for the repair, it would have been over $1200 per incident. One incident, which the warranty covered, required the injectors and the top half of the engine to be replaced at a cost of just over $6,000. We only had to pay the deductible of $100. Overall, we enjoy and recommend the vehicle.
Luv my '95 F-150, 5.0 2wd sb! Excellent all-purpose truck. Suspension like a tractor, but....all else is way good! Easy to work on. Good gas mileage, from extemely "peppy" 5.0 w/fact.k&n. Can't say enough about positives, for this truck! This is my muscle- car-in-truck disguise! FASTTTTTTTTT!
Great car. Electrical problems but otherwise solid.
I have a Volvo 240 with 289,000 miles. This is a solid car and easy to work on. It is built tough and safer in a crash than most of the other toys on the road. It does not use any oil and I can get 26-27 mpg on the road. The key is good maintenance and common sense driving. They are roomy, with a big trunk and the pass thru in the back seat is great for hauling long items like a couple of 8ft 2 x 4 boards. I wish they still made these I would buy a new one in a heartbeat.
Love the 02 A4. The best part is the control and balance, I can comfortably take sharp curves on the freeway at 70 mph. Maintenance is expensive, the only downside. Highly recommend this car!
had my car since brand new on january 2002. 2002/2003/2004 were covered under warranty. My repair bills for 2005- $2592.00, 2006- $3906.00, 2007 $2660.00, 2008 $1557.00, 2009 $2407.00 TOTAL $ 13106.00/ 246492 kms = 5.3 cents per KM This is double the recommended average br CAA Canada. Also my reapirs woudl have been much higher if I let AUDI dealer do this.
If you want a beautiful, over priced suv with a lot of recalls that cost you instead of the manufacturer, then this is the vehicle for you. I have always took pride in being a "GM man". Until now. If they listed all the things that were going to not work on that window sticker it would be longer than the line of bs you would hear if you took this thing in for service at our local GM dealer. (Ginn Motors), who told me i would have to take it to a GMC dealer. I used to think that my GMC was made by GM. They seem to know something that i don't. I guess i can't blame them. I would'nt want to work on it either. I'm going for a luxury ride now. Lemonade anyone?
This car has excellent handling in curves. Has great pick up and go speed as well. The only issue I have is with the Cowel. It vibrates constantly and is too expensive to just make it a quick fix.
I love my 1997 Honda Passport EX, it's 4 wheel drive if I ever need it. It has a sunroof/moonroof which I have never used due to the fact that it has a round hand crank to open, don't mind that part except it will only "lift up" about 2 - 3 inches in the "open" position. Now that it's older, it leaks when it rains. NOT GOOD. I would love for anyone out there to please let me know of any suggestions. I have acually hand sealed the roof window closed with Silicone ! Only to have it wear away with time and weather. It's leaking once again. Not sure how, but the gallons and gallons of water sound like they are "stored" under the passengers seat. I actually hear it sloshing around if I brake or pull off fast. I would love to find out if there is a rubber seal that can be purchased somewhere so I can just replace the original "dry-rotted" one. That seems to be my only last idea. Anyone out there with an idea would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted by email at MANY THANKS ! Love Honda's, this is my 5th one.
This is a fantastic car. We have an excellent non-dealer VW specialist for repairs and maintenance. Bought new, 160,000 miles now. Had to do the coils and radio recall when it was new which was very annoying. Also the current coils recall - still annoying. The 4 cylinder turbo, manual trans we average 33mpg, but have done 40 on long expressway drives. Plenty of acceleration. Handles best of any car I've ever driven. No plans to sell it any time soon.
The size of the cars is nice, the interior is 'roomie' enough and the instrument panel is displayed nicely. Some of the body panels inside seem a bit flimsy, a couple of things have fallen off inside and need repairing, nothing major - but, a nuissance. The electrical system is unbelievably faulty. Neither power outlets work anymore; the power-steering keeps switching off (I can reset it by quickly turning the car off and on again); the check engine light comes on randomly ... I've had the car in for repairs several times and to no avail. The problems will subside for a while, but, reappear after a while. It wouldn't be much more thab a headache if it were still under a warranty - without a warranty, it has cost a bundle already. This car is a safety hazaerd, but, I can't afford a new one at this point.

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