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Great car! Who can ask for more?
goood car
vehicle is excellent, I am planning to have this car for another 10 years.
I'm on my 2nd SC and have also had a '98 GS400. Fabulous cars - my '92 SC400 with 247K miles didn't run much different than when I got it with 106K. My '98 GS400 probably saved my life in a crash and now I have a '93 SC400. Love 'em!!
This is a good car just does not handle well in snow. It also has problems with suspension often
After owning dozens of cars my life, this by far is the worst vehicle ever. Very high maintenance with many issues. Rough idle at start, hesitation issues, electrical issues. etc. I went against my better judgment going after the 0% financing for 72 months and now I know why they had to do that. I went from a Tahoe to this because of the automated fold flat 3rd row seats and the nice financing but never again. i do not feel like this truck will last 100k. Buy this for a disposable vehicle and get rid of it before it gives you too many problems.
I have just over 40,000 on this vehicle and it is flawless. The car drives perfectly, it is comfortable and hands down beats anything that I have ever driven in snow. I have had 4 wheel drive Fords, Chevys and Dodges, even had two Jeeps thrown in throughout the years, this thing would run circles around all of them in bad weather. This is my 3rd Subaru, I will always have one so long as I live in the snow belt!
got the car in 2004 for $ 3000 with 89000 miles on it. The engine has performed flawlessly and the ride, gasmilage (16-23) - and power is hard to match! However, we started experiencing all kinds of electrical problems one after the other, and the bill has run into more than 2k by now. Sick of fixing it, something else always shows up. The transmission has shifted kind of roughly lately (156k miles). Perhaps it is time to let it go. Would like to by another one if the other comments on this website are correct
I have this 2005 since new and is the best investment i have made ever.
I love the way this car handles. I bought the car in 2009 with 137,000 miles on it and it still runs very well. The turbo is divine. I am now a convert and willing to purchase another 1996 Saab for my mother-in-law who is equally happy with the car.
I now have over 18,000 miles and have enjoyed driving this car emmensly. The only complaint I have is that the tires all have suspisious ware on the insides causing cupping and loud tire noise. I have had it looked at by my tire dealer and will have to go back to the dealership to have them look at it as the tire dealer indicates the suspension is not in spec.
Car is great, but too many problems for this model year and dealerships \ independant shops RIP you off!! One simple problem can cost you about 1-2k
Car runs great and great on gas mileage (about 35 mpg city). only problem ive had is with the speedometer quit working.
Likes: Handling is phenomenal. Quickest handling car I have ever driven and as a vehicle test engineer I drive LOTS of different cars. Fuel economy is adequate. Interior/eterior styling fit and finish is very good. Love the way it looks. Reliability has been overall very good. This is my 2nd small sport wagon and I love the utility. Mine is fully loaded with sunroof, leather, 6 CD changer, ABS, etc.. etc.. AND a 5 speed manual. This is a very inexpensive car to buy and own. I paid $11.5k for mine with 22k mis on it. Original sticker was over $19k. Dislikes: DO NOT BUY THIS CAR if you live in an area with real winter and salt on the roads. It will rust everywhere. The corrosion resistance of Mazdas is absolutely the worst in the industry. Car is geared very low so it really winds out the engine at 70 MPH which hurts the economy and makes a lot of engine noise. This car should have had a 6 speed. Power could be more, 108 BHP is just not enough. Ride quality is stiff but that gets the good handling. Overall I would not buy this car again because of the rust issue. Mine is a 2002 and the rear wheel wells are almost rusted through and I have seen this on almost every other MP5 in my area. (SE Michigan). I probably won't buy another Mazda unless I can afford a "winter" car also.
I have a 94 Explorer XLT with about 181,000 miles. As soon as I bought it, I had to replace the water pump, and replace the brakes. The U-joints need to be replaced and the ball joints, and the tie rods, and the shocks, I plan on putting a 3" lift on it, and re-due the body, but I have a lot of time to make it look better. I bought new tires for it for the winter and I love the way it looks. I think that it will make a great mud and deep snow toy. The Good Year Dura Trac is a good buy. I really hope that with the time and money I plan to put in this SUV is going to be worth it. I hope.
I've owned a 2004 hatchback for 5 years, currently 117k miles. No major issues to speak of. Minor Problems: 1. Road Noise, this is not a quiet car on the road. My first tire replacement was at 42k, got some Conti Contacts, no improvement. Next replacement was at 100k, got some Hancook V12's .. a little better... 2. Not great in the Snow. Bought snow tires for the first time last winter. Marked improvement. 3. Gas cap emissions seal failed twice. Covered while under warranty, probably only a few states are required to have this "feature". I get about 30.5 mpg. 95% highway driving, so this is probably a little high... also explains why I just replaced the breaks for the first time last week. Comfortable inside, even for all day drives... even in the back seat I'm told. Good car all around though, highly recommended.
Great Car picked mine up with 30,000 miles on it. Have only had minor issues as wiring, Lights, Battery, Wheel Bearings. Would recommend this car to anyone that loves a fast smooth ride that 3.8 motor is great. If you have the GTP I would recommend they have great parts for upgrading your ride.
Has been reliable overall. Had Air Cond. problem this past summer that I heard was common to this particular model. Was repaired under extended warranty.
Great car, a bit slow on pick-up, but maintains speed VERY well. This is my first car, and I love it. Breaks are a bit on the sticky side, it takes time to get used to them.
I bought this car for my 19 year old so fall of 2009 with 127,000 miles on it. I wound up having to replace the Tstat and Housing along with the water pump and Radiator cap right away as the car was overheating. The radiator reservoir is plastic and has a very small crack in it which requires once a week monitoring of the fluid. It's a fairly complex fix so I am waiting a little before I replace it. The 5 speed drives and handles really well with good power and acceleration while getting an average of 30 plus MPG. One other issue is the driver's side plastic window guide broke allowing the window to fall out of it's forward guide. An easy but timie consuming fix and the parts weren't too expensive.
I bought mine brand new. It now has 150K on it . I get an average of 14 MPG, day in, day out. It tows my 23 foot Chapparel like it's not even there. I've had 5800 pounds of retainind wall blocks with little instablity. This truck is a work horse. loves to chew up front ends. I've gone thru 2 set of Ball joints, and tie rods. The front brakes are easy to replace but the back brakes are a bear to replace as the entire axle has to be pulled. I've also gone thru 3 alternators and 3 sets of batteries because of the parallel set up of the batteries. If one battery goes bad, the alternator tries to charge the bad battery, wearing out the alternator. Once that goes bad, the other battery gets drained.
Just bought a 96 E320 with 195,000 miles on it. I'd like to know what problems I might expect or items that need to be replaced soon. I have noticeced several people who are getting 30 MPG, however I am getting 23 - 27. Are drivers really getting 30 MPG?
Had my xA since Jan 2006, just over 64K miles now. Have been happy with it up till now. Check engine light came on...carbon canister needs replacement--$500. After reading what I found online about this, it's apparently a VERY common problem that recurs and needs fixing over & over again. I live in NJ where emissions testing is required for inspection & will not pass unless I shell out the $500. For the sake of Toyota's service dept personnel, I really hope I never have to fix this again, or they WILL get an earful. As common a problem as this is, Toyota should recall since this is OBVIOUSLY a manufacturing defect.
have trouble with turn signals blinkers dont work when break is applied
Had numerous problems with my Deville. 3 fuel injectors replaced twice now, remote entry control module died 4 yrs. ago, active struts quit 10 yrs. ago, front sterio speakers went bad several yrs. ago, replaced power trunk pulldown motor and all attachments 3 tiimes, replaced power antenna/motor, body shop cannot find trunk leak, pass.rear window motor? died 2 months ago, engine pings when warm and driving up hills. ect. Bought 1994 Deville chrome wheels 3 yrs. ago. Since then tires wouldn't hold air for long. Had adhesive put inside of tires to adhere beading. Worked except for one tire.Could keep listing problems but not enough room. All in all, I still love my Deville even though my '91 Towncar never once gave me any problems.
This is my third Solara. Friends and relatives have the other two. All have been great, no problems. Am disappointed Solara's are not longer available.
Pretty good car. She has made it thur 4 trips back and forth to Texas. Great gas mileage. not a lot to complain about
I bought my 2001 Impala in 2004, it has never given my any problems. I actual still get a thrill from it when behind the wheel. It has 108,000 miles and is stronger than ever!
I am very pleased with this car. So much that I intend to have it restored in a near future. Except for the normal wear and tear, I do not consider to have any major expenses for maintenance. It is an excellent runner and gas saver. Mitsubishi should come up with its fourth generation of Chariots. I am a handicapped engineer and I've garaged my excellent 2006 Dodge Gran Caravan mobility van(26,000 miles)to drive this car. Today, 12/03/09, I found a 1994 (also from original owner/165k miles)and bought it just for keeps.I haven't had the chance to take a good look at it, but I know it needs some good TLC.
we're having trouble with a fast idles at 30mph i can take my foot off the gas and drive along idiling at 30mph.whats going on?

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