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Wonderful vehicle: Handles beautifully, stops on a dime. Very good mileage and very flexible interior. Completely reliable - never a serious problem in 40.000 miles.
I bought the 2005 Camry in November, 2005. At 50,981 miles (November 2008) I put $500 in replacing the intermediate steering shaft because their technician noted the problem when I went in for a routine oil change. I learned later that there was an advisory sent out to the dealers on this issue. Now I go in for another routine oil change and they tell me I need to replace a loose left inner rack on the power steering. That's going to cost me another $500. That's putting $1,000 into clearing up a faulty manufacturing issue which may put my life or others on the road, at risk.
I'm really disgusted. I won't buy another Toyota product. And to think they got all these "rave" reviews from me over the year. Boy was I taken.
I have a 1997 Civic EX Sedan and LOVE IT. I commute 100 miles a day for work and this car has been great. It has 214,000 miles and still runs great.
To make my commute more comfortable I replaced the front seats with seats from an Acura Integra. Huge improvement. I also tinted the windows and installed a remote start for the cold winter mornings.
If I need any body work done to it I buy my repair supplies from Auto Body Toolmart and fix anything that needs fixing.
I have an '06 V70 T5 (Canadian Model) purchased new in May 08.
So far, the car has performed flawlessly. I do the oil/filter changes myself using Mobile 1 and Volvo oil filters. One minor recall. Seats are very good- and supportive- perfect for spirited driving. With the back seats down you can haul a washing machine, lumber for a deck or what ever. Excellent acceleration, great brakes. Good in snow up to about 3 or 4 inches.
Having problems with wouldn't start 2 weeks ago when weather turned cold. Though it was weather related so I took it to honda dealership maintenance where I bought the car (battery is under 3 year warranty). Battery check out okay...was told I needed to drive the car more or further distances (I work for an airline and ttravel on a weekly basis). My car usually sits for no more than 3 days at a time.....I've never had this problem with other cars before..... I would like to know where to find a battery that doesn't start draining so quickly. VERY dissatified with this battery...may have to sell car .
Best truck I have ever owned. 49,000 miles and only repair outside of regular maintenance has been replacing rear axle seals & turn front brake discs. It actually could have gone more miles on the disc's, but I'm pretty fussy bout brakes pulsating even a tiny bit.
This is a quite satisfactory experience with this I have so far
I have owned my 1999 Bravada for a year now. Have had 94 and 97's also. Love the cars. Wish they still made them. Only problem I have found in mine is the heat does not have control other than the fan speed year round. It always puts out alot of heat. Economy is decent at around 16mpg city and up to 24mpg on a long trip.
Reliable automobile. Not part of the gas pedal recall, which is nice. Good vehicle for Colorado winter driving with the traction control, steering assist and abs, but it's still not an awd vehicle. Gas mileage, about 23 overall with highway, city and lot of stop and go on I-25.
Complaints. I think the sheet metal has to be the thinnest out there. Dents very easily. Also not a status car so you won't be getting a lot of speeding tickets because it looks like a car older conservative folks would drive. Not crazy about the climate control system which always reset back to auto after you turn off the car. I'm not always going to want to be at 73 degrees.
What I like about the car are nice features with XLE, V-6 version. Love the heated seats, steering assist, traction control and the cool radio feature that tells you who is playing what song on the radio.
Reliable, only routine maintenance so ownership cost is really good.
Like this SUV a lot. Have owned a 1994 Ford Explorer and love that the quality is back, which is why Ford really seams to be the only competition for the Japanese. Owned Ford, Toyota, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan. Was pleasantly surprised at the look, feel and drive of the 02 Explorer. Still own it and have very little done to it. Sensor replaced a couple of years ago, brakes are actually good. I owned the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, which seems to blow through the pads and rotors. Learned how to replace brakes and save money quickly. New problem with this XLT on Overdrive flashing driving in the mountains of Colorado on the highway. Might be a sensor, could be worse. Only other problem I have had is the back air control makes a clicking sound if you work controls in the second control panel. Couple hundred dollars for a piece of plastic, or control it with the front one.
I just bought a sliver 2002 acura tl 1-16-2010 when I first got in the mileage was 70079 and so far I have no complaints I love this car and I hope that I can keep it for a long time.
I'm a fan of chevrolet suburban
we bought this van with 20K on it and bought the extended warranty which we needed to replace engine gaskets and a wheel bearing which was very costly. Overall happy with the van the biggest complaint is very little heat when outside temperature drops below 30 degrees. the engine temperature drops very fast after you shut it off, like 15 minutes after shut down it has completely cooled and has to run 15 -20 minutes before heat comes back and you are still shivering because it isn't very warm air
Great vehicle. Purchased to use for hunting. Has been very dependable.
good MPG and nice looking.
Did not see lots in 07 but I see lots of Ridgelines in the city now..
Absolutely love this car. I bought it in 2006 with 27k miles on it.

It handles really well in the snow and ice and drives like a car, not a truck.

The interior is quite roomy and comfortable. The rear storage area is large as well.

Knock on wood, the reliability is great. I've had only minor issues. I had a '99 RX300 whose transmission went at 110,000 miles, and I have 109,000 on this one, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Beautiful car, only problem i've had is injector pump leaking , and battery keeps draining.
I love this car! It is well worth the money! Economical, especially with the financial crunch this country is facing. The only problem I have had is with the braking system. I have already had to have my rotors replaced twice along with the brake pads-ceramic. Maybe, toyota/scion could help with the costs of this problem.
Purchased this car used (68,000 mi). Although it is an older car, it was well maintained. Thus, it drives like a new car. Some issues I have are:
1. retrofitting A/C.
2. none of the upgrades like current vehicles.
I have a 2007 Toyota & since I bought it the check engine light is on. Toyota dealer can't fix it yet even after replaced the sensor. They claimed is a computer glich. After all the recalls should I be worry?
Over all our $33,000 Accord is good but i was and am unhappy with the body and paint. Although the midnight bk paint looks great, it is sorry in its durability! if you just look at it crosseyed the paint will come off. It seems to be one of the cheepest paints i have ever seen on a car. (we bought it new) Maybe they sold us one that had been repainted! Also the metal is so thin and easy to dent that we have a hundred dings all along the body front to back on both sides due to other cars doors and shopping baskets. The brakes are weird. They have a weird feel when stopping, and wear irregularly. We have had it checked many times and no one finds anything wrong. I believe there is air in the hydrolic lines causing the irregular wear. The computer screen we have for music, maps, audio, and a/c is cumbersome and boaring. Engine good, and heating and air are good. It is also one of the noisyest cars we have owned. it is loud to hear the road and tire sounds very loudly. If these problems are not attended to we will not buy another one.
I have a 1998 3.5 RL with 294,000 miles on it. Original everything and have replaced one oxygen sensor. What a car but showing it's age now.
i work with this truck but the electrical system sucks Too many problems but great work truck diesel motor and tranny
I love my 93 Celica GT Convertible with a 2.2 engine. I have owned many many cars and this little cherry has out performed and out lasted even my BMW. this car is fast...the GT gets up and goes, I blow V6's away like they are standing still. its helpful that it weighs about 150# !! the interior is surprisingly comfortable with more than enough leg room. I expected a jerky, bouncy ride but this car glides like Cadillac!! You have no clue you are going 90-100mph!! I only have 125000 miles on this so its well worth investing a new clear coat (oxidation from the previous owner) and the front end half shafts just starting clicking.. I paid $2500 for this little gem and every single thing still works!! The power convertible top, all 4 windows, all locks and releases.. ONe of the best vehicles I have ever owned!! I do not reccomend driving this car with a convertible in the winter however, the snow accumulated just one time on my roof and split my back plastic window right in half..I will be buying a Toyota 4runner for next winter. Thank God for comprehensive insurance!!
I had the pleasure of owning 3 MR2s, the 1st year, 1985, the 1989, last year of the orig body style and finally, the creme de la creme, the 1995 Turbo package 2nd body style, last year for the car in the US. I will always love the MR2, the car is so well balanced, the engine never overstepping what the cornering capabilities are, etc. There is plenty of room for storage and passengers without bumping into each other. The car accelerates to 110 quickly and smoothly and exhibits no noise, no rattles at 127mph, the fastest I ever got it up to, and even after a decade the car was solid as it was when I bought it. If I found a premium 95 MR2, I'd be very tempted to trade my Boxster S for it. I love the MR2.
Had my 240 for two years and still loving it. Gave it a bit of hell the first year and Im really paying for it. I'm working on it though.
it is important to note that i owned 3 Toyota MR2s, the last one being my decade long partnership with a lovely 1995 turbo, which now lives in Austin. The MR2 being nearly flawless (and vastly cheaper) here goes: The Porsche is a gorgeous car with a beautiful & powerful engine. I love flipping a lever,pushing a button and having the top go down. Leather trimmed out map holder behind the seats intead of pleather is also a nice touch. The Bose system is quite nice, with a CD and good subwoofer. I have the 2004 special edition and the dark chocolate leather, with the GT Silver trim out to match the cars ext body is very easy on the eyes. Cornering is beautiful, engine sound is beautiful, car appears to be very robust and solid. My pet peeves? I stand amazed at the lack of room, even for a handbag of any size. My car is not much larger than a handbag. There is no tape deck, just a CD player, the driver door creaks when it is cold outside, rare in Dallas, but it is cold right now, so today I heard it creak as I opened and shut the door. The interior periodically rattles such as when I drive on a bumpy surface. And I apparently have a leak in my windshield washer reservoir. I refuse to fix this leak because, frankly, it should NOT freaking be leaking!!!! Even the Triumph GT6 I owned,gorgeous Brittish junk,did not have that problem. SO I keep filling up the reservoir with new pricy Porsche wash fluid and every week, whether I use the fluid or no, I need a new refil. Hell will freeze over before I fix it and pay to fix it...Porsche should pay for this. is NOT a Toyota MR2, it is much much faster than the MR2, corners just as well, although it does communicate the cornering and the road similarly but in its' own Porsche way to you, which is quite nice. I love the car and have made my peace with owning it and giving up my MR2...however, for 50k used, I think the bloody thing should not rattle one iota or leak anything, even something as benign as washer fluid. I've owned it 4 years, bought it with 15k mi on it and now it's got 38k miles; it is my only car. I had 50k, 101k and 92k miles on 3 MR2s, had all of them for sev years, none of which rattled and all looked and acted brand new when sold to someone else. For twice the cash, I am loving the cup holder, the seat warmer, a full top down feel and big engine. 127 mph in 5th gear the car was not at all straining, was not at redline and I still had another gear to shift into. I swear the car yawned at me. The turbo MR2 at 110 was smooth as silk, but 130 was about top end for it. Oh, and why can I NOT view this engine? The Porsche is lovely,reliable, comfortable considering the smallness and the accidental touching my hand to the passengers knees (because it is just that small). Germans are not as good with their ergonomics as the Japanese. I think Porsche thinks about the "driving experience" and just focuses in on DRIVING. But to my mind, the driving experience also includes refinements such as a tad more room, and no rattles(even though my rattles are quite small and infrequent)Lastly, an engine such as this, should be on display or at least under a hood that can easily be raised to view it.

This has been a very comfortable and quiet vehicle. It does eat brakes & rotors fast but it is very heavy and well built so worth it over the long haul.
Great steering, braking, rides low to the ground so the car does not feel squirrely at higher speeds. Built for Police Dept. so it is built to run unlike the ford explorer which is built to break down. People drive safe around you, great trunk, parts are not crammed together like asian cars, making diy work not a complete pia. Parts are cheap since this is the cab and police car of choice, making repair cheaper.
I really love this van. Has plenty of power. Havnt had any major issues.The only problem i seem to be having is the abs keeps kicking on. Besides that though im happy with it. my wife loves it. wish it had a lil tougher suspension in the rear. cause when we travel we pack it full and it sags pretty bad.