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Reason I rated exhaust low is the prices of the parts. They seem to be higher than most. I bought the car from a friend for $300. Front left bearing was shot, replaced it for $25. The cat converter is clogged, $400 for a new one and the flex pipe is shot $194 for one of those. Other than that the cars runs fine and suspention is in good condition. Not bad for a car this old and with 200,000 miles on it.
This was my first car. Very good car until the head gasket decides to blow on you. I think after 1999 they did some improvments to the Neon but from 1995 to 1999, BEWARE!!!! These cars are in the junk yard for a reason. I really liked this car but the Head Gasket the big issue. Other than that This car is perfect.
I purchased the car new in 2006. Nothing on this car has given me troubles exept the A/C. The senser on top of the condenser went bad which I hear is common for Chrysler. I replaced the senser and the A/C is like new agian. The Gas mileage is terrible to be such a small car. I feel these cars would have been more popular if the gas mileage was better. on the highway I'd get around 340 miles on a tank which is not bad but in stop and go traffic, I might get 240 or less. Other than that car is great.
The car has been trouble free.Easy to work on for normal maintenance.If i had to do a major repair i would be able to do it myself,the car is not loaded with a bunch of computer junk and anyone that took auto shop could fix it.Get a good repair manual and give it a try,why get robbed by a mechanic.
My wife drives our 2002 Sante Fe (2.7V6) and has over 120,000 miles on it and she gets 26MPG. We did have the crankshaft sensor replaced under warranty. The drivers window glass fell down inside the door last year, as the bolts came loose (My wife smokes and uses the drivers window drivers window alot). After removing the interior door panel and reinstalling the bolts with Loctite it was no problem to fix. I change her engine oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles and the air filter every 18,000 miles . She had all fluids and timimg belt changed at 70,000 miles. The driving light bulb's are a pain in the butt to change. I do agree with hondo that the rear three spark plug's are a pain to change. Other than that this has been a great car own..
I purchased a 2007 Sanata v6 a couple of years ago, the dealership did mnot reaveal all of the info to me. I traded n a 2005 black pt cruiser convertable with turbo, it was a better vehucle, than hat I purchased, and cleaner. The Sanata only had 22,000 miles when I purchased it, and looked as though It had more miles on it, dont purchase from a drdealer in Christiansburg Virginia.
Had this truck for 3 years now. Very well maintained since new. Had no issues until just recently, at only 88k miles, the head gasket blew. After fixing, I decided to sell & buy a Toyota.
Great car. Feels very well built and has great fit and finish. Mine has 130k miles & it runs and drives well. They require timing belt replacements every 60-90k miles. Some electrical bugs, nothing serious. The only gripe I have is the not so great fuel economy.
Love this car, bought it brand new and (knock on wood) have only had minor repairs. Not too great in the snow, it tends to skid and have trouble on turns. But the rest of the time it's a joy to drive, handles well, really good power, especially on the highway. Don't know if I should be using a higher grade gas in the summer but it sometimes drags with the AC on. The interior is in great shape and has a ton of storage space and room for gadgets.
My family & friends call this the Gumball car because it looks like it came out of a gumball machine. It's a fair assessment too. I haven't had this car 2 years and already it's been in the shop 5 times (4 times more than the car I traded in which was 11 years old). There have been 3 total alignments with new tires(the dealer mechanic swears there is no structural reason for this to be necessary so often), a reprogramming of the computer so the tire pressure light wouldn't be on all of the time, and the latest being the check engine light staying on (don't know the results yet). I purchased this car because it was supposed to be fuel efficient (my old car was better), it was a good price for a small car and made by a brand I believed was trustworthy. My inexpensive car has now cost me well over $4000 in repairs and it's not even paid for. This is overall the absolute worst vehicle I have had the displeasure of owning and I will never buy another chevy because of it. I would not recommend this model to anything short of my worst enemy (and then it's still iffy).
i purchaced this car from a bank in 2003, it had 200,000 mile on it, i figured it may last for the year, but to my surprise it now has well over 500,000 on it today , the speedometer quit working at 450,000 and only works from time to time..but as far as the motor , it is unbelieveable..i have not even replaced the sparkplugs since i bought the car..the only trouble i have ever had where the front ball joints, your best bet is to replace them as soon as you can with some that have fittings for grease..the original ones do not have grease fittings..only other thing was to replace the a/c compressor 4 years ago..the strongest car i have ever owned..i have owned plenty this can is now being used 120 miles a day as a rural mail delivery car by my wife..she tears up tires and doors..but it keeps on kicking like you would not believe..if you find a good one, you will love it to no end..oh also i took out the air ride in the rear and had heavy duty springs put on the car as well as air shocks..i have pulled 16 foot trailers with a welded on hitch full of what a cab baby..i love it
Bought this well maintained car (all service records present at the time of sale) with 69,000 miles on it in a private sale from the original owner in 2006. It has been virtually trouble free to 125,000 miles. I just had 120,000 mile service done which included draining and flushing the transmission. Watch out for high prices here. Big variance from 100 bucks to near 300 bucks .... check your local GM dealerships and ask what they are charging by make and model year. There is a difference between "drain" and "drain and flush." Parts prices vary widely. I've heard comments from don't need the drain and flush to yes you do .... I tend to think it should be done, especially if fluid is not bright red (mine wasn't .... dull but not brown) b/c I drive cars to 250K, have been very particular about doing the recommended maintenance and it has served me well. Just use this site to get a good idea of costs and then compare prices and go where you can get a good price and reputable service. I can recommend this car as a very good value if you can find a 2002 Century Custom with less than 110,000 on it. After 2002, GM dropped some of the features on this body style and had some other engineering changes that make the 2003 and on versions less desireable.
My car is ok so far its just that every time i turn around i have to put money into this car
Love this car, I will keep it till it runs into the ground
This would be the perfect car, except for the cost of maintenance and repairs. Typical shops don't have the specific VW tools and shy from them, so it's pretty much back to the dealer. The 4-motion is amazing - if traction begins to break pushing hard in a curve, just give it more gas and feel it grab. Very smooth & comfortable, & very strong. I would drive this car to Hell and back and enjoy it all.
I love this truck. I now have over 400,000 miles on my '01 Superduty Diesel and it has never failed me. Power is still great and fuel mileage with the power chip is around 20 if I stay below 65mph. I did have to have the guts replaced in the Auto Trans at about 150k. I've replaced the alternators (ambulance package so there are two) a starter and the neutral sensor along with normal maintenance and that is it. Can't buy a new one cause this one won't stop running. I may wear out the seat before anything else.
I got my 99 Intrigue with 175,000 miles on it. It now has 234,000. It has its hiccups, window reg went out twice driver side, the turn signals ( to many times to count ), and now its the low pressure power steering hose, and blower fan for the ac/heat. I got the car about 4 years ago, put it through hell, and it keeps on going.
This car runs great I had a few problems at first to start with like electrical since the alarm wasn't installed incorrectly. The interior is fine but now that I've driven it for over 6 months and all I hear now are squeaks and vibrations from the dash board and the doors. There is a safety issue with the car since I have kids there should be some kind of blockage under the driver seat so that nothing is able to roll towards the gas and the brake. I have had a few incidents where a milk or water bottle has rolled towards my foot. Other than that I love this car its very roomy and spacious.
I bought this car a 2006 it has been a good car but now at 75000 mil. thing are going wrong the Fuel Pump is going out now with the brakes,a/c ,heater, and now the 0-2 is bad. one more thing this car should be getting 22mpg city 33mpg highway. but i get 21mpg all the time.
Excellent, reliable car. I will buy another Subaru when I'm ready to replace this one. Very few repairs required, but I get regularly recommended maintenance done on time.
Great truck. it has over 90k miles on it and still drives like new. It has seen everything from beach driving to blizzard conditions and has never failed on me. Still feels solid and seems like it will last forever. I've driven other model SUVs with the same mileage and they feel like they're going to fall apart any minute.
Having major problems with the heat but just had a winter storm and this truck had no problems as a matter of fact it drove better, even tho i almost frooze to death.
I bought my 2006 three years ago. I have driven it all over the country in all types of climates and road types. It is a road warrior, great on gas and very comfortable. On the flip side, this vehicle has an array of electrical problems which can prove costly.
I love cars made by Buick. I have owned my Baby for 4 year. This year is the first that I have had a repair cost other than brakes, and a tune-ups. My first was the Century. When you are from a cold place like Chicago, the heat in this car is EXCELLENT. I would recommend this car over others that I have owned in the past and present. For example, Ford Explore, Dodge Caravan and Dynasty.
great car just needs a few upgrades
I purchased my '02 Jeep Wrangler in fall of '01 and it's given me no issues. I do follow the recomended maintenance schedule that is published by Jeep and though it's probably costed me the price of another wrangler. I feel that not having a jeep payment for the past 5 years is well worth the cost of maintenance. Looking forward to pushing another 100k miles on this reliable little jeep.
I have owned three Accords and the 2008 is by far the worst from a mechanical perspective. I had the front rotors and pads replaced at 5100 miles. The rear pads were next at just over 10,000 miles. Now I am replacing the rear pads again at 22,000 (not at the dealership). This is unbelievable. I have had two SUVs and a full size truck that needed less brake work than this car. It also took 4 tries for the interior trim to be repaired. Honda has always been the first place I look when it comes time for a new more.
Owned my 97 Honda Accord since 2001. Drove it cross country from LA to Philadelphia without a hitch. Been driving it ever since. I've had several problems the last few years with electrics - the driver side window stopped working for a while, once it was fixed, the back passenger side window went dead. Also, the radio has gone funny, and only plays AM dependably, to get FM stations to work, i have to manipulate the lights or other buttons on the dash. Currently, the car is in the shop for distributor repair and its costing me a pretty penny. I do love the car and its been reliable, never breaking down on the road (knock on wood) and only the occasional tire blow. I would definitely buy another Honda.
Check engine light comes on sporadically, dealer wants to keep it to work on it. I don't have the time. I can nurse 41 mpg (5 spd) w/o using A/C, around 37 mpg in summer. For go to work transportation it can not be topped. Drives and rides like a larger car. My Lexus is not worth the extra money over this car.
My 2002 Frontier Crew Cab has 91,000 miles on it. It has been flawless except for the electric mirrors, which frequently suffer from gear binding when you try to adjust them. Thankfully if I just reverse direction and then go back the other way, it clears itself every time. It has been one of the most reliable and dependable vehicles of the 12 or 13 I have owned in my life. Nice job Nissan - ya got it right on this one!

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