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Has been reliable overall. Had Air Cond. problem this past summer that I heard was common to this particular model. Was repaired under extended warranty.
Great car, a bit slow on pick-up, but maintains speed VERY well. This is my first car, and I love it. Breaks are a bit on the sticky side, it takes time to get used to them.
I bought this car for my 19 year old so fall of 2009 with 127,000 miles on it. I wound up having to replace the Tstat and Housing along with the water pump and Radiator cap right away as the car was overheating. The radiator reservoir is plastic and has a very small crack in it which requires once a week monitoring of the fluid. It's a fairly complex fix so I am waiting a little before I replace it. The 5 speed drives and handles really well with good power and acceleration while getting an average of 30 plus MPG. One other issue is the driver's side plastic window guide broke allowing the window to fall out of it's forward guide. An easy but timie consuming fix and the parts weren't too expensive.
I bought mine brand new. It now has 150K on it . I get an average of 14 MPG, day in, day out. It tows my 23 foot Chapparel like it's not even there. I've had 5800 pounds of retainind wall blocks with little instablity. This truck is a work horse. loves to chew up front ends. I've gone thru 2 set of Ball joints, and tie rods. The front brakes are easy to replace but the back brakes are a bear to replace as the entire axle has to be pulled. I've also gone thru 3 alternators and 3 sets of batteries because of the parallel set up of the batteries. If one battery goes bad, the alternator tries to charge the bad battery, wearing out the alternator. Once that goes bad, the other battery gets drained.
Just bought a 96 E320 with 195,000 miles on it. I'd like to know what problems I might expect or items that need to be replaced soon. I have noticeced several people who are getting 30 MPG, however I am getting 23 - 27. Are drivers really getting 30 MPG?
Had my xA since Jan 2006, just over 64K miles now. Have been happy with it up till now. Check engine light came on...carbon canister needs replacement--$500. After reading what I found online about this, it's apparently a VERY common problem that recurs and needs fixing over & over again. I live in NJ where emissions testing is required for inspection & will not pass unless I shell out the $500. For the sake of Toyota's service dept personnel, I really hope I never have to fix this again, or they WILL get an earful. As common a problem as this is, Toyota should recall since this is OBVIOUSLY a manufacturing defect.
have trouble with turn signals blinkers dont work when break is applied
Had numerous problems with my Deville. 3 fuel injectors replaced twice now, remote entry control module died 4 yrs. ago, active struts quit 10 yrs. ago, front sterio speakers went bad several yrs. ago, replaced power trunk pulldown motor and all attachments 3 tiimes, replaced power antenna/motor, body shop cannot find trunk leak, pass.rear window motor? died 2 months ago, engine pings when warm and driving up hills. ect. Bought 1994 Deville chrome wheels 3 yrs. ago. Since then tires wouldn't hold air for long. Had adhesive put inside of tires to adhere beading. Worked except for one tire.Could keep listing problems but not enough room. All in all, I still love my Deville even though my '91 Towncar never once gave me any problems.
This is my third Solara. Friends and relatives have the other two. All have been great, no problems. Am disappointed Solara's are not longer available.
Pretty good car. She has made it thur 4 trips back and forth to Texas. Great gas mileage. not a lot to complain about
I bought my 2001 Impala in 2004, it has never given my any problems. I actual still get a thrill from it when behind the wheel. It has 108,000 miles and is stronger than ever!
I am very pleased with this car. So much that I intend to have it restored in a near future. Except for the normal wear and tear, I do not consider to have any major expenses for maintenance. It is an excellent runner and gas saver. Mitsubishi should come up with its fourth generation of Chariots. I am a handicapped engineer and I've garaged my excellent 2006 Dodge Gran Caravan mobility van(26,000 miles)to drive this car. Today, 12/03/09, I found a 1994 (also from original owner/165k miles)and bought it just for keeps.I haven't had the chance to take a good look at it, but I know it needs some good TLC.
we're having trouble with a fast idles at 30mph i can take my foot off the gas and drive along idiling at 30mph.whats going on?
Beyond the gas mileage, this is a very good car for long trips. For short trips, city driving, etc., I should of gotten the SX4.
this is my first car, i bought it with 120,000 miles on it... it has a security problem, the security light lights up on my dash every so often and blinks for 10 mins... and i have to wait until it stops blinking to start it... it is a huge pain. apparently it is a manufacturing problem that was never recalled
I bought this car new and had a small problem with the transmission right from the start. It was very subtle and hard to detect and, in fact, it would not show up on the computer but I knew something was not right. Finally, after the warrenty was up, it got bad enough to cause the CEL to come on and the problem showed up on the computer. It was the transmission module. Other than this it has been a very good car and I will keep it untill the wheels fall off!
I have had my GS400 for 10 years, and I have yet to have any major repairs done. I have 143,000 miles, and it still runs like a champ.
the transmission has bad problems MB will not support. Overall a classic.
A very durable rig. As a used car it retains a very high quality status.
Typical Gm garbage this truck has 54000 and is pampered. I change oil every 1500 miles or three months. Do all scheduled maintenece early. It in the shop every other month. Whhel bearings , alternator, water pump, transfercase, pulleys, fuel pump etc. almost as bad as my ex 2001 malibu. which now is replaced by a2010 toyota corrolla. No mor Gm cars for me and thats all i ever bought in my 40years of driving.
Recently purchased one of these with ~63k miles and it still runs very well. The interior is roomy and the engine has a nice feel and provides much better power than my Camry but still maintains decent fuel economy (about 23/24mpg).
Excellent marks for this car. Suprisingly comfortable for its small size and enough engine horse power to get up and go when needed. My only complaint is the transmission shifts stiff in and out of 1st gear. Hopefully, this is normal but I would think it would shift silky smooth in any gear.
i love this type of cars its solid and relaiable
I got truck from parents,they towed it all over,I put a new battery in and new tires,I do LIKE that it is 4 cylinders
I have a 2004 GMC Canyon with 80500 miles on it. I recently had to put in the shop for a total of close to 45 days. During this time Haselwood GM Supercenter was suppose to fix a factory bulletin regarding the head on my truck. After being without my truck for almost a month I got the truck back and it ran rougher than when I put the truck in the shop. They some how missed a bulletin regarding the throttle body even though I had asked if there where any other outstanding issues. The whole better part of a month I was without a rental. After the throttle body cleaning the truck still ran rough. I took the truck back and and was advised that the gas in my truck contain to much ethanol @ 11-12%. I was advised to use a higher grade gas. I have been running a higher grade for the past couple weeks. The truck still runs rough in the morning. But besides that I had an even greater problem today. The drive shaft for my truck literally fell off tonight. there has also been other issues with the truck in the past, a malfunctioning gas cap, broken U-Joint, torn front drive boot, brake light failure, history of mis fires, brakes that last 15,000 miles and not having a horn installed by the factory.
Few problems with this car and I love the versitility. It holds a 10 foot piece of lumber. I just learned that the front driver side bearing is going, muffler is starting to go, and suspension needs work. The bearing is of concern. The rest is expected. Will get a bid from the dealer, as well as others. Maybe they will cover it for a while. The Malibu seems to have bearing problems every 5-7 yrs, and they are sealed. Est is $800 from a mechanic.
very Good car
front supp is alittle loose
Kia refuses to admit there is a problem with headlights on their sorentos. Amazingly, when I called a kis mechanic and said I had replaced NUMEROUS headlights, his immediate respnse was - and I quote - " you have a sorento made between 2004 and 2006, don't you" Interesting how there "is no problem" but the mechanic knew not only the model, but the year of the car without being told. He also said they fixed the problem on the 2007's...what problem? I thought there wasn't a problem! I have had the car a little over 4 years and have replaced 14 headlights and 3 tail lights!
Overall I love my van. I actually prefer it to my other vehicles which are newer (Volvo S60 and Buick LeSabre). However, there are two problems that are wiper blades come on periodically for no apparent reason and I have had problems with the passenger side rear tail light, the socket melts slightly and the bulb burns out. I have replaced sockets a half dozen times but it drives well and I really enjoy driving it especially when there are no children in it! : )

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