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2000 FT SE. I bought this car with 249,500 on it for 1000. This has been a somewhat good purchase for the money. However, I wish I would have saved a bit longer to get one with less miles. It also has some hail damage. I checked it over before purchase (especially the tranny) as I've learned the hard way that Ford transmissions can go at any time. I was surprised that a car fax report didn't show a rebuild as the tranny is very solid. I just had both front ball joints replaced, and an issue with the passenger side headlight, $500.00 for that repair. I put Michelin destiny 80,000 mile tires on it, $450.00 for those. I just found out that the oil pan is leaking and needs a new gasket and so do the valve cover gaskets. That will run another $800.00 for that. It also needs inner front tie rod ends, $400.00 for that. All told, I could have bought a much newer taurus for $4000.00 and saved a bunch of time. I'm thinking of trading this in before I get in too deep with repairs. Over all I like the style and power of the taurus, but the taurus costs way to much to maintain. BTW, I have a 1996 FT that has 187,000 on it, and the tranny went on that at 98,000. This will most likely be my last ford purchase.
So far I am extremely satisfied with this car. Great engine, steering, breaks and transmission. The gas mileage is good given the relatively large engine (5 cylinder, 2.5L). It is very quiet on hwy and has a great sound when pushed above 3,000 rpms. Still no technical problems after 30,000 miles. The scheduled service was very cheap (around $150-200 on average) for each service interval and they were done at a VW dealership.
2008 Z71 been in shop 3 times since January 1. First time they said was bad gas. Second had to replace entire computer in truck. This Wed it died again. This time they say it is throttle problema dn they cannot find a part anywhere in country to fix it. Gonna be out a week or more. Please run like hell if you are thinking of buying on of these lemons!!!
The check engine lite has been on more than off. Mercedes just can't seem to fixx it. gas mileage leave a little to be desired.....
Nuisance problems: Instr panel lights out: HiBeam light, Trac button light, Gear indicator (Drive). Overhead console Mode button broken - stuck on one setting.
Car has 140,000 miles. Seat belts often bind.
GAS GAUGE has bee erratic since car was out of warranty. Some problem with wife's 2001 Sequoia.
Almost have 170k miles on mine and it still runs like a top. It does get slightly shaky after 60MPH. The body is great with no dents (obviously because it's plastic). I have never had a problem with the brakes, but I have heard some of my Saturn friends mention the brake fluid can contaminate. The lights work fine, the engine doesn't have the "GM Tick" even at 170k miles. The heater blows plenty of hot air, but I don't know about the air conditioner. I never use it. My biggest problem with this car is the emissions. It's a little bit difficult sometimes to figure out what is causing emission problems.
lol ya mine 98 is on its way got to replace whole front suspension cuz 20in rims and hittin them bums to hard
Bought the car used in 2003 and haven't had very many problems until recently. Oil seals and lots of leaks, but the car is old..
This is a great car to have. The only big thing is it's a bitch to change the clutch because you have to drop the transmission and take a lotof parts out. Overall though this car will last a long time.
This car is still my daily driver. I have experienced all the problems that can be mentioned about it, but it is still a great car.....after all the repairs!
Bought this car 4 months ago from a dealership..Car had 60000 miles on it..Spent $700 in repairs for oil leak from crank seal..It did same thing again just to find out that the crank has play in it and is knocking seal out..Told I need to replace engine to fix..Dodge only gave 36000 mile warranty for this car for good reason it seems..They do not stand behind what they sell or it would have the 100000 mile warranty the love to advertise on TV..Now I have a car that I owe $5000 and is worth $0 unless I spend another $3000 or more to fix it!! Never buy another Chrysler product..I should have known better..
I thanked God that I purchased the extended warranty with this vehicle. Now that I have 160,000+ miles on the vehicle I am at its mercy. The most recent problem is with the transmission.
This car has been a joy to own. Transmission went at 120,000 miles and there have been a few minor electrical problems, but overall it's been great. At 180,000 miles my A/C is out and I need advice on what to fix.
I am back. I got my 2006 Dodge Charger back from the dealership 3 times now. They could not find the problem with the transmission not wanting to shift into 2nd gear. After they put it on the diagnostic machine and drove it about 8 miles. So, not too long after I left the dearlership, I was driving my car around town to see if it would do the same thing again. And it started acting up, my car didn't want to shift into 2nd (after driving it for about 12 miles). Same thing, it was only able to go around 40mph. and not wanting to shift into 2nd gear. So I drove it back to the dealership and they came out and said do not put it into park just put the emerg. brakes on and that way we can let the shop foreman drive it and he can see what is wrong with it. A day later they called and said it's the sensor switch in the transmission. Which is what I was told it probably was from you (Repair Pal) a few weeks ago. So they ordered the part and it should be in tom. and then they will put it on. I guess I will have to see if this works. AND THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT IT'S FREE OF CHARGE DUE TO AN older RECALL. I pray this works... Please, please, please work...... Not having a car is so frustrating. Especially when I have 2 more years to pay on it. And it's already having problems. I love this car. And it runs awesome other than this gear thing. I hope the sensor makes it new again. Thanks for your help. If you can think of anything else I need to know about it, if this sensor doesn't work, then please let me know. Thanks again !! Debrina
Wonderful vehicle: Handles beautifully, stops on a dime. Very good mileage and very flexible interior. Completely reliable - never a serious problem in 40.000 miles.
I bought the 2005 Camry in November, 2005. At 50,981 miles (November 2008) I put $500 in replacing the intermediate steering shaft because their technician noted the problem when I went in for a routine oil change. I learned later that there was an advisory sent out to the dealers on this issue. Now I go in for another routine oil change and they tell me I need to replace a loose left inner rack on the power steering. That's going to cost me another $500. That's putting $1,000 into clearing up a faulty manufacturing issue which may put my life or others on the road, at risk.
I'm really disgusted. I won't buy another Toyota product. And to think they got all these "rave" reviews from me over the year. Boy was I taken.
I have a 1997 Civic EX Sedan and LOVE IT. I commute 100 miles a day for work and this car has been great. It has 214,000 miles and still runs great.
To make my commute more comfortable I replaced the front seats with seats from an Acura Integra. Huge improvement. I also tinted the windows and installed a remote start for the cold winter mornings.
If I need any body work done to it I buy my repair supplies from Auto Body Toolmart and fix anything that needs fixing.
I have an '06 V70 T5 (Canadian Model) purchased new in May 08.
So far, the car has performed flawlessly. I do the oil/filter changes myself using Mobile 1 and Volvo oil filters. One minor recall. Seats are very good- and supportive- perfect for spirited driving. With the back seats down you can haul a washing machine, lumber for a deck or what ever. Excellent acceleration, great brakes. Good in snow up to about 3 or 4 inches.
Having problems with wouldn't start 2 weeks ago when weather turned cold. Though it was weather related so I took it to honda dealership maintenance where I bought the car (battery is under 3 year warranty). Battery check out okay...was told I needed to drive the car more or further distances (I work for an airline and ttravel on a weekly basis). My car usually sits for no more than 3 days at a time.....I've never had this problem with other cars before..... I would like to know where to find a battery that doesn't start draining so quickly. VERY dissatified with this battery...may have to sell car .
Best truck I have ever owned. 49,000 miles and only repair outside of regular maintenance has been replacing rear axle seals & turn front brake discs. It actually could have gone more miles on the disc's, but I'm pretty fussy bout brakes pulsating even a tiny bit.
This is a quite satisfactory experience with this I have so far
I have owned my 1999 Bravada for a year now. Have had 94 and 97's also. Love the cars. Wish they still made them. Only problem I have found in mine is the heat does not have control other than the fan speed year round. It always puts out alot of heat. Economy is decent at around 16mpg city and up to 24mpg on a long trip.
Reliable automobile. Not part of the gas pedal recall, which is nice. Good vehicle for Colorado winter driving with the traction control, steering assist and abs, but it's still not an awd vehicle. Gas mileage, about 23 overall with highway, city and lot of stop and go on I-25.
Complaints. I think the sheet metal has to be the thinnest out there. Dents very easily. Also not a status car so you won't be getting a lot of speeding tickets because it looks like a car older conservative folks would drive. Not crazy about the climate control system which always reset back to auto after you turn off the car. I'm not always going to want to be at 73 degrees.
What I like about the car are nice features with XLE, V-6 version. Love the heated seats, steering assist, traction control and the cool radio feature that tells you who is playing what song on the radio.
Reliable, only routine maintenance so ownership cost is really good.
Like this SUV a lot. Have owned a 1994 Ford Explorer and love that the quality is back, which is why Ford really seams to be the only competition for the Japanese. Owned Ford, Toyota, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan. Was pleasantly surprised at the look, feel and drive of the 02 Explorer. Still own it and have very little done to it. Sensor replaced a couple of years ago, brakes are actually good. I owned the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, which seems to blow through the pads and rotors. Learned how to replace brakes and save money quickly. New problem with this XLT on Overdrive flashing driving in the mountains of Colorado on the highway. Might be a sensor, could be worse. Only other problem I have had is the back air control makes a clicking sound if you work controls in the second control panel. Couple hundred dollars for a piece of plastic, or control it with the front one.
I just bought a sliver 2002 acura tl 1-16-2010 when I first got in the mileage was 70079 and so far I have no complaints I love this car and I hope that I can keep it for a long time.
I'm a fan of chevrolet suburban
we bought this van with 20K on it and bought the extended warranty which we needed to replace engine gaskets and a wheel bearing which was very costly. Overall happy with the van the biggest complaint is very little heat when outside temperature drops below 30 degrees. the engine temperature drops very fast after you shut it off, like 15 minutes after shut down it has completely cooled and has to run 15 -20 minutes before heat comes back and you are still shivering because it isn't very warm air
Great vehicle. Purchased to use for hunting. Has been very dependable.
good MPG and nice looking.
Did not see lots in 07 but I see lots of Ridgelines in the city now..
Absolutely love this car. I bought it in 2006 with 27k miles on it.

It handles really well in the snow and ice and drives like a car, not a truck.

The interior is quite roomy and comfortable. The rear storage area is large as well.

Knock on wood, the reliability is great. I've had only minor issues. I had a '99 RX300 whose transmission went at 110,000 miles, and I have 109,000 on this one, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.