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F150 3 door, small 4.6 L v-8. Terrible gas milage. 12-14mpg, Gas tank completely rusted out, running boards completely rusted out, Frame rusted. Brakes, rotors replaced. Both exhaust manifolds rusted through. Replaced 4 wheel drive motor, Heater'air conditioner controls do not work correctly. cruise control does not work, So far, I have spent over two thou
sand on repairs and no end in sight. Only 127,000 miles on truck. What can I say, and they talk about Toyota. Estimate to replace exhoust manifolds are running in the range of $800 to $2000
This is my Second Cummin Engine Truck, my first one was a 97 3500 Ram when I traded it in for a new 24valve it had 654,000 With a few major repairs, and 2 Transmissions. With that said I would still never give up my Cummins motor. They rock just schedule maintenance and take care of them and they will take care of you.
I don't drive the car hard. Only 37K miles in 6 years, but so far no problems, just routine mintenance. One oil change. Still on the original set of brakes.

Only quality problem is exterior trim. Glue that fastens brackets to window trim is failing and falling off. No way to repair except buy a new trim piece.
luv my truck had it 9years and 185,000+miles it is so comfotable for a truck and rides like a heavy luxury car... but I have a knock and ping issue since 95,000miles... can only put in high test gas...killer on $$$, its like not all horses are firing together if I use any les than 92octane...have added booster to gas tank etc... it must be something in the throttle assembly or the computer or what!!!???
also how do i get the overhead console read out unitto work again is it a fuse issue or does it need to be reset by a computer I miss the info on temp/gas/mileageinfo...Thanks
My grandmother bought this car in 1994 and drove it until she died in 2001, now my 16 year old son drives it and loves it. Great car!
This truck has been overall the best truck I ever owned. I purchased it in early 2000 when it came off a 2 yr lease from a dealer with 32,000 miles. Up to 84,000 miles I had no significant issues other than standard maintenance. Then, one day coming home from work, the fan pulley assembly simply "Snapped" off the crank. I had to replace the engine with a Ford rebuild for $4,700.00 in late 2002. Although I made an effort to resolve the costs with Ford in Dearborn, MI, it was to no avail. Some mechanics who have looked at the photographs I took of the assembly said it looked like it could have been a bad casting, as the engine itself did not lock up. I have run Mobile 1 full synthetic in the new engine since install.

The continuing issues with the vehicle are the check engine light. I have a diagnostic computer and have replaced the EGR, DPFE, and various hoses for vacuum as well as regular cleaning of the Mass Air fins. I still have to get at one set of lines for the DPFE which are buried up behind the engine. Maybe in the Spring.

Other small issues are the slider pins for the front calipers, they have to be cleaned and thoroughly lubed every year. Repacking the front bearings should be done then too. The wiper transmission just gave up about 160,000 miles and I replaced it. The AC compressor hasn't worked from about 100,000 and I am not fixing it. All the instrumentation bulbs, except for the seat belt and check engine are burned out so I bought an LED cluster to illuminate the panel at night. I replaced the alternator at about 155,000, which isn't too bad for life on an alternator. It got a new starter and king pin at 110,000.

Note that until last year I used to jack this truck up every spring and power wash the underside and spray it down with sealant and paint, so the body is still in pretty fair shape.

Other than that
does a mazda have a speed cable are not
This is the truck of champions. After owning this I never want to get another vehicle. Gas mileage could be better but other than that its an excellent truck.
At 22,000 the engine light went on, not too pleased to replace the mass air flow sensor for $300. The front "leather" seat is not all leather and the plastic areas keep cracking...they've already replaced twice and no longer under warranty.
its a good long lasting car if u have money to put in to it but i guess thats with every car
I have the SE-R version and this car rocks. The on-limit governor is a bit annoying but the handling and steering is great and acceleration is awesome!
I bought my 2003 brand new. Noticed the lack of power immediately. As the years go by, it seems to be "broken in" and while it isn't powerful, it is better than when it was new. Very reliable car. Great gas mileage. Very roomy in front with lots of leg and head room. The car has paid for itself already.
brilliant car, done 30000km+ still original
Very solid car. Nothing but scheduled maintenance, and normal maintenance w/150K, e.g., shocks, oil pan gasket, exhaust, etc.
My wife and I have owned our LS for almost three years and beyond basic maintenance all it needs is the valve covers replaced, we'll pay about $499.00 for that. We take it in to one of the local Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealers for oil changes, on or before time every time. Until the slight oil leak was discovered they never found or recommended any other service items. We have had one tune up done $190.00, should have been $250.00 but a mistake was made on the quote and they ate the mistake (this was at another shop) and of course Air cabin filters every 6-7 months. They are hard on gas, especially in town (15-16 mpg), on a trip to Atlanta we got 24mpg, The steering is a little stiffer than I'm use to, but not a big issue. I cannot complain about performance, this car is quick, smooth, and takes curves well. We found a good one and we love it!
Was driving yesterday and the car stopped in the middle of the highway and would not start. The ABS light was on at one point the check engine light went on then off again, the check oil light went on then off again. I had to call 911 to get help. The police came and tried to crank it but to no avail. It was then towed to the dealership and they said nothing is wrong with it. They did a diagnostics with their computer and say the car if fine. Then what really happened on the highway? I

When snowing I have a hard time with my brakes, they keep slipping. This car maybe cheap but it is dangerous.
Own this truck sense 2000. Has not broke down. Drives well, beside the check engine light does not turn off. Brake great. Paint still good.
I wouldn't recommend this car to my friends, family or enemies. Ive owned two cars in my life and its this one and a 1989 toyota corolla. I thought I was moving up to a more reliable car. however this ML430 has been giving me problems since I bought it in 2007. Within the first week the sunroof wouldn't close. From then on, Every month it was something different. Sensor lights Ive never seen would come on, brakes would still squeak even after you get them done not to mention I need new brake pads every half a year, I needed a new crank shaft because the car had to be cold to crank up, I need a new part for my transmission I couldn't change gears and many more problems. Ive tried to for get rid of it but can not because Im stuck with this hunk of junk. Please others DO NOT BUY this vehicle. Oh yeah whats my current problem for this month the caliber converter is busted...dealership states it was already replaced. so now I have to pay an average of $2000 to get it fix.
Engine sound a bit noisy compared to similar cars but otherwise no complains.
Two speeding ticket...
Pescadero to San Francisco....30min.
Love my manual 5 speed on the curves.
Its got balls, but i got to sell it....Need a Truck
I hate it
2000 FT SE. I bought this car with 249,500 on it for 1000. This has been a somewhat good purchase for the money. However, I wish I would have saved a bit longer to get one with less miles. It also has some hail damage. I checked it over before purchase (especially the tranny) as I've learned the hard way that Ford transmissions can go at any time. I was surprised that a car fax report didn't show a rebuild as the tranny is very solid. I just had both front ball joints replaced, and an issue with the passenger side headlight, $500.00 for that repair. I put Michelin destiny 80,000 mile tires on it, $450.00 for those. I just found out that the oil pan is leaking and needs a new gasket and so do the valve cover gaskets. That will run another $800.00 for that. It also needs inner front tie rod ends, $400.00 for that. All told, I could have bought a much newer taurus for $4000.00 and saved a bunch of time. I'm thinking of trading this in before I get in too deep with repairs. Over all I like the style and power of the taurus, but the taurus costs way to much to maintain. BTW, I have a 1996 FT that has 187,000 on it, and the tranny went on that at 98,000. This will most likely be my last ford purchase.
So far I am extremely satisfied with this car. Great engine, steering, breaks and transmission. The gas mileage is good given the relatively large engine (5 cylinder, 2.5L). It is very quiet on hwy and has a great sound when pushed above 3,000 rpms. Still no technical problems after 30,000 miles. The scheduled service was very cheap (around $150-200 on average) for each service interval and they were done at a VW dealership.
2008 Z71 been in shop 3 times since January 1. First time they said was bad gas. Second had to replace entire computer in truck. This Wed it died again. This time they say it is throttle problema dn they cannot find a part anywhere in country to fix it. Gonna be out a week or more. Please run like hell if you are thinking of buying on of these lemons!!!
The check engine lite has been on more than off. Mercedes just can't seem to fixx it. gas mileage leave a little to be desired.....
Nuisance problems: Instr panel lights out: HiBeam light, Trac button light, Gear indicator (Drive). Overhead console Mode button broken - stuck on one setting.
Car has 140,000 miles. Seat belts often bind.
GAS GAUGE has bee erratic since car was out of warranty. Some problem with wife's 2001 Sequoia.
Almost have 170k miles on mine and it still runs like a top. It does get slightly shaky after 60MPH. The body is great with no dents (obviously because it's plastic). I have never had a problem with the brakes, but I have heard some of my Saturn friends mention the brake fluid can contaminate. The lights work fine, the engine doesn't have the "GM Tick" even at 170k miles. The heater blows plenty of hot air, but I don't know about the air conditioner. I never use it. My biggest problem with this car is the emissions. It's a little bit difficult sometimes to figure out what is causing emission problems.
lol ya mine 98 is on its way got to replace whole front suspension cuz 20in rims and hittin them bums to hard
Bought the car used in 2003 and haven't had very many problems until recently. Oil seals and lots of leaks, but the car is old..