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Pushing 212,000 miles. Very dependable.
Timeless design with Honda reliability.
Learning the interior controls requires the owners manual. All controls pivot around the center control knob and the display screen. It takes a few times to find all the hidden areas to go, which control, navigation, radio, A/C and heating, trip information.
I've had a couple "$200" dollar problems but nothing too big. The great thing about these problems is they almost ALL occurred when I still had my bumper to bumper warranty. Other than these simple problems she's been nothing but Good to me. I love my Chevy just like any other proud Chevy owner should. I can confidently consider my car as a hobby of mine, yet an expensive one.
Bought my 2000 new & have hauled many loads up & down the Alaska-Canada Highway (2400 mi, one way), loaded to the limit (usually beyond) and pulling a grossly overloaded trailer. 200000 miles now: 1 clutch (well earned), 1 fuel pump, ball joints & front wheel bearings @ 150000 mi. (All well earned), 1 set rear brake pads (I am still using the ORIGINAL FRONT BRAKE PADS! 30% (I don't tailgate). LOVE THIS TRUCK, it's been my best friend on many a cold morning. urah.
I haven't had any major problems with my '02 Firebird until recently. My fuel pump is being replaced after 86k miles. My window motors were replaced, both sides, about two years ago. I've changed the battery twice and a few light bulbs occasionally, but other than that, the car is running strong.
I just jinxed myself, huh...
I did Jinx myself; all of the valve lifters had to be replaced. &$%@#
Hard to criticize this vehicle. I bought it new in 2000 and put 20K miles on it every year. I replaced a radiator and the transmission was repaired under warranty at about 100K mile. It has never been garaged and the paint hasn't even oxidized.
Purchased as a 2nd owner with 20K miles. Cute and sexy for a subcompact *the cherry red paint on mine looked great with tint*.

Last night @ 85,900 miles the timing belt "snapped" 2 miles from home on my way to work. This caused the engine to "blow". I read above someone else had the same problem and wanted to post that my car did the EXACT SAME THING.

Saved some money on gas for the 40 months I had it. Had it paid off as well. Thought it had another 50-60k miles on it...BUMMER

$2860 for a "used engine" and installation. Mechanic said I just had horrible luck and that everything else looks tip-top.

This 2004 Rio needed 4 new headlight bulbs as it is extrememely shaky especially on older or banged up roads. The suspension is actually the worst of any somewhat newer car I've driven in.

I got ~31-32 mpg when doing 90% freeway miles.
Great looking car, but must take great care. I have a 91 coupe deville and the door rests are cracked the ceiling is falling the drivers seat is ripped. The brake redusers need replaced, as well as the gas line to the tank. I still love my car, we have been threw alot of changes.
great car
bought it with 32,000 miles have a 110,000 on it now not many problems just had to replace front wheel bearings and it needs a tune up have had transmission fluid done and coolant and new tires a few times and the child safety locks in the back trigger themselves randomly has been a great vehicle only complaint is poor gas mileage but its heavy and big so thats what you get
I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer, bought it brand new off the showroom floor. It currently has 63,000 miles on it. I have maintained the oil changes faithfully, otherwise, it has not cost me anything. I am just now doing the front brakes, drivers side outer tie rod end, plugs and an air filter. Oh and just put on some tires...I also learned it needs a camshaft sensor...a whole $37.00 (LOL). This truck has been WONDERFUL for me. The vehicle I had before this was a 2005 Chevy Equinox, that was the first year for them. It spent at least 1 week a month at the dealership getting fixed....honestly. I had a loaner more than my actual vehicle, after a year I finally said enough, liked the looks of the Trailblazer and away we went. This Trailblazer has haulded campers, trailers etc...without hesitation. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is considering a mid-size SUV. My husband is comforted in knowing that I am safe during my 33 mile one way commute to work every day, and living in New England, we have our fair share of snow and lousy weather. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago I found myself in a situation in which I was sucked in to some slush and truck started going sideways, well, everything kicked in and she sure came around and I was going straight again, I cannot say enough good about the Trailblazer! Thank you Chevy for building a truck I trust and one that is super comfortable!! Kudos from MAINE!
A great Ride anywhere, Highway or across town. They dont make them like this anymore. A great family car with plenty of room.
I bought this truck in 2006 off the show room floor with 15 miles on it over all the truck is everything I need it to do. The Goodyear tires that were on the truck only lasted 20000 miles and had to put some other ones on, one of my friends has the same truck and has to put tires on every 15 to 20 thousand miles always goodyear. so I put yokahama tires a little loud but so far 35000 miles on them with tread left. the engine could have a little more power, and the hauling load in the box could be a little higher. I do all of my service work other than the warranty work that was done but never in the garage for any thing. my sway bar linkage just broke on the drivers side going to replace both of them
I bought my Ridgeline new in 08. For the most part I'm very satisified. The truck does lack power. It would have been great if Honda offered a V8 model. 50k and everything has been good so far.

Does anyone know at what point the timing belt should be changed?
great once you figure out the cooling sytem the radiator for this was to small replace it with a bigger radiator and all the problems will be gone
For the past 8 years it has performed great-always starts on the first crank. Great gas mileage. There is alot of road noise. Stereo/CD player has good sound. Comfortable ride but does sit low to the ground.
Parts replaced so far: Cooling Fan (90k), Tires twice (first set lasted 5 years!) Brakes twice, steering fluid, brake fluid, oil plug (striped over time) and Spark plugs twice (first time I installed wrong ones, always change with the manual's suggestion part #). Great reliable car.
The '94 version of transverse NorthStar is an absolute racehorse. It is a thoroughbred. It will flat crawl up and get naked with you! I mean it is STOUT!
I'm the original owner of my Seville SLS. 147,000 miles! Only 3 tuneups.
I broke the engine mounts twice (I think from hard accelerating) . I think this is a very weak component in the engine compartment.
Oil & filter every 3,000 miles
The brakes and suspension work well when functioning properly. Air suspension parts are VERY expensive. around $9,000
Rear deck pull down motor broke. Dealer wanted $275 to replace it. My local mech. changed the switch for $10.
CD player only lasted a couple of years. Suggest third party CD/nav unit replacement.
On the highway, the engine creeps up to 85 without even thinking! Not a bad thing. Just use cruise control. It will accelerate effortlessly.
One complaint about the HVAC. This applies to many cars I own but especially this model. I can't control where the air flows. If I want it on my feet, I can't direct it there. The controls are all automatic. It blows the air where the car wants it. Of course I can switch to defrost but if I want the hot air from the heater to blow out the AC vents and on my face....can't do it.
This car drove like a dream when new. It must be maintained properly to continue that ride. Very expensive parts. There are cheaper aftermarket non-air systems but I prefer my car to remain stock.
I'm 6 ft 6 inches tall. Very comfortable car with lots of knee, hip, and head room. (no moonroof)
MPG new was 29mpg on hwy.
Currently getting 21-25 on hwy (note: 147,000 miles)
Engine is still VERY strong.
Front wheel drive is very stable.
I love this car.
$34,999 off the showroom floor in 1994
At only 30K miles we had to have Tranny rebuilt, a year later and its going out AGAIN! Numerous battery/electrical problems.. I took to dealer while under warranty and requested they check my chargig system and all that out, well all they did was give me a new battery and tell me all was fine. Well it wasn't and now that it is no longer under the 36K mile warranty it will be my $ to get the alternator replaced and hope that solves our problems. (we put a red top Optima in it and still have problems). Additionally we had to have all the interior door handles replaced. The chrome plastic covering peels off and feels like little razors when you open your door. A year later ... they are peelig again but yup , you probably guessed , we have to pay for the replacement. The brakes also squeal like crazy, even after they were replaced and we put stop squeak on them. GM is totally unhelpful. They know the truck has problmes with batteries and transmission but they leave us owners out in the cold. We traded out 99 Durango to get this truck so I would have something more reliable... BIG MISTAKE. We are now going to try and trade the Tahoe in for another Durago.
toyota corolla 1993 is the best car i love it tooooooo much
this car has been great, except for troubleshooting which sensors might not be good, too many posibilities. otherwise sound little car that seems to last forever.
typical gm quality, the doorhandles break, heater work when it wants to and has no safety features for children other than front control door locks. front end goes out and breaks dont hold up. the motor on other hand has 160,000 and runs like new. be nice to get out of a big rig without rolling window down in winter.
I'm at 144000, have had it for 4 years and am getting rid of it. ABS and traction control come on even in mild weatherer, headlights are dim or not aligned right. Engine light comes on often. When there is no risk of ABS coming on it drives very nicely and powerfully and has a huge trunk. Rain sometimes drips from trunk hood into the trunk when open instead of into the drip area. We have had a ton of tiny annoying things wrong with this car, even when it was just four years old. Nothing too major, but a lot of little things.
GREAT CAR! Better than toyota or nissan(datsun) and honda!
very good traveling car. cheesy electrical system, but overall not very reliable in the end.
Bought this car in 2002 - over time have spent $1800 and $800 on repairs - can't remember what has been done - it has been a few years. I have 145,000 miles on it. I have a new battery and 4 new tires aside fro the other 2 maintenance bills I had. It has been a great car.
I am not sure about Brakes
Its this or the H1 for me 7.3 turbo diesel rocks.