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I have a 1994 Geo Prizm LSI. I've had it for two years now, I purchased it used from a used car lot. I have regular maintanence done on the car as often as it needs it. Other than that I have not had any major repairs except for the back brakes when I first got the car. The brakes are okay but I have noticed I have to replace the front brakes and rotors once every year. The interior is still in like new condition, although I hate where the cup holder is located. My air conditioner blows out air but the air is not cold, I haven't bothered to get it checked out yet because it's not too big of a deal for me. I have had problems with my power windows since I got the car. Front passenger side window has never rolled down, back windows are starting to squeak when I roll them down, driver side window stopped working, got it replaced and now it's acting up again. My car only has 118,000 miles on it. It's been a great, little running car up until a few days ago. I did a basic tune up on it and put in a new battery and now my car starts, drive it around for 10-15 mins and then it abruptly dies out but after it dies it'll start right back up. I suspect it may be my ignition coil but every shop tells me they don't know what's wrong with it. I am thinking about taking it to the dealership or just letting it sit and getting another car and when I have more money to blow, then get it fixed. I'm not giving up on it though because it's been so good to me and don't want to ever see it go. I will defenitely cry the day I have to say good bye to this car. It's been very reliable and even though I am just now having a problem, I have had great experience with it for two years now with absolutely no problems at all so I would still recommend this car to anyone thinking about getting one.
I have 163,000 on my 1995 STS. Still drives & handles like
it did when it was new. Did have transmission problems at
90,000..had speed sensor & torque convert replaced..had to
have the solenoid sensor for trans replaced around 40,000
but still under warranty. Have had a oil leak for about a year
so plan to repair that & drive a few more years..still looks good.
If you could find a good reliable affordable independent to maintain this car, she will last for long long time and with the one of the best road handling and comfort. Maintenance is very very expensive at the dealer so DOnt go there for basic routine maintenance. Test Drive one and you will know what i mean! AAA

My third Honda. Each has gotten over 200,000 miles with very little repair / heavy maintence. The newer the model the better the car. I haven't replaced my muffler as an example.
I have had this car since it was new, and I have found nothing wrong with it. It is a truly great automobile.
I wish they kept the same engine and drive train in the 98 and newer troopers. All the
problems don't occur in the 1997 and earlier.
When this trooper rusts out I will be forced to go back to the newer Rodeo (same motor) just not as roomy and less quality. Isuzu
makes trucks here as well as SUV's in Asia.
I wonder if I should move to Thailand?
Issues I have had with my 2006 CHev Impala,head lights are poor to average.Steering from day one makes a creaking noise when turned to far left or right, cant get dealer to find any problem.Trunk area above opening poor desing or weak metal many owners complain of early rusting.
I have had at least 5 PT Cruisers, I just sold one that had 125K on it, no trouble at all. The others were used when I bought them and I have had great success with them. They have enough power (all non-turbo) and good gas mileage (25mpg). Some folks complain about wobble etc. CHECK YOUR TIRES! I just replaced 2 front tires because of flat spots on a 07.that my wife loves and drives. The tires appeared to have a lot of life left, the car has 30K miles.Head lights glazed over on 01, got some 1200 grit wet sand paper and polished them back up, They also sell a kit at the auto store that will polish them.
lots of problems with sensors, always has to have diagnostics run at $400 a pop, before ford will repair anything, this is a model NOT TO BUY, unless you have lots of money every time the sensors screw up, so far 5 have gone on this, because it is over the mileage ford are not interested, minimum i have had to spend on each repair is over $1500, but i give credit it is a dream to drive and comfortable when driving cross country, just so dam expensive to repair.
1997 Expedition EB White - Bought at 23k sold at 176k. Love the car 18MPG overall. very comfortable
1. engine under warranty at 90k due to piston slap. Manufacturing fluke.
2. Replaced air suspension bladders at 130k $800 but the ride is worth it.
3. Never replaced the muffler it was good to the end.
4. replaced shocks once, front end ball joints at 110k
5. Replaced radio with oem from Ebay $50 was $800 from Ford
6. third row seat was manual and hard to fold or remove.
Overall loved the car and have bought two expeditions since.
Just purchased February 22, 2010 with 148k miles on chassis and supposedly less than 20k on rebuilt engine. Just had all spark plugs and wires replaced, and fuel system cleaned. Next will be brakes all around. Supposedly two O2 sensors need replacing. Supposed transfer case leaks. Power door lock on driver's side does not work. Seatbelt latch on front passenger side gets stuck, so I have new replacement part to have put on. Roof lining around sunroof in poor shape, going to add decor for temporary satisfaction. Hood has no prop up stick -where do I find that.. and hood latch needs adjustment to be able to fully latch down tight.. still a good car.. just in the works to be better.
I think that the buicks suck. Im not a fan of US made cars but i still gave it a try. I have had this 2000 Buick LeSabre for 1 year now. I paid 7,000 for it and put about 4,000 in work into it. all of the windows stop working. The motors sounds like it a race car with a loud noise everytime i hit the gas,(not in a good way). the gas meter stop working. its all ways on full, even when i know its not. the trunk stop working, the only way to open it is with a key. The a/c commpressor just gave out. the head gasket leaks on to the engine causing a bad smell, the gas pedal sticks at time making it tough to brake. and the stock radio sucks
My Element was one of the first ones off the line 10/03. She is a joy to drive and can do and go just about anywhere. I can haul camping gear for four. Four bikes standing up with out removing the front wheels. And two 80 pound labs. I can go hunting and come home and hose the old girl out. Pitty it has been discontinued.
I have had 3 Mazda Navajo's , first one was great, but rusted out due to northern winter salt on roads. Second Mazda Navajo was a 2WD base model 5 speed that lasted 315K mi. 2nd Navajo major repairs were Clutch, fuel pump, ball joints, and cylinder head rebuild at 210K mi. 3rd Navajo is a 4x4 5spd rust free TX truck and low mileage, no major repairs but needs front ball joints in the near future. Things to watch out for as a owner front ball joints, fuel pumps rusting out (northern trucks), push rods (making tapping noise) and rubber plugs on back of 5 spd transmissions shift housing, they dry out rubber cracks leaking fluid until trans goes dry on fluid, to fix remove plugs clean with brake clean and reinstall them with Ultra grey. Automatic trans. are weak for towing and 4x4 axle u joints are a big money repair. Over all these are great trucks
I have a 2000 Town Car Cartier L series I bought it with very low miles. 3rd Town Car I have owned, my 1990 Cartier had 225k mi and my 1992 had 278k mi before the frame rusted out (lived up north then). Intake was replaced due to a bad plastic coolant crossover pipe design. I upgraded all ball joints, idler arm, and tie rod ends with MOOG greasable performance suspension parts (my choice old ones were fine). I installed Bilstein comfort ride shocks and Arnot limo grade rear air bags with lifetime warranty (old shocks and bags were good). Finally installed cast aluminum transmission pan with drain plug, so I could change my own fluid. Now this car performs and rides like a dream, I have 90k miles on it and can do all the routine maintenance work my self in the garage, easy to work on compare to most newer cars. Also the stretched rear doors on the L series is worth every penny. I talk to a guy at the airport once and he had over 600,000 mi on his L series and I hope to due the same. Living in TX I don't have to worry about rust either. Lincoln Town Car's have always been great cars for me would recommend them to anyone.
The best car I've ever had. I use it for a couple of long trips a year, pulling the fishing boat in and out of all sorts of conditions, and a 40 mile commute every day. 108k on it with no repairs. I keep the tires rotated and aligned and have gotten 55-60k each set. Still drives like new and gets 21mpg overall. I'll drive this one 'till the wheels fall off and gladly buy another..
We have a 1999 VW Passat 2.8 V6 5spd., my uncle bought it new. I bought it from my uncle at 90K. My uncle had new axles installed, control arms, and clutch. I now have a 122Kmi on this car and I think its a poor example of transportation. Coolant pipes under intake leak, major oil leak and smell from valve covers and cam chain tensioners.
Electric water pump quit working, power steering leak, expensive timing belt replacement. Only seats I have ever rode in that give me lower back pains after 400+ road trip. For my house hold this car has been a piece of junk.
I bought this 1997 Taurus 7 years ago and now has 202,000 mi still passes Dallas emissions with original catylist converters. When I bought the car I upgraded ball joints, and tie rod ends with Moog suspension parts (best). Always had typical wear items serviced with Ford OEM parts such as fluid changes, brakes, belts, tune ups and batteries. Only two major repairs done with transmission rebuild at 167K mi and fuel pump at 190K mi. Overall this car has been great for our household, one of the more reliable cars out of the five we have. I would probably buy another Taurus again for the family.
I love my truck..however in the 6 months we have had it. We have had the brakes and rotors changed (normal wear and tear), then we took it in because it was shimming, come to find out it is the steering box, and also found out the intake manifold is leaking...good news is after getting those fixed should be back to good as new:).
Great SUV when it comes to price, style, and cargo space. But if you want something with power and/or towing capability, this is not the one for you.
Great car for the family. Repairs are reasonable and expected.
this car is starting to give me a headach
Have an '01 530 with 110k. Everything has been great on car but just had to replace starter and radiator. Other than that, car has always ran perfectly. Next car will have to be the M5
This is one of the finest luxury cars with the extended life with the minimum repairs as long as regular maintainence is performed. Simple oil changes and tire rotations will give you a reliable luxuty automobile
Jerry Olsen
Sweet ride but LOTS of electrical problems--ignition coiled burned up and dashboard went bad. It also takes a long time to heat up (but the heated seats are "cool.")
Bought this 2001 Buick as second owner with 65,000 miles at a Buick Dealer in St. Augustine, FL. After 30 day warranty ended transmission started jumping when changing gears. Finally starting getting worse after a few more miles so I took it to AAMCO transmission. They said transmission was shot and needed total overhall for approx $2,700. After the work was done within a month same problem started again. They keep re-setting solinoid but problem kept happening. Took the car back many times to fix. Finally the repair was out of warranty and was never repaired correctly. Now after 1-1/2 years the transmission stopped working as I was driving down the road... just jumped out of gear and never would go back into ANY gear. Now, stranded in St. Augustine again....... I would not buy another Buick of any kind... besides, people think I'm older than I am just because I drive a Buick.
As a mother of 3 children, I have to say that my suburban has been wonderful!! All the kids got a window seat, there is always plenty of room for carseats, as well as extra passengers. I have over 285,000 miles on my suburban and my kids since have moved out. You would think I woukd downsize, but I can't image being without my suburban!! This truck has never let me down or stranded. Steller vehicle!!
Had no problems up until about 90k miles. My AC started binding up, which froze the drive belt and fried the alternator, which took out the battery. All told the damage came up to $2000 in one go. I live in Phoenix, but I tried to use the AC sparingly and just open up the windows so the AC dying was a surprise. Not the most pleasant, but overall it has been a great little car.
My first and last volkswagen! I researched carefully and thought there might be electrical problems (there were many + cruise failed twice and very expensive to repair I finally gave up on 3rd failure). I wanted a diesel engine for the higher mileage and fuel savings. I serviced it meticulously at VW dealership (timing belt, all servicing done right on schedule). Car engine dropped a valve at 180,000 km left me and my young children stranded in the middle of a packed 6 lane highway (needed emergency rescue to exit car to safety). VW offered nothing except offer to let me buy another new car from them (no deals)...I bought this car brand new and always VW serviced it...expected a lot more. I always had Hondas before and they were still running like a charm (no oil even being used) at 240,000 km+ with a gasoline engine. I have since heard that one can expect anything with VW made after 2004....German engineering made in Mexico is not the same. VW is a great little car as long as you do not mind buying it several times over and over and over again!