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Very nice car but the bad mileage is TOURIBLE! I bought it from 5 days ago. very helpful and comfortable car like a boat! But I didn't know what the 10 mpg caused by? It chocked me!
I have a 2006 Kia Sorento which I purchased used in 2007. Since owning the vehicle I have replaced 3 headlights, can't even count how many brake lights. The dome light doesn't come on when you open the door. The cargo axillary outlet stopped working in 2007, the cigarette outlet stopped working in 2008. I had to replace all 4 tires in 2009 and now in 2010 the rear wiper blade doesn't work. I just replaced the driver's headlight on friday, it is now wednesday and guess what... same light is out again. I would NEVER recommend this car to anyone... I'm gonna go back to buying the Honda... those cars last forever with no problems!
This is a great truck overall. Mine is on the highway all the time, probably not the best place for it. Mileage poor when new, but slowly got better until I replaced the tires and it went down again. I suspect new tires hurt the mileage. I was getting close to 21 on the highway.

Added the buttons to get the DIC data. Simple to do, don't let the dealer charge you for this, great upgrade for less than 100 bucks. Takes all of 14 seconds to do.

At about 80k, the rear end would kick and squawk when coming to a stop, at a stop or just letting off the brake to go. Had to have the drive-shaft spline re-greased but that did seem to fix it. We'll see.

There is some sort of a vibration in the dash, I can't seem to put my finger on. Typical Chevy vibration but annoying none the less. Hour meter reset itself at some point. Now only showing 400 hours. (with 84,000 miles, that would mean I drive at 210mph. I dont guess this is worth complaining about because they could only guess anyway.

Can't complain got 83,000 miles on the OEM tires and front brakes. I change the oil about every 11k per the oil life monitor and rotate the tires every 6-7k.

If I was going to build this truck, I would, as silly as it seems, paint the insides of the rear wheel well black to match the front. It looks sort of goofy.

Added DIC mod, tilting bed tonneu, and locking tailgate handle. Installed laptop mount in front and wi-fi. Again, overall a good truck. I think I'll keep it when it's time for a new work car.
GMC Yukon 2002. Started with 3 miles directly from the dealer. Now the mileage is over 334488. Have picture to prove it. Amazing truck! Towed a lot and very strong and reliable. Definitely love it!
A very solid car.
I bought my 3.0CL with 25K from a dealer in 1997. I always had the routine maintenance done, and she still flys smoothly down the road. I qualified for a rebuilt transmission in 2004 under warranty, so it's working much better. I decided I wanted it quieter inside, so I bought 4 tires that were softer. The ABS is out as of late 2009, and I need a new switch to move my passenger seat back (forth works) on the tract. She's got 88K miles and would love to doll her up a bit with a new side mirror and front bumber that my sister broke while backing into me full speed, but that's about it. 3/9/10
I LOVE the suspension and steering! Heavy, road hugging. Great pickup and go. Head light goes on and off. NE winters are cold and so is my car for the first 6 miles....then I feel the heat!!! I have even used a small blanket to and from work when temperature is in the teens. As soon as the warrentee was up, my driver side door had electrical
problem. Master door with all the controls went hay wire. Cost over $700.00 to repair. Today as I type this my car has been towed to the dealer ship. Something popped in the engine. Engine light came on. My car felt like it was traveling over railroad tracks and exhaused filled the car and smoke came pouring out the tail pipes. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the call from the repair shop.
I bought this car a couple of weeks ago with 25,000 miles. It has the AMG package with other additional options and it is a beauty. I am thrilled to have it.
My husband and I bought this car a month or so ago and we love it .nothing major wrong the only thing we found is when we put on the brake it sounds like the passanger side wines down and it can be loud at times.
worst car i have ever had do not buy a KIA they are lemons please do not put yourself in the same thing i have been through they need a recall for all kia cars
I bought this car new and what a headache.GM had the pan off 5 times for oil leak and replaced engine with rebuilt GM engine . All it has done is use oil big time.Brake module went out $900.00 Door window regulator/water pump motor mount radiator fuel pump just to name a few. Iloved the car but no one in thier right mind would put up with this. NO MORE GM and their over rated JUNK.
Year 1989 Pick-up
Bought my 2002 Sport Trac used about a year and a half ago with 69,000 miles on it. The car was in immaculate shape for the year and it ran extremely well. For it being 8 years old, it still runs great and looks awesome. Ford had a good thing going when they came out with this line of automobiles.
This New Yorker I have the Transmission is not functioning, its gonna cost a lot of money to fix, other then that the car is great, anybody else have problems??
Excellent car with very few problems
Bought the 2004 se at 47k, absolutely love it. Yes it's plain inside and it's performance is not worth talking about, but it's cheap to run and put some rims on it and it looks great. One thing is the stereo speakers are shit, as usual they aren't good enough for the stereo fitted. I changed them for a minor upgrade and now it's great, clear, good bass. All round this is a great car, I do wish it was RWD, but maybe an upgrade to a SHO for the next one.
This has been a very good car only issues was heater core wore out after 100,000 miles. Front rack pinion needed service 120,000 miles. Replaced altenator after 90,000 miles.
Girlfriend bought it brand new, NEVER had any issue's. So to you that do not like this car, i am sorry your cars must have been built on a monday or a friday. Monday cause the auto makers were still hung over from the weekend or a Friday cause they were ready to hit the door running to the bars. Sorry you got a lemon hope you continue to support our country and buy AMERICAN. (although nothing is american anymore due to all the jobs going to mexico or over sea's) But i will drive chevrolet until the day i DIE.
overall this is ba good car. v6 so it,s ok on gas. air ride is a royal pain if needs replacing.
i have 35,000 miles on my frontier. Had to have the alternater replaced around 10,000 but other than that, i've had no trouble with it. it's a great truck.
I love this car. I've had it for 11 years now and am just now having some problems. Unfortunately, due to the location of the cup holder, it was broken within a week of buying the car (not under warrantee). And the sway bar is currently cracking on both sides. I have not spent much on repairs, but the repairs needed weren't cheap. Although, I would like a cup holder. You don't realize how much you miss them when they're gone. It's too expensive to replace. Overall, I would really hate to get rid of this car.
this is the worst vehicle I have ever owned, nothing but major problems- a/c blew at only 2 yrs old, transmission replaced at 76,000 miles (have never towed anything), electrical problems ranging form burning out my 6player cd to brake light sticking on. I will NEVER buy another mercury!
At 125K, I love this car even though it has required some significant repairs. This car has one of the BEST RIDES I have ever experienced. It has large rear seating, a huge trunk, great handling, great acceleration, great premium sound, and more. I bought it new from the dealer, LXi, 3.2L, Gold, Leather, The Works. Now for the problems: AC evaporator went out in 2007, about $1300 to repair (remove dash, etc.). Since then, the AC has been anemic and temp control poor- I may need to replace AC pump; Steering Rack went bad in 2008 and it seems to be common on this series of vehicles, and it was about $1000 to repair-hard to find a inexpensive rebuilt steering rack; plastic door trim shrunk over the years and needs replacment, but not a biggie. Gas mileage has gotten worse over the years...about 15MPG in city driving, and about 18MPG highway. I plan to replace the engine if it ever goes bad. No tranny or engine problems in this 3.2L model I hear.
I've had my 2002 GMC Yukon SLT (2WD) for about six years. Bought it at auction w 40,000 miles on it. Not too long after, the transmission failed: wouldn't shift into third or reverse. I paid $900 to have it fixed but later found out it would have been covered by warranty. Too bad for me. Now at 130,000 miles I have not had one single problem with this vehicle. Not one. Nothing.

I do regular maintenance on it: oil, fluid & filter changes. I went to do the brakes on it at 70,000 but the pads were in such excellent shape, I just put it back together without changing them. At 110,000 miles I changed the plugs, spark plug wires, hoses, belts, water pump, fuel filter, air filter, PVC valve, brakes and all fluids (nothing was failing, just maintenance). Even at 130,000 the massive brakes were in great shape, meat still left on the pads but what the heck? The rotors were great, I've never turned them and I returned the ones I bought to replace the originals as they were in such good shape. I'm surprised how reliable this vehicle has been for me.

Actually I did have a problem I forgot about: I blew out the front speakers on the stock radio and replaced them. I have the towing package and can tow like there's nothing back there (5.3 liter engine). Average 16.5 mpg with my lead foot (80 mph), tank after tank. Eventually I'll get a new truck but everytime I think about spending $40k to replace my Yukon, I say: "one more year."
our new 2010 Corolla with 500 miles(thats all)on has an extremely rusted exhaust and udercarriage (bolts corroded, metal rusted through), are there other corollas out there with same problem?
I have a 95 s500, were does power steering fluid go, were do I add it. What type is used.
One of the best automobiles I have ever owned. Will have a Civic as long as they keep running like this. Nothing beats a Honda
Pros: The Freelander is solid, quiet gets fairly good gas mileage, and is pleasurable to drive.
Cons: Sucks money from wallet. In its first year with me the fuel pump failed ($750) Window regulator ($330) Light Switch ($220) also Rear window, Radio, Door locks (awaiting repair. Also AC is fairly weak and loud, and the front brakes wear out quickly. Required maintenance is going to cost $300 to $2000 in any given year. Nov 2009 -- Cylinder Sleeve slipped -- >$5000 to fix KBB value ~$3200 what a piece of junk (parts car for sale)

This has been one of the most trouble free vehicles we have ever owned. The I6 has good power and throttle response. The gas mileage is less than ideal, but hey its an SUV. The only thing that has gone wrong in 75,000 miles is the heater/AC fan switch quit working on some settings, and had to be replaced. The radio ate a CD back while it was under warrantee. GM replaced the radio free. So, over 75,000 miles I maybe spent about $100 above and beyond what is considered "normal maintenance". Not a bad value. I like the interior too. After 6 years, we want to keep it for 6 more!
I purchased this 2000 Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer Edition) on January 30, 2010. At that time it had 140,000 miles on it. I had to get rid of my 2001 Chevrolet Impala (>145,000 miles) due to an accident and it being totalled out. Anyway; I had the heater fixed (not working at all), electric door locks replaced, upper and lower ball joints, and all brakes replaced. Seems like a lot since I just got it, but being a 10 year old SUV, I think it was necessary. I have no real complaints about the Expedition. I wish the fuel economy was a little better, but again, for a 10 year old SUV, I knew it wasn't going to be super fuel efficient.