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tank in disguise if u treat it right and keep up with basic maintanance, paint faded on the hood, and at 113000 miles i only replaced the blower motor resistor, brakes, front right hub bearing(not enough $ to replace the other one) and a hanger bushing on the rear that holds the exhaust pipe in place, it gave me a code for knock sensors but it went away after a few days (i think it was poor quality gas) besides that it took me from jersey to key west 2ice no issues and i drive it daily!
3rd Ram love it more than the last. Haul a 6500Lb RV, haul lumber, or whatever I want. This 08 is tough, good looking and like the previous 2, trouble free. Just maintain them like anything and I never have problems. My friend cusses his Tundra after several major issue such as broken driveshaft, tailgait that bends etc etc, not on this Ram though. Love it.
I have a 1996 chevy lumina. Bought it about 5 1/2 years ago with about 110k miles. 55k miles later it is still going strong after many repairs.
Fuel pressure regulator
fuel rail bracket and orings
injector orings twice
head gaskets
intake gaskets twice
exhaust gaskets
valve cover gaskets
throttle cable
battery twice
starter twice
water pump
exhaust manifold
both oxygen sensors
front pads and rotors twice
multi function switch
turn signal switch
front hub
ball joint
spark plugs and wires
fuel filter
other than all those fixes it has never broken down on me!
this truck has been awesome standard cab and lowered. Has never needed brakes for over 15ok miles. The only problems I have had with it is with the suspension because it is lowered!
I bought this truck used with many miles on it. The engine had been rebuilt. So far its been a very good reliable truck. Hauled many things and even a medium sized pop up trailer with no problems. Interior is not in the best shape and appears to have been built shoddy to begin with. Exterior all the paint was peeling bad and looks like that might also been a factory issue.
what other automobile would you even consider that has 150k miles and still cost $5k or better..and get a consistent thumbs up!
my car has 212,000 miles and I just had to get my engine seals replaced (head gasket).other than that my car has been wonderful.I also just got a new paint job and wheels, man you should see the heads turning
love the size and comfort...never had AWD and love it in Michigan winters...however my transmission started moaning around 63000mi took it in to the dealer who told me without tearing it apart and charging me $900 to do so, it was either the trans or PTU (sits near trans and runs AWD)...advised me to sell it or if keeping it to drive it till it drops...which it did today at 73000 miles. I can't believe Ford hasn't had a recall on this.
Best car I've ever driven/had.
I love this car!! It's actually our second Mailbu - the first being in a car accident which made me love it all the more. My boyfriend was driving and was hit in the rear side and spun into a telephone pole at 40 miles per hour and he had very minor injuries. Now we have another and I love it, too!! Only issues we've had so far are the interior lights not working - probably a fuse that we haven't replace yet - and a squeal that just started under the hood that most likely is a belt that needs to be replaced. The check engine light came on a few weeks ago and Advanced Auto told me that we'd have to replace something for emissions but other than that, it's a great car. Fast, excellent gas mileage, wonderful steering. Kept me alive when I had to drive on the ice... Love it!! =)
I HATE this reliable little work horse! My wife LOVES it though so I guess it'll stick around! This tiny little rig is NOT for the larger / taller guy! CRAMPED barely says it. Back seat room ......... room? Well it doesn't exist. I've told my wife that she's lucky it's in her name too otherwise I'd get rid of it. This thing is built like a tank though. Very solid and well built. It is not a vehicle for Spokane, WA hole plagued streets! This thing doesn't glide over them like my Explorer but crawls down into each and every one then out the other side. Very bumpy ride. We get about 20 MPG in town and about 25 MPG on the road. My wife is a tiny petite gal and it fits her and her gardening stuff well. There you have it!
I've owned this previously one owner vehicle for almost a year and have to say that it is solid, quiet and dependable. At 64000 (this weekend) I replaced the front shocks / struts. Had to take the upper ball jt loose along with the stabilizer link to get the assembly back into place. All went well basically and decided to replace the front pads (about 1/3 left) since I had it on my hoist. Easiest brake pad replacement job I'd ever done. Paint is exceptionally nice (Stone and cream), leather interior is fine but leather un-cared for cracks, face it. I condition mine about everyother month to keep it supple. Rear door speaker "blew" so replaced both with Kenwoods, great sound from the Audiophile system ....... and no problems like some others state. To the guy that had difficulties getting his door panel off, get a Haynes manual for God's sake! EZ instructions for about everything you need to do and has torque specs when you need them. I maintain my vehicles regularly and make sure minor stuff gets fixed right away so that it keeps the major problems from ever occuring. What I do not like is the miserable 14.3 MPG around town with this 4.0 V6! I got rid of my 04 Supercrew with the 5.4 V8 when gas went to $4. gal. Sadly that got better mileage (14.7 -15.3 in town) around town and was the absolute most versatile vehicle I've ever owned out of 71. The other minor irritant is the drive by wire "lag" as you turn a corner then apply the gas ...... that lag is irritating but an inheritant issue with drive by wire. It is NOT a transmission or engine control issue as I read someone advised an owner in the Q & A section. Finally, I agree with the guy that had owned Range Rovers and said that once you get past your image issues, this is a great, dependable vehicle all around....... and thousands less.
EX-L V-6, it's been a great car. Roomy both front and rear, and very comfortable. I see many 06-07 Accords on highway. Wish Honda made this body type for five years like they do with rest of models. The colors silver, and red are real classy.
I actually live in Canada, I just used my ex's zip code lol

I bought my '04 brand new, it's the tuner edition, and I loved it, because I was 19. He's had his ups and downs.

It's amazing on gas, that's the biggest plus. And it turns on a dime, I've driven other people's cars and had to do a 3-5 point turns in spots where I just flip around, comes in very handy when you need to do a U'y :)

But, alas, like most other rio owners, my timing belt went as well. It blew last year, my car had approx. 100, 000 km's on it, and it was right after I revved the engine pretty high.

Also, the interior light acted up, and my glove box broke (the handle won't open the box and they said I'd have to completely replace it)

Other than that, I haven't had any issues with it, so I reccomend it for people who don't want to pay a lot for gas, and don't need to feel like they own the road :)
Very nice looking car, I would recommend an alarm though because it gets a lot of attention. Very good leather, comparable to my fathers sl500. The brakes are big and powerful. The 5 speed auto tranny makes the most of the v6 with smooth shifting. Electrical system is fine, but instrument brightness setting is iffy as it will flicker all ins. lights if not set well. One slight annoyance is that the front reading lights buttons are difficult to latch. Sound system (Infinity 9 speaker surround) is great. Front body is simply stunning. Long blinkers and Benz lights make a lot of road presence. Otherwise all major electronic components work well. The engine is powerful and doesn't require premium gas unlike most luxury cars. Exhaust and engine are all very quiet. Climate control is excellent and also pretty quiet even on full power, duel side too. ALL seats are heated. Suspension feels like driving on a cloud and makes quick work of the worst roads. One thing people might complain about is the steering. They might say it feels disconnected or fake like its not connected to anything. I like it though, after all steering on a cloud should be effortless. Overall you get good road presence, cheap maintenance costs, and a great car for anyone. Just be careful with the long bumper, hard to judge distance sometimes. I got mine yesterday so I'm still getting used to it.
Windows fog horribly when all passengers are in the car. Heating / defrosting system does not work very well. Looks cool, smells good, neat to drive, BUt... not comfortable for longer trips. Might trade in later for a camaro or another auto brought back to life.
2002 Model... bought with only 9 miles on it. I love this car still - so comfortable. I now have a gharger also - I must say that the Intrepid is a lot more comfortable especially on long drives. at 40k miles the window motors also had to be replaced and I am not sure the dealership really did it.. because the windows just do not work correctly (slow/weak). I took it back and they litterally sprayed WD40 down the window track>>?? only has 74,000 miles on it now at 50,000 miles it started doing weird transmition things like... the lights for the gear would all light up - you have to turn the car off to get only one back on. I still like this car though.
My Catera has just over 100,000 miles on it. I love it. It is such a nice little car. We have had to fix a few little things, but it all has been normal maintainance. My husband owns our own mechanics shop so we don't have extra labor costs, but we have not sunk much money at all into this car. And it definitly zigs!
In May 2001 I bought my dodge used with no more than 20Kmiles, really good shape the exterior color was not to good to say. I have over 180K miles on it now and the only major problem i have with it now is that i need to replace the AC compressor. I love it and would buy another one if i got the chance. Spacious smooth riding not to expensive to fix. Overall Good Car for ME =)
135K miles over 10+ years and all I have ever replaced has been the alternator, power steering pump and a window actuator. (All of these after it hit 115K miles) Still looks good and drives great. Now I think I do need a new AC compressor or maybe just a clutch before summer rolls in. overall, the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.
car has been a piece of junk since I bought it. on second transmission with a problem on this one. I think it had been wrecked before I bought it at 112,000, but with 174,000 why do I have two transmission problems. Last transmission was used with 50k on it.
Overall, a solid car. With proper maintenance these have been known to push over 300,000 miles. I've witnessed it. Unfortunately, mine was not in 100% condition when I got it. But to date, the only serious work I have needed done is a fuel pump and filter replacement(at 153,000)
This car has been great to me. Bought it used still with factory warranty and had a complete inspection prior to it running out. The only things that needed to be done is blow out the drian line for the sunroof and replace the rear seat arm rest. The interor smelled until I changed the cabin air filter which was a little hard to find the first time but easy to do. The only I dislike about my jetta is the sound system, it pops and snaps. I know that I need to replace the speakers, just suprised so soon. Overall a great car!
Love this truck except for some crazy misfire code i keep getting that we have yet to fix not due to trying and money And the muffler makes a bong noise when you shut the truck off like a metal can of gas in the sun
Probably the best and most reliable car have had to this point. Most issues I've had have been minor. I would like to get a new car at this point, but want to see just how long this will last, I currently have about 210,000 miles on it and it still runs very well.
the only problem i have with mine is the transfer case
We have over 200,000 miles on ours and she still runs great. Put in a used trans with 60,000 miles and a new clutch/flywheel at about 180,000. That's it. Great car.
My 1995 A6 has served me for 15 years and although its showing some signs of age, the paint is a bit scratched, the transmission is a little slow to shift from 2nd to 3rd, and there are some minor creaks and squeaks here and there, but aside from that it has logged 174,000 miles and still insists on getting a move on every day.. Best $35,000 i have ever spent. Minimal maintenance, brake pads, tires, wiper blades, oil changes, etc, only major repair was a head gasket that was leaking a little oil, an painful $2,500
Fantastic automobile, expensive buy in, but the maintenance isn't bad, and the car lasts forever. My 996 C4 can handle everything from a 177 MPH track test, to 10 inches of snow, plus its very comfortable for long trips, throw so luggage in the front trunk, and your laptop and snacks in the back seat and your ready to roll. Everyone should drive one at least once in their life, rent one when you go on vacation, it'll be worth every dollar.
2003 Suburban...A great vehicle. Only problem in 82,000 miles has been a rear window regulator. Milage has been good, pulls my boat with ease. This is my second Suburban and I'd buy another.