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The C70 is a great car. My car is now 11 years old and runs like brand new and is still head turner. Bottom line you have to take care of it or like any other car it will turn into a lemon as the doc stated above. Laziness and neglect will ruin any vehicle especially a car abused in an extreme climate in Arizona. These cars are built so well that the run well even when parts are worn out so preventative maintenance is simple easy way to keep em runnin great. These cars are very fast and even faster with slight modification from companies like IPD.
Good van
We bought our 1991 Honda Civic back in 1996. We wised up and have been keeping up the basic maintenance. It's now al bit over 120 thousand miles and going strong. We did upgrade the AC to the newer type which should keep our cost down for refilling the coolant. It's now March of 2010 and we're extremely happy with our choice of car and we hope the old Bear Car will keep going for a long time to come.
I just bought a used one. Other than two minor problems I think is was a steal...

I need to fix a switch in the cruse control, reset the keyfaub ? and figure out how the alarm works. No manual
8 Years old now and developing some noises in the cabin, but a fantastic vehicle that drives like a dream and is as comfortable to take on a trip as any vehicle I have owned. Warning, parts and service cost is a premium, even if this is the 'discount' Jag.
It is an okay car, have had a lot of brake problems with it. Next up is a wheel bearing replacement on the front, can hardly wait to pay for that repair.
awesome vehicle, one of the best I have ever owned
Love the color also!!!
This has been a good car for us. I would prefer a slightly firmer ride and a less lean on curves. Very nice interior; holds a surprising amount of cargo; quick acceleration; strong engine; 10 years old and still looks new.
Well, after 318,000 miles, all I can do is give accolades to the TDI. The engine continues to work hard for its Master and continues to get approx 49 mpg which means thousands of dollars to my pocket. A glow plug change here and a timing belt change there and oil changes every 8K miles has been the key. Plus manual xmission to avoid any problems that come with automatics. So what if the cupholder is useless and the glove box door is broken - or let's just say not there anymore. VW just needs to put the TDI engine in all of the vw and audi models!
A poor choice for a fuel efficient small car. The radio doesn't work below 32 degrees, the fan is so loud and it "grumbles" while on. It is not fuel efficient, it is hard on tires, it runs "rough sounding" though nothing is mechanically wrong. The seating uncomfortable, it sounds cheap when the doors shut, the locks are already worn out so you have to be careful not to break a key off, the wiper motor is weak, the brakes are weak. The roof leaks on the passenger side, the fuel cap is broken (won't stay completely tight), the check engine flickers,,,and I am tired of writing.
Had this mini for 3yrs. Was not impressed with it. Underpowered motor and gas mi only was 24mpg hwy. interior was plastic that scratched easy. It handeled well and was maintenance free for 32k mi. The tires were very expensive and did not wear well from the factory.
I bought this with 8k miles on it. I now have 24k on it. I am quite happy with this vehicle. It really goes through deep snow well. I like the 3 piece hard top, alot fun in the summer. The jeep feels like a well made vehicle. I'm not a fan of the auto trans in this though. Seems to always want to shift down on the slightest hill.fuel eco is dismal.
I have had four Hondas,this is the very best of them all. This is a Accord EXL coupe. I wanted to buy the new body style(08),but the more I looked at it I just did not like the style. So I found this 2007 coupe with 8000 miles and I think this style is better than the 08. This car has everything you could want ,all climate air,heated seats and mirrors,6 disk,running day lights, lighted steering wheel ,fog lights,daynight mirror. Going on 45000 miles and no problems.
This car was a pretty good car for the three years that I have had it. However, it seems to be a pretty common thing for it to not outlast 65,000 miles. Recently had my car completely shut down in the middle of driving. Waited 20 minutes and it started back up. I got it home and it never left my driveway again. Had it towed to the dealership who replaced the waterpump of all things. It got me home and again has not left my driveway since. That repair cost me over $400 in labor and $290 in parts. Now I'm out over $700 dollars and still don't have a functioning vehicle. Will not take it back to that dealership for the RUDE costumer service and overpriced services, not to mention the complete failure to fix the problem. I'm looking around and also pricing and replacing parts myself suggested by other FEH owners who have gone through the same. Once I get it running, I'm trading it in.
I have had the car for 18 months and have put 60,000 miles on it. I love driving the car when its running correctly. The problem is it doesnt run correctly very often. I recently had to have an alternator replaced ($580.00), Timing Belt and Water Pump ($400), the list could go on but ill leave it at that. Also anyone that has this car read this:
I love this car. The reliability and dependability are without a doubt the best characteristics of this make and model. Gas milage isn't great, 19mpg (everywhere) if you don't put your foot in it to often.
Brakes (though they were totally replaced before I purchased it) the best but don't make any sudden moves it will flip. Lights always work (all of them) smoging isn't a problem. I have had to replace the back gate locking system but only once and no problem since. Air is the best and not to hard on the milage. I have had this car 4 years and still love it.
hello I noticed that alot of people were having Transmission problems... I did to however I took it to the local Honda Dealer and he told me that I needed to replace my transmission but it was UNDER EXTENDED WARRANTY so it did not cost me ONE CENT... I suggest that everyone that has a Honda please check out the extended warranty, there was alot of problems with the transmissions and you shouldn't have to pay for the replacement... (btw my car had 36 200 miles when it was replaced... ) Good Luck.
Have 220 k miles and it still runs like a champ. Have had the Jimmy for the past 50 k miles. No issues whatsoever.
My 2002 was PERFECT until about 1 year ago...I started having problems with my car dying so we replaced the battery and alternator each about 2 times in a 3-4 month does OK as long as I don't run the heater or AC (when I do so, it draws too much power and at stop lights the car starts to die)...also can't really drive at night because using the lights causes the same problem...anyone know what causes this?
The only problems I have had are rear brakes and a front anti lock sensor recall. It get descent gas mileage at 18 to 20 MPG. Tows an older 25 ft camping trailer with no problem. Hauls a full load of fresh cut hardwood with ease. Rides comfortably, low interior noise. Rear seat is comfortable enough for short to mid distant trips, not long ones unless you take more brakes.
I bought it used with 78k 4 years ago. It has 107k and I to replace the MAP sensor and rear windshield motor. Transmission has started to act up so I will be replacing that soon at 2300 buck. The ride is great but has a little road noise. The van is roomy with 7 places for seating. Has plenty of power to haul what ever we can.
I bought this car used years ago with 75k on it. I have over 140k on it now and still going strong. The only problem I have had with it is a leak in the intake manifold gasket, 350 bucks. For a basic car it does most thing just fine. It gets fine gas mileage, between 30 and 40 mpg, Average on a 75 deg. day, not too hilly, steady at 60 to 65 mph is 37mpg. Use synthetic oil and use a good air filter. Motor has a slight oil leak at the head gasket that would cost a lot to fix so I will just keep adding a little oil, no problem unless it starts leaking into the motor or gets worse.
On long trips I can get in excess of 34 miles per gallon of gas, in mountains. Car is dependable and starts in most 99.44 percent of the time. In most cases I have changed oil at the 3K to 4K mile standard. I had to do one brake job which led me to rate as a 3 star. Had two transmission flushes and a filter change at 46,000 miles. You may need to keep an eye on the oil seep around the valve cover area for gasket replacement. I just did this operation today at 89,000 miles. This is a great web site for car questions and answers and to find repair shops and estimates. I just saved about $100 on the Valve cover gasket replacement, by shopping around.
Body and interior are fine. Brakes need really good tires, then they're fine. No problems with drive train. Brake lights went out simultaneously; fuse okay. Sensor? Heating and air conditioning fine; occasionally too hot, and after adjustment, too cold. Mostly quite comfortable for both. Exhaust and emissions clean. Must be very careful in the rain. Steers much better with Michelin tires.
Purchased a Touring Edition in 2007, now it has 43,000 miles & no major issues to date. We've read all the bad reviews this car has gotten, but so far for us it's been a great car. We commute 100 miles a day, 90% of which is highway miles. We change the oil every 3000 miles, tires are now showing some wear, will be getting new tires soon. The car has been a pleasure to drive, we think it's very stylish compared with other more expensive makes/models. We rented numerous vehicles before deciding on this make/model and felt the Sebring handled just as good, if not better than most of the rentals we had. To date we don't regret buying this car, we hope it continues to be a great car.
2001 saturn runs excellant.. no problems.
Love it!!! Makes it out of lights faster then even the new little sports cars, big and roomy i dont like driving other cars i feel traped in and closterphobic, big and wide but drives and turns like a small car, some basic repairs due to age and milage but in the long run hes a tank !!!
This is my first truck and I have to say I am very dissapointed. I have had nothing but problems and they are always the same problems. First I went through 3 transmission solenoids in one year, then 1 TCM, plus a leak in the EVAP system 4 times all of these things in one year. Now for the good things, the truck has lots of power and 4X4 has gotten me out lots of trouble in the winter snow and spring mud. The lights are very good and produce lots of visibility on the road. The heater heats up the cab very fast and besides major swaying on medium turns has very stable handling.
tank in disguise if u treat it right and keep up with basic maintanance, paint faded on the hood, and at 113000 miles i only replaced the blower motor resistor, brakes, front right hub bearing(not enough $ to replace the other one) and a hanger bushing on the rear that holds the exhaust pipe in place, it gave me a code for knock sensors but it went away after a few days (i think it was poor quality gas) besides that it took me from jersey to key west 2ice no issues and i drive it daily!