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2003 3rd brake job at 50,000 miles.also needs front wheel bearings.
great truck smooth,quiet and dependable this is my 3rd suburban sold the first 2 at 200k+ still ran great. 48k to go on this one. BUY AMERICAN SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY
great car!!
I have a 1994 Ford Taurus LX with a 3.8 in it. All I ever hear is complaints against my engine. I'm told most of these engines crap out about 110,000 miles. Mine only has 80,000 but I have had to replace a crap load of parts in it, and doing maintenance on it is a nightmare. Plus the air conditioner is on the very bottom so if you hit it hard enough it craps out on ya and then you have no air conditioner.
I would not buy a Jetta or VW again. I have had many repairs, including broken clips on both front windows, cat converter, window moter , hub caps (fall off easily), window seals leak, tail lights burn out often, etc. My car is truly a lemon.
This is A sweet car to have and will soon be A collectors item?
I think I got the lemon on the lot. I bought it used, and have had it in the shop for major repairs every other month. By major, I mean timing belt and water pump, body control module, besides the usual maint. like new tires (within three months). They charged me high retail, and used alot of double talk. Very disappointed in the dealership, the car, and myself for buying it on an impulse because it was cute. That came with a price, too, my car insurance doubled! It's as much as my payment. Add the repairs, and you get one of the dumbest things I've ever done, was to buy the tiberon.
I have had my Saab 900 ( 1991 ) for about two years and have had a handful of issues with it. These cars seem to have a cult following behind them, everyone you see that drives one seems to nod or give a slight exchange of eye contact when in passing. Issues with the car have included--the cooling system ( i . e . hoses, thermostat, grounding sensors ) , The ignition system and alternator and more grounding issues. Considering I myself have only four years wisdom over this car I cannot complain about the small things, the 900 still drives fine, the check engine light is on, but mostly all areas have been checked for issues relating to the problem. I do nearly all of the work to the car by myself, its an alright ride though.
I've had my car for about a year now and I love it. Unfortunatly my front head light went out to many times to count for some reason when I first got it. It was inexpensive to replace but inconvenient to keep driving to the dealer. Overall I'm happy with the vehicle its a smooth drive. Currently my check engine light is on need to find out if its just a gas cap loose problem or not Service B scheduled soon.
It has become known to me that almost on every toyota the gas tank is broken, which tells me that the design of the gas tank should be highly reconsidered for redesigning. also i think that toyota are extremely high in cost to keep scheduled maintainence.
I own a gold 2007 SXT and found it to be a very quiet, very smooth riding vehicle with lots of room for the whole family.
KIA Motors is NOT customer friendly. I have had nothing but trouble with making them honor the warranty on my vehicle. My 2004 Sorento has blown one exterior light after another since I purchased the vehicle in 2005. Kia at first refused to pay for the bulbs, saying they were not covered under warranty. Finally they did not charge for the bulbs (that went out over and over). Now, my Kia warranty has expired and I find out NOW that Kia knew all along there is a defect with the wiring harness, but they NEVER EVER replaced those on my vehicle. Are you kidding me? I have never in my 50 years had any service provider know what a problem was on a warrantied item and just flat out refuse to fix it, until KIA. They have lost my business forevermore over just that. I have to wonder how many more KIA owners are being screwed over by service personnell who really know how to fix a reoccurring problem with the Kia vehicle, but just won't FIX IT! BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE of Kia service warranties, service contracts and dealers. They are now the most dishonest people I have ever had the displeasure of having to deal with. Very unprofessional, and they will side step any issue. The dealership I deal with has been HUFFINES KIA in Denton, TX. Even KIA MOTORS will not step up and pay now to make the correct fix for my cars problems with the lights. They had every opportunity to fix the problem while my warranty was in effect, but they simply "band aided" and refused to make the correct repairs. UNBELIEVABLE! Heed my warning: STAY AWAY FROM KIA!!
engine loves to rev, quick reliable little car.
This is a great car when maintained properly. Fast, sleek and fun to drive. Definitely worth it. Pay no mind to useless reviews complaining about having to drop the transmission to replace the clutch. Do not let this deter you, most vehicles you need do this.
own a 05 530i kinda slow wish i had the new 300hp average trunk space. good price on oil changes everything is else is expensive. bmw the best car to have up to 50,000 miles because of the free maitenance.. after 50,000 get ready to trade it in for another bmw. lol
Excellent was my first car and it is extremely reliable..ive had some serious problem with mine due to my driving (motor mounts, head gaskets) but its always cheap to fix....
This is my first Suv and i just love it
After we replaced the catalytic converter, the engine was working very nicely. We do have challenges with a fluttering type of noise, but this is a great older car and relatively reliable.
It takes a bit to get it started, so we may be purchasing a replacement for the starter next.
About the Worst vehicle I ever purchased, I will never buy another Ford vehicle because its going to cost me about $3000 to fix. And now I'm finding out that other people have had the same problems as me. I haven't even had the vehicle for a year yet. The vehicle started skipping but only did it one day, so I brought it in and they found the rear wheel bearing was out but no other problems found. 2 days later, I couldn't start my vehicle and when it finally started it was completely skipping and wouldn't accelerate to much, the RPM's had to go really high in order for it to shift. Brought it back into the dealership (not the one I bought it at)and they had to call the ford hotline because when they put it on the computer it was saying there was no problems, so they called and they suggested they change all the coil packs, which they did but it didn't change anything so now there saying it will need a new computer in it but that I can't get a new computer until June 15th.
Very pleased with my 04 325ci. Bought it used w/ 36,000 miles. It's my weekend car. True head turner. Only maintenance so far ( 2 years) is oil changes, belts and fuel filter. Standard BMW radio is my main complaint so far.
This vehicle has very bad front brake disks. They warped when it has less of 30.000 miles. Everything else is just ok. Very nice in hte Autobahn but vibrates at 100 miles per hour when I press the brakes, very bad.
Love this car. Very dependable!
I received my 2007 Camry Hybrid on July 11, 2006. In 2009, the power steering failed, but instead of becoming hard to steer, it required all the stength I had to turn it to the left or right. The best way to turn the car, was to stop, turn the car off, turn the wheels in the direction you want to go, then restart the car and drive uintil you need to steering left or right, at which time you can turn the car off and repeat the procedure. Toyota vehicles should have a power steering disable switch. Later, I learned from the accelerator problem, that holding the start button for 3 seconds will turn the car off, but my Camry had been repaired by then, so I do not know if the power steering can be disabled this way..
This is my Third Audi. I have the exact one in the picture. I can tell you its expensive to maintain. Expect problems with the Ac. Had to replace the compressor at 140K. Also there is a common problem with the ABS. Faulty communication with the main computer leaves a solid red and yellow flashing abs on the dash. Expect to pay close to $1200 to replace. I dont know why Audi dont recall this. It is a saftey issue. By the way if you're ever in the Turnersville Area of New Jersey. Stay away from the dealership there. They are dishonest!!!. If replacing your exhaust, make sure everything is direct-fit or else it your check engine light will stay on. Overall I like this car, but dont buy it if you're not prepared to spend $$$$ on repairs.
I'd sell it for parts if the parts were worth anything...
This is my third Mustang and I love it. The 2001, that is. I bought it brand new with 11 miles on it. It has been very reliable for me. The color is clear coat Red.
The C70 is a great car. My car is now 11 years old and runs like brand new and is still head turner. Bottom line you have to take care of it or like any other car it will turn into a lemon as the doc stated above. Laziness and neglect will ruin any vehicle especially a car abused in an extreme climate in Arizona. These cars are built so well that the run well even when parts are worn out so preventative maintenance is simple easy way to keep em runnin great. These cars are very fast and even faster with slight modification from companies like IPD.
Good van
We bought our 1991 Honda Civic back in 1996. We wised up and have been keeping up the basic maintenance. It's now al bit over 120 thousand miles and going strong. We did upgrade the AC to the newer type which should keep our cost down for refilling the coolant. It's now March of 2010 and we're extremely happy with our choice of car and we hope the old Bear Car will keep going for a long time to come.
I just bought a used one. Other than two minor problems I think is was a steal...

I need to fix a switch in the cruse control, reset the keyfaub ? and figure out how the alarm works. No manual