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Our van is our dreamcar, we live in the Netherlands and here are only, i think, 20 ore 30 van's like we have. Sorry for my bad letters , i speak better english than i write.
I recently purchased a 1999 Volvo V70 Cross Country that has 81K original miles. It appears to be in excellent condition inside and out except for a small oil leak at the turbo return pipe. The dealer I purchased it from is repairing the problem. Since this seems to be a common problem and does not pose a major problem I am very pleased with the vehicle overall. I bought the V70 as a commuter car and drive 98 miles round trip each day. Mileage is about 22.5 highway with 87 octane fuel. I plan to try 91 octane on my next fill-up to check for any significant increase in mileage.
i bought this car for way to much. the same day the flywheel broke off. got that fixed then 2wks later all power windows quit. then 4 mths later it jumped time and messed up the motor. I will never never never buy another Hyundai again. head my advice Stay away from Hyundai
love the car
I like My ram, It has great Power, Its comfortable, and lots of room. Sounds great with stock exhaust. I have the Hemi. The problem I have is that the Catalac converters went out, along with the starter, window switch holder on driver side door broken again, Power steering lines broken ( Both of them), Can't forget about the wipers do what they want when you turn them on. All that on a truck that just hit 52000 miles. I bought it with 35000 on her in FEB. Maybe I bought a lemon, Some of my friends have the same truck with no problems. Luck of the draw i guess. You could roll the dice and come up snake eyes or get lucky and get a 7. I wouldn't buy another one again unless its brand new and has a warranty. And once that warranty is up I would dump it.
I Bought my 04 Pacificia AWD about three years ago. I put about 20000 on her and I don't really have any complaints. Besides the previous owners didn't really take care of it. It runs great, descent aceleration for a car thats over weight for the engines that are available. I like the trans stick / Slap shifter, helps a lot when passing on the highway. The car gets good MPG, The only thing I don't like is the mirrors don't always stay set. It has the memory set and sometimes the mirrors don't stay put, and when my wife uses her key, they don't change over to her settings. The mirrors, seats, radio stations, and HVAC all can be set to the driver preference. Which is set by the different key. Its a small problem that the dealer will have to look into, But thats my two cents. Thank you. and remember to Always buy American. Help out our brothers and Sister.
Except for a few pesky electrical issues, a very good driving car. Shifts well, handles well, engine runs clean, and it hugs the road at high speed. The suspension good when new, just average in later years.
When the car is cold and shifting to drive, there is a delay before going into gear. After the transmission has warmed up from driving the problem seems to go away.
Great car but the engine needs coils and the pcv elbow to be replaced. They are a bad design. Interior, engine, and outside are great though. Handles well and plenty of power. Would buy again
Bought this car used with 53,000 miles. I have had one problem after another. Just put $1,300 into car in last 30 days. Please if considering buying a Cabrio, Do not. Parts are expensive and car is unreliable.
Just turned over 202,000 miles on my Sienna and it still runs great, doesn't use any oil and has no rattles or squeeks. It has been the most reliable vehicle i have ever owned. Over its lifetime it has had two sets of brake linings, a new door computer, and a new catylitic converter at approx 1195000 miles. Changed oil and filter every 5,000 miles. Also had to replace the A/C compressor last summer. Here in AZ A/C gets a lot of use.
Car is Excellent, Simply Excellent. Jag and Mercedes owners are jealous because they paid SOOoooo much more for SOOoooo much less!
Love the ride, features, interior, sleek lines, great looking, fun to drive, great spacing, small rear seat, great AWD, great storage options. :-) Coolant leaking into engine :-( Poor mileage :-(
very good condition, low miles
2000 XLT 4x4 sport-Ford made these trucks nice!Strong,and dependable.Mine has over 100.000 miles and uses no oil.I have had very little done to it so far.GOOD TRUCK! ! !
Great car, awesome on gas, sport feel when you want / need it. Fuel savings when driver modestly. A few small electrical mysteries, that have come and gone by them selves. Plenty of 3rd party replacement parts available. This is my 3rd Saab, and loving it.
90+ little trouble hope to keep it that way
One of the first ones,waited over 4 months to get it, back in 2005 Couldn't be happier, has about 56000 and still running strong (knock on wood) If i had to get another car it would be the same kind.
Great car. MB need to do more R@D on the suspention. Have had to replace the supention flud pump with 90,000 miles on car. 3800.00. And has a gear shift lock out problem that will not let you shift the car out of park, 1200.00. You wold expect a car that cost that much to live up to the MB reputation for relibinlty.
I bought a 06 Elantra loaded, 5 speed, I love driving it. Almost 60,000 miles and I had to replace struts. I live in Maine and I notice the emergency brake freezes up. and if there is any ice near the wind shield and hood and you try to open it you may bend the hood ends if you don't stop in time. Water seems to freeze there. They stopped making the Elantra and I don't like what they replaced it with so I won't be buying another one.
Brakes are terrible!!!! Check the web, you will see that thousands of customers complain about premature rear brakes wear (at 15000 - 18000 miles!!!) and Honda makes people pay for it. The front brakes on my accord 2008 are squeaking from 3000 miles. It was 5 visits to dealer, several repairs but it is still very noisy. Remote key entry stopped working after 1 year (new battery didn't help). Dealer claims that it is my fault and I have to pay for new keys. Although Honda says about 32 MPG and more on highway with I-4 engine, my best is 24-26 MPG. Definitely, 7 visits to the dealer withing a 1st year of ownership for a brand new car for repairs is too much. I wouldn't consider buying Honda in future.
First time for the 1995 Buick Regal, and I love the car, it is a smooth ride and had now problems with it until now. A commom problem that was on recall last year. The intake manifold gasket went bad and is costly to replace, but I still love the car.
with 150,000 miles all Ive had to replace is my master cyl. and my power steering pump. It has been a very good car. Reached 26 mpg on roadtrip lastr summer.
Nice car, nice ride! Smooth operator. Tranny seems to want to shift a little bit rough after warming up since changing the fluid...I did add Lucas and that may be the problem, plan on changing fluid and see what happen...A/C was working super...and then the compressor just stopped! new compressor and still not working...don't know why. Rear defroster stopped too and temp gauge has the car and plan to work on the few things still has a lot of life left
the best car i have bought i love my acura tl
great ride & good mileage. Experience problem with cruise comtrol and air conditioner
Seems to have more problems than other cars I've owned. Especially after warranty ran out. Something needs fixing every six months. Don't recommend buying this model.
I lucked into this car. I am the third owner, bought it with 135000 miles....pretty darn good for a 15 year old car!. Everything works, seats, windows, stereo, etc. Wonderful Cadillac ride, quiet, no rattles, but a few interior squeaks now and then. The leather is wonderful, no cracks, looks two years old, not 15. The body is in exceptional dents dings, rust etc. Everything straight and smooth. It has the usual 90's GM paint issues, peeling off plastic bumpers, clear-coat coming off, but is purely a cosmetic issue. Got it for $1200. Have put $800 for little niggliy things...power window switch, seat switch, blower motor was stuck on high, EGR replaced. Still needs new struts, but that will have to wait. I have driven this to Atlanta and back, 1300 mile round trip, and got FANTASTIC mileage...28MPG going 80MPH!!!
I have a 2001 VW Beetle and am really like this sturdy little car. It has lots of style and does the job of driving me everywhere. I have no complaints. My car does not age...or ages gracefully depending on your point of view. I hope to keep this a while longer.
we've had this car a little over 4 yrs, its been nothing but trouble, the breaks are always going bad, we've had it into the shop over and over and it never seems to get fixed. now the pulley broke off the timing chain and im not sure what that is going to cost, I have heard it could be quite costly if the timing skipped. I do not recomend this car to anyone, A brand new car should last way longer then 4-1/2 yrs Im not even done paying for it!!