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The 2002 sequoia limited we have is 100% fine! Has 178000000 miles & still runs like day one!Change oil every 2000 miles.People still stare at our big white suv.very dependable.$44 thousand well spent!
I have owned my 94 viper for only a couple months now and am still getting used to it.It is not a car for the faint hearted! It handles great and has more power than a semi,but you have to know how to drive to be able to enjoy it.I love my Viper and it sure gets a lot of attention everywhere i go.Just understand it is a beast and not built for comfort..just spped!
I bought this car "new" at the end of 2001. I love my 2001 Avalon, however, with only 12,000 miles on the odometer, new brakes were needed. At 50,000 miles, it needed all new shocks. All highway miles, on my car and it is pampered. Love my Avalon, best car I have ever owned.
Could be a Better
Great car
Love my 95 eg coupe
I purchased the 1994 Ranger XLT Super Cab 4.0 4x4, used, at a year old. Best truck or car I have ever owned. Very reliable. The first 13 years I've owned the Ranger I only had to replace the water pump, brakes, tires and battery. I owned this truck for 15 years and it always started. It never let me down. This 94 Ranger was the best rated pickup in Consumer Reports back in 1995. I am very happy with my Ranger.
Fantastic, trouble free car. I bought it used in 2005 & have had no problems. I just sold my 1990 Protege a few months ago with 109,000 trouble free miles on it.
I have the Diesel version and get almost 20 mpg empty on the highway and 16 mpg highway when towing our 7000# work trailer. The vent control on the heating system would not change from vent to defrost. The dealer said it was the vacuum pump which was repaired but is now making strange noises. Of course it started at 36,000 miles right after the bumper to bumper warranty expired. Only other issue was a squeaky alternator belt fixed under warranty.
trill car
Reliable car. Would probably buy again.
I have had no problems whatsoever with this car. Mine is a convertible. after 48,000, I now see that I have a small leak between the rubber and the window on the drivers side. The rubber has to be replaced. I owned it in Florida for 2 years and now in California so that hot sun didn't help this problem. I love my car!
best driving car ever had. out handles a mercedes. could get better mileage
Well, although this is a good truck in the snow, never took it off-roading, the tranny has been a problem here lately. I've had the tranny rebuilt by a Transmission service, & it still seems as if it wants to act up. Also, the problem with the engine light coming on & going off, even after o2 censors have been changed & the censor under the hood has been replaced! It's very annoying!
I owned this car for 9 years. Powerful, roomy and great to drive. Check engine light was always on from emissions. Electrical started to fail after 150K miles-- GPS stopped working, radio would regularly cutoff, interior turn signals would not work but exterior still worked fine. Loved the car but repairs were pricey, especially when parts were shipped from Germany.
I am very disappointed with Mercedes-Benz, my clear coat and the bumper is peeling all over the car. I called the dealer in Wilmington De, they informed me that the paint was under warranty for only one year. They talked to me like I was nothing because the car is a 1999, i understood when i purcahsed this car that Mercedes would stand behind their cars. Not this time, and I will never go back.
It will cost me $5k to get this car painted, I as a single woman who invested in what I thought was a safe and well built car is now driving around in a MERCEDES with PAINT PEELING front and back.
the seats work when they want to , the gas hand drops when it wants to and the side panel seems to be rusting. When i take my car to body shops they ask if the car has been in a wreck and if Mercedes will honor the paint warranty. I'm disappointed and i will never purchase another mercedes or recommend the cars to anyone. They are only good to lease!!!
It's a good car but minor problems with heating system that does not work properly during automatic starting mode.
2008 Accord LXP with 26500 miles. Replaced rear brake pads at 12500 miles and again at 20980 miles. Air conditioning is ice cold then compressor will cycle and air will come out warm for a few seconds and then get cold again. Happens every minute or so no matter how hot or cool it is outside. Honda evacuated and replaced freon thinking it could be contamination and it still does it. Im thinking a/c puts too much strain on the 4cyl engine. Other than these two glitches-brakes/air conditioning, its been a great car.
I have 42000 miles on my CLK-430 Cabriolet which i purchased new. The service has been minimal, and my only complaint is the low profile tires only last about 10,000 miles, but I live in a SoCal town with curvy roadways. I also own a 2009 Porsche 911, and I love driving both cars for different reasons. Can't bring myself to part with my CLK!
I've owned my 99 E55 for 2 years now, and have loved every second of it. Great cars, if you take car of them. Very fast, still gets looks...inclusing respect.
I bought it new. Now it has 77000 miles on odometer. The car suffered THREE repairs by warranty and one of them was when I stuck in the road and the car was towed to the repair shop. Transmission has originally very serious problem, which has already caused me a big loss of money and it has not been fixed. Air conditioner still works, but malfunctions on regular basis. It suddenly switches from cold to hot by itself and nobody can help me. Brake system originally was full of air. After I changed break fluid it works fine, but calipers stick time to time causing uneven ware. I don’t care about exhaust and emission as long as I can pas smog-check, fortunately I do. Steering works fine, but it squeaks when I turn the wheel.
Maintenance is very expensive and car requires a lot of it. I can do all maintenance and many repairs by myself, but the car purposely designed to prevent or hinder maintenance/repair by the owner.
In general the car is very low quality and full of bad design solution. Shoddy cheaply made worst car ever! Volvo has become ugliest make in the world.
I love my Mazda B4000. Best truck I am ever owned for its price and upkeep costs.
Overall, this is a nice car roomy, good gas mileage on highway, etc.
Had this vehicle now for 9 months, no problems. Bought for my wife, we started a new family and she loves the vehicle. Plenty of room for us and the baby and gear. It looks classy and has the bells and whistles of more expensive vehicles. Inexpensive to drive, we are enjoying our fist Suzuki.

I bought this car at 1 1/2 yrs old. It was a lease car with 43,000. I now have 280,000 miles on this car and still love it. No major problems, I keep oil changes and maintenance done regularly.
This car is absolutly ammaaazzzingggg
The olds cutlass is a well built car with a lot of built in value,that I think is just as good as Buick ! i THINK IT GETS GREAT FUEL ECONOMY ESPECIALLY THE 4 CYLINDER 2.2LTR AT JUST A TAD OVER 34 MPG. And with plenty of power.The cutlass has excellent HANDLEING ON THE OPEN ROAD AS WELL AS ON ROUGHER ROADS. Olds cutlass has long-jevity dependabilty built in!
Had the car since new. No issues or problems, just regular maintenance.
I had the same problem w/ squeaking in the rear end. Had the problem fixed 2 or 3 times and gave up because they said it would just keep happening. I had the same problem w/ the temp. knob sticking, had that fixed. And I have the same problem w/ the paint. I had it buffed and waxed last year and is a totally different car now. But now I have specks of paint missing. Other than that no engine problems and the car runs like a charm! Love it! :)