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I have a 2004 Titan with 105,000 miles and this is by far the best truck I have owned. There has been no problems with anything, except brakes. I had a early recall for the brakes, but have not had a problem sense. I have 95,000 miles on the rear breaks. I have changed the fronts once.
Love my 2002 GLE. Smooth as silk, very reliable and quick as a scalded cat. Turning radius is poor though and with torque steer considered this baby is more of a cruiser than a hot rod. Will handle high speeds on good roads with an ease perhaps too attractive if you know what I mean.
I bought my aveo in Feb of 2006 and just recently changed my timing belt. The car has been a pleasent surpise with no problems I drive about 135 miles a day. Overall I have been satisified.
I bought this POS for my daughter wrongly thinking VWs were reliable. We have had constant problems with it, the most expensive, frustrating and recent being the secondary air injection system which will not allow it to pass state inspection. My one experience with Volkswagen has been a nightmare.
Headlights could be brighter, engine is a tad underpowered, air conditioner freezes over, rear suspension hops when going over rough bumps. Nice car to drive. Expect fuel mileage from 16-18 city, and 22-25 hwy, depending on conditions.
lower ball joint broke soon after exiting the freeway,almost a wipout.
transmission problems at 111,000 miles and well kept.
A completely solid performer in all areas. Great mileage 27 city 34 highway with the automatic. Handsome and comfortable, well made and quiet on the road. Great handling and braking. Happy every time I drive it.
Is anyone willing to send around some sort of petition for mazda to honor certain repairs under a lemon law? I have read numerous complaints online about poor starting, idling, and ignition problems. Here is what is going on. Faulty ignition coils are causing misfires in one or more cylinders and even on occasion causing the coil drivers inside the PCM to malfunction, causing a dead cylinder, even if the coil is replaced. If driven with a misfire, one or more of the 3 catalytic converters can become plugged or damaged causing poor acceleration, lack of power, and exhaust backpressure strong enough to blow out the EGR valve.
I love this car and expect my next car will also be an S60, however I do wish the turning radius was better. Back seat space is tight but I rarely have anyone back there.
I took my 2008 ES 350 in for the recall and 30,000 mile service. I took it back 3 days later with a transmission problem. They said it was nothing they did but now I need a new transmission.
Love my Grand Am GT, no problems with this car!!
this is the third town car i have had, The last 1993 i sold with 230.000 thousand mil.The person drove it for another 45.000 mil untel it got rear ended, never had any major problems, Now i just bourt a 1996 with 103. mil one owner . IT gets 18mil per. gal and 26hwy. Thats 5 gal more then my neighbors get with there 4x4.Caddalacks are a poor mans lincoln .
Great car for the price I have not been disappointed. Had to have sensor in the fuel tank replaced, but it was covered under warranty with no problems, and nothing besides regular maintenance since. The rear brake pads do seem to need replaced far more often than the front, though this may just be some quirk with my car (or how I drive, I'm not gentle with my cars no matter how hard I try).

No complaints and hopefully after another 5 years I will be buying another.
We've had this car about 5 years, and we bought it used. Certainly not the most reliable car we've ever had. Like another reviewer, we've had to constantly replace the battery/alternator. We've taken it to multiple mechanics, including dealers, with no luck. Looks like we may be due for another, as every time we give it gas, the battery light faintly comes on.

We've also had to replace the tone rings in addition to a few other minor repairs. Even regular maintenance can get fairly expensive as the vehicle seems poorly engineered and can be difficult to get to common things like the spark plugs.

The car already has paint peeling and is starting to rust out in places . Probably our last Ford Escape.
Bought used 2006 Mazda 6 with a 6spd auto/slapstick. drove great on test drive. checked car fax and all ok. took it on highway for first time 4 days later and slips out of 6th gear back into neautral. This is an auto. after that, it keeps slipping in/out of 4th, 5th, and 6th until engine cools down for several hours. Dealer said too bad (3 weeks out of warranty). I'm trying to trade it in now since I don't want to pay for a new tranny. Too bad. It's a nice ride.
The only problem that I have experienced with my 2008 Sportage has been with the stability/traction system occasionally not working on cold/damp days
I bought this truck new and it's a workhorse with plenty of power. I have put 66000 miles on it and considered trading. Sales at ford told me it it works keep it cause the new diesels are much less efficient than the one I own. I have the 7.3 Power stroke diesel with a 6 speed manual transmission. It misses when I start it but that clears up when the engine warms up. I am looking for the cause of this problem.
I realize this VW Jetta Se has only 350+ miles ,but I have been wanting this car for ten years.The reason now is better due to great reviews I have read this time around for VW. If you look to the past you will find many problems Jetta went through. There is nothing on my new Jetta that I would change at this time, what a great ride!
Love the car
This is the best looking sporty car. I have had no problems ever. its great on gas and gets a lot of complements! Makes you proud! I love it!
My second Nissan Truck... I am @ 215,00, well on my way to a 300,000 mark.... oh & I just changed the timing belt.... How sweet it is...
durable, safe and reliable, even on rough terrain. a joy to own.
car has been going strong and still looks and handles good!
I have been having nothing but problems 3 x's with the a/c fan control (front and rear). 90k miles no real brake problems. I have gotten great gas mileage, once 475 miles from a tank.
My 1992 has 140,000 miles and still runs and looks great...
Bought used in 2005 at 45,000 miles. Has 97,000 miles now (2010) and the only thing that I've had a problem with is the water pump. It went out once and I had it replaced. Then it went out again 2 years later, but I think that was probably due to the mechanic not properly inserting it. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if it hadn't cost about $400 both times it went out. No other major issues except it seems to loose about half a quart of oil between oil changes. I've read and heard from many people that this is a normal "issue" for 2003 jetta's so I just deal with it (I use lucas oil treatment along with the oil and it seems to help). It's been a very good car for these last 5 years and hopefully it will continue for years to come.
I have a conversion van bought brand new.. It is a great ride on long trips, very comfortable. It is a great engine..
I purchased this van for my mother and she loves it.
I have the GMC version of this,they are exactly the same truck except for trim, I know,because I watched them go down the line for 22 years at Ft.Wayne truck Assy. plant. I love this truck it has not been any trouble at all, I replaced the rear brakes at 84,000 miles and that is all I've done to it. When I wax it people have asked if it is only a couple years old, it is now 7 years old and I will keep it till it quits and then fix it,even if it needs a new engine at 250k miles. I will leave this truck to my son.