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Moved up from a E150 and I love it. I just wish it was easier to find accessories for E series vehicles. Brush guards/ grill protectors etc. Also, I went from the 5.8L E150 getting 16mpg in town to the 5.4L getting 13.5-14mpg in town lightly loaded. would love that 2-2.5 MPG back.
I have had my car for 3 years and I have not had any major problems at all.
Average Car
I bought this car with 28 miles on it in December 2000. For the most part I have been happy. I have to agree with jointer4. The 4wd vac tubes need to be replace every year. Not to hard though. Most of the engine work needs to be done by a Kia engineer it seems.
My experiences with reliability have not been as good as Subaru's reputation would indicate. We bought this car new, it now has 140k on it. We had the mass air recall when only a few months old, then the oxygen sensor died a few months later, then we had an oil leak around the valve-cover gasket that fouled the spark plugs, then at around 65k miles the odometer/speedometer failed and had to be replaced, at around 80k we noticed increased oil usage which steadily got worse, until we needed a new engine at around 120k (bad rings on one cylinder). Warped brake rotors not too long after that, now the alternator has died.
My father-in-law also has a 99 Legacy Outback, with similar mileage, and he's just had a cracked head.
My wife's friend has a 99 Legacy sedan, with around 150k, and she's on her second engine as well.
Not real happy with this one, too many leaks on a/c unit and hoses, dont think i will buy another Nissan
Have an '02 going on a year now and could be happier but for 92K and $7000 I'm a bit surprised at the luxury and performance I get out of this used car. Just a few quirks electronically to work out like the air bag light blinks Morris code every now and then but never stays on and only does it on occasion and the steering wheel incline motor is shot (at least its in the most comfortable spot and not like a bus driver mode, thanks God, but other than that its cherry.
Had problems with cat converter heat shield with vibrations.
Also brake rotors pulsate.
Tranny fluid gets burnt smell, changed fluid twice.
Other than that its been a good car, bought new, now has 70K.

We have had 137,000 pretty much trouble free miles with ours (knocking on wood) Agree with one of the other reviewers about the outrageous cost of service at the dealerships. I wish we were getting better city driving milage as well.
Got my Kia new in 2008. So far i've only had one problem, which is the passenger airbag sensor. Seems to go on or off when it feels like. This wasn't anywhere near the top of my list of cars to buy, but I'm happy to say that i haven't had any problems with it. I've actually come to enjoy it. It drives really nice and smooth, AND i can fit into almost any parking space! which is a nice change from the Yukon that I had.
ive had my 02 for a lil less then a year but i love it! the last 2 weeks its been in and out of the shop, but thats becuase im use to v8's and this unfortunately is not. lol. great heat and air. smooth ride, amazing car!
Bought the car in 2005 and put about 38K milesfor a total of 139K miles on it, Great looking vehicle with the top off, but By far the worst car ever hat and I had 12 of them in term of repairs and the car was never offroad so I can't blame it on that, Brakes replaced five times;Pads & rotors and twice shoes and the front rotors and pads are ready for replacement, Cat converter replaced 3 times, Mufller twice, Engine and Transmation mounts Twice and they need replacing again, Suspension bushing , swaybars, Shocks, Manifold, head gascket twice and is leaking now and much much more repairs on this 4cyl. At which both engine & Transmation are at the end, I could write a book showing how horible of job Chrysler Did building this car. And We copmplained about YOGO
excelent vehicle
i love this truck, everyone loves this truck. we get just as many compliments now as we did when we first bought it. it has an awesome interior and ride. drives better than a caddy. and its got the pep. its the best we have ever had and we've had or drove quite a few !!!!!
Good luck trying to find a u-joint if you have a manual transmision! OBSOLETE according to the dealerships!!!
What a POS!!!
not terrible but could be better built. 6.0L diesel sucks
sunroof make noise like misalign gear and don't close when operate.
Love this mini suv. I traded my 2006 honda Crv SE. No V6, CRV was underpower, the engine whinned when you floor it, leakin tranny fluid. Lots of power under the hood. exhaust sounds like a v8. But doesnot come with a spare tire if you buy the sport edition V6.
Great traveling car
many problems, Fly wheel, BCM, Airconditioning,
I have an 05 Ram Quad Cab 4x4 with 67,300 miles on it I bought new. Truck runs great the Hemi has plenty of power, pulls my car trailer with no problem. I replaced the factory brakes front and rear at 59,000 because they were almost completely worn out. I have kept up with the factroy/dealer recommended maintenance schedule. The few problems I have had are minor. Around 10,000 went back to dealer to replace right tail light and circuit board, 40,000 I had to replace the crankshaft positioning sensor and I recently replaced the left front axle shaft. Although with regard to the axle shaft the damage may have been caused by me tring to climb over some large snow piles. My only areas of disappointment are the seat covers front driver seat cover has a hole worn in it, the paint is way to thin seems like I can sneeze on it and the truck has a new scratch, and the radio just took a dirt nap. Over all I still love my truck an wouldn't give it up, and just so everyone knows I dont baby it I beat the wheels of it.
Yeah so my mom own's one of these cars, I say they're great. But before my mom using it, my dad always used this car to go to work. Since he's a mechanic, boy is the interior horrible now. Other than that, whoever owns a Toyota Camry best to take care of them. They're great cars actually. They run for a long period of time. I saw most of you having problems with this as well, it's easy to fix dents, brake's oil and so on. Fixing dents will require a suction cup at a store. You can do it yourself. If oil leaks, replace the oil caps. Many things I like, would be the great automatic transmission that hasn't broke down on us. The v6 engine that gets quite few engine problems. The interior which is actually comfortable. These cars are great for long drives. Sadly, it's been robbed many times. Keep an eye out, and read the manual carefully. Car's need love too.
I have a 2001 GT convertible in Lazer Red Metallic paint. It has over 72000 miles on it. The only real gripe I have is with the brakes. They readily fade when the car is hustled through corners. The car also has a slight understeer problem. I've had no other problems with the car. It's fun to drive and for a 2001 model,looks very sharp inside and out.
I am having to replace the water pump ($250) at 35K miles. Not happy about that at all.
Forgot to mention in last posting - I have seen and read reviews in other places from many people who have driven these cars 170,000 to over 200,000 miles and all seem to love them!
good teenagers car
Big step up from my ford ranger! great fuel miliage, done a few modifications but on the highway i can get upwords to 21 mpg
The gas gage stoped working but thats it other than that awsome car!
bought this car (sports edition) as my 1st car for $800... after replacing a couple items and a good cleaning, some, and lots of tlc...the previous owner is jealous!!!
Our 03 is the second of three that we have owned new. The first was a 2000 and the third is a 2007. We love these cars. The ride is better than our sons Honda and the gas millage is 31 to 33 mpg on the highway. The roomy trunk was a factor in purchasing the first one. No major problems with them, except that the 03 needs the AC looked at, almost 84,000 miles on it.