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its a good car in the long run and for travling too.
they are awsome cars but i bought a dud, bought it off a wanker who screwed it up and hid all the problems. Battery drain, still havn't found, engine stalled due to poor pod set up under car, "weird", was ready to catch on fire due to his home made wiring, break lights and park lights connected and have problem, spedo goes all over the place sometimes, like water smoke from gearbox. but thats just mine remember to check before you buy! it will either be the ebst car you buy or the worste... my advice low ks is a good one mine has 180ks
have had vehicle for 16 months and put on 87000 miles with no issues except for a occasional pulsating brakes.have original brakes and changed the trans and rear end at 60,000.all highway travel.very good vehicle,best one i have bought .
I love my Saturn Aura!
Awsome tow-Vehicle
Front right OE brake pad deeply scared at only 23K miles. Caused deep damage to the rotor, but was salvageable with resurfacing. Will have to buy a new rotor next pad change. Wonder what good brand to buy and what fits??
Overall the car is good except it has the chrysler a/c curse. The evaporator needs replaced. Every chrysler I have owned has had the same problem. All were costly. I will research cars I buy from now on to be sure the a/c parts aren't supplied by the same manufacturer as the ones Chrysler uses. I keep 5 cars at all times and am making the transition away from chrysler products due to the aggravating problems I have had with HVAC and brakes.
I still own my 2000 LS. I think my diggest disappointment is the leaks in the engine that kill the spark plugs. It's costly to repair, and frustrating that there's no permanent fix.
My second Intreped and both were great cars. This one is a 1997 with 245,000 as of right now. Oil leak at 175,000, outside of that it's been a very good car. 3.3L that gets 27 MPG at 75-85 MPH going to Florida.
I will never own another S80. Quicksand.
good gas miliage
first car, really liked
it very relible!
Ok i got this 2002 jetta 1.8T and it makes this loud knocking noise when I'm sitting but when i start to drive it stops WTF???
this car is amazing.
Its a great car!
Bought 3s new in May, 2004 and now (April, 2010) has 147,000+ miles on it. Only really major problems has been that it has gone thru tires very quickly. Both wheels have been replaced after cracking as well, but I drive a lot over bad roads with potholes so can't say that this is Mazda's fault. Ride is comfortable, although can be noisy. But with the stereo and my own awful singing, I don't notice! :)
Bought this '95 Escort new in '96 with 36 total miles on it! Parts are reasonable we have replaced the motor once, the Trans once. Later it sat for about 2 1/2 yrs because hubby didn't have time to figure out what was wrong with it. It was electrical, replaced computer a few other electrical items, fuel pump and then the head cracked so replaced that too. That cost was less than $900. Yearly registration is $35.50, ins is next to nothing something like $100 or less and fuel runs about $50 a month! Still gets 30+ mpg!
I have had my 1994 crown vic for three years, as my first car, and have really not had many problems considering its an almost 18teen year old car from when it rolled off the assembly line, and I was a crazy lead footed new driver.. I did have to replace the passenger side upper control arm and barrings once, and have some electrical problems at the moment that I intend to fix.. but all in all the 83,000 miles I have put on it in the three years I have owned it, it has been the most awesome car I think anyone could ask for! the transmission has been sputtering which I just found out means the fluid needs to be changed...DUH! lol.. but in my opinion it is the perfect car! lots of pick up and go, tons of room, and a great look with a comfortable interior! and for a full sized car with a V8, great gas mileage! I swear by them and I dont even like fords lol!
realiable car, powerful, refined. only problem I had is idle is not smooth enough compare to my previously owned 2010 corolla. in order to get great MPG, I decided put up K&N cool air intake to replace one that factory installed, and performance chip.

good thing is I replace both head light low and high with HID 8000K, LEBRA, etc a lot upgrade.
great car ,great hwy gas milage.ive been very happy with car
Bought used with about 40K on it. My 4th Cadillac. Now at 123 K. Always had front-end bottoming out easily with deep dips in roadway intersections and learned to drive it accordingly. Still own and like it. Still looks and drives like new with few repairs needed over the years. One of the better cars I've owned for sure.
I love this car. Great mileage and a 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine that feels like an 8 cylinder on steroids.
One FABULOUS vehicle. Best vehicle I have purchased, internationally.
The later models no longer have a front bench option - BIG MISTAKE!
I purchased this vehicle for that very reason. This model just goes and goes. Love driving it; my car is always the "vehicle of choice for trips;" our people and animals love riding in it.
CHEVROLET - rethink your entire business plan, make more Tahoe's, reintroduce the front bench option, and you will certainly increase your profit margin in due course.
I bought a 1999 V70 XC new in Sept. 1998. It has 92,150 miles on it. It's been garaged and is in pristine condition. It is a great all around vehicle but they don't make Volvo's like they used to. So far, I've had the evapoator core replaced (about $2000): the ABS module replaced (over $1000); Driver's window switch replaced, Moon roof electrical problems plus a radiator leak. Now it's at Volvo for at least a blown intake manifold gasket ($ TBD).
Great car, expensive to maintain
I've owned this vehicle from new. Three warranty repairs, two of which were for the diesel and one for an O2 sensor. I'm disappointed at the reliability of the diesel - no reason to "expect" a valve cover gasket to fail at 28000 miles and wait four fuil days for parts and repair. Service advisor said "we seen this especially in diesels". I'm horrified. Its one thing to see recalls but I was expecting much better reliability esepcially with such a premium car and very expensive routine maintenance. I love this car, very comfortable but I will trade it and never recommend it to anyone.
Rear brake do not last,I was told this is a constant problem with this truck B4000.
this car does nothing for me is sucks to say the least. i paid 1200$ for it and now i'm putting 800 into it just to fix a electrical problem -.-
Funny. I bought the Pilot because no one would continue to take me to the dealership with the Jeep GC that I had for weekly repairs. Good move for me.