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Best car on the road. No matter how many controls and buttons lexus or audi or acura or any other "luxury" sports sedan manufacturer puts into their vehicles, nothing compares to the superb driving experience you get with a BMW 330xi. On the open road, or on a steep, windy, icy path up to the mountain, BMW's 330xi out performs any of my friends' rides.
beautiful car, head turner
Not what it should be. Over rated. Too costly for every little service. Floor mats are not good....they should be attached to the floor so they do not move. The AC is not very strong ( I live in Flporida) takes too long to cool the cab. I do not like the windshield wipers, with it auto wipe on rainy days. There are a lot more problems........... for the price sucks.
Strong on luxury.
Good ride.
Poor handling.
The acceleration problem not apperant yet.
The volvo is a great car.
Outstanding Sports Car. Every time I turn this car on it returns the favor in spades. The car is bullet proof and I give it exceptionally high marks in all areas. A perfect score with two minor suggestions: 1) Upgrade your headlights to Xenons - simple and cheap - the OEM lights are fair at best and 2) the car handles like a dream in stock trim; however, with a set of coil-overs the ride height drops by 2" and the handling is elevated to race car status - flat in every corner. Finally, if you like to tinker the air cooled models are extremely well engineered - nothing extraneous - which makes the labor a great deal of fun. A 10/10 - I would have given it an 11 with my note on the lights and suspension. Buy and enjoy!
This is awesome car
I have had my 1998 Catera for 6 years and just in the past few years I have had to get a radiator, Idel arm, ball joints ($$$). Now I can't get the key to turn after it sat in the garage over the winter. I think the alarm reste itself (remote never worked)
In response to cocopuff in Brooklyn: Each radio has an assigned "code" as a security measure. That way if someone breaks in and steals your radio or it is disconnected for any reason (change battery, etc), then that code must be re-activated for the radio to work.
We have an '02 F250 6.0L Larient CrewCab 4x4 in Ford's Purple/Blue. She has about 44k on the odometer and do date only minor problems. The blog comments i've read on this truck are mixed though. It seems like you either got a good one or a bad one, there were no 'in between' ones.

The most common problem I have the that the silicone hose on the boost side of the turbo will blow off from time to time. Then surprise, zero power and clouds of BLACK smoke out the tailpipe. Fortunately it's an easy fix, although not very fun when the motor's hot. I think the only other issue we have is a mild 'clunk' when you accelerate from a dead stop. (rear end, tail cone, suspension...really haven't tracked it down)

Power wise, I'm relatively happy. Compared to the 7.3L it's lacking but makes up for it in the MPG dept. We have a 4" lift and 35"x12.50X16.5" BFG on her and she averages 17MPG on the road at 72MPH thanks in part to the K&N air intake and the EDGE programmer.

If I had it to do over again, I'd buy the exact same one. I'm not a FORD fan, but they got this one right (knock on wood).

great van
great car....
killer car all around
high performance and safe room for 4 adults
Great daily driver.
We bought this car brand new and the we like the car , my rondo is very confortable , the problem is that every time you go to the dealer for services with any problem they try to make you feel stupid. I had so much trouble with the electrical system in this car and the dealer keep saying to me that is normal and they can never find any thing wrong with it. for example:
1- Blower fan goes crazy on with the control in the off position.
2-Air presure sensor is always on ,took ti to the dealer 3 times and it goes back on a week or two again ( the dealer keeps teling me that this is a normal thing)I think that as long as the car is still on the waranty they wont find nothing wrong but the minute that the waranty expire they will find 100 thing wrong because it will be out of my poket. bonch of cruks. never buy a kia again for for the lak af service, always take the car to the dealer for services trying to keep the $ of the car.Just so you know I still owe 10,000 and the value in the car is 6,000. the don't keep a fair $ value. STAY AWAY FROM THE WALINGFORD DEALER IN CT.
keep up with the 5K oil changes and recommeded schedule of maintenance by Ford. I vbouth this van back in 2006 with 5 miles. As of this writing it has 217K. Cruise control for the long drives help with fuel economy. a battery, alternator ( because i use power inverters) 2 sets of 75,000 miles tires, 1 set of shocks recently. 1 recall for cruise control. My Ford service center is perfect everytime. Yes, you actually be hapopy going to the dealer, Ford give 10% if you join the club (no fees). you can redeemon your next service. looking to buy 2 transit connects this year.
its a good car in the long run and for travling too.
they are awsome cars but i bought a dud, bought it off a wanker who screwed it up and hid all the problems. Battery drain, still havn't found, engine stalled due to poor pod set up under car, "weird", was ready to catch on fire due to his home made wiring, break lights and park lights connected and have problem, spedo goes all over the place sometimes, like water smoke from gearbox. but thats just mine remember to check before you buy! it will either be the ebst car you buy or the worste... my advice low ks is a good one mine has 180ks
have had vehicle for 16 months and put on 87000 miles with no issues except for a occasional pulsating brakes.have original brakes and changed the trans and rear end at 60,000.all highway travel.very good vehicle,best one i have bought .
I love my Saturn Aura!
Awsome tow-Vehicle
Front right OE brake pad deeply scared at only 23K miles. Caused deep damage to the rotor, but was salvageable with resurfacing. Will have to buy a new rotor next pad change. Wonder what good brand to buy and what fits??
Overall the car is good except it has the chrysler a/c curse. The evaporator needs replaced. Every chrysler I have owned has had the same problem. All were costly. I will research cars I buy from now on to be sure the a/c parts aren't supplied by the same manufacturer as the ones Chrysler uses. I keep 5 cars at all times and am making the transition away from chrysler products due to the aggravating problems I have had with HVAC and brakes.
I still own my 2000 LS. I think my diggest disappointment is the leaks in the engine that kill the spark plugs. It's costly to repair, and frustrating that there's no permanent fix.
My second Intreped and both were great cars. This one is a 1997 with 245,000 as of right now. Oil leak at 175,000, outside of that it's been a very good car. 3.3L that gets 27 MPG at 75-85 MPH going to Florida.
I will never own another S80. Quicksand.
good gas miliage
first car, really liked
it very relible!
Ok i got this 2002 jetta 1.8T and it makes this loud knocking noise when I'm sitting but when i start to drive it stops WTF???