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I owned a 1994 chevy corsica. I bought it when it was only four years old. It was by far the worst car I have ever owned. I spent a fortune repairing practically everything in the engine compartment including the engine. Everyone that I know that also owned one of these cars for a while says the same thing about this car. It is a lemon. I bought a 1993 corolla after this car, its 17 years old and we are still driving it.
I love my 2007 Corolla. My car has great pick-up. It really takes off. It runs great. Like any car it has some dings and dents from being bumped. Overall reliability, it is a great car. I have taken it on some trips and I am comfortable in it. It is not a luxery car. It is a budget car. My son has my 1993 corolla and it still runs great.
I purchased this car from someone that had not maintained it very well. I've spent well over $1000 already and have just started having serious issues with it idling and accelerating. Overall, I think it's a great, dependable car if you keep up with all the maintenance an older car requires.
Similar features on competitors vehicles would cost much more.
I will never purchase a KIA again
This car will go out of park if the e brake is not set
I have met three other owners with this problem
If you hit a bump the rear end bottoms out
One cannot read the indicator lights when the sun is out
Prices for replacement parts are a joke when you can find them
Factory tires are worn out in least the 20k miles
Ones has to take off the fender to replace the headlights
Even with an appointment, the free oil changes will take 3hours and more
great car
I've had nothing but problems transmission cooler in radiator developed a leak at 58000 miles had transmission rebuilt and external trans cooler added now with omly 92000 miles my pcm has gone out.
Thinking about trading the truck in for a 2011 (or probably the 2012) F-250 Super Duty Diesel 4x4. However, I haven't had any big issues except for mileage related. Just before 195k I had to rebuild both alternators and replace the batteries. At 200k, the water pump gave out. I've been very happy with the truck and may just choose to keep it in the family.
Overall, my experience with our 2004 subaru outback has been a poor one (purchased new). Quite frankly, I'm amazed they've maintained the reputation they're recognized for...In general, we've had continual electrical problems, from excessive light bulb burnout to poor speaker wiring and broken cd players. In addition, wear and tear components (i.e. stock tires, rotors, CV boots, etc.) fail far sooner than in other cars I've had (or have; Toyota and Dodge) under similar driving conditions. Other than the in convenience, it wasn't a problem until the car was out of which case repair costs were absurdly expensive...and laughably required multiple visits to diagnose and repair (our AC is STILL not fixed!). I purchased this car largely for it's reputation as a reliable vehicle and therefore figured the occasional expensive repair was manageable...little did I know!!
With all that said, the handling of this vehicle in all weather conditions is simply astounding (heavy rains, snow and ice...of course with a decent set of tires...not the junk stock Bridgestones). I would ONLY consider buying another subaru if I REGULARLY had to deal with heavy snows....
My transmission failed with no warning. Vehicle is in the shop as I type. It has 85,000 miles and up until then I had no problems.
I was told by my mechanic these 2.7L engines have two problems: Timing chains breaking (it is an interference engine) and there is an engineering problem concerning lubrication in the block. Either one can destroy this engine. Love the car but it's not one you are going to keep for a long time. Wish I hadn't bought it.
Amazing vehicle...not much more that needs to be said.
My 1995 Crown Vic has problem with the power windows, they all started to have problems at the same time.
never stalled during the winter. very reliable!
I've had this car longer (5 yrs) than any other, and I plan on letting it nickel & dime me for another 5 years, instead of a new car payment. It's that good. It's smooth, quick, comfy, and has a plethora of extras. At least my GLS does, such as intermittent wipers that slow down automatically when you stop, sunroof that closes when car turns off, and doors that won't lock when you have the keys in the ignition. 115,000 miles and put only $500 into it; alternator, wheel bearings, and a brake caliper, all in the last 15,000 miles. It certainly stands up to it's warranty.
The sticker price doesn't match up to the reliability. I'm the only driver, car kept in garage. Both front leather seats and around the handle on the driver's side had to be repaired. Icon for lights keep coming on. Heating and AC have been on and off which has turned me very off. I bought it brand new to go into retirement!
Absolutely the best balance between economy and power.
first corolla ive owned and i love it
One of the nicest vehicles I have ever owned. I traded a 2006 Mercedes for this car and I don't regret it. So far, I can find nothing about this vehicle that I don't like. It rides nice, gets good mileage (I got the 4 banger), looks great insidea and out, and it has a great Satellite Radio. For the money, this is a great buy.
Great car and truly the ultimate driving machine. Not a car for the young or conservative. If you are planning a family or looking for a family sedan, get a 525 or 530! This car is a four door sports car with an amazing driving experience. Also save your money for repairs b/c it will cost for replacement parts and at the gas station!!!
Bought the car used in 2005 with 39000 miles. Read the owners manual and stayed with that maintenance program. Now have 62000 on it. I love the car it's a 3 liter Roadster & will perform when you ask it.
Reliable car, some problems with head lights, check engine light.
I just bought a 2003 STS and this car is the best car that I have ever owned.
nice car, its a very aggresive winter car, good for first car
2003 has 115,000 miles my door seals have came off, just replace front right wheel hub, very hard on brakes, gas is ok for a suv, when i role my windows down my headlights for this veichale are exspensive love the spaceand how it looks but would not recommend this car
I hade a Mach 1 its the same with out the supercharger but I was only half a car length behind a 03 cobra on the 1/4 mile
I have a red 07 GT its my third mustang and I love it
The wife and I bought a 6cyl Escape with the tow package brand new in 2004. It has over 100,000 miles and still runs strong. Had to replace the brakes and a couple of batteries, but an all around decent vehicle. In Florida it gets HOT. The transmission and oil coolers keep it running cool and smooth. Safe decent gas mileage and dependable.