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I have two Lexus ES 300.
93 ES 300- had approximately 260K miles. on it and runs very strong.
'96 ES 300 - Runs like silk. This car rides and drive very well. No problems with this car at all. Its waiting on the next adventure.
I bought a 2010 Dodge Ram Quad Cab it is a great truck. It has style as well as power. I got a great price and I kept my 2004 Ram at trade-in. It has 120,000 miles on it and I still love it. Thanks Dodge
Very reliable car, best car I've ever purchased.
Excellent handling and acceleration. Interior could be better.
I've owned it for 7 years. No problems -just routine brakes and tires. I'm at 129,000 miles now and it needs an ignition coil, wheel bearings and O2 sensor ( rough running). I love this car. Really stable on the open highway at high speed. Great acceleration. I have the GLE - loaded with every conceivable option. Oddly the remote has stopped working - not the button battery -can't figure why. May replace the car eventually with another Maxima or possibly an Altima.
This is a DAMN Good Car! Only if the "owners stay on top of their regular maintainance the engineers at GM needs to bring back the Oldsmobile Line!!!
Buyers and owners beware. I've had so many issues with this car and I'm in the shop every 6 months. To current owners, take out an extended warranty, you'll need it! The warranty company has paid for more repairs than the car was purchased for. Stay away!
Bought this new and have had no problems until last week. At 75,000 miles the front brakes were completely shot on the inside and almost new on the outside. The front left wheel bearing also went out. Other than that, have done nothing but basic maintenance.
have a 2000 f150w/234miles plus on it and still going strong. have only replaced tires,brakes battery nad starter. the trans was rebuilt at 228000+miles.
I had this car for 10 years and it is the best. I have had minor problems and the engine is in great condition. The interior isn't the best because the leather seats are all cracked. I plan on replacing the motor when I get to 250,000 miles. Only 30,00 miles to go.
this is my wifes dream convert and my headache manul trans replace at 135k lots and lots of ele issues alternator replaced at 90k 125k finally replace ground cable from alt to motor with over sized cable much better the shift lever broke off in my hand @140k design flaw with reverse pin caused failure. pron to over heat (do not add H2O to the system as this results in coolent system failure causing head to warp the A/C has never worked as it is a R12 system except for eletri the car is easy to work on and on a summer day with the top down the wife turns heads.
Runs good but needed oil valves and new rear suspension.
We just turned over 79,000 miles and we've never had a single problem. We change the oil, oil filter, air and fuel filters but other than that we haven't had to do a thing. I had a 99 Ford Ranger before the Trailblazer and it was pure junk. I would highly endorse the Chevy Trailblazer.
I have had this car since March 2008, It's been a great car but now I have eletcrical problems with a short inside, all the inside lights blow when the back doors are opened. The clock spring is bad and the D.C.L. needs service.The car only has 82,000 miles on it.
I have owned my pacifica for about 2 1/2 years now, bought it with 40,000 miles on it. This has been on of the best cars I have ever owned. I researched everything about this car before making the decision to purchase it. The ride is superb, and the handling is also great. I do ALL of my own maintenance and one thing that surprises me is people who expect a car to last for ever without doing any maintenance to it. Yea I have replaced the tie rod ends, spark plugs, front and rear brakes, the battery, serpentine belt, belt tensioner, tires, oil and filters. These are ALL NORMAL MAINTENANCE ISSUES. I find the car to be well engineered and relatively simple to work on. Heck the car even has a built in OBDII generic engine code scanner!!!! Love this car - i dont regret buying it for a minute.
Purchased this car used in 2008 with 65k miles. Now has 110K miles. Driven 2x from Rhode Island to Florida and many times to Maine without a problem. Expected better milage than 25mpg. Really looses mpg (22-23) with 3 adults and baggage on Florida trips. Only problem encountered thus far was noisey power sterring pump, replaced with used one - problem resolved. Highly recommended car.
i love this car but its falling apart and the fram has bad rust problems if u have a nissan pathfinder from 2004 trade it in before it falls apart on u
I've experienced minor wear and tear problems however my 94 740i has performed well and continues to show me that maintenace and care extend the life of an automobile and is I will keep it original.
I have owned my 1994 Mercury capri for 12 years. I needed a distributer 8 years ago, and the fan belts squeal on occasion. The air conditioning has not worked since I bought it when it was 4 years old. Heater blower motor only works on high. The plastic around the light bulbs in the rear melts. The engine is reliable and peppy. Well, I guess peppy is a matter of perspective. 100 HP for the automatic. Turbo's are much more fun and very very rare (366) This car has been the best bang for the buck car I have ever owned.
Great car! Always wanted one and since i got it I would never think about buying another!
This car is not a very good car. It has major problems. i will NOT own another chrysler. I had sebring also and it was also stalling and had other issues.
best truck we ever owned
87,000 miles; regular maintenance per owners manual. Remote mirror switch replaced under warranty at 35,000, "foam" steering wheel cover replaced at 40,000 (again, under warranty)...NO mechanical problems at rattles or squeeks. Looking forward to hitting 200,000 miles on this peppy, fuel-efficient vehicle
My husband bought this car because everyone ranked it as a best buy...but we have been really disappointed with this car. From poor VW dealership/parts shops. To the VW policy that they are okay with the GTI burning a quart of oil every 1000 miles!? VW has also been delaying the release of a new diagonostic reader to tell if the engine is running properly. (We've been asking our local dealership for months- and they didn't even have an idea when the would be receiving it) We are never buying VW again and we advice anyone interested in buying a new car not to buy VW.
I am a mother of four and I must say the space is the absolute best thing about this van. Each seat either reclines to comfort for each child's needs. I haven't had it for more than 6 months but I haven't had to change anything but a turn signal so far. Knock on wood. I love my van!
I have had my 2005 for almost 3yrs and I love it. Very comfy and excellent on long trips. I have recommended this car to several people. Just get one you will love.
So far I've had a good run with my 03, 2.2L ecotec engine. It hasn't lived an easy life, spent multiple winters in Michigan without the comfort of a garage (never had to replace the original ACDelco battery). Just replaced the brakes, but they were due. Bought it with 30,000 miles, now nearing 70,000.
Its getting up in mileage to where I'm trying to do the little things right (keeping it fairly clean and lubed up) so that I don't have a big expense down the road. Also helps to have an upfront mechanic who'll tell you what repairs can wait.

My wife has the 6 cylinder model with over 100,000 (also an 03). Her starter is going, but in general has had few problems.