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I bought a used 2002 explorer XLT with 68000 miles on it and now have 104000. In that 36000 miles driven, I've had to replace the 4x4module, 2 different bearings, a heater switch, replace wiring for power windows, and the grand finale; the FRIGGIN MOTOR!!!! Plus I've had issues with the 4x4 engaging when it shouldn't be. I hate this truck, but am now upside down with it, and can't get rid of it. My advice, DON'T BUY A FORD EXPLORER!!!
I get unsolicited comments from people on what a good looking car I have...why is that? I don't know but it is good looking and of course I would say that. I bought it for $3600 with 170,000 miles. It's one of the best driving cars I've ever owned and has all the right creature comforts. I hope it runs forever...the turbo is sweet and the Monsoon audio is better than my living room stereo.
I prefer rear wheel drive but this vehicle handles well enough to feel comfortable in curves and at 85+ highway speeds. The A/C is great...can't say that for the heater which can take 5 miles of driving or more to warm up. I had the auto-door locking feature disabled and my life is much better for it. I would recommentd this car to anyone who likes well built cars and the luxury of a sculpted leather interior and superior performance.
This car runs like a dream great on gas nice interior very sporty good pick up and a smooth ride on the highway
this is the worst vehicle i ve ever bought and will not buy another kia
i have 98 to with 454 . the only thing with my truck is whan i give it to much gas it discharges for about 30 to 40 sec.
trans replaced @ 131k and rack and pinion a few months later. There is a major issue with the automatic temperature control system for the air conditioning. Other than that, it is a great car. Current mileage (as of April 2010) is 222k BTW It is in service as TAXI.
Hope a rock does not hit your a/c condenser because it will be a $600+ repair. It is not covered under warranty, although I am not the first nor the last person to ever encounter this problem..
nice car
love my Altima - very dependable
It's like the everyready battery! It keeps going and going! Had a Ford previously and it was a good solid car with more OOMPH than the Civic, but at 70K the interior hardware came apart and about every 30K the brakes needed work. Not this car, it is solid. I am at 120K and brakes after only one revamp are still good.
This has been a great truck with very little problems other than usual wear & tear. I have over 206,000 miles. The ride is stiff but it is a Pre-runner on a 4 wd chassis. the seats are uncomfortable for drives over an hour. The engine is a little underpowered for a 4 cylinder. Great gas milage with a/c on. Avg. 22mpg on hwy. Transmission will jump into neutral if if floor it on take off. Never have changed the timing chain. Change oil between 7500-10000 miles, using Castrol Synethic. Overall a great truck.
This has been a great low maintenance vehicle and a real workhorse. I have had absolutely no problems at all. The truck has 114,000 on it. I put synthetic lubricants in the engine, trans, and differential and expect it will go to 200,000 with a problem. The only downside to this truck is that it drives and handles like one.

I am looking for another one for my daughter.
I've had my Protege5 for almost 8 years now and I still love driving it. Out of all the vehicles I've owned or driven, this car has the best handling. Over 113,000 mi., it still runs like new.
I bought this car second hand at 202 000km a year ago. It's my first Volvo and I just love it! No major problem just usual maintenance at this mileage: front wheel bearing (right), ball joint (right), tie rod end (left) and front axle (right).
Other problem typical to this model was with the Climate Control Unit: after inspection I found it was bad solder on the "printed circuit board". I redone some solders and now it work perfectly (heat, fan speed and A/C)! I like the engine economy compare to other Volvo. I'm from Quebec, Canada
We bought our Quest GXE used in '02 on Ebay. Friends and family made fun of us. Turns out to have been one of the best vehicle decisions we've ever made. It has just developed a leak in the rear main seal, which is how I stumbled on this site; but overall, this van has toted our family trouble free to a lot of great memories over the years.
Fabulous car. I've had it ten years now and (besides break ins) never any trouble. A bit too slippery in fresh snow, but it corners like a train and stops on a dime. A flashlight deals well with the lack of a trunk or glovebox light. Wish I had a real spare instead of a doughnut.

Now I am looking for the 60,000 mile service and replacing the timing belt. I love my car!
Purchased new in 2001. Currently has 120000 miles on it and is used as a daily driver. I have replaced three of the four window regulators and the rear air needed to be replaced. All in all a great vehicle with some minor repairs. Best vehicle for hauling kids I have ever owned.
I am very dissappointed. I'll never buy BMW again. My past cars and vans were Toyota and had no problem with them. With my BMW, the moment the 4 year warranty elapsed, all problems occur. Both front and rear brakes were replaced, clutch and flywheel replaced, window motors replaced. It cost me almost $10,000! Now, the airbag sign is always on and I'm scared to bring it to the dealer for repairs! I might get ripped offf again. It's not worth it to own a BMW-you are just paying for the brand. Quality wise, it's a complete failure!
great car
been good car for 5 years. has transmission rough shift right now. the heater/ac doors acted up a couple of times. battery conections need cleaning regularly.
overall nice car
Excellent handling and surprisingly roomy. I average from 32 - 36 mpg in mixed city/highway driving and upwards of 42 - 45 mpg in constant highway cruising at 60 - 65 mph. Maintenance costs are extremely reasonable. I have accumulated nearly 22,000 miles since I purchased this new. Parking is never a problem and the fit and finish is much better than you would expect of a car costing less than $17,500. Highly recommended! I would definitely get another one.
THIS CAR SUCKS!! do not buy i cant tell u how many problems ive had with this car. The brakes are absoultey horrible and the electrictal just as bad. My car only has 29,000 miles on it and the brakes were replaced last year and are already making loud noises and grinding sounds. The odomoter light and cluster panal lights are either burnt out or dim and this car has no insulation at all every single plastic peace on this car which is the whole interior rattles when you go over 35 MPH please save ur money and somthing else
Front brakes replaced after only 21k miles of conservative driving...unacceptable
i bought this car in 2007 and so far i have no complaints. I love it.
I own a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 with a V6 and automatic trans that I purchased new. This is your basic truck (I believe is called a work special or now I think that they call it WT). It's 2 wheel drive. Overall this is the best truck that I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot of trucks. Its relatively quiet at hwy. speeds and the seat is pretty comfortable on a long trip. Gets 20 mpg/hwy. Don't recommend this truck for someone that needs pull a trailer, as it doesn't have the power of a V8 or diesel. It now has 106000 miles on the odometer. The only 2 significant problems I had were a leaking steering box (seal). Tried replacing twice, still leaked, so replaced the steering box ($400). The other is a common problem with this engine. The timing chain can stretch and the gears will of course show significant wear as well. The good news is that I got 105000 miles out of that chain. The symptom is a rattling noise that is heard at the front of the engine when it is idling. You definitely want to replace this if you have this problem; if it breaks you could ruin the engine and that would be very expensive to fix. Timing chain and gear replacement cost me $700. Note: both repairs were done at an independent shop and not a dealer. Other than that it has just been routine maintenace.
I purchased this car used in 2010 and it had at the time 57000 miles on the odometer. First the pluses: great acceration and handling, good gas mileage, attractive body stlyle. Now the negatives: poor exterior paint quality, fades and chips easily (in the body shop getting painted as I write this), ride is quite harsh with high road noise levels, and seats can be uncomfortable when driving for an extended period. I've owned one other Honda, and it was reliable, and I don't expect this one to be any different.
I have had nothing but trouble from this vehicle in the last year and a half out of the two which I have had it. Brakes have to be replaced on a monthly or bi-monthly(if I am lucky) basis, We have had to replace the left hub once and the right hub 3 times...and they are going bad again! Steering has had to be replaced and is again going bad after 2 months and now our PCM is shot!! Never again will I buy a Chrysler product!