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I still have mine and very pleased. The only thing that I had problem, 2yrs ago. gave it gas and it felt like something was blocking the paddle, that's what it felt like, came to be there's a" rubber ring like" and it got hard durning winter,got it replaced and now no problems. Regular maint. and 48,000 miles plus and still going. Great for all my granddaughters.
Fantastic car - I wish that they still mede them or at least something comparable but they don't.
I just bought a 2002 Passport as my first car and I love it! Saves on gas better than other SUVs of that year do. I did have an issue with the brakes after almost a year, however my car was a hit and run victim. The damage ended in loosing the hitch. But now I dont have to listen to it hitting the underneath of my car!I love the way it drives, easy steering, and smooth ride. I would recomend this year and version of the Passport to anyone looking for a 4WD, starter car. I dont want to give my car up now, I have become attached to it.
i have had my 1999 stratus for 3 years.have 121000 mile an still going complaints just had to replace water pump an belts,other than that its been a good car.
I've owned many RR C, but the 95 has been the best! Few of the common issues, but nothing to cry over. But these rigs are not for everyone, mostly because the DEALER will kill you on repairs that a inddy shop can do for half the $. Good thing , there is tons of info on the net on how to DIY repairs.
This is a piece of garbage. I have had to replace catalytic converters, O2 sensors, transmission, cam shaft sensor, and now a water pump failure. Don't buy this piece of trash.
diff. noise
I have owned my 2010 Toyota Corolla S for 3 months and I already have paint peeling on my front bumper and prob 10 rock chips on my hood. The dealership is pretty much giving me the run around.
Have to wait til a Toyota paint rep comes to look at it! UGH soooooo frustrating!!! Thinking I'm prob gonna have to get legal advice....
Love the interior and drives great. Exterior looks funky to some people. I'm okay with it.
I absolutely love my Century... it has been a wonderful car with very little repairs, other than normal wear and tear... I'm pushing 150,000 miles and can't complain. Still get 22-25 mpg around town and the car continues to run well.

Excellent choice for someone looking for a reliable vehicle!
Have owned for six years, although I hear people talk about all the problems they have had I have not had any problems. Fun to drive. Wish they still made them, would love another.
Continuos electrical problems. Many problems have been brought up to VW but they have a big lack of concern. Engine coils, Electrical shorts, leaks. This car of mine just caught fire. Ill never own another VW.
I love this truck! I use it as a daily driver and for scuba to securely load all my dive gear in. just minor issues so for headlight burned out and multifunction switch (turn signal - wipers - cruise control) broke but was covered under warranty. I will buy another!
Cool car, hard and expensive to find parts for!
The same problem as Kara, Transmission was gone at 73K miles. Called Nissan, they didn't help at all. 2 abs sensors also gone. Never buy nissan again, not recommending to anyone ...
my truck needs body work and suspendtion work and brake and a catalik converter
transmission problem. i have one since june 2006 and now my car can't shift.transmission speed very desapointing for a mercedes car
it`s very best and sexy car
Great Truck
Great little car. It"s like the Energizer Bunny.. It just keeps going and going.... Great gas Mileage ......great internal design....Put the back seats down and haul lumber with trunk open...The guys in pick-up trucks are amazed ! My Lil" Echo Rocks !
I bought it from a friend in 2009, it was his deceased wife's car. The compressor does not work, the side windows don't roll up or down unless you help them, can't figure out how to set the dash clock, tachometer does not work,and driver's shoulder belt not right. It is low to get into, but it is a quiet car, feels good to ride in it, and can't feel the bumps, easy to drive and has the power.
The front turn signal lamp replacement is a disaster . this is my last GM product ever.
i own a 2001 honda crv with 355,985 miles. and it stilll runs like new it very comfortable and durable and also sounds sporty
This car is great. The weather in Puerto Rico is terrible for the cars however, I have no complaints at all in this sense for my MPV. Another thing is the A/C system. It is pretty difficult and costly try to change the in-cabin A/C filters. Besides that, everything else is great.
I absolutely love my 2010 Honda CRV. It drives smoothly and is comfortable all around; however, it failed to start twice yesterday, so I'm taking it back to the dealer tomorrow for a checkup.
245000 miles and still running good. Recently it started leaking oil from the valve cover gasket
Rear Main Seal
just looking at this car makes u want to drive and own one
the 1.8 7500 Acura interga beats its SLOW FOR AN SVT