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2001 Mazda 626 Question: Car woun't start when hot

During the warmer days, I have to wait at least 2 hours for my engine to cool down before I can start it. The temperature gauge is right where it's suppose to be and it never went to HOT. When I try to start my car after it has been driven for lets say for like 20-30 mins, it starts, get to 1RPM and than it dies. If been trying to find out the problem couple of weeks and no answer. By the way the Check Engine light is off! Any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -
Answer 1
next time it does this, put your foot to the floor when starting. this puts the engine into "clear flood mode" it significantly reduces the amount of fuel going into the engine. if this helps, then you have leaky fuel injectors. if not, most likly fuel pump mite be getting weak. -
Answer 2
Thanks for the input, ill give it a try next time when it does it, which is probably going to be tomorrow -
Comment 1
Did you find the problem? Mine is doing the same thing! -