car would not shift out of park on 1997 Ford Taurus

I pulled into a parking space and wanted to back out, but the automatic would not shift out of park. The tow trck driver manually put it in gear by doing something to the cable under the hood. The gear shift still didn't work. The driver said it was the cable that was bad, not the transmission. I was wondering, what cable this is, and how costly is the repair. If anyone has had this experience, I'd appreciate it. Nothing has seemed wrong with the transmission. Thanks.

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It is likely not a faulty cable at all; check your brake light switch. The brake lights may not be working -- have someone step on the pedal and check. If there is no brake light signal, there is also no signal to release the shifter interlock. This is a very common problem on these cars. Replace both the switch and wiring connector to the switch if you can verify no brake lights.
I agree with answer 1. I fyou have trouble checking it yourself we would be glad to check it for you for free. Just call and make an appointment at 770-945-1399.