car wont turn over power is on says clean key and retry in 3 mins never works on 1991 Oldsmobile 98

computer says clean key

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First use a toothbrush on the key to clean it. Clean the lock cyl as well. Pipe cleaner and isopropyl alcohol. Then a shot from comperssed air canister will help also. If that doesn't work, have a mechanic check it out.
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The computer cannot read the chip on the key. Do you have another original key to use.
took key 2 dealerf says its good tried 2 clean everything no good cars not worth it
Sorry and Good Luck.
Just to add it can be bypassed!!! What do you think the car IS worth?
Prof is correct, try another key. If that doesn't work you might have high resistance in or broken wires to the contacts in the lock cylinder and need a new one.
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