car wont turn on on 2005 Suzuki Grand Vitara

when turning the key to on service engine light dont turn on.also cant find a relay for the fuel wont start,installed a new fuel pump it started and ran for probably a day then it turn off while runnig on the road

by in Houston, TX on June 28, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 28, 2010
Do the dash warning lights come on if so the ignition switch is probably OK, if the dash warning lights all come on but the Check Engine Light does not come on the car wont start because the ignition/fuel injection computer either is not getting power or the computer has a problem. The electrical diagram shows power going from the main fuse box fuse # 8 ( 15 AMPS) to the main relay, and fuel pump relay.
ANSWER by on July 18, 2010
I had 535is, it was starting and mechanic replaced the fuel pum and pump relay, it worked for few weeks and stoped working. I bought a DME ( engine computer ) and installed myselfe. It worked perfect for years until I sold the car.
ANSWER by on October 31, 2010
hi, same on my GV2005. The problem on my GV solved by changing the in-tank wires and plugs from the pump to the tank. No problem since then.
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