car won"t stay running on 1996 Lexus LS400

car will not stay running, only when sprayed with starter fluid it will stay running

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If the engine cranks over the battery and starter must be OK. The engine needs three things to start, fuel (gasoline), ignition (spark) and mechanical integrity (it must develop compression in each cylinder to start ie mechanical components must be in synchronization with each other. If it had run well previous to this no start condition chances are the engine is well mechanically. Had the Check Engine light been on? The engine may have lost spark or fuel which could be due to any one of a number of sensors having failed or the fuel pump or related components are not delivering fuel to the fuel injectors. The engine uses many sensors to report engine temperature, air flow into the engine, crankshaft and crank shaft position sensors to allow the computer in your car to make calculations controlling fuel and spark to the cylinders. It is hard to speculate without being able to hear the engine crank over and do some preliminary tests to determine the cause of your no start condition.This car uses two distributor and coils I have seen problems with one coil or distributor rotor fail but at the car runs some what. Check for fuel pressure by cracking open the 17 mm banjo bolt fitting on thee fuel rail and see if it appears you have good fuel pressure when you get a freind to crank over the engine.