2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Q&A

2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Question: car wont start.security lihgt./batt. flashing ,good alt/sol./batt.

starter wont turn over,power from bat.good,turn IGN.SWITCH,but no power to solenoid.security lhgt/flashing.also doors open intermitantly with keyless device. security lights started flashing while driving about two-weeks earlier also batt.flashes too. -
Answer 1
sounds like you have a problem with the security system ,did you try jumping the starter from the solenoid to the battery cable on the starter ,if it turns over then you have a problem with the ignition check the charging system and the battery .if it doesnt turn over then you have got a problem with the starter !!! -
Comment 1
yes tried jumping from solenoid to batt.starter turns over but car still wont start.thanks for the reply!! -
Comment 2
check for spark and fuel pressure -
Comment 3
will do that tomorrow,thanks.?what model/year=example:camaro/2004,can i take 'IGN'.SWITCH from and swap it out wityh the one currently installed in my monte.and can anti theft system be bypassed?. p.s.- ign. on monte is stand alone .w/floor shifter. -
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I would check on u tube it should have that kind of info. -
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thxs.for info geen much help!!! -
Comment 6
not a problem -
Comment 7
So what exactly did he need to do because I'm going throw this same problem I've change my starter,alternator,battery,relay switches,fuel pump,ignition switch and still nothing when I try to start it but it turns when I just the starter -