Car won't start with a spinning sound. on 2006 Infiniti FX35

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Tonight my car didn't start. Everything came on just as it usually would except the engine. The only sound I heard was a high spinning sound which I believe is the starter motor spinning but not engaging the engine. I had no warnings or lights come on that there was an issue and no problems up to this point. Any ideas?
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sounds like a starter to me...when the car did start would it make the spinning noise right after too?
I think it's the starter also...more specifically the solenoid is not even trying to engage. I've never worked on a starter so I can't say for certian it's the solenoid.

As for the sound after it did start I never listened for it and if I tried I'm pretty sure the engine drowned it out since it's not a very loud spinning noise.

By the way thanks for the quick reply.