Car wont start, Turning key but no sound, All lights work, on 1999 BMW 323i

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I was in a hurry coming back from work in traffic and it was start and stop start and stop the whole way. 5 min from my house the red battery light comes on and I turned the car off left for 5 min and now it won't start. I tried jumping it but nothing happens. All the lights work including headlights but when I turn the key there is absolutely no noise dead silent. I did notice that the headlights were not coming on before but after I tried jumping it it did come on. Could it be I didnt keep the cables long enough?? I dont know what it could be.... starter?? alt??
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had a similar concern with my 99 528i,turned out being an ignition switch.come to find out this is a common failure part.
This just happened to me this morning. You've likely resolved the problem by now, but the issue with my 2000 323i was a worn out key. At the recommendation of my mechanic, I tried the spare and it worked no problem. With the worn key, I put the key in the ignition, all the lights came on the dash, but when I turned it, nothing, no sound, no click, no sad attemp at turning over, just silence. The radio worked, the sunroof opened, just no start....until my mechanic phoned with the solution to my problem! Who knew.