Car won't start Troubleshot:Dist-Cap,Rotor,Plugs,Wires=New on 1998 Chevrolet Prizm

1998 Chevrolet Prizm 1.8L: Wife Started car in sub-zero weather to warm it up, came back outside car had died wouldn't restart I checked the plug fire (They are firing) sprayed starting fluid into throttle body and still nothing. Pistons are also rotating as they should so, not locked up. Thinking its the timing chain, any suggestions?

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It is possible you still have an issue with spark. How did you test for spark? These new engines need a very hot spark to fire. You must you a special spark tester to check for proper spark. Use an GM High Energy Ignition spark tester. If spark is still ok then perform a compression test.
Took valve cover off and started to remove the timing chain, noticed the intake cam's sprocket bolt had trwisted off, trouble shot that and found that the cam had seased up on the cam main' replacing the head itself. (As I noticed the chain was still tight and no teeth missing on any of the timing chain sprockets) But the timing is off of coruse because of the problem I just listed. Thank you for the help