car won't start, problem isn't starter but i think it's in the wiring. on 1992 Toyota Paseo

i can start the car by bypassing the wiring system. when i try to start the car, the clock on dash gets dim, but nothing else happens. is there circuitry, fuse or relay in system that could be causing this problem?

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The Denso starter on these cars have 2 replaceable contacts and a plunger that get pitted and fail giving a clicking sound or cause the dash lights to dim but the engine not crank. The contacts and plunger are inside the small cover with three separate 8mm headed bolts. Frequent problem. If you have power at the starter from the ignition switch check these contacts (starter needs to be removed).
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If you don't have a wiring diagram, try to get one. Trying to address this type of problem without it is very difficult. Try or and study the diagram, you will then see what wires deliver the proper signals for starting the engine.
Mine does the same thing but starts if the starter solenoid is tapped lightly, so I assume it's something to do with the solenoid.