Car won't start on a regular basis for 2 years now! on 1998 Honda Accord

My car will start then I will drive around the corner, turn off engine and it will not restart. I purchased 2 new batteries within 4 months with no resolution of the problem. I took the car to Honda dealer, they replaced the EGR, drilled & cleaned the intake ports, charged me for a throttle kit, EFI injector kit and checked battery, starter and charging sytem which checked out ok in Jan 2010. Replaced altenator in 2/06, replaced main relay in 8/03 and changed out the Ignition switch key recall in 6/04 as well as the Ignition Switch in 10/02. Oh I forgot-I also had timing belt, water pump, ps pump belt,and compressor belt changed in 4/09. They keep bugging me to replace broken motor mounts. Today the car doesn't start-dome light and wipers work great when the key is turned to Ac and I hear a quick click and slight hum for about 2 seconds. Remote works on it and jumped battery with no luck. Is it time for a new car or should I take it back to Benson Honda..HELP!

by in San Antonio, TX on September 18, 2010
3 answers
ANSWER by on September 19, 2010
Try to find an independent Honda specialist or and auto electric specialist, Here is a link to a directory for you:
ANSWER by on September 27, 2010
Make sure the crank sensor and cam sensors are okay also make sure you have enough full pressure.
ANSWER by on October 04, 2010
It could be the fuel system relay, you can buy a refurbed one off of ebay for about $40 and replace it yourself. It mainly becomes an issue when it's hot out and the solder separates. Might be worth a look.

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